SETI Sent Evidence of ET Contact by They Fly Productions

Evidence of extraterrestrial contacts in Switzerland, said to be ongoing for 73 years, sent to scientists at SETI and recently formed NExSS Initiative


SETI-Billy-Meier 1

 Billy Meier UFO photo, July 9, 1975, displayed in Times Square, May 5, 2015.

The press release is in response to statements by Dr. Jill Tarter of SETI, affirming her and their willingness to welcome public assistance in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and to the newly formed NExSS Initiative.

Since both SETI and the NExSS Initiative have put forward their interest and commitment in this area, I’m sure that we’ll receive feedback, comments and interest in the introductory information about the – still ongoing – Billy Meier contacts that I’ve provided them. I’ll certainly post their responses and any further developments.


Please click here to see the new press release online, with links to additional information.

58 Replies to “SETI Sent Evidence of ET Contact by They Fly Productions”

    1. Edwin,

      I don’t know of any mention of Sagan in the Meier material. As for me, I found his shows interesting as I recall but that was a long time ago.

          1. I sent an email to Neil Degrasse Tyson and never got a reply. Then I realized that he works out of the Smithsonian. That is certainly the place that information disappears. When I was researching giant humans, their skeletons all ended up there, never to be seen again. I never watched “cosmos” because I didn’t care what he had to say because it was all fluff anyways.

          2. Neil degrasse knows the moon landing wasn’t a hoax. He has an interesting interview with Joe Rogan on Joe Rogans podcast. Smart man…maybe too smart for his own britches. Like he’s blinded by his intellect which makes him a bit close minded. Like no one is on his level so He’s always right…

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