The Apophis Puzzle: The Meaning of Red

It’s just like in the movies, so what’s the problem?

If an advanced, space-traveling race were to try to warn us of a real, impending danger to our world and to do so without directly interfering in it, how might they go about it?

Just like in the movies, might they take a very calculated approach and insert just enough information – and controversy – into our awareness so as to prompt at least a few thinking people to pay attention and delve into it?

In the movies there’s usually some kind of a cryptic message, mathematical formula, or (only in the movies) a radio signal. And some intrepid person, scientist or otherwise (think Richard Dreyfuss) gets about the task of unscrambling or deciphering the message that will ultimately reveal to humanity that…we are not alone.

So why can’t real life be just like the movies to the extent that scientists involved in the search for extraterrestrial life would display at least as much curiosity and interest in following up on any such evidence. But what even remotely comparable evidence is there, one might ask?

Well we’ve been publishing the evidence and information in the Meier case for years, as well as sending it to any and all scientists, journalists, publications, news outlets, forums, etc., as we can. While there are some courageous, highly credible scientific experts who’ve analyzed, corroborated and authenticated it, the mainstream…everything has remained comfortably non-responsive. But at what cost to all of us?

The Red Meteor aka Asteroid Apophis

One specific example is the information from Meier and the Pleajren about what they called the Red Meteor, aka asteroid Apophis. Starting in 1981, they warned about this object coming towards Earth and the need for our scientists to come together to deflect it from it’s trajectory.

Naturally, the know-it-alls were dismissive of the information, citing the always infallible NASA to reassure us that Apophis was really nothing to worry about. Sure, NASA changed its estimate of the actual size of Apophis to within 25 meters of what Meier published but…so what? After all, we’re Americans and Americans are always right, right?

However, it actually does appear that Meier’s warnings have been pursued, though not by US scientists, only those “nobodies” in Russia and China. While our scientists are busy creating various “initiatives” and other public relations exercises, the Chinese and Russians have gone about the business of planning to deflect asteroid Apophis, as specifically recommended by the Plejaren.

Saving Face or Saving Lives?

The unspoken truth is that none of the mainstream scientists and organizations in the US actually expect to “discover” extraterrestrial life for a long time. There’s an underlying belief that it’s not “supposed to happen yet”.

Let’s take a moment to put things in perspective. Remember that all of the scientists of today, including at NASA, SETI, etc., were in the past just…students, sitting in college classrooms like today’s aspiring scientists are. Far from being any kind of all-knowing gods then either, they too were working hard to get their degrees, pursue higher learning and, in too many cases, also a falsely elevated status, celebrity standing, fame and fortune, etc. After all, it’s the…American way (and now in a few other places as well). Such self-seeking and profit motivated agendas do nothing good for humanity but I’m not so naïve as to think that it’s going to stop anytime soon, despite the great cost to our collective wellbeing.

So now that certain scientists have attained their long sought, expensively pursued positions and status, far, far too many of them are more concerned with not rocking the boat (read: loss of funding, tenure, so-called credibility, etc.). So there they sit, silently refusing to acknowledge, let alone comment on such matters as the voluminous, authenticated, corroborated evidence and information in the Meier case…even if it means that an asteroid actually will slam into the Earth. One might think that it’s their way of saying that they’d rather die than face the embarrassment of finding what they say they’re looking for. Maybe more correctly, they’d rather that other people die than risk their own vested interests.

People, make no mistake about it, this is exactly the kind of world we live in. This is exactly the to-be-expected result of the ever-increasing greedy selfishness, lack of self-honesty and integrity that has supplanted all such previously exalted human values. Unlike their on-screen counterparts, these scientists would rather…not be the ones who will forever be associated with the most important discovery in human history, the existence of extraterrestrial life – and its outreach to help humanity assure its own future survival.

Paint It Red

We speculated on the possible connection between the Red Meteor and the Torino Scale. In yet another interesting twist on the “red” component, Jeff Tan posted this information on our blog about how the “older rocks tend to be reddish (emphasis added) in these observations”:

“To know for certain whether this happens, astronomers will need to observe Apophis during its 2029 pass. Scientists age asteroids by surveying infrared light; older, weathered rocks tend to appear more reddish in these observations. If a high-quality spectrum can be obtained during the approach, it should be possible to compare the color of Apophis before and after its flyby, Bottke says. “When [Apophis] makes its pass, we’ll get to run the experiment. Whether it’s all solved or not we’ll have to find out.”

As Chris Lock also pointed out:

As to why NASA’s trajectory of Apophis is wrong: Apophis seems capable of landslides. These and chnages to its orbit as it approaches “the keyhole” on its flyby of Earth in 2029 could very likely result in a changed trajectory bringing it THEN onto a collision course with Earth. It is not made of ice so we are not looking at dissolved parts. It could be this is why Ptaah mentioned that Earth scientists need to be doing something asap as presumably after the flyby will be too late…Meier isn’t just predicting a meteor will “someday” hit the Earth: He is predicting its size, approximate date of arrival, specific point of impact, and resultant effects. Just a few important details you omitted. The US experiences hundreds of tornados a year. SInce when has the earth experienced hundreds of meteors a year?

Matthew Knight’s reasoning also bears consideration:

Quetzal: “Earth humanity should listen to your words and warnings, but that especially they do not do.”

In CR 150, Billy and Quetzal state, as facts, that “humanity” will, not only, learn the identity of red meteor in the future (or what is the point of the warning?), but, they will receive further “words and warnings” (plural). One “red meteor” warning from this 1981 conversation would not constitute adequate warning that “humanity” “should” or could do anything about – even if they ultimately decide to “do not do” anything. So far, all the predictions, both, implied and stated, in that 1981 contact report, have come true!

Meier had an impossibly small window of time for scientists to identify a suitable NEO from 1981, that will pass close enough to Earth to be recognised as any kind of threat. Again, the identification of a suitable NEO would have to come before Meier’s death. After then, Billy would not be able to confirm any findings from astronomers, or, put flesh on the bones of Quetzal’s original warning so that it makes sense and becomes a set of “warnings” that mankind can “listen to”. Also, this NEO would have to be passing earth before the time that we are able to defend against all NEOs with future space technologies, say, in the year 2050 (according to timeframes of current NEO space projects). Therefore, in 1981, Meier’s window for this prediction to come true was 1981 – circa 2050.

In 1991, the earliest known publication date, no known NEOs were expected to come close to Earth. Even though Apophis was spotted 13 years later and was initially a high-risk threat, no NEOs since are expected to threaten earth before 2050. Everything Billy and Quetzal discussed in 1981 about the “future” time – where mankind knows about this meteor and can do something about it – has been proven to be true. Why, then, doubt Billy’s accuracy about the remainder of that prediction if impossible odds were involved? Meier’s warning has been explicit and consistent since 1981 whilst astronomers have disagreed about the size of the object, even following Ptaah’s estimate of 350 metres in CR 475. Scientists have also been unable to agree how close Apophis will pass to the Earth and the changing calculations continue whilst the Plejaren have said the same thing since 1981.

What we have above is certainly “speculative” but one would say that it’s every bit as good, thoughtful and compelling as anything from a science fiction movie, especially when one actually does examine Meier’s record of voluminous, accurate scientific information. Of course our distinguished scientists are not yet deigning to comment about Meier’s warnings – certainly none have yet attempted to refute or, equally telling, debunk it.

So will the “kids” who sat in those classrooms years ago, who now have academic positions and initials after their names, etc., end up being shown up by “ordinary” people who’ve taken the self-responsibility to try to make a difference in the world, who aren’t so concerned about loss of face as they are abut loss of lives, will they…grow up, show up and do their jobs and maybe then get their sought after book and movie deals, reality show, or whatever else they really lust after?


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Thanks to Jeff Tan, Matthew Knight and Chris Lock




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To put it simply, there is room for only one person inside each other’s head. This is why the individual themselves IS the focus of the Meier material and must be strong rather than succumbing to the mass hysteria of group-club-ism most religions resort to. How someone could equate the focus on the individual in the Meier material to mass religious extra-mania-ism isn’t really seeing the trees from the woods?

Ergo, that is why ‘all religions’ are together blamed for nuttiness from the Meier material even though it may seem to some folks there is a focus on a handful at the top of a few religions (like the Vatican – if it matters to some folks). Remember, when it comes to Christianity, never forget that if you take whole the alleged PJ as being real, then it would ‘make sense’ for them to be a bit stronger with criticism for a religion that purports to hold true the message from one of their own descendants considering it is alleged Jmmanuel was the son of the Plejaren Gabriel.

Chris L

Chris and Chris L are the same person. Unless there is more than one Chris here, which is why I went back to Chris L.

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