Change the Inside, Change the Outside

As we’ve recently been discussing, neither complaining nor being immobilized by fear, etc., has ever changed anything for the better.

The World Out There

Here are a few items to shake our heads at as we once again note that we’ve long been warned about all of this in the Billy Meier material.

Thomas Horner forwarded New Study Links Weather Extremes to Global Warming, which we can add to the corroboration by the Pentagon and the UN of Meier’s environmental warnings, dating back to 1948.

As we pointed out in 2011, the Russians moved their troops to Arkhangelsk, specifically fulfilling part of the Henoch Prophecies in their apparent preparation to attack Scandinavia and ultimately the US and Canada. So this:

Finland fires warning shots at ‘foreign submarine’ near Helsinki

…really should come as no surprise to anyone, except those who – apparently unlike the Russians – haven’t read the script and are just ignorantly plunging themselves and the world headlong into disaster without any need to study their lines.

Of course those folks aren’t the only ones who can’t wait to incinerate, poison and destroy themselves and everyone else. As Chris Lock pointed out, the Pakistanis and the Chinese appear to be preparing to fulfill that troublesome part of the Henoch Prophecies where some 30 million people in India are killed.

And the events in Baltimore remind us not only about the two coming civil wars in the US and anarchy but also what’s been forecast for this country by around 2020.

The World In Here

As we’ve recently been discussing, neither complaining nor being immobilized by fear, etc., has ever changed anything for the better. So here’s an exercise that we can use to flex our consciousness and begin to take back control of our thoughts, feelings and…actions. To get the ball rolling, here is the first one:

Four times during the day, i.e. once in the morning noon, afternoon and evening spend one minute being fully conscious of what you are…thinking. In other words (if you need them) observe, monitor, pay attention to your thoughts for one minute.

Choose the times that work best for you.

You don’t need to stop what you’re doing but – at least at first – it’s best to not schedule, or do, the exercise at times when you have to do something that concerns operating machinery, or any other task that could cause injury if neglected. In time you’ll see that you’ll actually have enhanced your ability to focus and your conscious awareness of whatever you’re doing.

The goal is to become ever more mindful, to observe and control our thoughts, 24/7. Ultimately, this turns into a form of meditation that we are doing …all the time.

We first have to start with a regular, manageable approach. A helpful tool is my Consciousness Awareness Workshop, which is also available as an inexpensive download here.

Feel free to share your experiences if you like – not necessarily your personal thoughts, etc. – meaning tell what it was like to train your awareness on your inner experience for those minutes. There are no wrong answers, people may have similar, completely different or even the same kinds of experiences.

Please also see Shawn Bineau’s recommendations in the comments here.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

Many years ago I came across a product that was being sold in L.A. called Calm, which is a magnesium based supplement that can be very helpful for people dealing with stress, insomnia, anxiety, etc. They now have one called Calm plus Calcium that incorporates calcium and other ingredients and seems to be an improvement, as it also doesn’t allow calcium to be leeched from the body.

Magnesium and calcium are two of the essential minerals that many people are deficient in, not only due to stress but also because our soil, and consequently our food, is so depleted.

Also, if you have gum and/or tooth problems, you may benefit from this application. Take the recommended amount of the product and mix it with about a teaspoon of water into a paste and…brush your teeth with it. But leave it in your mouth and swallow it instead of rinsing it out. This way you’ll not only get the calming effects – especially just before going to sleep – but you’ll also get enhanced tissue absorption for the these minerals, which is similar to what Dr. Mark Manhart recommends in his non-surgical approach to treating dental problems.

Here’s a link to Calm plus Calcium products in two sizes, flavored (sweetened with stevia) and unflavored.

Save $10 on your first purchase of $30 or more – just click on this link to get the coupon.



49 Replies to “Change the Inside, Change the Outside”

  1. On an unrelated topic: MH, I’m listening to your interview on the Gnostic Warrior podcast. Can you provide a link to Meier’s claim that HG Wells was forced to write War of the Worlds by Roosevelt? That seems far-fetched.

  2. Correction.
    Hell yeah to that. My exact thoughts. Oh my creation – Laughs.. (pop corn crunching sounds)

    One thing Ive noticed that’s quite common with most of the turmoil on this planet. To many people looking over at their neighbors business, then expressing that they don’t approve. whether over a fence, a neighborhood, a city, a state and over oceans. Even after installing a 12 feet high fence. it doesn’t matter. They will climb 12.5 feet just to tell you they don’t like your fence. LOL. I love me.

  3. I train myself with the TV. Something comes into my awareness from the TV, so I decide on the spot if it something that matches my values. Sometimes it shows me a way in which not following the laws and recommendations causes hardship. I suppose that is an “impulsation”, because I take in the information, then work with it in my thoughts briefly … although I don’t do that with words, just more with … plant-kind of consciousness, I suppose. Not really thinking in words, just sort of … responding to it, in a very basic way. It’s hard to describe, but it gives me something to keep my mind alert at least.

  4. Taking Michaels suggestion, I’ve momentarily stopped and examined what thoughts were going through my mind throughout the day. I set my phone alarm four times daily, using a mellow tone, to quietly remind me to pay attention to what kind of noise I had going on upstairs. Most of the time, I seemed to have some very pointless chatter about various temporary events, or thoughts, about how I can equate what my girlfriend says about my recent “shortcomings” to something she is doing equally “wrong”.

    Not the greatest use of my ‘Might of Thought’.

    It quickly turned into thoughts of what I was doing then and how it relates to a better future. I can easily see the benefits to doing this. I’ve made a few short term goals for a better preparedness in case of earthquakes, which I always speak of doing, but never kept a string of thoughts to accomplish a partial success for such events. While I’ve written down many goals, catching my thoughts throughout the day brings these goals more solidly in the present. My alarm is doing most of the important work here, lol!

      1. I see many posts here. I guess they’re busy with their random thoughts.

        Have you tried throwing cold water on the situation here. Wakes me up every time. I’d do it for you Michael, but there’s a drought here in California.

        Focusing isn’t that difficult, if you focus on it. But, you’ve got to want it. I notice want is the double edged sword. I want to focus on something, but then I’m responsible for it and won’t be able to safely hide from that thing anymore. That’s a can of worms…better to just post interesting news stories, or correct others in their assumptions and such…

  5. Here is a must see video – the first half — explaining the Highly dangerous and volatile situation existing between India and Pakistan, each of which have over 100 nuclear weapons; and Pakistan has an official first use policy for nuclear weapons.

    The interview discusses The Zero Line, the extensive and troublesome border between the two countries and why the situation is so incendiary. It also reveals, though doesn’t bring attention to, the fact that the underlying cause of this problem is the massive increase in the population of both countries which has resulted in their unsustainable demands for water that for both nations comes from the Indus river. Lives are at stake as so many depend upon the failing water supply.

    The interview also does not mention the fact that China is now allied with Pakistan. It does mention how both India and Pakistan are in a stalemate; neither wanting to make the first big war move, which would likely result in dragging in all other major countries (a possible WW III scenario) as the US is intimately involved with both countries.
    Again what the interview misses is that rather than Pakistan making the first nuclear move against India, China could. If China sees the US as unprepared or unwilling to join in a nuclear war, there is little to prevent China from acting with nuclear weapons to defend the threatened lives of its Pakistani allies; and as the interview shows their lives are indeed threatened.

    It underscores for us, while its blinkered view misses, all that Meier has said about population being at the root cause of the planet’s and countries’ evils and how China could oh so easily get involved in a nuclear confrontation with India – even if it does not at present recognize that possibility, or want such involvement.

    The discussion leads into a promotion for Kent Moors latest book on this subject, The Great Game. You can later turn it off when it gets to the point where they start discussing investing in what Moors sees as the answer to the problem; a vastly more efficient desalination system and its use of graphene to solve the water crises between the two countries. Of course, that will not solve the population problem which is the real cause of the dangerous standoff between the two nations. Again, the real answer to this problem is, as Meier has said, to voluntarily decrease the world population through an initial radical decrease in the number of births.

    Actually if Moors is right about these new graphene filters, Japan needs them to filter the ever-growing volumes of radioactive water stored above ground in the Fukushima region; an ongoing and growing problem that unsolved promises a global catastrophe mentioned or hinted at in Meier’s release on Fukushima back in 2011.

    Of course, whether such technology will be used, and successfully, to help in these two situations is an unknown factor.

    If you want a printed report version that option is available as you close the window.

  6. You see , Mike , Your patrons bring the same thing that I speak about to the table . I report almost before it is realized . And with all respect , I could care less if I am right . I just forward the information . Because its potent . And in short periods it ferments to the surface . We can learn to focus our thoughts and intentions , however , by being investigative , ourselves we can start the process in right time . Meaning, immediately . That’s why I write what I write . I could care less about recognition . Its about getting the ball rolling immediately . If your going to tell us to get yoga mats and practice movements to relax . Well that would be incorrect . But to understand the crisis , the CRISIS , would mean , one could understand and gauge their intent and sit , relax and meditate on the severity at hand , not just waste time . Michael , you have been brilliant in your words . I am supporting that , its that the defining moment comes to fruition when understanding of the severity of the offense needs to be met with the severity of the commitment to the solution . The meditation to neutralize . That’s it . Big threat coming , centralize your energy to help .

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