Such fearful false bravado is the antithesis of calm and careful, strategically effective tactics.

I recently posted comments on the Jihad Watch blog where people were extolling the virtues of Pamela Geller’s spit-in-you-face cartoon show, featuring defamatory depictions of Mohammed. That was the event at which two terrorists were killed before they could attack.

It’s a strange thing that so many Americans still perpetuate the adolescent “We’re number one!” behavior at every opportunity, in this case with total disregard for others who think, feel or believe differently than they do. The majority of Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism but are deliberately, publicly insulted by the characterizations, which are perpetuated on that blog.

While Ms. Geller Is Jewish, America is often referred to as a “Christian nation”, our institutionalized violence being revered in such sports as football, which had its origins in the “Muscular Christianity” movement. Many countries, societies and cultures in our aggression-based world have their rough and even violent sports; boxing and now the UFC are ubiquitous. Along with our own propensity for violence we have a shameless disregard for honesty; winning at any cost is the unspoken – or spoken – rule of the game. And it’s all a game to many here.

But this kind of disrespectful, defamatory behavior is ineffective in dealing with the realities and unpredictability that are even now being warned about by intelligence agencies, etc. They certainly don’t help either in bridging the communication gap and encouraging understanding between people. The terrorists aren’t intimidated by such ill thought out nonsense. To the contrary, it’s making some “targeting” much easier and contributes to their recruiting the disenfranchised, the vulnerable, etc., to their murderous cause. It’s said that our policies in the Middle East not only created such entities as Al Qaeda but also continued to result in more and more terrorists being recruited to their cause. Ms. Geller and her supporters, with their own form of bullying, are now continuing to serve that foul purpose, ignorant as they are of cause and…effect.

But these cowardly, impotent acts make some people feel as if they’re really doing…something, now that they’ve taken a moment to look up from their cell phones, video games, TVs, sports and realized that suddenly they and their families are now at risk, right here at home, that these things aren’t just happening to someone else, to those people over there, etc. Such fearful false bravado is the antithesis of calm and careful, strategically effective tactics. When Ms. Geller talks about “wearing a bulletproof vest” to the next ill-conceived fiasco, a stupid kind of “Go on, I dare you to try!” gesture, she neglects to consider not only any and everyone else who’d be put at risk but also that there are some things that the vest are completely useless against. I won’t go giving any more ideas to those who are already working on their plans for carnage; some of our overly competitive TV shows have already provided plenty of scenarios to pick from.

It’s no secret that there have long been not only the disaffected here at home but dedicated sleeper cells such as give concern to intelligence and police agencies. It doesn’t help that the kind of organized military action at home looks like it’s more to prepare for the two coming civil wars and breakdown of the US also foretold by Meier. One doesn’t have to be conspiratorially mined to wonder just why such exercises are being done here when we’ve already failed to seal our own borders, use appropriate military force against the ever encroaching drug traffickers, etc.

I was attacked on the blog for trying to encourage people to be reasonable, despite pointing out that Billy Meier first warned about the real dangers from fundamentalist Islamic terrorism in 1958 and that we’ve tried to do our part to get a petition to the White House calling for an international military force. So, the easily incited flail about, blustering against anyone who would pose rational criticisms and questions, talk about their faith in their imaginary, equally impotent gods and saviors to bail us out of our long, long self-created mess. They also forget that the god of the Old Testament was a maniacal, genocidal terrorist himself, commanding as well as participating in the deaths of thousands, according to that particular holy book. Ms. Geller is an outspoken supporter of Israel, which oppresses the rights of the Palestinians for who conditions in Gaza are described as intolerable.

In case you want to peruse all the comments there you’ll get insight into the mindset of these folks. I’ve been blocked from responding further, which has spared the various anonymous online heroes, tin soldiers and worshippers of tin gods any more of my pointing out that we’re needlessly bringing even more misery down upon ourselves.


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70 comments on “The Dangerous Arrogance and Ignorance of Pamela Geller

  • Micheal,”URGENT! Please check out article from for Thursday May 28th,2015 by John LaForge Nuclear Weapons Proliferation:ade in the USA” The US government has violated thje Non Proliferated Treaty by bulding H_Bombs and exporting these H-Bombs to other countries to say they agree with this treaty when we know that this US government has repeatedly violated every rule in the book including the Fast_Track to the TPP and TTIP ect! Micho Kaku has stated that once an H-Bomb is detonated the H-Bomb can not only explode but the H-Bomb can multiply without stopping and expand well into the DERN Univrse! Please get this information and this article out to Billy,Ptaah,Quetzal and the Plejaren Federation PRONTO due top the seriousness of this article on H-Boms”. Thanks

  • I certainly agree that Ms. Geller is a dangerous individual inspired by the dark side, but referring to the God of the Old Testament as a “maniacal, genocidal terrorist” is rather silly. Sure, the Hebrew Bible is often worded in a way that may lead a simpleton to draw such a conclusion, but if you dig deeper into the full underlying story of what the Christian bible represents, you gain a better understanding of why God is presented in such a way.

    God is required to hate things that are against him, for if he loved things that were against him, he would contradict his dedication to the side of good and truth. The inspired human wisdom and thought that evolved into the Hebrew Bible would have been faced with the same struggle of trying to understand why God’s people would go through horrible suffering, so it makes sense that they would have been led to conclusions that God gets angry at things that go against him. The Old Testament in its Christian interpretation is mainly about establishing a distinct picture of why man essentially needs God – because without God he is nothing but fleshy sin and death. With this central concept established, the New Testament shows us that despite our flawed nature, we simply have to establish one thing: faith – a completely internal acceptance that God is real, living, and is the ultimate authority on truth.

    But Christianity goes a little deeper than that too – thanks much to Paul – for it tries to drill into our hearts this idea that being a Christian truly requires a denial of self – that we can’t consciously “do things” to make us more or less Christian, or even Christian at all. It requires us to separate our minds and heart from everything that this world calls “truth” that we know goes against God (for we need a basis of truth to know what aspects of our life lead to God, and which ones lead to death, for everything about us must point to one of those two directions if God does exist). When people do this, and truly submit to God and his authoritative will, they truly see the power of God’s will in their personal human lives. This is why many people who “find Jesus” have such a life-altering transformation and a positive change of perspective. While man has somewhat muddied the truth with his own created concepts of true state of this supernatural world, most of us with at least some moral compass would probably agree that there are still two sides in the end, and God assures us we only want to be on one of those sides, and to be on it requires a very quick, simple shifting of our internal perspective on the truth of the universe.

    It is not Christianity itself that is driving people away from God – but the concept of religion. Religion is a man-made concept that basically boils down to man’s attempt to simultaneously serve God while continuing to support his carnal desire to submit to sin. God is not falling for this trick, and we can clearly see this by our failure in over the 100,000 years or so of human existence to harmonize the world through religion. But that doesn’t mean religion’s existence in itself is a mistake – in fact it makes sense – if man is naturally inclined to rebel against God, then his acceptance of God would have to somehow spawn out of such rebellion, which is what religion has done, and quite well.

    But contrary to the views of many ignorant Christians, God is not looking down on us saying something like “All Jews – hell. All Muslims – hell. All Jehovah’s Witnesses – hell. All Hindus – hell. ” If you seriously have that narrow minded of a view of man’s relationship with his true higher power, then I pray the light of truth will someday enlighten you.

    The truth is clear – submit to God, admit you are weak and a slave to sin, communicate directly with the living God, and most of all, reveal your full desire to devote your earthly life to his will. This is what Jesus was desperately trying to teach us. God is fully aware that only a minority will truly accept this call, but in theory, if every human being did, that is the only way man would even come close to any conceivable concept of utopia. We have tried to do so every other way but God in these past 1,000 centuries, and all we have done is make things much, much worse. We are never going to overcome the universal law of John 14:6, no matter how hard we try.

    If you are reading this, God has chosen you for his army. Repent and rest assured that you are forgiven for your sin, for you had no choice but to be born into it. God is real, God will communicate with you if you desire, and he will use you to support his will. Ignore everything else this world of lies tells you about Christianity. Don’t do it just to form a worldly identity like so many in America do – you will only fail and walk away from it, You must accept that this entire world is run on lies, and God is fully aware of it. Trust me, this is the side you want to be on.

    • As is my policy, the religiously deluded can have their one post here. Unaware of the spiritual teaching, the depth of the Meier material and its evidence and information they babble on about non-extent deities, saviors, etc., without regard for the fact that had they not either been subjected to, nor willingly indoctrinated by, the utter nonsense that ALWAYS reduces to: “What’s in this book is true…because this book says it’s true,” they might have had a chance at sanity, logic, true inner freedom, etc.

      Anyone who actually reads the the first bible can see for themselves that it’s full of “divinely inspired” murder, rape, genocide, theft, burning and pillaging, etc., which only a brainwashed person could construe as anything else.

      Mitch, if you want to actually participate in a discussion relevant to the Meier information the biblical, religious junk will have to be left out.

      • Wow, you people are seriously weird and disturbed. And why don’t you come try to censor me to my face freak?

        • You weren’t censored, you were allowed one delusional religious post…and this one complaining about.

          You’re also free to comment on, as well as criticize the content, point of views expressed here. It will be more productive if you deal with our content since it’s clear that we don’t provide a forum for religious beliefs.

          More comment approvals will occur on the weekend, due to my schedule.

        • I’m sorry, do you want Mike to pay your bills as well? What does Mike owe you boss? Some kindness can go a long way.

        • Mitch you’re just in the wrong place to spread a sermon, and you didn’t do your homework. That’s why they are saying those things. well writing, but you see what I mean?

          so much of what you write about has a fresh perspective in the contact reports – so refreshing and deeply resounding with truth. it’s a relief and great fodder for thinking. check it out sometime man – then see how your opinion is and come back to share. i’ll like to read your thoughts about what is written in the contact reports


          • I love what you said here “so much of what you write about has a fresh perspective in the contact reports – so refreshing and deeply resounding with truth. it’s a relief and great fodder for thinking” to Mitch, Tyler and inviting him to share his thoughts on what he reads and learns.

          • Somebody extended the same sentiment to me in the past, so I’m happy to pass it along. Also at times I have to go back and re-acquaint myself with the basic rules of FIGU, so I don’t get myself into entitlement to see others as this or that. Just something I share to the general forum. Salome

          • Actually, that way of writing “deeply resounding with truth” is not really my own words – and I would like to say something myself instead. So I can say, it is something very interesting in the contacts, especially about the topic of “sin”, that is just a relief of a kind. To me, it’s a relief and a lighter thing on the mind to consider – and I’d say it is refreshing for its logical sense. Check it out if you would like 🙂

    • Hey Mitch, the only truth I found in your rant was this “Religion is a man-made concept” and “this entire world is run on lies”. Why don’t you put two and two together and realize that religion is used to control people? As per John 14:6, my father passed away so why would I go through some wrongly named person by the name of Jesus to channel my dead father? Sounds kind of creepy to me.

      • MH is controlling the content, combination of letters and words used in discussion on his blog. BM is controlling the content as well as the translators, for errors and carefully, sensitively wording.

        What I am saying is that religion to ‘control people’ is a completely different type of material control, its built around a narrative that permits a level of confusion. And with a money rich group must have already infiltrated its core in order for a stability to have taken hold, for the doctrine to have woven itself into peoples lives and life, poor people can do cults ok I guess so, but its the rich that really cause a cult to boom like a fighter jet going through the sound barrier. And the most efficient way is to socially stratify the cult, separating people based on their monetary assets, and they’re non-spoken evolutionary status, to vet each comment, each vote, each discussion, one by one, in a pack that hunts together, to ensure that no one dare try to question the parameters of the original base of agreement.

        Thank you.

        • My main control is over what I write. I generally don’t exert control over the majority of submitted posts. I allow one delusional religious post and after that the person has to actually address the topic. I edit out profanity if it’s there and I catch it. Periodically I comment more directly on others’ submissions…as time permits.

          • Oh so that’s what happened to my profanity laced comments…
            Gabby, you are confusing this site with all the others out there that actually ban people for speaking the truth. If you have no truth to speak and just want to shower us with religious crap, sorry but we’ve heard it all before. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes on this blog without being banned. It’s only when they won’t post their real name and hide their true selves, or have been asked numerous times to clarify their position or bring forward evidence of their claims and refuse to do so, that they get banned. Most other sites won’t even offer you that before banning you. You are barking up the wrong tree.

    • “If you are reading this, God has chosen you for his army. Repent and rest assured that you are forgiven for your sin, for you had no choice but to be born into it. ”

      Mitch, If you’re reading this then the Dunkle Donuts benefit from this line of submission as there is a small group of the Dunkleberries that will follow to the letter end time nuttiness.

      “The human seeks, and here and there floats a soft whisper, a faint whisper of growing anticipation of something that corresponds really more to the truth than to any empty gibberish. If the human is ready, then he anticipates the arrival of that which makes every nerve within him become fidgety and unconsciously brings his yearning for the effective truth, for knowledge and wisdom as well as for true life and harmony, to its peak. In the human, it begins to seethe and surge, while within him, however, are still doubts that rampage, gloomily brooding, numbing and calamitous, in the thoughts and feelings as a result of the fear of having to endure punishment if the old and nonsensical things are discarded. This is the moment in which it is important that the path of reality is courageously followed and the truth is acknowledged, otherwise it brings forth confusion, faintheartedness and disaster if the dark, thick veil is not torn once and for all with full strength. If strength and courage are not summoned up, then the thoughts and feelings are again pulled down with powerful tenacity into the filthy morass in which all efforts for soaring thoughts of illumination are nipped in the bud. Therewith, a frightening silence with respect to the effective truth then sets in because all well-wishing is suppressed, stifled, undermined and destroyed in the swampy morass, whereby a possibility to once again find the path to freedom hardly exists anymore. The chance for this is vanishingly small in such a way that it can hardly be grasped anymore and be useful again if the situation is not changed for the better again through a tremendous influence of one’s own. If this does not happen, then the cry of longing and seeking for light and truth, love, knowledge and wisdom is diverted and goes unheard in the all-consuming morass, which is deliberately created by all those false prophets, saviors, gurus, esoteric ones, masters, sectarians, enlightened ones and lofty ones as well as by misleading false assertions of uncomprehending and wrongly interpreted spiritual sciences, and they pretend to help, to bring the truth and salvation but, in truth, teach horrendous nonsense. Their teaching material is false, wrong, dishonest, hypocritical, irresponsible, misleading and unreal. They do not teach the truth but rather lies; their words are hollow and their desire is only power and profit, a life like a king as well as in arrogance, virtueless and without honor and dignity, because they do not bring love, harmony, peace and freedom to the seeking human but rather misery, distress and fear. As false prophets and saviors, etc., they know neither the laws and directives of Creation nor the truth in regard to the teaching of life, the teaching of the spirit and the meaning of life, which leads to them robbing the human of the water necessary for life. “

      • An example of the mass of morass that hits someone that independently tried to do something can be felt with Bob Lazar’s 25 year interview:

        For the record, he is the only other person I have come across in the UFO subject that plainly stated the test craft cannot safely hover in an earlier interview. This is something the alleged PJ Semjase stated from the beginning of the CRs and one that is missed by the folks that worship lights in the sky. You get a sense of this 5-6 minutes in when he says they went to take cover behind the car as they thought the disco ball in the sky was going to blow up crater into them.

        In short, the UFOs themselves are the Mother of all Lemons!

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