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Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Why Believing “They Hate Us for Our Freedom” Is Dangerous to Your Health

My friend Greg recently forwarded this piece to me. In addition to being reminded about that cynical, deceptive, lying bit of frequently parroted propaganda, I’m also reminded about just what the truth has already delivered to us, regarding the WTC attack as told to Billy Meier in 1986 and as retold by him in 1987.

This only heightens my concerns and increases my sense that we may indeed soon see – and be on the receiving end of – more of the effects of our insidious, might-hungry, pathological actions and policies, as I recently expressed.

(Please be sure to also learn more about the enormously courageous Sibel Edmonds.)

Macho Man

Commentaries like this from servicemen who have more to add to the narrative than people like Clint Eastwood, who still needs to perpetuate a macho persona by glorifying the homicidal-suicidal policies of the US, may help to bring a small bit of balance. It may also be of interest to read this just received excerpt from Mariann Uehlinger, which will be officially published by FIGU on February 8:

Excerpt of FIGU-Special-Bulletin No. 86, February 2015

Reader’s Question

In the article ‘The Pied Piper’, by Mariann Uehlinger, it is quite clearly confirmed by Billy, that this designation refers to the confused al-Baghdadi. Contrary to this, in contact 251 (in block 7 of the Pleiadian/Plejaren contact reports’), in the corresponding sentence, the name George W. Bush is mentioned within brackets. How is this Pied Piper to be understood?

Jan Bayer and Martin Szmek, Czechia

Answer by Billy

This is a prediction of the prophet Henoch (Enoch), which reads as follows:

Foreseeing I have seen the bad things that will happen in the new time in the 3rd millennium in Mesopotamia, and the baleful things that will happen in the whole world. There will be three fallible ones wielding might, who will – in the new time after the second turn of the millennium (the first time 2003 with the Second Gulf War) – gather a great many people around them and will be called Pied Pipers. The first of these Pied Pipers will be a high one of a large country beyond the great water and by name a shrub-knight[1] (George W. Bush), who will ship with his army over the great waters and force down Mesopotamia (= Iraq) through acts of war in a Gewalt-based wise. It will be him who will be responsible for the fact that two more Pied Pipers are able to build themselves up and to spread over the world with malicious Gewalt and with death and destruction. Also the second Pied Piper will gather many people around him and be a great threat for the whole world, and he will be regarded as the first world-enemy (Osama bin Laden), who will bring, with the help of the former highest ones of the shrub-knight, a lot of murder-oppressive and destroying terribleness into the land beyond the great water (11th September 2001) and into the whole world. Also the third Pied Piper will gather many people who are perverted in an erroneous belief, name himself after a place (Bagdad = Baghdadi) and bring a lot of threat, misery, Gewalt, affliction, death, terribleness and coercion over Mesopotamia and over the whole world.


SSSC, January 17, 2015, 19:22, Billy

Translation: Mariann Uehlinger/Vibka Wallder

[1]   The German word ‘Strauch’ means bush/shrub. ‘Strauchritter‘ = ‘Strauchdieb‘ [shrub-knight] = a crook who rides around on a horse (

See also:

URGENT: Another Prophecy Fulfilling

Auszug aus FIGU-Sonder-Bulletin Nr. 86, Februar 2015


Im Artikel ‹Der Rattenfänger› von Mariann Uehlinger ist ganz klar von Billy bestätigt, dass es sich bei dieser Bezeichnung um den verwirrten al-Baghdadi handelt. Im Gegenteil dazu, steht aber im Kontakt 251 (‹Plejadisch/plejarische Kontaktberichte›, Block 7) im entsprechenden Satz in Klammern George W. Bush. Wie ist der Rattenfänger zu verstehen?

Jan Bayer und Martin Szmek, Tschechien


Es handelt sich dabei um eine Voraussage des Propheten Henoch, die folgendermassen lautet:

Voraussehend habe ich erschaut, was sich in der Neuzeit im dritten Jahrtausend Schlimmes im Zweistromland und in der ganzen Welt an Unheilvollem ereignen wird. Es werden drei fehlbare Machtausübende sein, die in der Neuzeit nach dem zweiten Jahrtausendwechsel (erstmals 2003 mit dem Zweiten Golfkrieg) viel Volk um sich scharen und Rattenfänger genannt werden. Der erste dieser Rattenfänger wird ein Oberer eines grossen Landes hinter dem grossen Wasser und dem Namen nach ein Strauchdieb sein (George W. Bush), der mit seinem Heer über die grossen Wasser schifft und das Zweistromland (Mesopotamien = Irak) durch Kriegshandlungen in gewaltsamer Weise niederzwingt. Er wird der sein, der dafür zu verantworten haben wird, dass sich zwei weitere Rattenfänger heranbilden und mit bösartiger Gewalt und mit Tod und Zerstörung über die Welt ausbreiten können. Auch der zweite Rattenfänger wird viel Volk um sich scharen und eine grosse Bedrohung für die ganze Welt sein, und er wird als erster Weltfeind (Osama bin Laden) gelten, der mit der Hilfe der früheren Obersten des Strauchdiebes viel mordlastendes und zerstörendes Unheil ins Land hinter dem grossen Wasser (11. September 2001) und in die ganze Welt bringen wird. Auch der dritte Rattenfänger wird viel und in falschem Glauben ausgeartetes Volk um sich scharen, sich nach einem Ort (Bagdad = Baghdadi) benennen und sehr viel Bedrohung, Elend, Gewalt, Not, Tod, Unheil und Zwang über das Zweistromland und über die ganze Welt bringen.


SSSC, 17. Januar 2015, 19.22 h, Billy

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Daniel Zumon
Daniel Zumon
Blog Member
February 15, 2015 2:22 pm

The United States is the centre of the worlds attention, in its entertainment, developments, innovations etc. Most people around the world enjoy the same level of freedom (and some say actually a greater freedom in many instances), its damaging to the health because it not true and real which follows in logical step progression given those facts. Its not the only target, as we can clearly see, but 9/11 WTC was the first target, because as I said before, its the centre of the worlds attention, in film, entertainment, news etc. Therefore the people of the US were the first to talk directly into and reach directly those of the middle-east, and therefore was first in-line, in the queue. The freedom and education of the world (the progress the world has made collectively) was therefore first recognised in those of the US. Despite as I said, of many around actually enjoy a greater freedom on a number of levels than those of the US despite a popular assumption. The internet is dominated by those of the US, which is very well understood and logical given the various facts about the world in the current time, including that the english language is recognised worldwide unlike most other languages, and therefore it is and only logical, especially as the US held the dominant military force on the ground and in the international news and newspapers, when it came to the original conflicts in the middle east.

I hope that makes sense anyway. It all adds up quite logically I hope.

Daniel Zumon
Daniel Zumon
Blog Member
Reply to  Daniel Zumon
February 15, 2015 2:46 pm

The US people behaves as if the whole world is on their wavelength, and that is due to much of the world speaking english langauge and feeding back. But the truth of it is that the world has not yet been properly opened up and those precautions and traditions of precautions and tolerances do not exist in the US as they do in other nations, due to this very rapid development that has occurred in the US, combined with as I said many nations feeding back in the english language, prompting and ‘ok’ ‘its ok’ equilibrium which is not quite true, and so the US people have developed an understanding (wrong understanding if you want the truth), that they can do various things around the world, which traditionally and unaware, other nations have been precautions of doing, because of historical understanding founded over many hundreds of years. Like disturbing the middle-east and assuming that they will accept freedom of speech so readily etc, that the world has made the same level of progress as the US has made, which obviously cannot surely be the case given that the progress in the US has been made very quickly, over just 100 years, while the rest of the world has not reached these same agreements so very quickly.

Apparently this is what causes america in the future to turn itself into a giant continental sized fortress, basically because the people were not accurately given the assessment. – and eventually it is inevitable that an informative leadership would emerge in the US, as this is a logical narrative progress of any nation, which will probably be taken an infringement of freedom, but actually would make the US citizen more free, being given an accurate assessment, and it being turned into commonly accepted knowledge. The US system would work perfectly if it was in and of itself a world, a planet wide, but its not, in fact the US is quite insignificant compared with india, china and russia, both in size, economy, and number of people. Its very well understood that we are all individuals at least.

Blog Member
February 19, 2015 8:21 pm

The world is being played for the fools they want to be. I personally knew Clint Eastwood… he used to play the local 25 cent pinball machines. Not an impressive man and is easily controlled, in my opinion.

Blog Member
February 19, 2015 8:23 pm

Hollywood has a rich history of producing and promoting most violence (propaganda of a sorts), like the kind in our schools and elsewhere. Why? Why do the people want to pay to see violence in the first place? Sick it is.

Blog Member
July 1, 2015 1:57 am

2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime”:

Linked fro here:

and here:

Our own government responsible for destruction of USA through war and economics.

Search for and listen to Jim Willie on Youtube for how the economy is being destroyed. Lots of interviews.

Blog Member
July 1, 2015 10:26 pm

Another article implicating US and western powers on nation building via ISIL (ISIS):

Jim Stone
Jim Stone
Blog Member
October 20, 2015 9:15 am

Commentary on Russia, China, “ISIS”

There is obviously a lot going on right now with Russia. Any time the political scene gets as active as it is right now, truth becomes difficult to separate from fiction. Here is what I think is the most probable scenario right now, based on all the rumors, and whatever hard fact is out there:

First of all, Russia has in effect propositioned many surrounding nations to form a loose alliance that looks a lot like the old Communist bloc. This time it is not being done for the purpose of any sort of conquest, it is being done for the purpose of keeping the CIA out. I think Russia was not acting on internet rumors or even good intelligence on the ground prior to starting their attacks on ISIS, intelligence and rumors that stated it was all CIA. Even if they knew for certain it was CIA, they held off and were quiet and inactive until they got boots on the ground and proved it in irrefutable terms.

Now that Russia knows beyond all doubt that America was in fact ISIS, and that ISIS was in fact nothing but a front for the CIA, and that “Islamic terror” itself is just a front for the CIA, they are telling a large alliance of old satellite nations to harden their borders “against terrorists” openly, and “against the CIA, because the CIA is the terrorist” behind closed doors. Not really closed doors, I’d say it is more like half cracked open doors anyone can sit outside of, with no cover music or rumblers to prevent anyone from hearing what is being said inside . . . . .

Yesterday, (the 18th) Russia revealed that large numbers civilian factories and businesses, wholly owned by civilians, were bombed to smithereens by “someone with aircraft”. And these businesses had nothing to do with war or anything of the sort. They proved that the damage signatures which “erased” the businesses could not possibly have come from any sort of ground assault, only direct aggression from the air. They proved that Syria and Assad did not do it, and then asked the question “Who has been flying aircraft in this area, to do so much damage to civilian infrastructure?” And there are only two possibilities, America and Israel. In one fell swoop, Russia proved in front of the world that America was not in Syria to do anything against ISIS at all, America was in fact in Syria to destroy as much of the nation as possible. And that does not look good.

This opens up a huge can of worms then. It proves America lied about everything. And if ISIS really is CIA, and ISIS destroyed antiquities (as reported previously many times), it means America was in Syria destroying antiquities just for a cheap psy op. This can of worms is SO HUGE it could infect an entire kennel, with the American people being the unwitting dogs taking the hit. Clearly no American would want to have the government intentionally wiping out ancient historical sites, but that makes little difference. America is at least on it’s face a “democracy”, which means the American people are responsible for it all, just like anyone who falls asleep at the wheel while driving is responsible for any unwanted disaster that results . . . . . .

Russia has played it all so cool, in the most painfully disciplined way, that they can’t be accused of stoking any sort of provocative propaganda B.S. as well. All Russia did was quietly and slowly present the facts as they were proven out 100 percent beyond any and all doubt and let it all fall where it landed in the course of logic. It is game over for American credibility, at least it is with enough of a core of nations to set the stage for an even battle during world war 3. And Russia did it in a way that undermined America even with America’s core support, officially recognized or not.

As a result, China got a lot more bold and has authorized the direct use of force against the U.S. Navy in the South China sea. And it would be rock stupid for the navy to confront the Chinese and push where they really do not need to push, because as I have said before, nukes win against aircraft carriers any day.

And what would really be the consequence for China blowing the Navy sky high within territory they claim as their own? Out in the ocean, it equals “nuclear test” environmentally and it would just happen and be done with. And I doubt the U.S. or Israel would nuke mainland China in return, because NOW CHINA KNOWS ISIS IS CIA, AMERICA LIED LIED LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING, AND THAT IT IS ALL OR NOTHING BECA– — — USE THAT IS ALL IT EVER IS WHEN DEALING WITH A COMPLETELY CORRUPTED LIAR. Israel may well have in place their “samson option” but what good would that do if China cratered them in even 10 locations? Israel is stuck. America is stuck. If china has the guts to dig in and say NO, what on earth could America or Israel do about it? If lacking all credibility after bad behavior in Syria, for America it becomes check mate. China keeps the islands and that is all there is to it.

What can America do about it? What can America do now that Russia has busted the CIA for “Islamic terror” and has proven that at least for the most part, Islamic terror was an American/Israeli circus act? If Russia successfully seals out the CIA and causes the CIA to get blocked out of many many former Soviet states, and takes China with them, what can America do about it? And then there is another point – the high quality aircraft that Sukhoi can put out, the fact that China now also can mass produce ultra high quality fighter/bombers, and that between Sukhoi and China, they have six of the top 10 combat aircraft in the world and the ability to crank them out in droves? How is that going to look when corruption is robbing America so badly that America can’t even put out a decent fighter aircraft for even top dollar?

Outside the corruption stream, military tech is now cheap. Hillary made sure China and Russia has it. No one is going to accept being over run by a liar that has effectively been busted for destroying antiquities and running the world like a puppet show. The writing is on the wall . . . . .