Truth Is the First Casualty

…when politics, religion, ambition and greed reign supreme.

In case it escaped anyone’s notice, it’s all about…the buck; and of course mainly passing it when it comes to self-responsibility.

Time and again, for decades actually, we’ve been warned. Now some things are disappearing, while other things make their appearance, both with deadly consequences. And sudden disasters like this mudslide that wiped out people, cars and homes in Chile were long foretold by Billy Meier as well.

Special political and profit motivated exemptions are made for companies to consume and pollute the water in California, which is becoming ever more scarce, the consequences of which are still not comprehended by most people.

Lip service is given to stopping the destruction of arts and antiquities by the IS, while Apple tap dances around it’s support of countries that murder gays. It’s already been pointed out that Qatar openly sponsors the genocidal maniacs of the IS.

All of this and, unfortunately, more are the result, the effect of our ill thought out actions, which prioritize profit über alles. So truth is indeed the first casualty but the ever-unfolding consequences take on mass suicide proportions.

It can seem beyond daunting to even try to make a difference. But those of us who’ve been studying the Meier material, especially everything connected to understanding and applying the Might of the Thoughts also know that it requires now a long, painstaking process of controlling our thoughts, of neutral-positive thinking and complete self-responsibility.

It took a long time for the obvious effects of the cumulative irresponsibility to appear, despite the still unimaginable denial of the profiteers, and it will take a long time to correct it. Coming together in study groups, discussing the various solutions, methods and insights will indeed serve us better than hand wringing. Still, every now and then a “reality check” is given. But to repeat, it’s not so we can moan and blame, etc. It’s so we can set the example by becoming conscious, responsible creators, with even small steps at a time.

I encourage the readers to now focus on discussing such things and leaving behind the futile criticisms. Let others pass the buck, it’s time we worked on and offered solutions.







Special thanks to Mike Basal, Chris Lock andAnnie Newman, Michael Turley.


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  1. I saw the title of the movie Exodus, Gods and kings, just the title, and I imagined the kind of movie that can be done about the exodus of our forefathers, when in a rush they had to abandon their home worlds based on the horror that they had being in with the wars and the gene Modification, the Overlords and the Inference of the Benefactors, the long jurney for survival, the new settlements, and the creator, loving father who had to come to their rescue out of the darkness they had befallen. I imagine a movie like a novel based on a true story, I will mix in the script some stories of the lives of some imaginary people, love, hate… (we don’t happen to know the personal stories of those people but I’m sure that there was a lot going on).
    Terry mentioned something about it a few days ago, like bringing the story to the big screens, my question is what will it take to do it with this new kind of approach ? Begin with the beginning you know?, one step a a time, the actual thing here is not to put out sooooooo much info that people won’t understand.

  2. I hope to find some clarity by asking a few questions . I , as a person that has exhaustively dissected the current state of affairs , is wondering , am I wrong by bringing the current events to this forum ? Are we as a collective wrong in trying to stay current and be aware of the current state of new movement and what we should be aware of ? I ask , because if my effort to share the current events of extreme is not important , I will stop and resort back to just concentrating on the BEAM materials . I find that the BEAM materials are forefront and while I stay abreast its blossoming with the details of the current events and they are exponentionally more catastrophic than I could have ever imagined . I know of the many things BEAM spoke of , but to see them imerge in front of our eyes times ten are simply amazing . I find it simply shocking to observe the world just laying down like a fowl on a slaughter block waiting for its head to be lopped off . I was not kidding about our world being currently designed for imminent death . From the air , water , earth and ocean . It sickens me to see the wild life die off , let alone our own species being treated the way it is . Its not what any sane person wants ! To go off to my shelter and meditate or cast positive thought is a given , I do it every day , but I also know the Plejaran are billions strong concentrating their efforts for our well being as well . I embrace that and appreciate it so much it makes me very greatful . I know many here on our own planet including all of you do the same and again I am very very appreciative . However , am I wrong for feeling that this is not enough ? That awareness is a part of awakening ? Awakening does not have to be hundreds of years later . We have to realize the reality is that generations before we were all born was the catalyst to even starting this madness . Now we have drone like humans that are victims of the system designed and I really mean very surgically designed to develop zombies and walking dead . Firstly , when you have a beautiful world , what is it that is behind so much that wants to simply destroy it ALL ? Yes population is a concern , but the issue has been allowed and at the same time practicing new ways to kill off the population is shocking . While at the same time absolutely destroying the planet and changing the entire make up . The atmosphere , the food chain , the natural inhabitance of species , flora , fauna … EVERYTHING . Who can sit idle and watch the absolute destruction of such a beautiful place ? Yes meditating is not idle sit , I am a part of that , however , why does it have to be like the Twilight Zone in real life ? Many here say things containing great wisdom, BEAM endlessly writes things containing great wisdom , and clearly the Plejaran are absolutely terrified of the capability of humans on this planet to not only destroy it all in a blink of an eye but they well know we could become the destroyer planet or the asteroid belt . It pains them greatly too . Too many are sitting on their hands , with their faces stuck in devices that look like a person in the wilderness walking dead looking at a small screen in front of their face . It has to be know that the negative influences are massive and fatally destructive and the mindsets of the manipulators are vast and sick in intent . Its my observation , and I do not want to bring needless ‘awareness to this collection of positive people ‘ . But what do you all suggest is happening here ? A vivid destruction taking place daily in our lives or a must happen situation and we just try to overt it by thinking positive and meditating to stop it ? Yes the Plejaran have told of how these efforts have made a difference , but then again they initially liked Barack Husein Obama or Barry Souro a fake persona with fake intentions . They missed a great deal here . Now we are in a world of do do and I would like to think they have the capability to disarm nuke capabilities as has been observed , but its the intent that will not go away . Is it just outlive and reincarnate and play that hundreds of years into the clean up , the fall out and the rebirth if their even is one ?

    1. My answer for now is that we need to stop focusing so much on the outer drama and wringing our hands, bemoaning everything and to start reflecting and discussing just HOW we are APPLYING the spiritual teaching in our daily lives.

      Otherwise we are spinning our wheels, making big splashes but only digging ourselves deeper in the hole. How and what are we doing moment by moment, thought by thought to take complete self-responsibility for OUR thoughts, feelings and actions?

  3. One thing I didn’t even realise before, but it is important for me from now on when I’m choosing a place to live while in the city – is being located near a river, especially one that is connected to a natural area. So much potential for work is there, and much more. Companionship, a place for loud singing or (relative) stillness, life lessons, plus “free” space for cultivating plants and the working in the soil, which to me is just free meaningful work that requires no hoops to jump through (resumes, cover letters, phone calls, emails, interviews, etc.), and it compliments my studies so I can respect the recommendation about work/study balance. It’s the best kind of thing to do with city life in my opinion – and sure makes the other aspects of city life much more tolerable, even enjoyably diverse (to me).

      1. Why’s that Michael? I don’t understand what could be the problem, unless water could bring some kind of sickness with it?

          1. Ok, I see. Funny I half-expected there to be a “spiritual” answer, but just goes to show, the truth is often so simple it’s overlooked, eh. Well fine-fluidal answer related to that stuff, but no that’s ok and makes sense.

            I live in a basement apartment so I guess I’d be sunk if a huge flood ever happened, but this river is at least 3 meters lower than the typical ground surface. Although that won’t help much if the sea rises by a lot huh? I’d forgotten all about that thing to consider. Gee that would be bad for me if that happened and it flooded me out. It would affect a lot of people even.

          2. Actually I overestimated, it’s probably not that low but I have no depth perception with only 1 eye that I typically look through.

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