NASA’s “New” Mars Report Published by Billy Meier DECADES Ago

Will all of the scientific “experts” please put their egos on a crash diet and acknowledge these still ongoing contacts with an advanced, space-traveling human race?

A new report by NASA concludes that Mars once had “more water than the Arctic Ocean.” As we reported eight years ago, Billy Meier already knew, almost 40 years ago, about the vast amounts of water once present on Mars. In fact, he was given even more detailed information by Quetzal, in 1986, which could further explain much about the actual distribution of the water.

It should also be noted that Michael Malin, the principal investigator for the Mars Orbiter Camera on NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, said in his analysis of Meier’s UFO photos, “I find the photographs themselves credible, they’re good photographs. They appear to represent a real phenomenon.”

So not only did they come here but they also took him there. The question is, will all of the scientific “experts” and other know-it-alls be able to put their egos on a crash diet, look through the proverbial telescope and acknowledge these still ongoing contacts with an advanced, space-traveling human race?

The IS Rampage and Fukushima: As Meier also Foretold

The latest rampages by the IS involved setting fire to oil fields, destruction of an ancient city and the destruction of priceless artifacts. Even as this lengthy article notes all of the medieval aspects of the IS, Meier had already warned of the Dark Ages that they were bringing upon the world.

But still the world blindly plunges on, oblivious to the helping hands long extended to humankind. We seem to want to assure our own self-destruction. New reports now surface about the real extent of the Fukushima disaster, born of human greed and denial. But it’s only news to those who are ignorant of the warnings from Meier and the Plejaren regarding catastrophes from these toxic technologies that also continue to take their toll from below the surface. If we don’t see it, if it’s covered-up, it can’t be real, it can’t hurt us…right?

What do these things have in common if not ignorance of the law of cause and effect, in our blind, greedy pursuit of power, control over others and energy for an irresponsibly overpopulated world?

The Henoch Prophecies

There are journalists who now see the unpleasant reality of how US policies are further driving the world to war and how these policies have helped to bring the IS into existence. Of course in 1987 Billy Meier foretold what bitter fruit the US would also reap from this institutionalized insanity in the Henoch Prophecies (221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.). And Meier specifically pointed out, last November, how our invasion of Iraq produced the destabilization that led to all this.

A few years ago I also pointed out how trying to outsmart the prophecies, instead of grasping that self-responsibility and an understanding of, and respect for, the law of causality were essential for our survival. Mention was made of the two civil wars coming to the US. And in the 544th Contact we are even specifically warned that our country will be in anarchy around 2020 – only a few years from now – if this sleepy, trendy, overly entertained, distracted and disinformed populace doesn’t awaken and change this dead-end course.

For those still capable of and interested in thinking, we see in Meier’s vast and varied specific examples of prophetic accuracy a foundation of unparalleled credibility that assures us of the high knowledge and broad expertise of the source, sufficient to warrant our consideration of the advice and recommendations contained and offered within the spiritual teaching and the unprecedented call to arms for the people of Earth to save our world from being thrown back into the Dark Ages.

So if you still just can’t help texting and tweeting your life away, at least make this information the subject of it…for the sake of your own life.

P.S. If you want a real good joke, read pseudo-scientist Stuart Robbins’ post about the water on Mars discovery. And hey, don’t try to comment there because he makes sure that no information about Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific information sees the light of day on his blog…which apparently doesn’t get much exposure to daylight anyway.

Thanks to Chris Lock, Dubhaltagh O’ hEarcaín, Blake Parnell.








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  1. The fundamental fabric that my position comes from is one of Philosophy . I study the past the present and physics and astronomy is my future . I study human relations and why people do what they do .
    I have to try to get some format in these words here . In doing so I read those that have a position . I listen , I wait and when it comes to pass their is a long standing history of conspiracy to cooroboration . Its the same with BEAM , I read him and put him through the ringers and time and time again its factual . And its life changing . I still do it because my deep rooted sources talk of things very secretively and I resist and say no way . Yet I pay attention and after a while when things continuously come to pass you know who you are dealing with . Now my network is vast , and rarely misses the mark when on a limb . Its here . Its the time you have to pay attention . Or just as an analogy , be way drunk at a hurricane party . When the water comes up and you have to swim , be cognisent of all the wind born dangers and your not able to handle yourself . Your just not going to make it . X box is not going to help you . Your cell phone will be down . No wifi , internet or electricity . So we already know it took six hours in todays age in Phoenix Arizona before civil unrest set in . Fighting , no operating grocery stores , gas , banks , pharmacies . Toast . Six hours . That was all . And then darkness . Talk about zombies . You think that was all a joke now ? Its a thumb in your eye , a luciferian joke . Yes we need the contact of the spiritual teaching , however , we need to be aware of the state of now . Unless you just want to curl up in a ball .

  2. Jo_jo

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    I appreciate the effort you went through getting Dyson’s view on scalar. Since he claims to know that scalar is used to modify the weather and start fires, this means he has direct, personal experience with scalar. Would he wish to elaborate?

    The OM quote about comprehending the truth with understanding, not belief, is quite appropriate. Where is the objective evidence of scalar? Where is the peer-reviewed scientific literature corroborating it, especially since so many nations allegedly posses this technology? I’m asking for facts – all I see is this circular logic using Bearden as a reference to the expertise of Bearden. That’s like using Billy Meier as an expert on the Billy Meier case.

    At least with the Meier case there is tangible, objective evidence that has been thoroughly tested that speaks to the validity of his contacts. There are also witnesses corroborating certain aspects of them. The case doesn’t just exist as a delusion in his head. He and the Plejaran also have a well-documented track record of accurately predicting future events and discoveries. Based on that I thoughtfully analyze what they have to say. Why not use the same standards of evidence before accepting the validity of scalar?

    1. WHAT! John Krieger you are from Shakopee Minnesota USA?
      FINALLY! My home town! Please tell me this is for real at least and that you are really interested in all of this and from there?

  3. Scientists Have Created ‘DNA Scissors’ That Can Alter Your Genes, but Should They Use Them?
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    by Eric Roston
    7:59 PM SAST
    March 19, 2015

    The Cas9 complex depicts the Cas9 protein (in light blue), along with its guide RNA (yellow), and target DNA (red).
    Source: Bang Wong, from source material provided by Feng Zhang

    Who Owns the Biggest Biotech Discovery of the Century?
    There’s a bitter fight over the patents for CRISPR, a breakthrough new form of DNA editing.

  4. Meaning that Billy Meier and Plajerens are right by genetic manipulation in their contacts reports about alien visitors in the ancient times manipulated their genes and ours, that means we too can manipulate our genes to live longer than 100 years.

    Thanks a lot Billy for your contact notes.

  5. Billy was right about what will happen by 2020, well at least on the time-line he was shown.
    Our time-line was in fact changed, hence this is why we are still here. We are heading for the Great Divide (Ascension) where we will go from 2DNA back to 12DNA then to 36DNA which is our Original Human Blue Print. At the time Billy was shown the truth and those who showed him the future, they themselves were not aware of the Time-Line Intervention. This other Time-Line which Billy was shown,did in fact run on and the nightmares which came out of that time line, were allowed to evolve, as they themselves were part of creation, creation of pure evil, but non the less, they were still creation. Earth on that time-line was known to be heading for total destruction, until it was stopped. It maybe a bumpy road ahead, but we will each have a choice to make. Stay in 3D or move upwards to 4D and then finally 5D as Earth Ascends and us along with her. Or you move onto another pristine planet to evolve slowly in 3D, we each have this choice of Free Will.

    1. Brian,

      I see this is your first post so I’m allowing it and will also comment.

      “Ascension” is an utterly delusional, daffy, New Age concept with warmed over Christianity thrown in for bad measure. It’s the kind of escapist nonsense that keeps people in cold denial of reality, as well as the laws of physics and of course evolution.

      My guess is that you’ve gotten yourself hooked into channeled psycho-babble that is completely without credibility, evidence, substantiation, etc.

      Of course you’re welcome to post here and contribute but I think you can tell from my warm welcome that you won’t get far with all that nonsense simply because it’s just that. Do feel free to respond, etc., if you like.

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