Cut Down Rainforests…Drink Dirt

In the study of the spiritual teaching we learn about one of the immutable laws of Creation, familiar as well to all real scientists, the law of cause and effect, aka the law of causality. Sometimes people may think that there’s an abstract quality to the spiritual teaching and such things as cause and effect.

In terms of prophecies and predictions, these are examples of how projections are made about the likely – and in some cases certain – effects of known causes. Often we view these things as “doom and gloom”, largely because human beings have been so thoroughly conditioned to believe that not only are they not responsible for what happens in their lives and in the collective life of humanity, etc., but that they are powerless to effect positive changes even when amply forewarned of the otherwise certain, negative consequences of their actions.

This conditioned sense of helplessness and powerlessness is what has been a source of religious power over humanity, as the religions themselves have encouraged, promoted and insisted upon the relinquishing of personal responsibility, obeisance to and fear of completely imaginary deities, saviors, saints, etc., to which we’ve also added politicians and other false leaders, etc., to whom we futilely, foolishly pray to clean up the mess we’ve made of our lives.

So, since we’ve institutionalized stone cold stupidity to such a degree, we are seeing increasing numbers of outrageously negative events and consequences being visited upon us, which of course were long foretold by the prophets connected to the Plejaren mission, and especially those of Billy Meier.

Without further ado, some of the recent news that could’ve largely been avoided had we, humanity, listened and heeded the warnings.

The Brazilians are now deep into the consequences of their abdication of personal responsibility, as their own institutionalized corruption has them on the verge of drinking dirt. And they’re still cutting down the rainforests and killing off an essential link in the chain of life…for everyone.

It isn’t just “their problem” either, as drought is, and will be, a problem right here in the US too.

As Semjase also specifically warned Meier, in 1976, regarding the consequences of extracting oil and gas from the Earth, as well as the various ores, etc.,

60. That is to be understood in this way, that Earth Man exploits his planet and robs it of the fundamental life energy, in that he robs from it the underground oil and gas and the most diverse ores.

61. This leads to the fact that the Earth suffers shifts within, which leads to enormous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, because slowly the Earth collapses from within.


…as is now the inescapable conclusion of the USGS.

And of course Meier also warned about how these money-greedy parasites, the enemies of humanity and nature, would sell out to the powerful companies at the expense of even their own lives and those of their families, which they often neglect to consider.

Climate change deniers are at odds with reality as the resultant rising seas are already displacing people, as Ptaah told Meier would be the case in even greater measure in the times to come.

AIDS, long foretold by Meier and explained by Semjase, develops new strains Meier foretold, in 1951 that “old diseases thought eradicated” would return, whooping cough now has.

And while multitudes of people thought it was hip and trendy to “pledge solidarity” with the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who were brutally murdered, Mariann Uehlinger points out how such disrespectful, foolish and provocative acts could only – according to the law of causality – have led to such violence and even more…as already may have occurred subsequent to her writing.

Indeed, some “news” is more neutral and merely confirms what Meier already published much earlier.

Doubtlessly, we will continue to see more and more of Meier’s prophetic information fulfilling itself. But now is the time – while we still have it – to grasp and apply the principles in the spiritual teaching. We must slow up, compose ourselves and see things as they are – meaning more than ever to pay attention to what we are thinking, feeling and doing. Overwhelming as it may be to now realize the facts, it’s only through correcting our thinking that we can hope to make the necessary course corrections to create positive change, little by little. There are still things that can be avoided, averted, mitigated, improved upon, etc., if we wake up and act now.

I suggest getting The Might of the Thoughts for a clear instructive course in how to think, as well as immersing oneself in all of the freely available elements of the spiritual teaching.

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Thanks to Jacob, Kenneth, Kraegar and Mike for their input.


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  1. I just heard George Noory say these shopping mall attacks are not just in the US but also in Great Brittan and around the world too.”Watch your back and keep your eyes and ears peeled should these bastard terrorist sneak up on and stay alert should anything happen to you. Also keep a low profile so these rotten terrorist won`t shoot you”!

  2. I will try to pack this info into a small footprint because I can go for days at a time . First the clear cutting of the forestry is enough to turn your stomach , but its not too late. If they had enough heart they could replant and recover these terrains because simply the fact is the forestry canopy grows as one . Is one and dies as one . So you can replace it , if you have the guts to be so human . Next , the climate issue . As a preface I want you to know the conspiracy theorist description was invented by the government to effectively throw off the human mindset away from the truth . Its called a psychological operation or psyop. So think twice when you hear it and yes you have been brainwashed too. The Antarctic is the worlds focus right now actually . Firstly it has untapped resources and big oil and big politics want it . Secondly is the veil of secrecy . It has a warming layer of sea ice in which is melting raising the sea level and it also has a melting glacier component . From the air it looks similar to itself , however its like a swiss cheese . Not as much mass in its visual similar state . Ok , this is crazy town stuff so stay with me . The world , the world media and governments do not want to touch this . Its an example of mass hysteria if it is let out . This is the premise of a few points I will be making so stay close here . The melting of the ice and later the permafrost which is the underlying 30 feet of land mass contains massive amounts of methane . An explosive gas that diffuses our atmosphere . Creates warming by defracting sunlight . It occurs in landfills , dairy farms and in any situation of microbial degredation . Its a natural occurring feature of the earth . However , in the scenario of volcanos spewing ash or burned coal or fossil fuels producing ash it rests on the polar Antarctic ice and ceases to reflect sunlight and absorbs the heat because its dark and accelerates melting . This melting is what releases the methane . The process becomes exponential , or happens more often to release this gas and warms our planet very quickly . So quickly , by 2020 its over . We are extinct . So the governments chose not to share this horrific fact , which will happen anyway , so they tried to sell climate change and tax it and make money and employ geo engineering where they tried to alter the environment and block the sunlight . Simply put .

    Now to revisit how the government works , they got a letter from ISIS whom they direct and employ. It said the blood in the streets will run like rivers on 2-28-15 . And you get the filtered down main stream media delivery of , watch yourselves , malls are dangerous amongst the threats of boko whomever insane muslim troop . Get it . Slave . You get nothing , no correct information , no access to politicians , no , no , no . Its the cusp of the awakened awakening the warden .

    In a side note the asteroid the Russians have spoke openly about and have tried to prepare to address is something the US just sent nuke missles to Peurto Rico to just nuke the darn thing as they think that is the impact point . In doing so a self proclaimed prophet whom I found interesting enough to post this , mentioned that the whole scenario could cause a super earthquake splitting the US in half and cause some super tsunamis . This would wreck the eastern US and rattle the central portion and put us in the martial law and could alternately explain the some 20,000 foreign troops in our countrys lands in Hawaii , Peurto Rico , Alask and the homelands . Chinese , Russians and NATO troops said to be joint training . Plus 250,000,000 plastic burial caskets , 2 billion rounds of ammunition purchased and body armor banned , .223 caliber banned , lead banned , gun owners and pot users registered to know their gps local . Hmmm . Red or Blue they are coming for you . All aboard the train to 2025.

  3. The other component regarding the glacial mass melting is the effect on the tectonic plates . Think of a sponge . When damp it is a good example of the land mass itself . When you put your finger on it and squish down the sponge compacts . That represents the loaded land mass with the weight of the glaciers on it . When the sponge reforms back to its memory or normal state this represents the land mass without the glacial load on it . So in the process of melting we have tectonic influence and that is what we have today . An increase in earthquake activity . Or tectonic adjustment . In addition we do have a geoengineering war tool in effect as well . The H.A.R.P. system is able to influence earthquakes as well as weather . This is the geoengineering weaponry we have in effect today . H.A.R.P. can introduce earthquakes ,tsunamis, hurricanes , tornadoes , snow storms with lightning and drought . Not to mention psychological influence and utter insane influence on the moon and even the sun . So The world is very interesting albeit scary . WWIII or IV is really in place and troops and mushroom clouds is unlikely at this moment , their is too much playing with the toys so to speak going on . Pushing the envelope is my best description . Its like poking one in the chest . Eventually they will get mad . That’s the waterboarding idea from the Chinese some thousand years ago . A drop of water can carve a mountain . Bruce Lee always said be like water . The internet is the latest toy that’s being played with . Every day their are millions of attacks which would constitute war . These attacks are conducted by every country . In essence World War .

  4. I post this because reality is more challenging to digest than fiction. Well this man calls himself HAWK . He is a secretive operative person retired . He is fed up with the protocall and now is a herald . He uses or affords us the genuine opportunity to listen to this persons information head on . Hawk is abrasive , confrontational and initially to me a farse . However , I listened and dug deep and researched the messanger and sure enough , he is on the edge . I was shocked . So the Hawk speaketh . To what ? well he pushes the chatter and the cloaked info . Hawk says the new Madrid fault the off shore Louisiana Trench and the New York Ports and San Fran Shipping ports all have stolen nukes from where I know of sitting on the floor . Waiting for enactment . Hawk blew me away because he told of the distribution including the Hoover damn and I was personally scared last week . My post is obvious when you read me , you know I was off , or honestly scared . Hawk is an abrasive SOB and he is real and his intel is second to Steve Quayle whom I pissed off asking him to leave religion at the door . I understand why he kicked so hard at me because his religious time frame and situation is spot on and I would be a kook under his understanding . But we are using the Henoch prophecy here and he could not get to that , because I was introducing him to Billy . BEAM is the stage we are at . Done . I do not need to say anymore or take any bandwith . Read and that’s 25k pages . Enlightened , David

  5. If each of us were to view this website and forward it to every contact they have suggesting they forward it to all their contacts , together we can change the world . Its obvious and its what made a few massive web sites possible with news and billions of visits . Geoengineering is the single most devastating event in the threat of the planets existence . If we can get this small test to get off the ground it will unite people worldwide to effect long standing change in the right direction . Please try this . We can also do the same thing with BEAM . One person starts the ball rolling to reach billions .

  6. I think those that do an important work for us in cutting down the rainforests deserve to be offered PPE (personal protective equipment) hard-hats, gloves, overalls, protective visor to protect eyes, steel toe capped boots.

    Our horrendous monstrosity and delusional coating web of legalese, that leads us to greed need disadvantage and confusion without end, would not be possible without all that paper, which requires cheap logs, and without these workers they would be expensive logs as we’ve already put in a solid work of deforesting our own countries. They deserve PPE for the service that they are doing for us.

  7. Contact Report 443 is now corroborated !

    In this presentation linked below the geoengineering involves micro fibers and the lung cancer and complications as a result . They are implanted in our clothings and they are in the air being delivered all around the globe . This spraying is also debilitating the forestry along with the people . Its an amazing presentation . Watch the redframed video.

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