Who You Gonna Call When It Breaks?

Conveying the truth about a possible break in the very cycle of life

I’ve met more than a few people who issue essentially the same challenge, “Well, you show me some prediction that Billy Meier already made about what’s going to happen in the future and maybe then I’ll take it seriously.”

While there is no shortage of specific examples of already corroborated, prophetically accurate information, which are also constantly added to on this blog, the challenge is more a reflection on the self-absorbed, self-important, state of mind of people who have allowed themselves to slip into various religious, political and/or trendy delusions and for whom life has essentially become an entertainment seeking exercise.


As Meier already also predicted, in 1958, they are people seduced by phantasmagoria whose “sense of reality disappears and they can no longer distinguish between reality and fiction”. Ironically, many of them actually consider themselves to be hardcore realists, skeptics, etc.

Conveying the Truth

The breakdown of the global conveyor belt is no fiction.

A number of readers sent me this new article pertaining to the “observed slowdown in major Atlantic Ocean currents”, with the subheading, “The slowdown of major Atlantic currents could lead to irreversible effects on Earth”.

They all pointed out that, once again, Billy Meier’s information, this time from Contact 544, is specific and painfully prophetically accurate:

But the over-population causes damage, and indeed increasingly, because it is growing ceaselessly and through that, with all the trappings of terrible things, which are created from it, ever more natural disasters appear. In this regard, you told me privately recently that, by means of the climate change caused by humanity, the world’s oceans heat up quite enormously and thereby the so-called global conveyor belt, which drives the water through all the world’s oceans, could break down.
That is right, because if the global conveyor belt – which, as the enormous current, runs through the oceans and constantly mixes their water – breaks down, then the movement of the oceans will cease, which then means that the majority of all life on Earth will be extinguished. At the present time it is already very bad, because the oceans have warmed to an alarming degree, and indeed in the last 17.9 years, with a thermal energy, which must be computed as the equivalent of two (2) billion Hiroshima atom bombs. Through the fault of the Earth humanity, the Earth is now already in the midst of this destructive process, whereby the oceans, and the global conveyor belt, increasingly heat up increasingly dangerously.


This is also the contact in which Meier discusses the probable breakdown of the US, by 2020, which he was first advised about in 1975. We may wish to also refer to his first warnings, in 1981 and 1987, about the two coming civil wars. While it’s said that hindsight is 20/20 vision, this vision of 2020 should offer foresight sufficient to awaken at least some people out of their stupor.


For those who still don’t know, Billy Meier was also the first person to warn of unnatural, manmade climate and climbing global warming, among many other things, in the 1950s*. For decades his warnings have been available but largely unheeded.

As was recently also pointed out**, the study of the spiritual teaching is the essential remedy to our very threatened future survival. For those who wish to delve even deeper, this is a very good time to acquire The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life, which contains also the ultimate how-to book on thinking, The Might of the Thoughts.

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Thanks to Nick Majchrzak.


246 Replies to “Who You Gonna Call When It Breaks?”

  1. Daniel , did you get it ? because you did not . And how many other billions do not ? Its very simple , its got no agenda .Its a man and his insights into the perils that are infectiously urgent . NOW . is the message . It was 1950’s beginnings here . In fact that was almost fifty years after the plans of the current oversight . It did not happen overnight . So put on your underoos , clean up your place and get a grip . Maybe put some food away and get a grip on how you would get water when the tap is dry . If and I say If you are one to want to make a difference . A difference made stands to reason a fight that is imminent . Be it for your food , your excellent knowledge , your excellent leadership , your ability to devoid the charge . The only charge that should matter is the positive . However , wake up , the negative attack or the negative charge is needing to be on the radar . We want you in the fight . To convey the positive . They do not . Get it yet ? Every post I have made has been about empowering the world to offer the right way or the resistance . Together we are more . Daniel , are you understanding where I am coming from ? You tarnish my intentions and make me angry with you because of that . Yes , you have your own ideas , fine . I am ok with that and have never attacked your intentions . But , I question your mindset when the ultimate end result is on the line and you totally flake out . Question me fine . I can respectfully exchange with you . But your global synopsis is very questionable . Their are a lot of things you are clueless about . I would suggest you could tune in more on these things . Not sure where you get your news , but your a very bright person . I think if you can find the news or the sources of the pulse you could be amazing with your mindset . RIght now I have to ask where you are coming from . What country , news sources , expectations . Respectfully , if I can do so accordingly . No bull rush , just that we are in an urgent time and I think you are a part of the solution and I want to get in tune to understand . Remember together we are more . Thanks , David

    1. I appreciate the mix up, your right I dont know about everything and I maintain my right to be clueless about many subjects because I dont want to know everything, what a real head-f**k that would be. Weighed up what you’ve said against what I have said, appreciate your words. I’m just about weighing things up dispassionately, assessing knowledge. We cant get into peoples faces, especially if its about what they already know, and governments have been doing that for thousands of years -reached the same conclusion. I know very well how the ‘news’ has a necessary bias, it has to fit neatly into the designated economical position. Ideologies religious whatever also have been doing that for many thousands of years -invoking incredibly pleasurable hysterical pleasure positives, they have also concluded the same thing, that we cannot get into peoples essential being (the more organised religions and ideologies atleast). About my ‘synopsis’ on global affairs, I assume your talking about the various perpetual disasters of the middle-east, well I’ve assessed what I could possibly do about any of that, I’m certainly not going to delude myself, governments hundreds of people have also looked over everything and are doing as much as they can in preservation of the peace that we have established. Look, David, I can only open the world up so far, I can only go so far, as far as any before me have gone.

      Its incredibly important apparently that we maintain the peace that has long been established in many of the worlds countries, the various social agreements that have been established have been for an absolutely necessary reason apparently, we can only go so far apparently. I see what your trying to say, that we can establish this wonderful arrangement on the internet, well we have done that now haven’t we, the whole world of regular people united on the internet. But lets not delude ourselves, the real progress would only ever occur in the real world, not in these little text messages would it? The world is all regulated, laws and legislations, blocks, prejudices etc etc.

      I’m quite clearly helping open out the internet atleast arnt I? So its not like I am not doing all I can. I’m a realist David.

      1. If your asking me to ‘ride’ the news, I am not going to do that. I did that many years ago and reached all the conclusions anyone could ever possibly reach about doing that.

        1. Read this David, so we can be clear about the situation. Sorry for the length MH its necessary that I clear this up with David.

          I thought about producing a website like the FOM site, then thought well why when its already a great expandable resource. MH additionally has carved out a good thing here on his site. The FIGU forum is additionally a wellspring resource. So your asking for someone to drive the interest to these resources. Lets not beat around the bush, MH has taken a long time and worked hard for the position that he has been able to achieve, but he cut quite nicely into the UFO community, and lets be clear now, that community/economical market is much less than what it used to be now, youtube etc and television already exhausted the market. Alright still with me, so we are talking about interests, you may have already gathered that there is only a small audience already in the thousands, sure we could probably call it half a million for a film potentially, but the evidence is that people only actually pay/buy the film in small numbers, arguably yes that there is an opportunity somewhere in there somewhere for an individual to reach the level of fame MH has achieved, though there are a few extra additions if were not going to just speak wild crap with one another, it has taken MH a long time. The info that would have to be presented would have to dramatically differ, simply for the fact that MH does what he does so well, he’s the representative etc etc with the connection to the FIGU. So lets look at philophers, scientists, academics, all the little markets available, also there is other possibilities in bigger bugdet films. So these positions are carved out over long periods of time, there are others, like FIGU australia, funded out of a passion and love, so there are positions available as you say.

          So it comes down to funding, and doing it in the spare time unless you have an existing wealth, obviously I dont have that luxury, I made the film in 2010 the missing link, no philanthropist manifested probably for the legitimate reasons I explained, then there is a question of risk to any venture capitalists, which to be fair probably could be overcome if were looking at decades of team developments. There is also this talk in the contact reports about people making money out of the material, which is a conflicting answer really, and then there is this final thing about whether, if the plejaren wanted that level of massive progress quickly then they could have just chipped a piece of valuable stone off from some distant world and handed it to specific individuals who had positioned themselves in a special way, and that did not occur with MH (or maybe it did,lol), but in all seriousness, MH has himself all by himself managed to achieve many of those necessary fundamentals, expanded the world audience as far as it could go really, only so many people on earth are actually going to want this info and MH has reached them probably, along with other like Randolph winters etc, people are generally interested in UFO’s rather than everything that goes with it, so there is as you say probably a position to provide that information in some form of cannon. And well there is these other things such as the plejaren not wanting the community to develop to some ridiculous size, because it devalues the information quality apparently. So we are looking at someone who is wealthy, or passionate, or funded by a philanthropist, or does it to conquer some other thing like that film I made in 2010 that was for a university project, obviously then allowing me to dedicate the time to it. And I am not interested in producing low quality material either like little youtube vids and stuff, I’d rather present some exhaustive detailed things, and to be fair I have been doing that on the FOM website, but as I said, it comes down to the free time I have, and obviously just like most other people I have to contend with work leaving only so much time to do that. And well if we look at the FIGU itself, it runs basically on that same basis, where people produce articles every month or so, during their freetime.

          So look, only some have that opportunity as michael has had to dedicate oneself absolutely to the thing, and we all respect michael for it just to be clear, but its not something that many can do actually, especially now in this 3rd millenium where the excitement of all the stuff has unfolded and opened out much further than its intensity, the concentration of interest had in the 20th century. Yeah I appreciate some are going to say to me, well as you say MH managed to get it right, as well as a few others. They did get it right, incredibly right, but there were many of these underlying factors as I said. And yeah apparently in future lives BEAM will lead a life where he delivers the spiritual teaching and makes enough money to make that viable somehow, but its probably because of a generating market that will increase in perpencity over this coming hundred years or whatever. And apparently those crystals and rocks, stones etc, were absolutely necessary if BEAM was ever going to buy that multi-million dollar farm complex, so we then come to the chicken and the egg thing we hear so much about, and obviously the plejaren know something about the situation they have generated so, well, I am sure its all the way it should be.

          Ok David? clearer I hope.

          1. You better take the time to read what I have said David!, I have covered most of every point you better look at it properly.

          2. That is true, MH is the man, I wouldnt even be considering any of these options if MH had not illuminated the possibilities.

            As a separate note, different subject, I just wanted to make you aware that the connotation of your name “Fence Sitter” connotes a wooden post in the backside orifice, rather than a person of neutral overlooking position. 🙂

          3. I’m glad that someone has read Plato and a platypus walk into a bar. Thank you (who ever you are 🙂 ) That’s the intellectual level of information we have to hit in order to be able to understand quite a lot of what the Plejaren have explained, and beyond. Good one 🙂

  2. I have never said “of with their heads” but only “make them tail and run”; put them in prisons, or at least remove them from any public function, when they can do no damage to the world anymore, and no more distorting and suppressing the Truth! That is what I call uppon; because only that could work to still prevent destruction! Only then could the Truth be openly presented to the people; through “the system”, on the mass scale. All that it takes is revealing their conspiracies of the past (Bafath, religions, constructed conflicts, HAARP, etc.) and their conspiracies for the future (global genocide, WWIII (nuclear holocaust), global enslavement, hybrids, “rise of the machines”, etc.), then people would immediately revolt aginst them anyway, which would make them “tail and run”, and the revealer of the “elite” could present the rest of the Truth (“Billy Meier information”) to the people, which would afterwards lead also to mentioned proper human relations. Only the Truth can lead to global harmony amoungh paople and towards the whole planet Earth. But first all obstacles, who do not allow that, must be removed.

    ISIS is not as great danger to the world as the “elite” is; ISIS is not planing global nuclear holocaust, is not for decades destroying the world with HAARP, is not poisoning the world with many religions, is not perorming global genocide with toxic nuclear and chemical poisons, is not trying to microchip and genetically engineer people, is not growing half human half pig hybrids, is not building robot armies, etc. ; but some of You still consider ISIS as a bigger threat than the “elite”; eventhough Russians and Chinese would deal with ISIS at the end. Much, much bigger problem than ISIS is the “elite” and countries through which the “elite” is trying to perform global genocide, World War and global enslavement, like USA, EU, Israel and their allies, because they are capable and willing even to destroy the whole world. Just asking them not to, won´t make the “elite” to stand down!

    There are times of peace, when even the greatest warriors can devote to spiritual development; but there are also the times of war and/or the times of the need for self defense and/or planetary defense, when even the most evolved and most spiritual people have to perform self defense and/or planetary defence…. or perish! (Soft) Spiritual teachings are not intended to later cases…whoever implies them in such trublesome times is certain to fail … and eventually parish.

    At least we will know why we failed; because we never tried the only thing that could still really work to get out of the mess we are in…

    I can see that here we are not getting, and are not going to get, anything done. So back to my way to continue to “dig in” before either ISIS, the “elite” or “the Rain” comes… Got to get as appropriately prepared for sniping them out best and as much as I possibly can, and to preserve “Billy Meier material” for better and peacefull times in the far future, when there will be no more of the “elite” . Anyways; wish to all of You best of luck on Your ways!

    1. No no, Anthony thats the wrong way. The best way is to become a happy geek that assesses knowledge dispassionately.

      I want to paint a picture of extraterrestrials for you, and the only way I am going to be able to do that is if I talk about all the people of the world, so sorry, but I’m sure you can get over it type thing.

      Where the extraterrestrial fit into the picture?, well if white and black people are babysitting the middle-east, the asian/china/japan people were capable of eliminating atlantis, indian and native american, as well as the neanderthal white of europe consistute the 3 earth races. Black people having done better out of that relationship btw of babysitting the middle-east, despite a popular belief. The extraterrestrial fit in quite a malicious way then dont they, if we paint that picture, they are sneaky, and use high technology to manipulate people, they fully use the fact that the earth human is incapacitated by they’re condition, and fully take advantage of the situation. The earth is as we know under the protection of an agreement system that governs space, but that agreement system does allow a number of situations, not least because earth has various pockets of people here and there historically that didnt quite intergrate with the rest of us, like agharta etc

      1. I noticed Anthony that you spell perish right and then wrong, I noticed from some other posts from you before. The word parish is an english word for a religious territorial area, actually we still use this word even today in england, when it becomes relevant to do so, like when wandering through a village parish,haha.

        I want you to build a protection of yourself against religion Anthony, I sense in the way your wording things that your being subjected to a whole rift of emotional turbulences stemming from religious sensibilities you have no control over, something like the weight of ideas, because your keying into the same ideas as these emotionally confused people. Its ok, its ok friend, your just overlapping a little bit, BEAM will probably tell you the exact same thing, that these worlds are very close, we have to be so so careful, this is why Academics very rarely tread into these areas of interest. What you said here for example: “the Rain” comes… Got to get as appropriately prepared for sniping them out best – I see what your probably trying to say or feel, but obviously thats getting really into some funny business, almost like you are being emotionalised by both catholics and muslims at the same time.

        I dont know if you know this but there have been some people that have experimented with the spiritual symbols over the years and found some incredibly strange effects on closer examination. Like the peace death symbols and a whole range of other things.

        1. I for one am glad that your taking the time to write something atleast, because I know that for some people looking into this information, If it is as you say it will be at some time in the future, quite unpleasant, then these people may even regret not have taken the time to ask something valuable before we all lose interest and move on, and it will be silly even if at that point, but whatever.

        2. Sorry Daniel; I am from Estern Europe so my English in not of top class, so surely here and there I am gonna make some spelling and grammar mistakes while writting in English. With word “perish” if has not been meant anything religious, what I meant with it is “to die out”. If you think you can survive WWIII, anarchy, NWO and other (environmental) chaos coming up durring the next few decades without self defense, cudos to You; where I live and what is suppose to happen here, I surely can not.

          1. Changing one’s destiny, everyone can.
            Wanting change, everyone does.
            Making the change, requires a plan.
            Realizing the change, takes action.
            Confronting the change, requires courage.
            Adapting to change, requires persistence.

            Do what one knows is right.
            Do what one knows is wise.
            Do what one’s limit takes one.
            Do unto others what one’d like others do unto one.

            — Inspired by “Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar”

  3. Daniel , thanks for your exchange . I read it and thought about it critically and again I appreciate your insight . In addition to MH really getting it right and all we ponder concerning BEAM my only point was simple . Today , we live in the most dynamic times . Due to current new understandings upon older ones . We cannot stop reaching towards finding the truth about the times we have personally lived in . The truths , ultimately , however the lies and the manipulation . These things are very important . I have a dangerously deep level of knowledge concerning this basis for truth. And I feel without a person knowing the whole story , they are sold short of the ability to comprehend a situation , assess it , make decisions and chose directions to move forward . Perspective comes to mind . Every situation has an endless perspective , however , the ponderance or applied philosophy aggregates . Consensus forms , questions have to be asked to be answered and now philosophy takes place . But the core is a massive all out informational research project into ‘what happened , what is really going on and what do we do about it ‘. If we do not know the story behind the actual situations old and more importantly now , new , we row in circles and maybe even the melted down cores of Fukashima are now below your boat . So My urgency and frustration comes out here , and granted its not my best foot forward , however , I think the burden of understanding is a very heavy one . Atlas in a visual sense is very accurate , the more you know the more Atlas you have in you . But my together is more analogy is that the more of us get along side Atlas we lift the world up , each other and the planet in particular . We have to save this place. I hate seeing animals on the beach in pods washed up or schools of birds on the ground or floating die offs because of the things I think we should be aware of . Its all avoidable , we could have free energy ala Nikola Tesla , but we have nuclear powerplants .Powerplants that create fuel disasters that will take over 4 billion years to neutralize. Fukashima and BP have killed more species and people than at any event in our knowledge . I think thew world needs to know about it . Because the mainstream media will not tell you . By sea and by air its killing a lot of us . So Daniel this planet is not set up to keep populating , I am trying to provide the rationale that its designed to kill as many as possible , by sea ,by air and by land . Your food , your clothing , your electronics , your medicines , your entertainment . All of it . So we are on the same page , its just a particion of a well studied person that uncovers so much shocking truths , that need to be understood , before a proper and effective opposite yet equal answer can be fortified . Its uncomfortable , I know first hand , but very necessary . Its the missing opposite yet equal reaction to the bad stuff . The first understanding , then the motivation to challenge . Be it spiritual meditation , or just how the Plejaran have done , globally , together . Its more intense when you know these truths . And especially the potential outcome from calling them out.

  4. Its the upside down pyramid . If you found IS to be offensive , on top of the pyramid (inverted) , you find who supplies them . Who funds them , who orders them , who created them and you get to the point . The upside down pyramid and its the leader , the decision maker of this concept . Now you can focus your energy properly .
    The Bfath , (sp?) same thing . Take Eric Holder from the US political realm . Learn of what he was doing and you could have stomped on him from afar with the energy of the fine fluidal thoughts . Crushing the leader , but the damage is done and he is now retiring to some bunker to evade stuff . Its my position you have to root the plant to stop its growth and end it . That entails knowledge . Otherwise we will be meditating about clear streams , skies and mindsets and their is a battle we need to avert .

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