Fortifying and nourishing our consciousness and  body for our entire well-being,

The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life

In case you didn’t know, because of a new arrangement with FIGU, I was recently able to reduce the price on The Might of the Thoughts by $10 and The Psyche by $14. So I just put together a special package where you can get both books and the Spiritual Teaching DVD at an additional $15 savings.

This special offer gives you both of the newest English language books by Billy Meier on the spiritual teaching and the nearly hour-long DVD with him addressing applications in everyday life. Click here for this special offer!

Nutrition and Protection for the Body

You probably already know that the only health related products I sell are Modifilan, because of the current radiation dangers from the damaged nuclear plant in Japan, and the highly rated Multi-Pure water filtration system, because of the ever-mounting contamination of our water.

There’s another product that I personally use, Natural Vitality Plant Sourced Minerals, and that I want to recommend. Right now there’s a huge discount (39%!) on the liquid and capsule versions of the product and with a special coupon code* you can get an extra $10 off.

Based on the current price – with the coupon* – you’d get two bottles for less than the price of one. I’m letting you know about this product because our foods no longer contain optimum levels of nutrients, especially the various minerals and trace minerals.

I had been using a liquid sea mineral supplement but apparently the plant based ones are many, many times more assimilable. I noticed improvement in my skin and digestion within the first week but of course results may vary.

So you can get the minerals (or any other products from this company) – and save $10 on your first purchase of $30 or more – just click on this link to begin:



NOTE: I can still only sell the two books to US residents but the DVD is available internationally.





34 comments on “Nourish Your Mind and Body Special Offers

  • Hi Tyler,

    I once bought/tried Moringa powder because the Plejaren mentioned it was the most nutrient plant/food. It tasted terrible, like lawn grass. I mixed it in with orange juice but still too strong bad taste. So I threw it away. 🙁

  • I’m wondering just now why are we so terribly concerned about all this? Even if the world came to an end and all Humans here ceased to exist, do you really think that it would all end there? Why are we so worried? We really are not that important as Humans here. We are simply many among other planets with Human life. It’s just an experience, that is all. If it all burns tomorrow, do you honestly think it ends there? It’s just a journey of physical, nothing more and nothing less. I would agree, take care of yourselves, but in the end you are given such a pitfully small amount of time here, it may be wise not to take it all too serious. Afterall, in the end you will live through it. Fear is your primary enemy and always will be. YOU must decide what is best for YOU in the end. No one, the Plejeran, santa, or “jesus” can make those choices for you. We have very little time here, so you might as well try to enjoy it as much as possible. There’s no crime in that.

  • We need healthiness to live. Not just to “live” meaning to survive, but to LIVE – in the creational sense. That’s just part of life.

  • Hi,
    To tell the moringa, it is good for anyone especially weak body.
    I have eaten moringa powder over 1 year because it affected my hair, cold hands, nose and the strength of my body.
    So I strongly suggest to take Moringa to keep a healthy body.

    • Dale did you purchase the Moringa from your native country of Korea or in the US?
      Billy mentioned something about the health benefits of Moringa.
      What brand was it from if you don’t mind me asking.

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