SETI Sent Evidence of ET Contact by They Fly Productions

Evidence of extraterrestrial contacts in Switzerland, said to be ongoing for 73 years, sent to scientists at SETI and recently formed NExSS Initiative


SETI-Billy-Meier 1

 Billy Meier UFO photo, July 9, 1975, displayed in Times Square, May 5, 2015.

The press release is in response to statements by Dr. Jill Tarter of SETI, affirming her and their willingness to welcome public assistance in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and to the newly formed NExSS Initiative.

Since both SETI and the NExSS Initiative have put forward their interest and commitment in this area, I’m sure that we’ll receive feedback, comments and interest in the introductory information about the – still ongoing – Billy Meier contacts that I’ve provided them. I’ll certainly post their responses and any further developments.


Please click here to see the new press release online, with links to additional information.

58 Replies to “SETI Sent Evidence of ET Contact by They Fly Productions”

  1. Another one for Billy that at least shows some reality to our past even if it isn’t as much relative, yet is another small hit for the mans accuracy and validity that is so sought after by everyone but oneself.
    Reposted from Waid on FB..
    The Nazca lines…..

    Just as Billy said___
    “Researchers have analysed 100 recently discovered geoglyphs engraved into the Nazca Desert in southern Peru, as well as nearby shards of ancient ceramics, providing new clues about the creators of the mysterious Nazca Lines.”

    4. For their construction drawing patterns were used which were transferred and enlarged onto the ground, until the desired size was reached.
    5. The Nazcans were perfectly mastering the necessary mathematical calculating.
    6. With ropes that were attached to standing poles – that were held by people – with revolving straps, an improvised circle was built which served to scrape the spots, that had already been marked, with tools.
    7. The light sediment layer under the desert’s surface was uncovered, and in this way the figures and lines were created.
    8. The gigantic scrape figures – desert ground that was scraped away – were symbolizing gods that were revered by the Nazcans in those times.
    9. At the same time, the scrape pictures were also an astronomical calendar and a huge astronomical garden, because the figures represented portrayals of the gods who, according to the Nazca people’s belief, were seen in the star pictures.
    10. For the interpretations of the Nazca star pictures, animals and birds known to the people, and also geometric figures were used which were believed to be seen in the star constellations.
    July 31,1989

  2. SETI , like the voyager spacecraft now leaving our solar system containing exact coordinates and music and language is absolutely stupid . Its like trolling for attention . In 1976 would you go drive down 42nd street in Manhattan clad in gold and diamonds driving your brand new convertible Mercedes ? Or walk through the lions cage at the Bronx Zoo with Lady Ga Ga’s meat dress ? Come on man Seti is another joke to create a narrative when needed. We already havel things beyond imagination and these clowns are going to participate in something way far away from the narrative ? Aghum , its not on the white house talking points to guide the puppets . So its just a tool . A useless one . We could have eliminated homelessness and empowered communities with education for the price of the SETI scam . Might as well call it MUFON , it does the same thing . Nothing . Heeaayyyy, come here , we have no protection against you , say hello , call me . Really ? We already know about massive contact and culture and manipulation and the .GOV’s of the world are holding on to this one for a special day . Never let a crisis go to waste . Its called project Blue Beam . Satalitte projectors in the sky simulating an alien situation , meant to grab the worlds attention for the usage of governments to forward their handlers objective . Done . Our celestial signature does not need SETI to do squat . We are as obvious as a glow in the dark fluorescent orange sonic equivalent of Rodan squaking in the prehistoric days looking for Gammara . You will have more success trying to lip read a good Tokyo Monster Movie slated for Americans . Godzilla may be able to wade ashore in your town , but the government can talk to you inside your head from the other side of the planet . Watch District 9 . That’s what SETI would attract . Oh , yeah , I forgot BEAM already did what SETI is based upon . Who knew ?

  3. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. SETI and the like are flytrap like entities. Their purpose is to provide the illusion of progress, so as to demotivate those who would do things properly. There are certainly people in those organisations who know of the Meier case, who have had plenty of opportunity to follow up on the information. They have not. Thus, emailing them openly cannot be other than an attempt to publically shame an organisation that knows no shame. It is usually best to avoid those kinds of people, in my experience. Still, I admire your half full glass, Mr Horn 😉

    1. Publishing info like that…doesn’t only got to SETI. It’s seen nationwide and eventually worldwide. So it informs many other people that such organizations may just be the kinds of shameless fronts you mention. Of course there’s also a chance that some people do evolve and change for the better, even if motivated still by self-service, etc.

  4. It may be promising indeed that this information has been passed on. In the end though we all must make the decision to do or not do. Sometimes it’s more difficult for people who feel a closer relationship to things to continue on in the old ways and we sometimes disagree, even though we know innately what may be happening. I often long for personal conversation sometimes outside the sphere of this Internet, it seems like we would all be better off at times. The frustrated part of me is always looking for why and how it happened, but sometimes even though I force it away, I may know who in some deep recess. Anyway, it’s really not that important. I’m sure we will all see that others see as well. I truly wish you all the best, and please try to stay positive because we have enough negative already, it’s ok to feel good about a beautiful day is all I meant.

  5. To MH and everyone else Around 6pm EDT almost six hours ago Indian Point blew smoke which means radiation might flow into the Hudson River and our electric bils l will go up. “It`s high time we shut these damn nuclear power plants down especially Indian Point which is owned and run by the Entergy Corporation which refuses to get the hell out of Westchester County. Please check this out! To MH,sorry I couldn`t get onto your Email to report this horror:((( I just sent this to Billy and figu just now on their wesite. I just hope Ptaah and Quetzal will look into this insident and hurry. Thanks:(((

  6. Sorry MH and everyone but this is a very very dangerous and serious issue As I have sted many times “I DON`T want to come down with radiation poisoning and cancer”!

  7. Insidently,there was an oil spill in upper Westchester County on 5/7/15. from an o8il tanker train explosion the other day too. I read on the wesite truthout that this stupid US government “WON`T report any of this until AFTER the explosion happens ” As I`ve said and I`ll say it again it is high time that planet Earth join the Plejaren Federation and the Galaxtic/Inergalaxtic Federation too or else we will face more oil and nuclear explsions to say nothing of thISI/ISL garbage ruining this world with their stupid religious fanatsims and nuclear war,etc,etc,etc”!

  8. Just a short note to let you know that a transformer blew at Indian Point but it`s still billowing smoke. Govener Andrew Cuomo is looking into the situation at Indian point. My other organization wespac along wit River Keepers have been trying for years to shut down Indian Point for years to no avail. That`s all I got so far when I woke up this morning?

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