SETI Sent Evidence of ET Contact by They Fly Productions

Evidence of extraterrestrial contacts in Switzerland, said to be ongoing for 73 years, sent to scientists at SETI and recently formed NExSS Initiative


SETI-Billy-Meier 1

 Billy Meier UFO photo, July 9, 1975, displayed in Times Square, May 5, 2015.

The press release is in response to statements by Dr. Jill Tarter of SETI, affirming her and their willingness to welcome public assistance in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and to the newly formed NExSS Initiative.

Since both SETI and the NExSS Initiative have put forward their interest and commitment in this area, I’m sure that we’ll receive feedback, comments and interest in the introductory information about the – still ongoing – Billy Meier contacts that I’ve provided them. I’ll certainly post their responses and any further developments.


Please click here to see the new press release online, with links to additional information.

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  1. Back to the main topic. It is worth while to try to expose this contact case in every place we can. If you do Nothing, Nothing will happen, But if you do something, something mite happen.

  2. Scarlett Johansson played a humanlike alien in ‘Under the Skin’

    Forget little green men – aliens will look like humans, says Cambridge University evolution expert

    The author said extra-terrestrials that resemble human beings should have evolved on some of the many Earth-like planets that have been discovered






    Thursday 02 July 2015

    They are often portrayed on screen as little green men with elongated limbs and saucer-like eyes.

    From E.T to the X-Files, aliens from outer space have captured our imagination for decades.

    Yet a new book from a leading evolutionary biologist argues that if they exist and we ever encountered them, they would look very similar to us.

    Professor Simon Conway Morris said extra-terrestrials that resemble human beings should have evolved on at least some of the many Earth-like planets that have been discovered by astronomers.

    In his new book published on 2 July, The Runes of Evolution, the University of Cambridge academic builds on the principle of convergent evolution – that different species will independently evolve similar features, with the comparison of the camera eye of an octopus and a human eye a favourite example – and argues it will not just took place on Earth.

     The titular alien character from 2011’s ‘Paul’ (Universal Pictures)

    “An area of biology which is becoming popular, perhaps too popular, that the possibility evolution is becoming much more predictable than people thought,” he told The Independent. “The book is really trying to persuade the world that evolutionary convergence is completely ubiquitous. Wherever you look you see it.

    “The theme is to try and drive the reader, gently of course, into the possibility that the things which we regard as most important, ie cognitive sophistication, large brains, intelligence, tool making, are also convergent. Therefore, in principle, other Earth-like planets should very much end up with the same sort of arrangement.”

    Professor Conway Morris, a Fellow at St John’s College, said it follows that plant and animal life on other planets able to support life would also look similar to Earth’s.

    He said: “Certainly it’s not the case that every Earth-like planet will have life let alone humanoids. But if you want a sophisticated plant it will look awfully like a flower. If you want a fly there’s only a few ways you can do that. If you want to swim, like a shark, there’s only a few ways you can do that. If you want to invent warm-bloodedness, like birds and mammals, there’s only a few ways to do that.

    “The whole business of extra-terrestrial life, Kepler [the most Earth-like planet ever discovered], the search for extra solar planets, and of course the various missions to Mars. This is all going along at such a pace at the moment we can be reasonably sure [any current ideas] might be open to revision in a few years.”

    His theory leads on to Enrico Fermi’s famous paradox – why, if aliens do exist, have they not made contact. He admits his book goes “off-piste for a bit of fun” in the last chapter when dealing with this problem.

    Science News in Pictures

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    1. Dr. Sanford Weinstein – who originally thought the Meier case was nonsense and then endorsed his information, etc. (And Did They Listen?) – also supports the hypothesis that human life may be ubiquitous throughout the universe.

      1. Michael, I would like to know if Billy ever elaborated on that blue skinned race he mentioned seeing in India ( who only comes out at night from below, if I heard correctly), if they are restricted by our Sun and/or the fact they are an E.T. race as to the reason for the restriction?

        1. Hi Ed,

          They don’t come out to mingle among the people here. They have very high technology and it’s their craft that are also sometimes seen (UFOs). We won’t be meeting them, interacting, etc. They are descendants of an unnamed as yet ET race that came here long ago.

          Also, please feel free to interact here using your first and last name.


          1. Thanks for the response Michael.

            My next question involves the beamship film Billy took while it is seen to cloak at low altitude and reappear.

            If you know the answer, can you explain the branch that freezes in the film, while the ship is cloaked and why it resumes moving with the breeze upon the ship reappearing.

            If this question was asked and answered already, please forgive me, but I must ask for my own inquiry about this case. I don’t want to leave whatever stones I see not turned over to look underneath.

            I am sure others would consider that film as tampered to give that effect.

          2. I always find it interesting what you said “They don’t come out to mingle among the people here” because it is the way it is, but because we collectively have misunderstood the situation. That it’s about honour dignity and many good values instead of slinging weight about and talking loudly etc. just thought I’d share.

            I think Scarlett Johannson is a lovely woman, incidentally.

  3. If dr Jill tartar is intrigued about tge plajaren an billy’s case and if they tried to contact her before for open dialogue now is interested then why don’t you or dr tartar contact Billy and get the plajaren to meet with dr Jill? just a question.

    1. Hi Clifford,

      It doesn’t appear that Dr. Tarter is intrigued by anything other than pretending – as the rest of SETI – that they’re…intrigued by evidence of extraterrestrial life, let alone Meier’s contacts.

      Dr. Tarter will never meet with the Plejaren, as their only contact person is Meier, and since she can’t even handle the evidence there’d be no way should handle meeting Meier, let alone the Plejaren.

      Please feel free to continue to comment here, we just ask that you use your first and last name too.


  4. I read Wendell Stevens book a long time ago and was disappointed that he did not include all the spiritual information that Billy received. Thank you so much for getting much more of this type of information to the public! I believed at the time that Wendell was prosecuted on trumped up charges.

    1. You’re welcome. Wendelle and his team opened the door on the case and now the really important element, the spiritual teaching, is being brought forward. More people wll be doing this now and the truth will ultimately prevail. Yes, Wendelle was set up in an attempt to stop his work and also discredit the case.

  5. Thank for the reply Michael.

    It would be important for me to know for sure if that answer about the tree branch ceasing to move in the wind while that ship was cloaked.

    I do recall the one moving around the tree and found that especially interesting by the way it moved, and the tip of the tree moving as it passed over it.

    I watched that one closely and noticed that it was impossible to create those movements with just a string attached to a model.

    Yes,I did notice the lights at the tip of one moving towards Billy overhead.

    Very interesting.

    1. Hi, Ed. Do you have a link for the footage you were referring to?

      Also, see my Pendulum UFO videos on YouTube:

      The first is a direct comparison with one of Phil Langdon’s duplication attempts and the second focuses on the famously-impossible-to-duplicate 270º turn. I have (also) found that a direct, visual comparison with the skeptic theory reveals subtle movements that cannot be duplicated with a simple model on a wire. A close look at the Meier evidence always reveals something interesting to say the least.

        1. You mentioned:

          “the beamship film Billy took while it is seen to cloak at low altitude and reappear.”

          I was hoping to see what you meant by

          “the branch that freezes in the film, while the ship is cloaked and why it resumes moving with the breeze upon the ship reappearing.”

  6. Michael, what does Billy know about this incident 10 years ago?:

    At approximately 16:15 CST on Tuesday, November 7, 2006, federal authorities at Chicago O’Hare International Airport received a report that a group of twelve airport employees were witnessing a metallic, saucer-shaped craft hovering over Gate C-17.

    The object was first spotted by a ramp employee who was pushing back United Airlines Flight 446, which was departing Chicago for Charlotte, North Carolina. The employee apprised Flight 446’s crew of the object above their aircraft. It is believed that both the pilot and co-pilot also witnessed the object.

    Several independent witnesses outside of the airport also saw the object. One described a “blatant” disc-shaped craft hovering over the airport which was “obviously not clouds.” According to this witness, nearby observers gasped as the object shot through the clouds at high velocity, leaving a clear blue hole in the cloud layer.The hole reportedly seemed to close itself shortly afterward.

    According to the Chicago Tribunes Jon Hilkevitch, “The disc was visible for approximately five minutes and was seen by close to a dozen United Airlines employees, ranging from pilots to supervisors, who heard chatter on the radio and raced out to view it. “So far, no photographic evidence of the UFO has surfaced, although it was reported to Hilkevitch that one of the United Airlines pilots was in possession of a digital camera at the time of the sighting and may have photographed the event. NARCAP has published a 155-page report, suggesting a presence of the object in account over O’hare and has called for a government inquiry and improved energy-sensing technologies: “Anytime an airborne object can hover for several minutes over a busy airport but not be registered on radar or seen visually from the control tower, (it) constitutes a potential threat to flight safety.”.

    Reaction from the Federal Aviation Administration and United Airlines

    Both United Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) first denied that they had any information on the O’Hare UFO sighting until the Chicago Tribune, which was investigating the report, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The FAA then ordered an internal review of air-traffic communications tapes to comply with the Tribune FOIA request which subsequently uncovered a call by the United supervisor to an FAA manager in the airport tower concerning the UFO sighting.

    The FAA stance concludes that the sighting was caused by a weather phenomenon and that the agency would not be investigating the incident. UFO investigators have pointed out that this stance is a direct contradiction to the FAA’s mandate to investigate possible security breaches at American airports such as in this case; an object witnessed by numerous airport employees and officially reported by at least one of them, hovering in plain sight, over one of the busiest airports in the world. Many witnesses interviewed by the Tribune were apparently “upset” that federal officials declined to further investigate the matter.

    1. Edwin,

      I recall that something may have been mentioned briefly about it but I’m not sure. These things are interesting but to me they really don’t contain much if any useful information and are effectively distractions from the reality of Meier’s ongoing contacts and their contents, etc.

      1. I hear what you are saying and agree, but it is a shame ( if this account involved members of their Federation and not a terrestrial device) to watch how these so called “authorities” reduce themselves further down the pit of shame to lie like that.

        I recall a documented article that stated pilots were quite pissed to witness the FAA continued stance on such matters, because allegedly they have had close calls in near misses with disk like devices.

        I am just saying.

        Chicago O’hare is a very busy airport for something to sit there like that for so long in a post 9/11 era, would you agree ( if true)?

  7. Michael,

    Has Billy’s contacts ever mentioned how life spans of humans operate during the beginning stages of evolution?

    If genetically modified humans brought to this system caused the deviations to the original humans of Earth, is it safe to assume that the genetically modified humans that were brought here were not the originally modified ones, but a succeeding generation that was dumbed down ( pretty much like the education systems do to the populations now)?

    Since the human ETs removed the records of these activities ( and I am assuming of their existence), is it safe to assume that more needs to be done to reverse the damage already done, especially for people who have a sense on how criminally insane this world is?

    I have emphatically expressed the notion that this is a world for the “Criminally Insane”, and I do remember Randolph Winter’s dispensing of the Contact Notes mentioned that some were actually dumped here.

    I think one of Gene Roddenbury’s episodes of Star Trek was “spot on” on what a “Criminally Insane” world would appear.

    It looks like this one is approaching that very rapidly!

    1. Edwin,

      I don’t know of any mention of Sagan in the Meier material. As for me, I found his shows interesting as I recall but that was a long time ago.

          1. I sent an email to Neil Degrasse Tyson and never got a reply. Then I realized that he works out of the Smithsonian. That is certainly the place that information disappears. When I was researching giant humans, their skeletons all ended up there, never to be seen again. I never watched “cosmos” because I didn’t care what he had to say because it was all fluff anyways.

          2. Neil degrasse knows the moon landing wasn’t a hoax. He has an interesting interview with Joe Rogan on Joe Rogans podcast. Smart man…maybe too smart for his own britches. Like he’s blinded by his intellect which makes him a bit close minded. Like no one is on his level so He’s always right…

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