Sedona MUFON opens its doors – and minds – to the Billy Meier case!

For a very long time MUFON, the international UFO research organization, has variously attacked, ignored, or tried to marginalize the Billy Meier UFO case, which is ironic since it’s the only scientifically proven, still ongoing contact case.

It was only recently that the new director of MUFON, Jan Harzan, agreed to have the case listed on the MUFON site as an actual, historical case. Unfortunately – and I think because of intense pressure from very vested interests within the MUFON hierarchy he and MUFON didn’t take the one necessary step of actually examining the evidence in the case, since it would be a deal ender for MUFON. Where would they go from there once they announced that the Meier case was…authentic?

The problem is of course even larger than that. Finding what they – and everyone who claims to be interested in UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc. – have been looking for means that the greatest true story in all of human history is indeed occurring here on Earth; there are intelligent extraterrestrial human beings and they’ve been in contact with one Earthman for over 73 years. And with that realization and confirmation…the entire UFO industry grinds to a very well deserved halt. The disinformation no longer grabs anyone’s attention. The Grays, Reptilians and Dracos, and all other imaginary “aliens” etc., go back to their properly dismissed status as the products of over active imaginations and deliberate deception created by suicidal, control and profit-oriented fellow humans.

All that being said, I can now joyfully tell you that Sedona Mufon was kind enough to host a nearly two-hour presentation of mine on the Meier case on February 20. In introducing my presentation, Becky Solon, a MUFON State Section Director for Arizona, held up her own copy of one of the original photo books from Genesis III.

Having a large screen on which to show Meier’s stunningly clear, daytime UFO photos, some that he took within 20’ feet of the craft and the recent independent analyses, etc., certainly opened many people’s eyes A good number of the MUFON members got not only the singular authenticity of the Meier case, they now grasped that its very central reason was indeed the spiritual teaching, based as it is in our taking complete self-responsibility for our lives and our world, for assuring our own future survival…and not waiting, hoping or fearing that extraterrestrials are coming to save or annihilate us.

Of course I would be quite glad to present this eye-opening documentation to other MUFON groups. And help them leave behind the dead-end pursuit of…lights-in-the-sky.

Phil Pholds, Phails to Show

Several months ago I was interviewed by William Piper, who then told me that Phil Langdon wanted to debate me on a show that William would host. Of course I agreed and about a month ago there was more discussion about setting the exact date. I agreed to February 21, one of the suggested options. Well, Phil pholded and phailed to agree to the debate.

So despite all sorts of rhetoric that he’s spewed across the internet, youtube, etc., apparently being confronted with the inescapable evidence of his inability to duplicate the actual details of the WCUFO (as well as the Pendulum UFO film) caused Phil to, well, put a…lid on it and wisely retreat.


WCUFO on the ground 1

WCUFO on the ground 1

Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi's video here:

Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi’s video here:

Enlarged WCUFO at tree

Enlarged WCUFO at tree

WCUFO extended cupola

WCUFO extended cupola

WCUFO Detail 1

WCUFO Detail 1

WCUFO with Halo

WCUFO with Halo

248 comments on “MUFON Got It – I Really Think They Got It!

  • Wow , this ufo business seems to be quite a huge industry . I think I am gonna seek some job security and start to discredit the truth . Sure is some big coin in it for me once I get a following . Might as well start with the biggest source of industry threatening truth too . Probably has the biggest effect , both ways . Cool , any press is good press to keep the machine working . Hmmm , so lets make up a name for myself , before I start and go LLC too . Then , I can safely make a name for myself . Hmmm , so who shall I discredit first ? Onwards , to the revenue side of this story ….. I would highly suggest just ignoring the stupid anymore . Its really not worth the bandwith . This Mahesh , whom I will never read a word of , is a perfect example . Just ignore it . It will go away . Without fight , they are without their self perceived might and to shrivel up is next.

    • Do you remember that album made in the year 1999 and then released at the start of the year 2000 called trilenium by Sash!. Well someone needs to do with the spiritual teaching what Ralf Kappmeier, Sascha Lappessen, Thomas Alisson did with music, to geek out, go full power on the geek, go overboard with being a geek, go so far with being a geek that you even forget how profound your actually being -that far into geeking. That I fear, is a requirement as well as a profound requisite too if things are going to shift over. To that end some say we had a strange ideological shift to the left a few years ago, only then to return to the right again, I guess someone at least has been experimenting with various different substances.

      • I dont write this stuff because I like the sound of the keys clicking. Seriously, If anyone is brave enough, develop an incredibly positive wrapper for the spiritual teaching and hand that final product over to Christians. Who will take it no questions asked, they’ll love it. many years later, it will lead them sufficiently down the path, lambs to the slaughter that they are, to revolutionising the entire planet, of course at grave cost, but what do you care what others do with their lives and their spare time, what possible control do you feel you have, and given the short length of our lives anyway, and the fact that all the sciences have been discovered sort of puts us in a disrespectful position anyway, given that the plejaren have explained those things.

        • That’s funny that you think there is only one thing in the Meier material that you didn’t know about. Give me a break.

          • If that was directed at me, its wrong, I dont want to know everything in the meier material, much of it is of absolutely no interest to me, why would it be.

          • That you Daniel for claiming you are so much smarter than our prophet. So why are you even posting here?

          • Correction: Thank you Daniel.
            At least I now know why I skimmed over most of your posts because all you did was blather and blather and pretend you know better than everyone else, which you obviously don’t.

    • Couldn`t agree with you more Dave. I`m gonna do the same, just ignore those phonies like Mahash and hope those morons will disappapear from our blog for good!

    • “This Mahesh , whom I will never read a word of , is a perfect example .”

      Considering you have never read a word of him…what exactly is Mahesh a perfect example of again?

      • Terry has been reading Michael’s posts and knows exactly what Mahesh is trying to do. There has also been a few people here telling us that Mahesh wants to deconstruct Michael Horn. I’m not okay with that either. Are you okay with that Andy the fence sitter? Considering the threat of ISIS do you really think Mahesh is spending his time wisely?

        • Yes Sheila ones again put out there nicely(in my view:)).
          For those of us with half a rational thinking brain…. within the material consciousness.?(work in progress putting words with REAL physical meaning).
          It seems are priorities are a little blurred as far as what seems to be important and I could not be with you more on the aspect of what is happening in the real world! The entire F’ing planet will be at war and one of the best examples to why, how, when, where our change for the good, better, best in all of us resides, is swept under the rug because of too many books on the guys wall. Let alone those sweeping in the wrong house with shoddy google searches, wrong languages, 5000$ donations, beliefs, and egos ones again distracting even more from the truth. The truth that we are what this is all about. Us, as the inhabitants of the world WE have created no matter what man has pictures, videos, sound recording, hand/foot prints, snow/crop/light circles, let alone the prophetic information, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc………….

  • Just got the Photo Inventarium book on Ebay for $119 with free shipping. So if you see it for sale for 200, 300, or 400 dollars, don’t buy it at that price. It’s nice, not really necessary, but some great, clear photos. Testimonies of witnesses, pictures of the other types of evidence, which most people completely ignore. I like the photos that Billy takes from inside the ships. I still hate the WC ufo. Probably because it doesn’t look high tech or aerodynamic. Remember the 80’s Disney movie “Flight of the Navigator”? I think the UFO photos are a blessing and a curse. The most important photos, most of those from Billy’s trip on the great spacer were destroyed went missing. Here is one of my biggest gripes:

    Why can the Plejarans travel the great expanses of the universe, but come here and get stuck in so many trees?

  • Just to make my position clear, I respect Mahesh and dont have a problem. Your welcome to, but leave me out of it. Me and Mahesh are equals.

      • Your wrong about that [my opinion] or should I say I dont believe you, Mahesh is doing no such thing [my opinion] with his website, he is putting in some good work on presenting the investigative information, I am not confident that you have done as you said you have and read the information/contact reports.

        For starters you would know about the evolutionary arrangement, the strangeness in the path through life given the facts (Contact Report 345 does well in reverse engineering those facts), you’d know not to interfere if people were always going to do as they were always going to do, and Mahesh knows the information well, and i’ve verified on plenty of times that he is not delusional [which is enough for me] – that is why me and Mahesh are equals, because he is not religiously delusional, and I respect that, respect his decision making abilities.

        I do think he’s working with the giblets and cartilage while were working with the breast fillet, but that is besides the point, I certainly dont write people off for that.

        • Sheila I have some special info for you a single sentence:
          The Vatican would not exist if there was not a demand for it.

          • I am not religious, neither were my parents and I really don’t a crap about the vatican. And you are wrong about Mahesh. That is funny that you think the only test there is, is the non delusional one. Priceless. Does Kal Korff pass too? I can tell you are very young and inexperienced.

        • As has been pointed out to him numerous times, Mahesh is misrepresenting information, publishing half-truths and outright inaccuracies, disregarding logic, means, motive, opportunity, character, etc., etc. His incorrect conclusions pertaining to photography have been pointed out by professional photographers.

          His stated purpose, in his own words, was to “deconstruct Michael Horn”, which really means to attack the case. If not he would freely state his own opinion, pro or con, and also state that my conclusions and point of view either do or don’t have anything to do with his own position.

          But his actual agenda to “deconstruct” is quite clear. Of course e’s entitled to his own opinion, etc., but his conduct is quite cowardly, covert and obviously self-seeking. Nonetheless, it will of course only contribute to the spread of the information. So far as I know, his arguments haven’t been picked up by any skeptics of note, probably because they know that the very things that Mahesh seeks to avoid, means, motive, opportunity, proving Meier’s actual access to deputed information, etc., would fail the skeptical argument.

          Again, this is the two-dimensional, non real-life approach to a real life situation, with decades of consistency, documentation, etc., that superficial attacks can’t really penetrate.

          So maybe you’ll be the one to pry from Mahesh’s lips his actual position – and the same for Andy -: The Meier case – true or false?

          Of course their coy game playing, while it may be intended to perpetuate their own attention seeking, simply reveals the rather spineless character so prevalent among many today…which Meier of course also long foretold.

          • I suppose we better prepare ourselves to engage then MH, there appears to be little recourse.

            Sheila: I was pointing out that Mahesh and his activities would not exist, had there not been a demand for it. I dont even know who Kal Korff is, if that makes you feel better.

            Whipped. No im saying that you’re whipping yourselves, nothing to do with me.

          • Your wrong about Mahesh doing it for something like feeling special, noteworthy or some other similar reason. Because none of us are that, are we, of the 196 nations of the world, none of them recognise any of this information as holding any value. Academics think we’re nuts, Scientists have a laughing fit, it is when it comes down to it, well beyond any of the normal, accepted, in any form. We’re the opposite of special, were headed for something quite unpleasant if we work it out, given what we think we know, with nothing in our social system to support the position.

          • Your reasoning doesn’t preclude people having their own motives. You may see and say that this is some universal truth but as Meier also observes, there are over 8 billion human begins on the planet, all of whom really are different from one and other. However, that doesn’t preclude people from having and chaining their motives, behaviors, beliefs, etc.

          • Daniel, if it’s got nothing to do with you, why do you keep wanting to get into the conversation? You’ve obviously read nothing that Michael has posted up until now. I thought you said there was nothing in Billy Meier’s material that you didn’t know. But now you are saying you don’t even know who Kal Korff is? Start reading.

        • I’m glad you said that Daniel. Mahesh has been called the worst of names here, including “betrayer of the truth,” etc. … and it is absurd.

          Hopefully Mahesh won’t mind me saying this, but I was talking to him a few weeks ago and he explained how is original idea for the website was to have a resource that would really blow the skeptics out of the water, he was really gonna pin down some of these ‘corroborations’ that MH talks about…

          But when he looked at the original texts and dived in to his research…things weren’t quite as they were claimed to be. But he faithfully reported the facts as he uncovered them.

          Faithfully reporting the facts as one uncovers them… this sounds like the opposite of “betrayer of the truth” to me…

          MH says: “Mahesh is misrepresenting information, publishing half-truths and outright inaccuracies…”.

          Where has Mahesh misrepresented information, published half-truths, etc? What are you talking about? Since you are so concerned when you think Meier is being slandered, perhaps you’d like to back up this claim? Something Mahesh wrote about the Ice Man? Please quote me where Mahesh is misrepresenting anything.

          You could say MH is misrepresenting information though, like he does here for starters:

          “…the irrefutable fact that he published specific information about exactly how the man died ten years before scientists discovered it using modern CT scan equipment.”

          “Irrefutable fact” huh? Because you now know that this is a completely REFUTED fact, perhaps MH you want to take down that page so as not to misrepesent information and publish FULL-untruths?

          MH says Mahesh disregards logic. Mahesh doesn’t disregard logic, in fact, he almost exclusively regards it (I for one, am impressed he has stayed so calm and rational in the face of MH’s tiresome, constant unjustified insults). Virtually every sentence on Mahesh’s site is either describing facts as he found them, or logically drawing conclusions from these facts.

          Meanwhile, I have seen virtually no logic from MH, only unjustifiably attacking people and speaking of others’ alleged nefarious motives which he knows absolutely nothing about. When he does try to use some logic, all he talk about is “means, motive, opportunity, character…”. On and on and on with “MMO”.

          But MMO is largely irrelevant. Mahesh is not a prosecuter in a court room trying to prove a crime. For his enthusiasm for the mission, he was simply trying to really demonstrate the validity of some of these so-called corroborations, really prove in a comprehensive and systematic way that Meier really did publish unique, specific scientific information before anyone else on earth knew it.

          But, to my knowledge he hasn’t found any instances of that. (He has found a couple fishy things though).

          But in certain places he does go into means and opportunity — like when he filed a FOAI to track down info about the date of the NASA painting.

          • When someone plainly states that their purpose is to “deconstruct” someone, whoever they maybe, then it’s hardly motivated by a search for the truth. As I have said, Mahesh’s reluctance to state such things as his conclusions pro or con about the case, and whether he thusly stands in whole or part because or in spite of my own conclusions also makes the whole exercise suspect. MH is wrong but the case is…? How hard is that?

            Yesterday you stated that it was only the arrow part of the Ice Man contact that you were declaring was “backdated”, therefore you didn’t take issue with the fact that Meier indeed published his foreknowledge of the actual discovery and other facts before “official discovery”. You expressed no amazement that this man who, at the same time, you and Mahesh are effectively calling a hoaxer, somehow was the first to publish this (along with volumes of other, equally and/or more remarkable) information.

            Both of you are stating then that a terrestrial source is where Meier obtained and then “backdated” the information from. Again you fail to see the totality of the situation and its already established voluminous evidence, the fact that Meier is historically a man of good character who simply doesn’t lie and cheat. You don’t accept the honest nature of the situation, human error, flaw, overload, etc. Instead you do presume that he had the MMO to falsify something and of course defy all known human behavior/motivation by leaving it and never drawing a moment’s attention to is the case for not only everything else (including the WCUFO photos, etc.) that we know about but also…everything we don’t know about that exists in all the untranslated German texts. You must no doubt think that Meier now spends all his time “backdating” them as well.

            View all of this as an exercise in thinking and…human behavior and both of you come up, at the very least, as woefully inept and stubbornly immune to reason.

          • I’ve mentioned a few of Mahesh’s inconsistencies which you fail to address. Like the “unknown” NASA archivist, whose evidence would not hold up in a court of law. Funny that you hold everything Billy says to court standards but are unable to do this with NASA employees. How about that little tidbit where the painter cannot remember WHEN he painted the picture? The fact that the Iceman’s real reason for his demise (the arrow which cut an artery) was only given out as scientic fact in the year 2005. Billy and the Ps had mentioned why he died in the year 2003.

          • In fact, Andy holds Meier to standards that he doesn’t hold…Mahesh to.

            Where is his scrutiny of all of the points raised about Mahesh’s incorrect information, the rebuttals also by Chris Lock, etc., etc., etc.? Mahesh posted absolutely inaccurate and incorrect assumptions about Meier’s foreknowledge of the ozone damage and chemical and atomic related causes, yet Andy somehow just can’t find those “arrows”.

            And once again I ask Andy, are you a student at ASU?

    • I doubt it but of course it shouldn’t surprise anyone that those who wish to throw this country into chaos will do so. Remember that Meier long ago foretold two civil wars here and recently the coming anarchy in 2020 was discussed in Contact 544.

      Of course our friends Mahesh and Andy will be among the first to tell us that Meier backdated it…as they will when India loses 30 million people to an attack from China. Maybe at that point Mahesh will actually take credit and tell his countrymen that he already knew about it long ago, or debunked it, or whatever.

      • Martial law over rules any other forms of law including lawyers and judges will be powerless so why don’t those legal beagles snooping in the Meier material stop and think what they are doing?

  • Daniel , If your going to nit pick an entire body of work consisting of such massive information I cannot give way to sucn small contentions . I will give Mahesh all of his contentions as , yes he is right . Whats left ? A body of work still exponentionally larger than any claim Mahesh can make . I said I did not read his website . I glossed over comments and such within the threads here and that’s just comments from the blog and they are a long standing reputation of solid thinking . LIke I said , give Mahesh all his claims as true , the remaining body of work is still enough for humanity to find the truth . Nit pick away , We do not have time to waste here . Cloud the message , are you really helping anything ? Mahesh has the look at me , syndrome . Drone . We can lawyer , scientist speak all day long and bicker . Is that really productive ? Only for an ulterior motive . Look at me . Sorry , I am not looking . And Daniel , I mean no disrespect , however , your trying to covey information or concepts . But ask yourself , Am I helping the end result ? Because you drone on , and I know you are trying . but just by trying to sound intelligent is grating on us . No one here claims to be that . I would like to think you are not doing that as well . But your time spent , consolidating your message could be something to think about . Because you loose me in the wandering language . I do not mean to insult because I understand it may not be your native language and I would think its awesome to have your insights better understood . Just an open book here , I’m goofy . stupid at times and occasionally understood myself . I here crickets a lot when I post , but Its still documented and I can suggest some revisit what I write . But like the rainforest comments about giving the folks that clearcut the rainforest protective gear . Was that a joke or were you serious ?

  • Daniel , scrolling away from my last post , you comment to Sheila , regarding the demand for a Pope . Are you really serioius here too ? A religion of documented mind control and manipulation is something that people honestly demand for . Son , you have to go back to the history books . You do not get it . Religion is about manipulation . Emmanuals teachings , Mohameds teachings have been distorted and collectively lied to billions of people infecting the most horrendous outcome and you joke about it , saying their is a demand . You are irresponsible with your lack of understanding and attempts to try to philosophize . Your no BEAM son . I called you out . I had the balls to do it . It had to be done . Stop , will ya . Just do some reading , walk in the woods , the beach . Stop trying to make a Mehesh out of yourself , your learning nothing . Your an aggregate . Stop the disruption of this blog , it just is not working out for you , and yes we all know it . Just calm yourself , read and read some more . Its about a global standpoint and harmony . Not dissonance and discourd . Please , use your obvious intelligence to look inwards and apply yourself forward . Waste no time and dribble no more , find the focus . Do it . We know you can . Philosopjy takes wisdom and time under its wing . Patience and compassion . Being right is not a goal .

    • You’re just throwing my own words back at me David. So there leave nothing else for it, you leave me little choice David. – Thank you David, you are so good at what you do, you are a good man, an honourable man, a knowing wise teacher, I consider you to be both smart, and intelligent for the information that you can produce of your own volition, thank you for what you have offered here to me, thank you.

    • “A religion of documented mind control and manipulation is something that people honestly demand for?”

      Hmm. Does ‘demand’ = when a need/desire is created? Is this just a word thing?

      I think Earth people do demand religion. That is why it has been so successful. Our genetic manipulations instilled great fear and insecurity in us which ultimately leads to an over-desire (demand) to feel safe and protected. We are now programmed with that demand and religions partly satisfy it. Materialism is also performing that role. Believers pretty much need to be manipulated to function properly, although they perceive quite the opposite.

      The Pope is worshiped as the Earthly representative of the Almighty God. Believers ‘know’ within themselves that he (via his devine connections) is saving them. Their perception of the world proves this to them and creates even more demand for him. The belief overrides the logic (like Windows NT :)).

      Those who maintain the religions also suffer from the same genetic manipulations and so they demand their followers just as much. They too desire to be manipulated. Perceived connection to the devine resulting in adoration is their saviour. So a cycle of dependancy.

      It is this relinquishment to the saviourheit that was/is supposed to create within ourselves the paradoxical state of self-destruction via a kind of over-self-preservation. Those Sirians knew their causal bio-weaponary.

      Well, the first line is all I was getting at really. Sorry for waffling.

  • Daniel , This is what Michael is speaking of regarding personal E mails in preference into the non productive blog posts . I think you are very intelligent and you are obviously here so your plight stands strong . Just pump the brakes boy . A western movie reference that is just some comic relief . The viewpoints are very valuable . Don’t let a goof ball like me tell you otherwise l Aggregate like I brought up is the spirit of the communication . Rustle some feathers , its all good . We all do take into consideration Mahesh and as I said I viewed his viewpoint from various angles , I am no BEAM , yet I find him in my every day life . The creation and BEAM are constant . The one thing we all share is that we definitely would like to meet BEAM and make a difference in our world . It gets more critical every day to make this connection . My typed poor communicated effort was just that , a hope to connect , stir the pot and it would be cool if we could all meet in the kitchen . And I mean that . Its a hub gathering and we could easily find ourselves their one way or another . Sucks to have to type this stuff so long , cause I know Michael needs a day off or ten 😉

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