The Spiritual Teaching: The Reason for the Billy Meier UFO Contacts

We’ve been given the key to our future survival; now it’s up to us to use it.

I’m taking this opportunity to not only invite you to my presentation, The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: The REAL Reason for the UFO Cover-Up, this weekend at UFOCon2015, in Santa Clara, California, but also to announce that I will be presenting The Spiritual Teaching: The Reason for the Billy Meier UFO Contacts, on June 26 at the Alien Cosmic Expo 2015, in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

You may see some continuity in the two presentations. In fact, my last presentation to MUFON represented a small landmark in terms of putting the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts in front of that organization. My presentation in Santa Clara will bring that information to a wider audience of people interested in UFOs.

The presentation in Canada will focus more on the essence, the core of the case, which is the spiritual teaching. In addition to the foretold environmental destruction, such as the ever-rising sea levels, we continue to see more evidence of the coming Russian attacks on Scandinavia (and ultimately the US and Canada) as foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, such as this recent event. The funding of the IS by Qatar, which was also mentioned by Meier, is a shameless reality and one of the inevitable effects of the ill thought out actions of the US. While the trademarked interference in the affairs of other countries under false pretenses may have well been thought out, the ignorant disregard for the Law of Causality guarantees only more chaos and destruction. Politics and religion – with their implicit, suicidal surrender of self-responsibility to false leaders, imaginary gods, saviors, etc. – have completely polluted our thinking and our world.

While these are now inescapable facts to any conscious human being, what we do about it, how we choose to create positive change is solely up to us. The non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching is the means, the path and destination all in one. We were first given the “eye candy”, Meier’s stunningly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos, films, etc., to provoke the worldwide UFO controversy. Then the “higher standard of proof”, the prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information, which continues to be corroborated all the time. All of that evidence established a foundation of credibility sufficient to warrant our consideration of the spiritual teaching.

While it’s inevitable that more and more of the prophecies and predictions will ceaselessly fulfill, we now must give the majority of our attention and intention to the study and application of the spiritual teaching in our daily lives. Doing so will also eventually bring positive changes to our world.

We didn’t get into these deep waters overnight and it will take much time before we’ve reached a safe shore. But that’s solely up to us. True leadership will, from here on, only come from the ground up beginning with each one of us.

The time to start is now and I will continue to bring this information to interested parties and encourage its study. We’ve been given the key to our future survival; now it’s up to us to use it.


The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life


Thanks to Julia McKenzie and Smukhuti







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  1. NOTE: I am putting Andrew’s comment here in a more appropriate blog than the one it was submitted to.


    A Topic I wish to stay on…….

    imagination, noun. 1. the faculty of imagining, or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.

    imagining, verb. 1. to form a mental image of (something not actually present to the senses).

    image, noun. 3. a mental representation; idea; conception.

    Goblet of the Truth, Chapter 20:
    27) Truly, you shall not effectuate (create) the untruthful (false/negative) in any wise in yourselves and you shall not bring it into life (not live it out), rather you shall only make it imaginable (conceivable) through your insight (rationality) and true discernment (intellect), thoughts and feelings so that you may have insight (recognition) of all terrible things at their root, so that you may knowingly (consciously) turn yourselves away from them before they can become effective (active).
    28) Therefore it is not given through the life-giving (creational) laws and recommendations that the untruthful (false/negative) shall be effectuated (created) in yourselves and serve as a cause for a decision (effect), because truthly it shall only serve as a source (means) of observation (imagination) for cognition and understanding (comprehension). (= The untruthfulnesses [the false/negative in any form] shall not be active and not become acute and therefore not break out, but be solely and exclusively created and become conscious in the imagination for the purpose of recognising (seeing) the false and the negative in it in order to take measures against it so that it cannot gain might over human beings and therefore cannot become active inwardly or outwards, and cannot come to an upsurge.)
    29) If you are undisguised (truly open) in your world of thoughts then you would like nothing better than to avoid and remove (eradicate) everything that belongs to the extent (realm) of the untruthful (false/negative), however this may only be done in such a wise that all that is removed (eradicated) is what is really vigorous (active) and ausgeartet in the untruthful (false/negative) and is therefore lived; however the source (means) of viewing (imagining) for reaching the cognition of understanding (comprehending) may not be broken off (switched off), otherwise it will be (it will happen) that the internal whole (unity) of differentness (contrariness) will dissolve, by means of which people of your kind (human beings) will lose equality (identity).
    30) Truly, this misinterpretation (misunderstanding) does produce (result in) very many difficulties in life (life problems) which you as people of your kind (human beings) experience as difficult hours, days and times, but which you can understand (comprehend) and experience quite differently if you make it clear to yourselves that you only then truly have a full life if you direct yourselves according to the life-giving (creational) laws and recommendations and therefore according to the truth and bring about (form) truthly love in yourselves so that you also find your equality (identity) and you form your own character and your all-of-yourself (personality).

    The Three Golden Rules (paraphrased from) The Psyche:
    1. When negative swings your way, go to your wishful dream of your childhood or your newly created one. (Mine was an extension off my bedroom with everything a child could want including underground Dukes of Hazard style car park and a Heliport on top; I have updated it with a very handy, just inside the door, B***s**t detector.)
    2. Smile, thoughtfully, at all times, within reason.
    3. Hold your head high, look them in the eye, the whole of nature and everything are to be very accurately looked at and considered and observed, every detail – positive and negative.

    – For Sheila and Ant-Man! and you too Tyler!
    – The Silent Revolution of Truth –

    Andrew Grimshaw

          1. Darcy, the reason for my comment, was to share the best knowledge I am currently aware of, The Spiritual Teaching.
            This particular knowledge is about not doing untruthful things internally or externally by using ones imagination to equalize oneself internally through thought and feeling which then allows for neutral-positive actions, something we and everything else can do with some more of on this planet, IMHO.
            And ’cause I’m in the sharing mood, here’s a verse from Goblet of the Truth that I try to impart to everyone I come across:
            Chapter 6
            15) Truly, everything that dwells and moves in the night and day belongs to the primal wellspring of all vitalities (Creation), but all is given to you by it so that you may look after it and bring it to blossom.

          2. Andrew that sounds logical, I need to meditate on what you said first to see if it is the truth.

          3. Andrew please stop posting excerpts from the “Goblet of Truth”, you are acting depraved like a bible thumper and you construe the truth by bible thumping and are disseminating falseness and delusional guidance, none of you know the true explanation of the teaching.

          4. I don’t understand your objection, Darcy. It seems that Andrew posted a properly attributed quote from the Goblet. Why are you interpreting it that way?

          5. MH It actually states so in the Goblet of Truth and if Corey and Andrew would read the book rather than chop it up into their own chunks and ruin everything that is not a noble thing to do.

          6. Darcy,
            You say that I am acting in a corrupt, wicked, or perverted way by giving “my” meaning or intention of; explaining; interpreting 3 lines in Goblet of the Truth which you say are false and from the bible, I am offering delusional guidance and that I and everyone else, except you, don’t know the true explanation of the teaching. WOW!!!
            Nowhere did I say that those 3 lines are ALL one needs to know, I actually thought a rational person would go ahead and read Chapter 20 in it’s entirety, considering it is only 35 lines in length. When I read Corey’s posts of extracts from Goblet of the Truth, “I” read several lines before and after them to get more of an idea of what BEAM is “trying” to impart to “you”.
            You had might as well attribute the same chopping up style to BEAM as he has chopped The Spiritual Teaching up into many books, not to mention The Spirit Lessons that are sent out monthly over a span of over 30yrs.
            This is about the time I used to act like an unreasonable angry child and take my little red ball, turn around and walk away. Thank You Anthony. But I will not.
            I look forward to the quote that you will supply from Goblet of the Truth and maybe learning something via you too.
            And while I’m at it, are you saying that all of us who participate in Study Groups are corrupt, wicked or perverted because we didn’t read all of the books and lessons in the hour or so of our first Study Group meeting???

  2. Andrew_Grimshaw,

    I miss your groovy android avatar. 🙂

    Sometimes my study group also goes over specific verses, or themes relative to the spiritual teaching, from a wide assortment of the FIGU books, and other times we are not so formal. We discuss what the people want to discuss, and let it flow naturally. And you (with your group on your side of the planet), is your group similar?

    1. Salome Corey,

      Our study group skypes (we like to involve the alphabet agencies in our group 😉 ) and one of the more learned Passive Members with the ability to read German “chops out” whatever they want to read, usually around 5 pages long as a standard font pdf. Last weekend the time was extended from 1hr to 1.5hrs. I have only taken part in the last 4 meetings and every single one has been just what I needed and about what I had been thinking about mostly for the previous month!
      I change my avatar monthly to reflect the topic of the last study group. My last one of the gold fish jumping from one bowl to the other was after the topic, Free Will! 🙂
      This weekend just gone was:
      Good or evil – what is human nature? (Goblet of the Truth, page XLVII)
      P.S. After an extremely long time for me, I will be employed again as of next month and I will become a Passive Member, ASAP.

  3. I have found the most resonance with the 3 prayers (Gebet) to my consciousness that trace back to the 2nd-to-last Henok, as well as, the last Henok. What I did was, attached 7 prayers to the back few pages of GOT, I had to reduce the size, but what I came up with is an assortment of prayers from “Einfürhung” (introduction to meditation), the 12 affirmations from the 2nd med book, some old-time Nokodemion prayers, and the 3 new-time Henok prayers. Now I have a variety to choose from that I am very fond of, I can spice it up, limiting myself to 2-4 prayers daily.

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