We’ve been given the key to our future survival; now it’s up to us to use it.

I’m taking this opportunity to not only invite you to my presentation, The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: The REAL Reason for the UFO Cover-Up, this weekend at UFOCon2015, in Santa Clara, California, but also to announce that I will be presenting The Spiritual Teaching: The Reason for the Billy Meier UFO Contacts, on June 26 at the Alien Cosmic Expo 2015, in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

You may see some continuity in the two presentations. In fact, my last presentation to MUFON represented a small landmark in terms of putting the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts in front of that organization. My presentation in Santa Clara will bring that information to a wider audience of people interested in UFOs.

The presentation in Canada will focus more on the essence, the core of the case, which is the spiritual teaching. In addition to the foretold environmental destruction, such as the ever-rising sea levels, we continue to see more evidence of the coming Russian attacks on Scandinavia (and ultimately the US and Canada) as foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, such as this recent event. The funding of the IS by Qatar, which was also mentioned by Meier, is a shameless reality and one of the inevitable effects of the ill thought out actions of the US. While the trademarked interference in the affairs of other countries under false pretenses may have well been thought out, the ignorant disregard for the Law of Causality guarantees only more chaos and destruction. Politics and religion – with their implicit, suicidal surrender of self-responsibility to false leaders, imaginary gods, saviors, etc. – have completely polluted our thinking and our world.

While these are now inescapable facts to any conscious human being, what we do about it, how we choose to create positive change is solely up to us. The non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching is the means, the path and destination all in one. We were first given the “eye candy”, Meier’s stunningly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos, films, etc., to provoke the worldwide UFO controversy. Then the “higher standard of proof”, the prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information, which continues to be corroborated all the time. All of that evidence established a foundation of credibility sufficient to warrant our consideration of the spiritual teaching.

While it’s inevitable that more and more of the prophecies and predictions will ceaselessly fulfill, we now must give the majority of our attention and intention to the study and application of the spiritual teaching in our daily lives. Doing so will also eventually bring positive changes to our world.

We didn’t get into these deep waters overnight and it will take much time before we’ve reached a safe shore. But that’s solely up to us. True leadership will, from here on, only come from the ground up beginning with each one of us.

The time to start is now and I will continue to bring this information to interested parties and encourage its study. We’ve been given the key to our future survival; now it’s up to us to use it.


The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life


Thanks to Julia McKenzie and Smukhuti







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  • 800 years to go , and we will be able to think correctly .. many incarnations to go through to get there , we have our work cut out for us ..

          When the millennium in which the new time prophet dies draws to an end, and when 800 years pass after his death, human beings will have come so far to open their eyes and ears that they will be capable of seeing and hearing. But this will be, because the power of the prophet’s word will begin to take effect over centuries, and will permeate the feelings and thoughts as well as the reason of human beings. It will be a very arduous work that the prophet and his loyal supporters will have to accomplish, however, their dedicated efforts will not fail to be successful. And slowly, the human beings will free themselves from the god cults, and turn toward the truth of the spirit and the Creation. Their heads will no longer be trapped in the delusional teachings of god cults, and they will have their eyes and ears open, thus they will be able to see and hear from one end of the earth to the other, and will be able to understand each other from now on. They will have become cognizant that each blow that strikes the fellow-human being will hurt and injure him. Human beings will form a large community in which each one is a part of the other. True love will create peace and freedom, and will unite humankind. And there will also be one special language beside the many that exist, which will be understood and spoken by all human beings. And this will finally be the start of the birth of the new, the real and true human.

          • I find that premise of an exact 800 years stupid if I may express my opinion. It writes off evolution (stages of progress and development) at a fundemental level, it also asserts that were all doing the exact same thing at the exact same time which then additionally writes off consciousness evolution as a basic premise. So you’ve stated something religious Christian martinez, if I may share my opinion with you. Though I will grant you a rough 800 years give or take maybe 500, but only if some fundamental change occurs in governance, obviously then permitting education and an establishment of various values etc. It rests on a proper establishment of the existance of extraterrestrials, a proper exhaustive natural progression of all the various sciences, a new worldwide language, and something like a filing away of all the various religious ideas, needless to say really, you could work out quite a lot for yourself if you were to examine what happened 200, 500 years ago or whatever from historical records. Even a sudden change requires many many pre-requisites, and also we will have rectified the genetic legacy by then, so people are going to be living all the way through the whole thing too right into the 4th millenium.

          • With the rate we’re going, we may have to change that number to 1000+ years instead of 800 if life is still sustainable here that is.

          • I appreciate sensationalism, its an incredibly useful tool to employ to invoke immediate attention. But unfortunately Duke your talking to something of a brave geeky researcher and a heavy user of information and knowledge with blatant disregard for where it leads, even if that encroaches upon another mans intellectual space.

            In some parts of the world that 800+ years was already reached several hundred years ago (already massively amply over civilized), in other areas it will look more like 200+ years, in other areas there has never been a problem at all, in the entire history of mankind. And yes you are right, some will never make those necessary evolutionary developments in time as you say making it more like 1000+ years. But the information already counteracts that by explaining that a birth cap will be implemented by that time, and this inevitably means that these people will any longer find the opportunity to be born any where on earth to cause the problems in the first instance.

          • If your talking about the strange social system that exists in parts of the US then you’re probably, well I’m not exactly going to dispute it Duke. Money may as well be just handed out in some of those places.

            Thank you for breaking your leg today.
            We really appreciate the cancer you’ve developed.
            Thank you so much for the whole house burning down.
            I only work here.
            Thanks for being a criminal
            Allow us to send you junk mail and receive a free coupon.
            Thank you so much for being incredibly confused, we have exactly what you need, only 9.95 per month.
            Thank you for being fearful of people with a different view.

            Its opened up a whole new vista of problems apparently. As I said, money may as well just be handed out if thats going to be the end result.

          • Apparently the thing that happened 375,000 years ago (or whatever that number is), was a mildly similar social arrangement situation, but it was at a disagreeable level apparently. People were carved and sliced up and slaved, and every possible combination of money generation and wealth generation was implemented unrestricted. So perhaps quite significantly different evolved, but still within the same sort of free-for-all take what you need, get it done regardless of any possible social condition, regardless of any pre-existing understanding.

          • Not sure where you are going Daniel. For what it’s worth, a Jeremiad was coined by the previous prophet’s prophecy there for the way a certain spiritual delivery is presented thereof.

          • Im saying that is how every single possible combination of religion was first born, by taking the text at face value. I suppose it does not matter so much anymore because we have strong atheists running the world now, in a strong meaningful progressive clear way, – so your right, I suppose its valueless, pointless talking about it, yeah, whatever I suppose

  • Michael : Best wishes for you in your presentation this weekend, too bad i can’t attend, but we’re already making plans for Canada in the summer, so hopefully we are not gonna miss that one.
    On another note, I wanted to mention that I’ve found a language course named Duolingo that works like Rose__a S_one but it’s free, it can be downloaded from the Internet, it also comes in aps for Android and IPhone you can pick the language of your choice, this way I’m learning German now, the Adress is Duolingo.com in case anyone cares for it.

  • Use Duolingo on my nexus Silvana and it is better than Rosetta ***ne. And that says it clearly Michael, that is our future survival and (current) depend on how we choose to use the Spirit Teaching from the Meier material. If we apply it daily in all things we do it can be powerful!

  • Michael, I just thought of a brainstorm of an idea. What about looking into and getting Steven Spielberg to look into the Billy Meier case and Billy`s contact case?

    • Terry,

      From what I understand, he was informed about the Meier case years ago.

      P.S. Please email me your address for the DVDs.

    • According to information I’ve seen, from Wendelle Stevens I think, Steven Spielberg phoned Billy at home to discuss a film he planned to make of Billy’s life and in that phone call Spielberg asked Billy, “How did you do it?”, i.e., how did Billy get his UFO photos. In response, Billy explained that he just pointed his camera and took the photos of the ships. Spielberg, not accepting that simple explanation, lost interest and I also think there were some problems with the film rights. The irony that Spielberg’s 1982 “ET” Sci-Fi blockbuster was about an advanced being, lost on the Earth, who learns to “phone home” and understand the response through a ‘Speak and Spell’ so as to get rescued, was not lost on me. Impulse humour anyone?

      • The truth is unsellable, Spielberg was clever to stay well clear of it, he gives plenty of money to charity anyway, so still throws money away either way.

        To make money out of anything [aka to make it economically viable and a valuable use of time and resources] it has to be fantastic, it has to be mildly delusional, the god-delusion [and many other delusions and prejudices] is the foundation for our society, so it has to be an idea that meets people at their intellectual level, the intellectual level that they think that is right and correct [and who is to say they are not right if they are in a big crowd]

        In other words, if the plejaren and BEAM wished to be heard clearly, they should have properly undermined the evolution of earth many thousands of years ago, and not waited until the very end of progress development, foundation of society, to do that.

        • It isn’t either necessary or accurate to believe that. Spielberg is skillful enough to present the truth in an engaging way…if he wants to.

          • Which is why he has produced so many profound science-fiction films in the meantime probably. There is also intellectual property and various other bits and pieces, he may have even concluded that developing his own narratives was probably a better way to do it, and besides the investors the studios, they all have an economic responsibility, a market responsibility etc.

            Steven Spielberg is a great man, it is a shame that he didnt produce a film about the truth of earth and our real history. But he did produce similar things to that to be fair.

          • Only if you dont forget the economic and market factors that facilitate in the first instance this collaborative nature.

            We cant just go around making films about UFOs if no one is interested in exotic aviation technologies. Just as much as you cant sell a film itself if people are happy to get off their ass and walk down to their local library where most of every possible text and answer combination was written already several hundred years ago already (not that anyone remembers apparently)

    • Steven Spielberg is a mason, and from the beginning of the “Billy Meier Case”, all (Free)masons were ordered by the (Vatican and other) zionists to suppress all Billy Meier Information from the public by all means necessary. If Steven would come out with anything about Billy, the “elite” would immediately order his assassination (through CIA or US Gestapo – DHS)!

  • Michael, George Noory just had James Fox on c2c. James mentioned Steven Spielberg and also John Podesta who was a big fan of the X Files years ago. It dawned on me that maby Spielberg might be interested in the Billy Meier Contacts etc. I remember back then that Spielberg said the Close Encounters of the Thiird KInd and ET The Extraterrestrial was created in order to bring hope to humanity. If Spielberg is still interestead in looking into the GOOD POSITIVE ETs, maby Steve might like to bring Billy`s contacts with the Plejarens out into the public domain even the Spiritual Teachings too we might just be able to get the message out into the mass public even more so. This is just an idea that just came out of my mind listening to James Fox on c2c just now. This is just a thought and an idea.

  • P.S. We might get Billy`s and the P`s message out to more people and spread the spiritual teachings and contacts out to more people too. Maby you can talk Spielberg into this topic and hope Steven and the rest of this world will finally listen and get Billy and the P`s message out to more people on Earth. It`s a thought.

  • The spiritual teachings are designed to make us feel better about living on a doomed world. 82% religious, definition of religion is a firm and constant set of values.

      • Im not religious darcy, if anything I am a scientific geek atheist that is not afraid of confronting the facts of any field of knowledge if it is in my way, path to understanding. Perhaps the problem here is you (not in an offensive way), a relaxed way, that your seeking to fully align yourself with me. Well it is never possible for two people to do that, even twins find that difficult.

        It is a legitimate course of investigation what I said darcy – that 82% of the world being religious mean the evolutionary fate of earth is xyz course of investigation, that presenting xyz answers would be best placed in the hands of people on a world with xyz conditions, evolutionary pre-conditions.

        You didnt like the way I summarised it, that is understandable, and I forgive you for that Darcy, you know I respect you.

        • Apologies for throwing you into the deep end: If you poop what I said you poop America itself, as America was originally formed for that very reason, to establish better conditions for life and better conditions for progress and development, better conditions for the growth of knowledge and understanding a fresh break from the traditions of europe etc etc. Your welcome to think about everything if you wish, and I wish peace to you if you do that 🙂

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