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Recently released scientific reports contain “new discoveries” which, not surprisingly, were published by Billy Meier, in some cases decades ago.

Here’s information on the relationship between “electromagnetic forces”, among other things, and migraines, which Quetzal also made some references to in this discussion with Meier, in 1987.

In this article we learn that Humans and Neandertals likely interbred in Middle East (apparently “not tonight, I’ve got a migraine” didn’t stop them). But we already learned about their love life in 2008 from Meier. And even more information was provided to him in 2012, in the same contact containing recently corroborated information about…butter.

In January 2011, Meier was already talking about “the insidious manipulation of our minds via television, computers and the Internet”, while Samsung has just admitted to participating in this invasiveness. (Meier also scooped Snowden regarding the NSA, Microsoft, etc., by 6 ½ years.)

And as our scientists are now deducing the existence of other planets, etc., Meier was having conversations – 32 years ago – about other existing planets yet to be discovered.

The Spice of Life

We can just add these varied examples to the long list of specific examples of corroborations of Meier’s scientific and world event related information. The topics are of varying degrees of importance, some that confirm the truth about disasters that will affect us for generations to come and longer, some that are no less amazing, though they remind us what our fate may be if we indeed remain…too stupid to survive.

Sure, the blasé, know-it-all crowd could say, “Anybody could’ve said that,” about maybe a few of these but the fact is that nobody but Meier nailed over 200 specific examples. And his record of such prophetic accuracies spans nearly 65 years.

Maybe it’s a good time to pay attention since it appears there’s a very good chance that some of this future is about to arrive.

P.S. Chris Lock pointed out that Meier predicted a computer in every home in 1951 and in 1958 predicted the internet. Before you think that was in any way obvious, here’s what Thomas Watson, the president of IBM in 1943 predicted. Chris also sent me this article that pointed out how the so-called Smart Phones are already effectively spying on their owners.

Thanks also to James Robin, Moeri, CJ Goode, Annie Newman, Greg O’Brien, Greg Dougall, Jason for these pieces of information.




121 comments on “Yes Dear, Tonight, Migraine or no Migraine

  • Michael and Darcy, Could the DARPA idea I mentioned in my last post about migraine headaches,could this DARPA thing be mind control,controlling ones thoughts, belifes,etc,etc,etc? That is what I was thinking about last night after I sent the last post. Sorry I didn`t think about that last time but after I finishedthe post I just thought of it,oh well, sorry about that,itt`s just a thought.

    • Well I suppose anything is possible but you may think about this, some minds are more prone to paranoia and beliefs about the control from others over them, when their inner freedom still waits for them to find it. Let’s not get too deeply into “the government is out to destroy our freedom” posts too much, eh? Because it always ignores the actual freedom that is from the groundwork of FIGU, and this is not a website about American conspiracies. That is fair, right?

      You may like to go back to the basics and loosen yourself from such groups that theorise about government mind control, because to me at least, such manipulation only exists as soon as you automatically believe what is said and shown on TV, in commercials, on the Internet ads, etc. And it is only simply the matter of being aware, so that we think about what we view and decide for ourselves if we want to reinforce that idea or not in our own consciousness. Pure and simple.

      • Also CR 251 deals with this topic of which ways the government could exert control fully over our thoughts. But you have not accepted any chip into your hand, ja? So then your thought processes, even if you have picked up others thoughts and beliefs, are not under direct control by any other party but yourself.

      • Not so fast Tyler.
        The conspiracy is real as the two eye balls we are reading these words with and it wouldn’t matter if Nelson Mandela achieved all the inner freedom during his 3 decades of incarceration cos he would never have become president if they didn’t release him from prison.
        What would all the inner freedom in the world matter if everyone including their children ends up in a concentration camp looking out through the barbed wire fence wishing they had done something to achieve freedom both in and out.

  • I would just like to say, some comments here are becoming too long as it seems to me. MH may read through each one entirely before it can be posted, so let’s spare him from the task of reading a similar length article as in a full contact report, neh?

    • Thanks Tyler, I certainly agree.

      I’ve also noticed that some comments are like books in themselves and I’ve allowed them, as interpersonal communications, because I want this forum to facilitate such things. However, it’s incredibly time consuming for me and I suggest at this point that people communicate these lengthy thoughts to each other personally, now that there;s a track record, a history among many people.

      I know that there are good and valuable things but I request that you make them far more succinct now, or I’ll just have to ignore them, based certainly on my time. To be clear, express yourselves and make it a bit more more terse. Exchange emails, either through the blog or ask me to facilitate it, and carry on lengthier conversations that way. then also feel free to post tight summaries of anything that the parties wish to express to everyone else here, etc.


  • We must never loose track of the fact that no matter how hard terrestrial Humans strive to control nature nad Creation itself, the quicker things will come into correction. Nothing can control Creation. The suffering and madness that occurs here is a direct result of Humans claiming dominion over all, much like it was done in eons gone by and we see how that turned out. We will learn, one way or another. One thing is for certain, a finality will present itself. What we must do is attempt to sway this finality into that wich will be meaningful and purposefull with regard to the Creational laws and directives. Any other pursuit at this juncture is a waste. Meanwhile, our Spirit lies in waiting for us to rediscover that which we already know.

  • As far as I can tell, there is still no scientist able to find that missing link between neanderthal and modern humans like Billy does. He says that “Neanderthal mated with Cro Magnon to become modern humans”. Think about that one, we are the missing link. And he also goes on to say that “bigfoot/yeti are Neanderthal who did not inherit the aging gene”. Obviously it was Cro Magnon who were the manipulated humans.
    When will Science catch up?

  • Does the Meier material mention anything related to how one can deal with migraines? I understand that the majority of the Meier material deals with spiritual teaching but I was just curious to ask since my wife suffers from this. Thanks Michael for all your work!

    • HI Stefan,

      The only place I know that it’s discussed is in

      Certainly relaxing the back and neck muscles, using massage acupressure, etc., may be helpful. Also, you may want to look into getting this liquid magnesium for topical application. This is really excellent stuff for getting sufficient magnesium, which most people are deficient in, and avoiding the laxative effective of taking too much orally.

      • Hi Stephen,
        From my personal experience only: I have tried mag. Citrate powder, which works very well and has hardly any flavour. I use 3 x quarter of a teaspoon daily. That said, until 1 week ago, I was using that one and also ReMag from Dr. Carolyn Dean, which is very good especially for headaches, as it works on a cellular level and is also mag. Chloride preparation, really great, my headaches vanish within 2-3 minutes after I took about 1 teaspoon in water. Mind you, dairy consumption can cause headaches because it calcifies the arteries especially when there is no balance with Mag.
        But now, that i am used to its salty taste, I am rather brave and got myself the Mag. Chloride flakes from the site Michael recommends. Its like drinking salty water but, then like anything else… its mind over matter especially when I know that M. Ch. is the best thing there is above other combinations. I mix it with a bit of juice or anything a little sweet and take about 1 flat teaspoon twice a day. Wow, what a difference, my bones are not aching anymore. I could tell you more, but I am sure you get the gist of my message, good luck!
        Email me if you need more clarifications.
        Cheers, B.

  • Simply in a voice of the complexity , its very hard to be brief when the material is so extensive . I would love to deliver a sentence and call it a day . But the people we talk of that are of concern have been at this for a century . And its all stuff nobody caught as it went down . The blame is on the scurge of society . Hey man , we are just the purge .

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