I’m posting a couple of links to online videos for this blog for you to review. I’ve never been a big proponent of conspiracy theories per se. People could of course say that one of the biggest actual conspiracies is the concerted, coordinated effort to keep the Billy Meier UFO case suppressed, attacked, ignored and discredited.

In this case what the two videos have in common is their Canadian connection…as well as some information in the Meier case.

This lengthy and very disturbing video reminded me also of what Meier was told in Contact 563, as well as in his 1958 letter regarding bio-chipping (and people succumbing to phantasmagoria), and what’s warned about in the Henoch Prophecies.

This video purports to show a crashed UFO in Manitoba, Canada. I have no idea if it’s accurate and authentic, however Meier and the Plejaren have already stated that Canada is one of the countries whose secret military program includes what we would call UFOs, as do a number of other countries, subsequent to technologies captured from the Nazis after the Second World War. Does the plot thicken or do we still need cornstarch?

Enter the Truth Seekers…

So in light of at least some of this, why are a couple of nice guys who are “truth seekers” promoting a so-called “Disclosure Canada” tour that features Stephen Bassett, of the well known disinformation group Exopolitics, who is also supported by wealthy Canadian lawyer Tom Clearwater? Clearwater apparently funded the last dog-and-pony show where US congressmen were paid $20,000 each to attend the so-called “disclosure” hearings”. Just why is a wealthy Canadian attorney so interested in trying to control the outflow of information about UFOS and all the imaginary “aliens” for which Stephen Bassett cannot produce even one single piece of credible, substantiated evidence?

…Exit the Truth Seekers

I approached the promoters to present the Meier material but they had already booked their programs. I then freely offered any and all information and evidence in the Meier case to them so that their presenters could openly…disclose the real truth to Canadian audiences for the first time. Despite trying several times our friendly truth seekers have thoroughly declined the offer.

So now, in addition to the outright lies and unsubstantiated utter nonsense cynically promoted by Bassett (who actually knows the Meier case is singularly authentic), “disclosure” in Canada will really only be the rehashed, no-longer-news, UFOCI standard fare, the dead-end “Roswell” yawn, and the brilliantly myopic Richard Dolan.

Interestingly, former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer will also be presenting. I’ve corresponded with Paul over several years and recently sent him some of my films on the Meier case. I don’t know if he’s yet seen the Meier material but he did recently recommend me to several radio shows, all of whom booked me (see below).

Considering the now almost certain, coming Russian attacks on Canada, isn’t time that our neighbors to the north showed that at least they weren’t going to be led around like a donkey with a ring in its nose?

A final note about the information in the mind control video, please note that Billy Meier has mentioned the resurgence of Nazism, most recently in our new film, The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life.

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Un-X Tour 2015 – August 14, 2015

Thanks to Greg O’Brien for the link to the conspiracy video and thanks to Robert Morningstar for the Manitoba UFO link. Oh yeah, Greg, Robert and I are all in very good health and not expecting any sudden illnesses, psychotic episodes, traffic accidents, etc.

We just had our first visitor on this blog from Bangladesh, the 122nd country and on the site from the 145th country…Libya.

124 comments on “Canada, Conspiracies and “Disclosure”

  • SO, hopefully you’ve given up on getting the latest watch or cellphone
    And started to wonder if we are alone
    From our little blue planet to the star Alycone.
    And after this marvelous coming attraction,
    You’ll understand why everything else is a distraction.

    Did you ever ask your friend as a kid if we would find out where the aliens hid?
    Did you ever wonder in the vastness of space if we are the only intelligent race?
    After a few years of research and reading every day I found that we are alone in no way.
    If life on our planet hasn’t got you depressed, wait till you see how much evidence is suppressed.
    We have had visitors for millions of years who came and went with the same hopes and fears.
    The reasons were love, the reasons were war, the reasons- to search, discover, explore….

    First there is Ptaah, please give him praise,
    Let’s hope Errans keep visiting for many years and days.
    Some of his friends are Semjase and Quetzel, who frequently visit the land of beer and pretzel.
    But seriously, with over 700 visits, the Errans left 600 contact reports as exhibits.
    They also let one man photograph, film, and record them,
    And that is why religions and governments abhor them.

    We wave our flags and salute Uncle Sam, not knowing the whole time it’s all a big scam.
    And trillions of dollars are wasted on weapons and the so called secret space program.
    But before you try to come up with a rebuttal, why do you think they discontinued the shuttle?
    The reason is simple, as Dr. Greer says, it’s the biggest leak since the Exxon Valdez.
    They don’t fuel their ships with gasoline. They have fuel and propulsion that’s entirely clean.
    So every time you pay your bill, just know that the oil industry’s getting its fill.
    The blood of the Earth is being sucked dry, and we are the suckers, and that is no lie.
    We don’t have to have cancer, we don’t have to have AIDS. We don’t have to fight wars, or battles or crusades.
    These humans have messages to perk up our ears. And we should listen to people who live 1000 years!
    We can no longer believe the media or news, or churches or armies or any of that ruse. They have taken the truth and technology and clues, and used it to kill and control and abuse.
    I don’t care if you’re pissed and I hope you get mad, because the worst of the offenders is much worse than bad. It’s the Catholic church, the Vatican in Rome, who knew all along the truth of our home.
    The biggest, most slanderous, historical libel is none other than your so called “quote” holy bible.
    It’s not my fault they changed the phrasing. And If a being came out of the sky, I’d think it was amazing.
    Here is the quote “gods” to honest truth- those angels were extraterrestrials, and this is the proof:
    It’s written down and explained to the finest granule, and the document’s called the Talmud of Jmmanuel.

    They could not pit people to fight nation against nation, if everyone knew the true Laws of Creation.
    And almost everyone out there would call me a liar, except for the one-armed farmer, Billy Meier.
    There are artifacts and tools and pieces of the past, but everything is scooped up and hidden real fast.
    Roswell was real, it really did crash. And they want you to believe in that swamp gas trash, or a weather balloon, or a flock of birds. And one thousand other kinds of phrases or words.
    If you think my stories come out of thin air, just watch the interviews of David Adair.

    Isn’t it all clicking? Doesn’t it make sense? They only real enemy is the Department of Defense.
    The NSA, the alphabet soup, there is no low to which they won’t stoop.
    They know the gigs up and the truth is Verboten.
    And I can’t wait to see the real secrets of Snowden.

    There’s only so much I can say in just a few minutes,
    But when it comes to E.T. life, there’s hardly any limits.
    Our galaxy has 587 billion suns, so how many systems have life? There are tons!
    7 million planets have life of some kind
    And half of these have human life to find!
    There are 3.67 million human civilizations, and we think we’re hot stuff with 195 nations.

    You do have to wake up and turn off your phone. There’s so much to learn about what is unknown.
    We need to get out and spend time outside. And appreciate the planet on which we reside.
    We need to look higher- look up at the stars, and ponder the pyramids and bases on Mars.
    We need to ask questions and get to the truth. You can be a detective, reporter, or sleuth.
    We must understand our galactic history, and everything else will cease being a mystery.
    I’m giving you tools, I’m giving you hope. I’m giving our government a noose made of rope.
    Declare your freedom. Declare your independence. Study the ways of love and transcendence.

    So will you take action? Do we take to the streets?
    Do we demand justice and remove the elites?
    They are responsible for holding us down. For trying to hold us underwater til we drown.

    Reclaim your consciousness. Take back your rights.
    I want you to shine brighter than UFO lights.
    For everyone wondering when they’ll get closure,
    I hate to admit it, but we are disclosure.


    copy, paste, share if you care

  • Michael,
    Saw a Paul Hellyer interview on YouTube yesterday in which he says that there are at least four races visiting us. He might be interested to know that Meier and the Plejaren also say that there are four races visiting us. Might get him interested
    Regarding Hollow Earth: I think it is one of the early CRs that Meier poo poohs the idea of a Hollow Earth (with continents and its own inner sun etc). Meier was asking questions of, I guess it was Semjase or Asket back then, and he said something like, ” I have some questions here on nonsense subjects like… and the Hollow Earth, but I would like to ask you about them.” That is a heavy paraphrase from memory, but I never forgot that Billy gave the idea of a Hollow Earth no credit. It goes against all our scientific knowledge of the planet, its mass etc, which Billy knows well. This doesn’t mean the Earth is not necessarily somewhat honeycombed at its more surface levels, Billy did predict the massive inner ocean recently discovered, but the idea of a massive hollow center is untenable and not true. Sorry I don’t recall the actual CR #.

    • To me the hollow earth, may just be another dimension, since there are 3 that we know of from the contact reports. The dinosaur world, our world and the world that is 500 years ahead of us.

      • I think the Hollow Earth exists, as an enormous cavern somewhere under Antarctica with a ceiling maybe a few miles high and an artificial sun which gives light to the place, though it doesn’t move. There is enough evidence freely available on the internet to suggest that the Germans found their way into this place before the end of WW II and in fact had built a secret base in Antarctica (or under Antarctica) from which they were able to carry on activities after the war ended. When Admiral Byrd went to the South Pole on a mission called “Operation Highjump” his forces were repelled by flying saucers which shot at them, also some high tech kind of fighter jets (you can find all of this on You Tube with some original footage. . . . ). In any event, one destroyer was sunk and they lost many planes as well. Whether Billy admits it or not, only fools would refuse to acknowledge the verity of what has now been revealed to be true through the free exchange of information on the internet. Have a look on You Tube. All you need to type into the search engine is “Agartha” or the “Vril Society” or “Thule Society” or “Hollow Earth” or “Hitler and Antarctica”. . . . .

  • I’m a little perplexed. What is phantasmagoria?

    I also think and feel that governments don’t want us to know about visitors or anything beyond this planet becuase then it would make us want to leave. Our space program is a joke.

    • Here are some of the definitions (use online dictionaries if you don’t have a printed version handy):

      1: an exhibition of optical effects and illusions
      2 a : a constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imagined
      b : a scene that constantly changes
      3: a bizarre or fantastic combination, collection, or assemblage

      I don’t think that governments are exactly worried that we’ll…leave.

  • MH A few years ago on c2c George Noory interview this guy who said in the event of a nuclear war we better move to the central US underground a three years ahead not three months ahead. For the past few years after I listened to that scary interview on c2c I came up with the idea of moving to another world within the Plejaren allied federation world that is peaceful,spiritual,etc,etc,etc. I guessthis world earth is STILL a barbsaric,savage primitive world with wars,crime,diseas, etc,etc,etc. “The military,corporations,politicians, relious know- it-alls etc just DON`T care and would rather we were ALL DEAD”! There is an old saying that goes “Better Safe Than Sorry” I decided to plan a few years ahead instead of a few months ahead in order to move to Erra my fist choice,Timmers my second choice,etc,etc,etc. At least I`ll have a Safe Haven/Safe Harbor afew years ahead of a nuclear war(WW3).

      • I had to lol, sorry. That was good and true, at least for the time being anyway. But I’d bet by the time we realize true power, we will not need samsung. Logically, we are evidently a conglomeration of many different spirit forms here, each carrying their own wisdom and knowledge. Many of us may be indiginous and in all probability many of us are not. This is most assuredly what holds the interest of outside ‘groups.’ The mixing of so many for so long. It appears though that for now, there is only a very few directly involved in this mission they speak of and even then, they do not yet know the details of their own involvement, although this is only an assumption on my part but it is probably fairly accurate. Stragglers are everywhere, searching, confused, harboring unknown feelings of times foreign to them, yearning for clarity.

  • Very funny Matt. Just don`t buy one of those Samsung Smart TVs with the mike or else the neo-cons will spy on you,if you do remember to turn the mike off in the back of the Samsung TV. There is a little switch or button in the back of those Tvs with the mike. That way youcan regain your privacy. I don`t recommend ANY smart and or I phones due to privacy concerns. I live in an apartment complex that uses smart meters and snartcards for washing machines and driers for duing laundry. The idea of smart ANYTHING is just too damn Orwellon-think1984,Oceana,etc, etc, to say nothing of the horrible NSA,etc,etc,etc!

  • P.S. Is the US turning into another Soviet Union? Florida just past a really stupid law that is telling the people who live there not to even bring up mention or even talk about global warming and or climate change.I have a brother who live in Florida who thinks that governor is a ninny and so do I. I was thinking of moving to Florida but now I`m have second thoughts that maby it`s just not a good idea with these cabals trying to reck the state of Florida including the Everglades.:((

    • Hi Terry, it’s crazy isn’t it? It been a well known fact around here that our judicial system feels they are too overwhelmed/overworked and are recruiting the police to make their bid to get municipalities to circumnavigate current laws by making by-laws. So they can give out fines to the marginally guilty. For example two days ago Taber passed their no swearing bylaw. This way the people won’t have their day in court and can just pay their fine at the town/city office. Sounds like the govnuh is part of the program.

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