MUFON Got It – I Really Think They Got It!

Sedona MUFON opens its doors – and minds – to the Billy Meier case!

For a very long time MUFON, the international UFO research organization, has variously attacked, ignored, or tried to marginalize the Billy Meier UFO case, which is ironic since it’s the only scientifically proven, still ongoing contact case.

It was only recently that the new director of MUFON, Jan Harzan, agreed to have the case listed on the MUFON site as an actual, historical case. Unfortunately – and I think because of intense pressure from very vested interests within the MUFON hierarchy he and MUFON didn’t take the one necessary step of actually examining the evidence in the case, since it would be a deal ender for MUFON. Where would they go from there once they announced that the Meier case was…authentic?

The problem is of course even larger than that. Finding what they – and everyone who claims to be interested in UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc. – have been looking for means that the greatest true story in all of human history is indeed occurring here on Earth; there are intelligent extraterrestrial human beings and they’ve been in contact with one Earthman for over 73 years. And with that realization and confirmation…the entire UFO industry grinds to a very well deserved halt. The disinformation no longer grabs anyone’s attention. The Grays, Reptilians and Dracos, and all other imaginary “aliens” etc., go back to their properly dismissed status as the products of over active imaginations and deliberate deception created by suicidal, control and profit-oriented fellow humans.

All that being said, I can now joyfully tell you that Sedona Mufon was kind enough to host a nearly two-hour presentation of mine on the Meier case on February 20. In introducing my presentation, Becky Solon, a MUFON State Section Director for Arizona, held up her own copy of one of the original photo books from Genesis III.

Having a large screen on which to show Meier’s stunningly clear, daytime UFO photos, some that he took within 20’ feet of the craft and the recent independent analyses, etc., certainly opened many people’s eyes A good number of the MUFON members got not only the singular authenticity of the Meier case, they now grasped that its very central reason was indeed the spiritual teaching, based as it is in our taking complete self-responsibility for our lives and our world, for assuring our own future survival…and not waiting, hoping or fearing that extraterrestrials are coming to save or annihilate us.

Of course I would be quite glad to present this eye-opening documentation to other MUFON groups. And help them leave behind the dead-end pursuit of…lights-in-the-sky.

Phil Pholds, Phails to Show

Several months ago I was interviewed by William Piper, who then told me that Phil Langdon wanted to debate me on a show that William would host. Of course I agreed and about a month ago there was more discussion about setting the exact date. I agreed to February 21, one of the suggested options. Well, Phil pholded and phailed to agree to the debate.

So despite all sorts of rhetoric that he’s spewed across the internet, youtube, etc., apparently being confronted with the inescapable evidence of his inability to duplicate the actual details of the WCUFO (as well as the Pendulum UFO film) caused Phil to, well, put a…lid on it and wisely retreat.


WCUFO on the ground 1
WCUFO on the ground 1
Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi's video here:
Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi’s video here:
Enlarged WCUFO at tree
Enlarged WCUFO at tree
WCUFO extended cupola
WCUFO extended cupola
WCUFO Detail 1
WCUFO Detail 1
WCUFO with Halo
WCUFO with Halo

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  1. Daniel , If your going to nit pick an entire body of work consisting of such massive information I cannot give way to sucn small contentions . I will give Mahesh all of his contentions as , yes he is right . Whats left ? A body of work still exponentionally larger than any claim Mahesh can make . I said I did not read his website . I glossed over comments and such within the threads here and that’s just comments from the blog and they are a long standing reputation of solid thinking . LIke I said , give Mahesh all his claims as true , the remaining body of work is still enough for humanity to find the truth . Nit pick away , We do not have time to waste here . Cloud the message , are you really helping anything ? Mahesh has the look at me , syndrome . Drone . We can lawyer , scientist speak all day long and bicker . Is that really productive ? Only for an ulterior motive . Look at me . Sorry , I am not looking . And Daniel , I mean no disrespect , however , your trying to covey information or concepts . But ask yourself , Am I helping the end result ? Because you drone on , and I know you are trying . but just by trying to sound intelligent is grating on us . No one here claims to be that . I would like to think you are not doing that as well . But your time spent , consolidating your message could be something to think about . Because you loose me in the wandering language . I do not mean to insult because I understand it may not be your native language and I would think its awesome to have your insights better understood . Just an open book here , I’m goofy . stupid at times and occasionally understood myself . I here crickets a lot when I post , but Its still documented and I can suggest some revisit what I write . But like the rainforest comments about giving the folks that clearcut the rainforest protective gear . Was that a joke or were you serious ?

  2. Daniel , scrolling away from my last post , you comment to Sheila , regarding the demand for a Pope . Are you really serioius here too ? A religion of documented mind control and manipulation is something that people honestly demand for . Son , you have to go back to the history books . You do not get it . Religion is about manipulation . Emmanuals teachings , Mohameds teachings have been distorted and collectively lied to billions of people infecting the most horrendous outcome and you joke about it , saying their is a demand . You are irresponsible with your lack of understanding and attempts to try to philosophize . Your no BEAM son . I called you out . I had the balls to do it . It had to be done . Stop , will ya . Just do some reading , walk in the woods , the beach . Stop trying to make a Mehesh out of yourself , your learning nothing . Your an aggregate . Stop the disruption of this blog , it just is not working out for you , and yes we all know it . Just calm yourself , read and read some more . Its about a global standpoint and harmony . Not dissonance and discourd . Please , use your obvious intelligence to look inwards and apply yourself forward . Waste no time and dribble no more , find the focus . Do it . We know you can . Philosopjy takes wisdom and time under its wing . Patience and compassion . Being right is not a goal .

    1. You’re just throwing my own words back at me David. So there leave nothing else for it, you leave me little choice David. – Thank you David, you are so good at what you do, you are a good man, an honourable man, a knowing wise teacher, I consider you to be both smart, and intelligent for the information that you can produce of your own volition, thank you for what you have offered here to me, thank you.

    2. “A religion of documented mind control and manipulation is something that people honestly demand for?”

      Hmm. Does ‘demand’ = when a need/desire is created? Is this just a word thing?

      I think Earth people do demand religion. That is why it has been so successful. Our genetic manipulations instilled great fear and insecurity in us which ultimately leads to an over-desire (demand) to feel safe and protected. We are now programmed with that demand and religions partly satisfy it. Materialism is also performing that role. Believers pretty much need to be manipulated to function properly, although they perceive quite the opposite.

      The Pope is worshiped as the Earthly representative of the Almighty God. Believers ‘know’ within themselves that he (via his devine connections) is saving them. Their perception of the world proves this to them and creates even more demand for him. The belief overrides the logic (like Windows NT :)).

      Those who maintain the religions also suffer from the same genetic manipulations and so they demand their followers just as much. They too desire to be manipulated. Perceived connection to the devine resulting in adoration is their saviour. So a cycle of dependancy.

      It is this relinquishment to the saviourheit that was/is supposed to create within ourselves the paradoxical state of self-destruction via a kind of over-self-preservation. Those Sirians knew their causal bio-weaponary.

      Well, the first line is all I was getting at really. Sorry for waffling.

  3. Daniel , This is what Michael is speaking of regarding personal E mails in preference into the non productive blog posts . I think you are very intelligent and you are obviously here so your plight stands strong . Just pump the brakes boy . A western movie reference that is just some comic relief . The viewpoints are very valuable . Don’t let a goof ball like me tell you otherwise l Aggregate like I brought up is the spirit of the communication . Rustle some feathers , its all good . We all do take into consideration Mahesh and as I said I viewed his viewpoint from various angles , I am no BEAM , yet I find him in my every day life . The creation and BEAM are constant . The one thing we all share is that we definitely would like to meet BEAM and make a difference in our world . It gets more critical every day to make this connection . My typed poor communicated effort was just that , a hope to connect , stir the pot and it would be cool if we could all meet in the kitchen . And I mean that . Its a hub gathering and we could easily find ourselves their one way or another . Sucks to have to type this stuff so long , cause I know Michael needs a day off or ten 😉

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