Canada, Conspiracies and “Disclosure”

I’m posting a couple of links to online videos for this blog for you to review. I’ve never been a big proponent of conspiracy theories per se. People could of course say that one of the biggest actual conspiracies is the concerted, coordinated effort to keep the Billy Meier UFO case suppressed, attacked, ignored and discredited.

In this case what the two videos have in common is their Canadian connection…as well as some information in the Meier case.

This lengthy and very disturbing video reminded me also of what Meier was told in Contact 563, as well as in his 1958 letter regarding bio-chipping (and people succumbing to phantasmagoria), and what’s warned about in the Henoch Prophecies.

This video purports to show a crashed UFO in Manitoba, Canada. I have no idea if it’s accurate and authentic, however Meier and the Plejaren have already stated that Canada is one of the countries whose secret military program includes what we would call UFOs, as do a number of other countries, subsequent to technologies captured from the Nazis after the Second World War. Does the plot thicken or do we still need cornstarch?

Enter the Truth Seekers…

So in light of at least some of this, why are a couple of nice guys who are “truth seekers” promoting a so-called “Disclosure Canada” tour that features Stephen Bassett, of the well known disinformation group Exopolitics, who is also supported by wealthy Canadian lawyer Tom Clearwater? Clearwater apparently funded the last dog-and-pony show where US congressmen were paid $20,000 each to attend the so-called “disclosure” hearings”. Just why is a wealthy Canadian attorney so interested in trying to control the outflow of information about UFOS and all the imaginary “aliens” for which Stephen Bassett cannot produce even one single piece of credible, substantiated evidence?

…Exit the Truth Seekers

I approached the promoters to present the Meier material but they had already booked their programs. I then freely offered any and all information and evidence in the Meier case to them so that their presenters could openly…disclose the real truth to Canadian audiences for the first time. Despite trying several times our friendly truth seekers have thoroughly declined the offer.

So now, in addition to the outright lies and unsubstantiated utter nonsense cynically promoted by Bassett (who actually knows the Meier case is singularly authentic), “disclosure” in Canada will really only be the rehashed, no-longer-news, UFOCI standard fare, the dead-end “Roswell” yawn, and the brilliantly myopic Richard Dolan.

Interestingly, former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer will also be presenting. I’ve corresponded with Paul over several years and recently sent him some of my films on the Meier case. I don’t know if he’s yet seen the Meier material but he did recently recommend me to several radio shows, all of whom booked me (see below).

Considering the now almost certain, coming Russian attacks on Canada, isn’t time that our neighbors to the north showed that at least they weren’t going to be led around like a donkey with a ring in its nose?

A final note about the information in the mind control video, please note that Billy Meier has mentioned the resurgence of Nazism, most recently in our new film, The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life.

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Thanks to Greg O’Brien for the link to the conspiracy video and thanks to Robert Morningstar for the Manitoba UFO link. Oh yeah, Greg, Robert and I are all in very good health and not expecting any sudden illnesses, psychotic episodes, traffic accidents, etc.

We just had our first visitor on this blog from Bangladesh, the 122nd country and on the site from the 145th country…Libya.

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  1. Now that Terry brought up the subject, I remember something that happened about a year and a half ago, when my daughter Nicole came to tell me that her computer was talking by it self, at that time I couldn’t understand the issue, I told her that she may have something turned on, to check out for some video or something, she said definitely nothing was open, she logged out, later on time she complained for the same issue in several occasions, she kept the computer logged out but it kept on happening every so often till one day I was in home by myself, I remember I was napping on my strange hours, since my working schedule is out of the normal hours, it was about 7 pm, when in my sleep I remember hearing voices, I tough that she forgot to turn off her tv, so I went to her room, her tv was off, computer off, nothing around that could be talking, in the mean time i hear voices with a Midwestern accent holding up a mass, praying hail Mary and stuff, it was kind of creepy and made me very upset, so unplugged the computer and that was it, end of problem, so now the computer is always unplugged wich make it very complicated to use each time that is needed. I could finally understand what was all about when I read Billy’s report that Michael posted a couple of months back.

    1. Not to debunk you Silvana but I heard voices coming through my pc as well, even while it was off. In my case it was because I lived about 1.5 miles away from our local radio station antenna array which was itself about a mile long set up of several towers in an array. I fixed the problem by shielding the speaker wires with shielding tape.

      David AKA Watchdog. USA

    2. I would have to disagree with David’s analysis on this. Scientifically speaking, your speaker wires are grossly insufficient to absorb normal radio waves in the manner in which he stated unless of course the transmission was VERY close. The only other alternative could be due to an installed wireless adapter within the computer, then you may find an explanation. Being a student of logic and rational thinking I would suggest, we must be careful to not rule out other possibilities. My studies are far from over, but what I’ve come to realize now is that with the ever growing population and the resurgence of increasingly barbaric religious ideology, we Humans have a rare yet undiscovered ability at times. When these energies are focused towards belief, they can manifest things, unpleasant things. We are electrical in nature. Sodium and potassium, ionic bonds, electromagnetic interferences, etc. Most of these rare phenomena are easily controllable. Sometimes they stem from us entirely. I would not worry so much, many strange things happen, that is for certain. Humans push a lot of DANGEROUS energy around this rock that they themselves are not even cognizant of, hence our present conditions. I finally realized why over population is so dangerous for Human or Humanoid species. It’s not just about consumption of natural resources either. Once the pure, materialistic energy exists in excess, it is almost impossible to remove without forceful correction.

      1. The speakers are poorly made Silvana by incompetent technicians. Some of the wiring inside the speaker acts as an antenna, and some part of the circuit provides the diode behaviour necessary for demodulation. The resulting audio frequency energy is amplified by the power amplifier essentially creating a radio.

        As you evidently live next to a radio transmitter Silvana, you have 4 options:
        1: Take the speaker out of the laptop, take the screws out and just pull it out put the screws back in.
        2: in combination with 1 buy some external speakers from a reputable retailer get a receipt and keep that receipt if it continues exchange them again and again.
        3: Contact your local authority, there should be some legislation in your respective nation that prevents broadcast on certain frequencies for that very reason, if its a pirate radio station, they should theoretically depending on your national legislation have the power to find the broadcaster and shut it down, as it can interfere with ambulance, police radios, aircraft radios etc, potentially dangerous, and probably against the law.
        4: build something that amounts to a faraday cage around your computer, haha, quite a funny thing. To block those signals essentially.

        1. Oh haha, you know that being plugged into the wall thing Silvana, haha, its basically using your entire house as an antenna booster, haha.

  2. forto, I just finished meditating to very low music on You Tube that has a dark photo of a barred spiral galaxy that drones very low. I turned the sound offf and wouldn`t you a similer sound is NOW vibrating right under my feet. I just heard the other day that this rumbling vibration and tremers has something to do with the foundation in my area. I live close to a fault line not on it though but the Indi8an Power Nuclear plant is not far from me. I can barely sleep at night due to theses rumblings.This start back in September 2012 just before Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast of New York. I haven`t slept well since then.

    1. Many people will not understand what you feel. This point in time is so critical that we must spend literally endless hours checking our sanity and mental well being. There is so much going on here that often we loose track. There is an internal group right now doing important work, but there is also an external group, loosely fitted I would say, that also contributes to these efforts. The goal of the entirety is still slightly unknown to me, but there is a feeling, just a feeling that we here must try to change this place in some way, although it eludes me in the literal sense, it’s just a feeling really. I will probably purchase the Spirit teachings cd because I am very worried that logic and rational deduction is failing us in some way, I simply do not yet know why though. How can one achieve logical understanding without knowledge of what one is searching for? I know what you speak of T regarding the sleep patterns. I send you my positive thoughts now as much as I know how. I have been waking up at 5:30 AM since the summer of 2013, it simply does not cease, I even wake in the night. I must alter my life around it now, it simply is what it is. We will find our way some how and it will be ok.

      1. I too have noticed some changes in my sleep patterns since about 2008, I have been waking up early (I who loved to sleep in later when I could) and feeling a great anxiety about the coming day. Evenings I am relatively free of anxiety, and seem to welcome the soothing darkness of the night. However with the rising of the sun, especially on sunny days, I often feel very anxious and even “frightened” though in my relatively simple life, there’s little to be actually frightened about. . . . at least seen from a rational perspective! I wonder if there’s something the matter with the sun and my emotions are warning me to stay inside when the sun is very bright. . . .

  3. Wow , I posted a while back , Amerika is no more . And the fact is its USA INC . We are also know as north America . I use the small caps because I do not acknowledge their game and the k in the first shot is from a series in the 1980’s where the outcome was a prophecy that Linsay Grahm is now fulfilling . So to the point of the alien issue . Remember the commentary of never letting a good crisis go to waste from Rahm Emmanuel ? Well the alien issue is the grand poo bah . We can tweak mankind like no other scenario with this one gang . So better keep it in check or a static state . UNTIL we are ready to use it . Project blue beam . Its a real plan to use existing sattelites to project a false holographic situation . You write the rest . Its just to manipulate people . No Joke ! Plus the Arctic is housing the operation paperclip scientists who designed flying saucers during wwII . In fact Nikola Tesla and his plans built by his successor built flying saucers and were shut down by the government . Cease and decist orders . Never to see each other again . Heck of a way to depart friends , but true . So yeah here we are . Inflation through the roof and the stock market booms . Drugs , illegal , the USA.INC. , Booming business . My favorite t shirt .. Busch & Sons destroying Amerika since 1974 . No joke here , its life ruining truth . Stinks to find out your country is a farse and the lies are so deep it throws away all of your schooling and that time you do not get back . Rockefeller , Rothchild , Carnagie , Morgan . Big goonies did it to us because we did not stand up .

    1. David, Yesterday March 16th I read on the Intercept website by Glen Greenwald that the FBI CREATED the ISIS militants using an American double againt,after all guess who created the Syrian rebels fighting the Asad regieme and guess what else is now happening,now Obama wants this Asad regieme to fighjt ISIS! Yup it`s Amerika alright and “Bloin I n The Wind Going Going GONE”!:(( Yikes what next? WW3? Come On I And Light MY Fire,:((

    1. Thanks for the link Darcy and I did see the bio.
      Excellent interview Michael, always telling it like it is. I appreciate that.

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