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Man-made earthquakes increasing in central and eastern U.S., study finds

Even people who are familiar with the information contained within the Billy Meier case may not know that he first published warnings about manmade environmental destruction in 1948…when he was 11 years old (and that we showed in as the time fulfills).

The Law of Causality

The fact that people are surprised at even the little that they know about the real extent of the current environmental situation shows how ignorant we are about the immutable Law of Causality. We fail to see what really should be obvious. We live on a nice little ball, a speck of cosmic lint on which everything is interconnected, despite our myopic inability to grasp the concept. So the water shortage problems in Brazil are also related to the dust storms in Eastern Europe and China and, like the water shortages now hitting this country, have mostly manmade causes.

While it’s nice that the President recognizes the seriousness of climate related problems, at this point only superficial, cosmetic, feel-good measures are being taken. The reality is that the problem is now so ubiquitous and insidious that even the most dedicated environmentalists have no real grasp of its enormous scope.


Certainly there’s little to no recognition of the underlying cause, overpopulation, since any rational discussion about this obvious and inescapable factor is politically and religiously unacceptable, with loony conspiracy theorists adding to the disinformation by labeling rational concerns as a plot by the “elite” to pursue genocide, etc. In the meantime the overbreeding continues to exhaust the planetary resources for food, water, energy, waste disposal, etc.

It’s equally unpopular to point out the huge amount of resources – which could be used to feed human beings – wasted on feeding pets. In addition to the problems from other sources of methane gas, that which is produced by all domestic animals could also contribute to atmospheric collapse, which naturally you won’t hear anything about in the mainstream news since it’s…bad for business. Such was, and still is, also the case with Fukushima and the BP disaster.

A (Wo)man’s Best Friend?

In the midst of all this more and more people (large numbers of single women especially) are turning to…dogs as surrogate, anthropomorphized companions, adding to a number of problems, including environmental ones. Not surprisingly mine is considered a very politically incorrect point of view in a world where people have so completely lost their sense of reality, priorities, distinctions between humans and animals and where so-called “men”…


…have totally lost their desires and abilities to develop real feelings and relationships and are so out of touch with touch that they now lust after silicone surrogates. The trendy twittering techno-twerps that glorify these aberrations are obviously so far gone that to say anything more is unnecessary.

Maybe the “bright” side of all these evolutionary malfunctions is that they will contribute to population control, even if it turns out that the males are reluctant to date the canine caregivers simply because they’re afraid of getting fleas, or needing to get wormed, etc.

And don’t be surprised if some enterprising person sees the siliconettes as the best means of seducing and stopping the coming “killer robots”.

Let’s Celebrate!

So Happy Earth Day indeed and just in case one has thoughts about being safer because they’re vegetarians or vegans, as I pointed out in “And Did They Listen?”, all the nice organic crops get rained on (when there is rain) and/or watered by the same contaminated, polluted, radioactive water that falls on…everything else. Unfortunately, the pollutants and poisons settle in the soil and groundwater and contaminate the food and drinking water too, as Meier points out below in the following unofficial German to English translation by Larry Driscoll of an excerpt from the:

510th Contact of Saturday, December 18, 2010

Billy and Ptaah have been discussing previous future visions and predictions by the Plejaren extraterrestrials and Billy in the past:

Billy   I know this. And many things you have over all of the many years indeed clarified the reasons why,   because I have pitch into you to do it, so even regarding future visions and predictions as well.

  1. These explanations occurred actually only just for this reason, because you have wanted predictions and you have assumed that the Earth humans would be sensible, if you published everything.

Billy   Which unfortunately was a complete waste of effort, because the human beings of Earth did not take your predictions seriously nor mine either. All of the media, to whom since 1950 I have also sent my predictions, found it also not necessary for them to publish. All were simply thrown into the wastebasket, and they did not once find it necessary to reply to me about my predictions. Today now, as my predictions worldwide have confirmed and in the future will confirm, then now will a great fuss be made about all of the worldwide catastrophes regarding climate and nature, etc., like I have predicted everything, and some great speakers will distinguish themselves and gather great credit. That’s all however, because they still  do nothing, as all gain recognition for themselves regarding what now occurs in all maladies, catastrophes and disasters and destruction.

So then climate conferences however are held as well, which cost millions of francs, euros and dollars, and during which the air is only just polluted further with filth of all kinds, and the whole thing of conferences is totally ridiculous. They will only set up stupid resolutions, which on the one hand will not be implemented, and which on the other hand already long ago also would be outdated, even if one day they would be carried out, because namely humanity in the meantime has increased again around hundreds of millions or even around one or two billion and all of the problems have grown still further and all of the maladies and catastrophes have increased still further.

And additionally also the entire population of Earth has fallen victim to delusion, in the fact despite the present rampant overpopulation and the, originated and in the future originating from it catastrophes, descendant procreation should be a purely private matter, which indicates, how little and how foolishly it is thought about and dealt with. Also, all of the greatly clever ones, who take part in climate conferences or support and cheer for them, do not think at all, because on the one hand their intelligence and their understanding as well as their reason is not far enough along, that they are able to grasp and understand the effective facts, and on the other hand they couldn’t care less about the future of the world and its humanity.

Their motto is simply: I live today and enjoy life and its riches, but after me the flood or the end of the world can come. Therefore, they do not care about what the future brings, as a result they also undertake nothing against the fundamental malady, from which the entire nature and climate destruction and every other catastrophe emerges, namely the excessively increasing overpopulation.

From this alone emerges everything, because it creates enormous amounts of CO2, which causes tremendously fast climate warming, in addition to the methane gas, which escapes from the sea beds and everywhere up into the atmosphere, and wherever the permafrost thaws and additionally contributing to the warming of the climate. However, these are not the only maladies, which emerge from overpopulation, because still comes about the enormous ocean- and other water pollution, as well as also the pollution of the air, which ultimately everything always contributes to new catastrophes. And which to a very bad extent also arises, is the fact that, through climate warming all glaciers melt worldwide, as well as also the giant ice masses of Greenland, as well as of the Arctic and Antarctica.

However, if the ice masses of Greenland, of all glaciers and from the North- and South Poles melt in still much greater amounts, as this already is the case today and which in fact causes the oceans to rise, so this will still be the case much more in the future. It all depends on how the overpopulation increases, as more nature- and atmosphere destroying as well as climate warming harmful substances are produced, which allows all glaciers even more quickly to melt around the world, as well as however the Greenland ice and the ice of the Arctic and Antarctica as well. This means however, that if humanity still pushes ahead its overpopulation and it is not halted through a worldwide regulation of births and by this means also   drastically reduces it, then catastrophes always become more extensive and powerful.

Worldwide melt of the ice masses of the glaciers of Greenland and of the poles increasingly faster, which means that from this the water of the oceans also rises a great deal faster and floods over human living areas. Settlements, villages, and cities, which are constructed near the oceans, will become immersed increasingly faster in the   rising water, which can be the case at various locations in just only one hundred years. It all depends on how the overpopulation irresponsibly still increases, could the oceans in just a hundred years be at two meters above the present sea level and in the future even rise faster. Then is to fear, that through the inexorably rising climate warming ultimately every ten years the oceans rise about 1.25 to 1.5 meters, so thus about 15-18 meters in one hundred years.

And finally by and large will it come about, that much of the land and human settlements, villages and cities will be engulfed by the oceans, which cannot be higher than 72 meters above the present sea level. Millions and even billions of humans will flee from the rising water and lose their homes. And guilty of this only and alone is the human of Earth, who idiotically pushes up his population number senselessly and stupidly and then does not want to recognize, that alone overpopulation is the reason for the more and more spreading around human maladies and enormous natural catastrophes and climate warming. And the more overpopulation increases, the more increase all maladies like criminality, crime, hate, jealousy, revenge and repayment as well as murder and manslaughter, robbery, new illnesses and epidemics.

Also the already rampant indifference of human beings among one another and against one another as well as the groups of asocial, extreme and radical elements increase more and more as well as also terrorism and wars of all kinds. However the ecological balance of nature is more and more destroyed as well, which means that the interrelations between all life forms and their total environment are destroyed. The entire balance of nature increasingly more comes to stagger, as well as the Earth itself also rises up as a result of all of the by human being catastrophically caused damages and destructions on the planet, to the waters, to the land, to the atmosphere, to the climate, and to the Earth resources.

And where the Earth makes a stand against human insanity, also natural catastrophes increase in number and their strength and extent, so as a result storm forces and bad weather become more and more powerful, as well as also earthquakes and volcano outbreaks, against which the human can no longer defend himself. Also landslides will appear increasingly more often and become more powerful, because through the climate warming the permafrost dissolves so the cliffs lose their hold. However as a result the permafrost bound methane gas is released and this also occurs in the permanent cold zones in the soil, which is frozen by the permafrost. And in addition to all of this and still a great deal more, also entire animal- and wildlife populations will be eradicated by the humans and the oceans and seas as well as brooks and rivers will be fished empty, which also contributes to the fact that the ecosystem can no longer function.

Also the atmosphere will be polluted by the CO2 as well as increasingly more methane gas and by the many poisons produced by humans, and many of the poisons also settle in the soil and groundwater, which then are absorbed by the humans in turn through vegetables and drinking water, which leads to   allergies, illnesses and immune weakening. Alone the filth, by motor vehicles, ships, and airplanes as well as through work machines, which arrives into the atmosphere, is enormously large and brings much destruction, harming the entirety of nature and the health of humans. Adding still to this is the sport activities with airplanes, motorboats, passenger-, racing cars, and trucks etc., which absolutely must be  prohibited because they also hurl enormous amounts of filth into the air and this is absorbed as well as by the ground and plants, from which likewise suffer the entire animal- and wildlife world and humans.

Then the question is if only in this respect, why stupid climate conferences are held, if such idiotic sports are not totally prohibited. Also there is the question, why street traffic with motor vehicles is not drastically reduced as well, in that only those persons are permitted to drive, who are not able to use public transportation for their transportation and their own locomotion. Also regarding oil- and coal fired power plants a prohibition should be insisted upon, because these likewise pollute the atmosphere and the soil with their emissions from fossil fuels, consequently these must be replaced by wind-, sun, and water- as well as earth thermal power plants, because only by these means can clean electrical energy be produced. Also atomic power plants must be prohibited, and indeed not just because of atomic nuclear waste.


  1. This is unfortunately the bitter truth, which will not please many and particularly not those, who pursue motor sports and those, who drive motor vehicles, which they do not actually need.
  2. But how do you know about the measure of around 72 meters, which you have stated regarding the rise of the sea level?
  3. On my part I have not given this number to you, and I also am not able to remember if Quetzal, my daughter, or anyone else would have spoken to you about it.
  4. However, the stated dimension agrees with our calculations.

Billy   It was your father, Sfath, dear friend, who in the late 1940s has given the facts to me. Unfortunately these things have never been recorded in contact reports. Actually contact reports have arisen for the first time with Asket, though however these also were just only sparse. Not until when Semjase, your daughter, got in touch with me have regular contact reports arisen, although up to and with today’s conversation however only 510 of these written recorded conversations exist, while since 1975 up to today however we have held 971 personal conversations. But Quetzal, Semjase, Pleija, Asket and many others also were  involved in these personal conversations.


  1. Your information regarding the number of our contacts agrees with my records.


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  • Hi
    I heard on the (Sweden) news that a swedish study (published in Nature) has been made on wild bees about pesticides with neonicotinoids do harm bees. Maj Rundlof of Lund University in Sweden

    Referred on this page:

    Tainted love: Bees prefer food laced with harmful pesticides

    Links to this page:
    Bees prefer foods containing neonicotinoid pesticides

    Did’nt Meier wrote something about neonicotinoid?

  • Tesla was the most prolific example of solutions not complying to the agenda . He afforded free electrical energy for all . Be it to your home or your automobile for just a few of his amazing demonstrations . Including an antigravity craft that was continued to further development , not far from his plans since he was already killed . When the discovery of the development was discovered . Otis T Carr was raided by the government , ordered a cease and decist , all plans confiscated and a no contact order with all the scientists involved was implemented including Ralph Ring . The concept of no meter on your electric or a gas pump to charge you was the driving force of this capitalism that had him taken . Its simple the technology that is solving problems does not collect funds . Much like a cure to a disease . Their is no money in the cure , but their is money in having you come back for symptom treatment . Money , again drives the prison planet . We have all the solutions to our ills TODAY . BUT , they do not generate money , just solutions . If you have a sickness and a cure . dispersing the cure has an end to the sickness . A product to ‘treat’ the sickness is ongoing and far more profitable . It does not end . In fact you can introduce new sickness to again be treated and it goes on and on . Endless rewards for those manufacturing . So if Tesla was allowed to do what he started , you would have no meter on your home for monitoring you electricity usage , you would have no development of nuclear powerplants and their danger outlined by Fukishima , you would have no BP , no Mobil oil charging you at the pump , your car would run without a need for energy . Get it yet ? Anti gravity travel that does not rely on jet fuels or big oil or petroleum again , free energy , no meter , no industry here . Just like Joel Wallach in dead doctors don’t lie . Cures exist , more so in natural or ND than MD . Natural doctors vs. Medical doctors . One treats symtoms(MD) the other cures (ND). Start with all the vitamins and minerals that you need , the 90 essential . Ever get a suggestion to take a few more vitamins or minerals from a doctor ? Nope , just a drug . Funny thing is you can see the nurses and advertisements in the office . Pens , samples , flyers , mouse pads , etc . etc. for the drugs of couse that treat symptoms , that btw never go away . So its a constant ! A constant visit to your doctor at what $ plus your so called prescription . How sick . Yes , how sick are you ? Probably only a few deficiencies from the 90 to be well and free from your doctor . The self regulating industry wielding white coats . Doctorys of the MD live to be 60 at best vs. a 140 year potential . A lot of problems are reversible . So you have to look closely at what we live in here , now . Its not what you think . Its time to wake up and make your own decisions , because the ones collecting the checks do not want you to wake up . A story , A business , a moderate size average business receives product from FEX EX daily . They check it in , but do not inspect what they inspect . When they finally inspect what they inspect they realize they have been force fed inventory for the entire year that they never requested , but they assumed it was for them , checked it in and owned it . Turns out they were stuck with massive product inventory they would not sell , ever . BUT , they took it , assumed and were force fed . Just like you and I . Force fed from the food labels to the bank accounts we have . Force fed and at the mercy of our NON scrutiny . I have had bank accounts disappear , because I did not pay attention , food change ingredients , because I did not pay attention and change handed back to me at the point of sale that was wrong , because I did not pay attention . Get the full spectrum vitamins and minerals , reverse aging and never see a doctor again unless you need trauma surgeory . Cures exist , study the fields and its always follow the money . Sad but true . You have to work to dig out of this false reality . Beam has been at this for some 75 years , warning and providing some insight . Run with it , They are out in the open , fearless of being caught these days . Its up to you to determine whats right for you .

  • George M, How greed and the overwhelming desire to keep secrets on where’s the money can be the cause of wars and massive damage to the planet while getting control of its riches. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpkm6iSd–c ) I do not support this person in any way, but his data is supported by facts which are published just not in the media.
    Billy Wilson

  • Forgot the search engine trifecta Hammond + Bundy “Ranches” — Volcanoes, Gold, URANIUM + BLM / Government.
    Peace to All someday
    Billy Wilson

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