Rising Melanoma Rate Confirms Billy Meier Warnings

Summer is fast upon us and, as Billy Meier long foretold, the damage to the ozone layer increases the dangers of skin cancers

As Billy Meier foretold in 1958, when he first warned about the damage to the ozone layer, a new LA Times article reports that skin cancer rates have increased to double what they were 30 years ago.

Ptaah had explained to Meier that exposure to the sun for tanning is hardly innocuous and leads to severe problems, as more and more people are learning.

Quetzal also foretold the dangers from the then not yet existing mobile cellular phones, etc., which are denied as well, since the worship of profit is even greater that of the sun worshippers.

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  1. Thanks Michael. I won’t be posting here until times that foster a more united and genial outlook have manifested. I have given Mr Meier something further to consider and this renders my current interest complete. You have my email should further contact be required.

    1. Oh right, like you are the first one who ever thought of that. How does your body manage to keep that weighty egotistical head held so high? From your posts I’ve noticed two things, you have no clue what you’re talking about and you do not study anything Meier related. You’re no guardian. For you to even have said that insults my intelligence. I want to remind you that YOU were the one who wanted ME to answer your question. Did you say you only wanted a yes or no answer? No you never. Respect is earned and you’ve done nothing to earn it. Don’t let the door smack you on the way out.

      1. I am not interested in earning anyone’s respect Sheila although I do feel that I interact in a respectful way. To attack and insult someone for asking a question could be considered akin to harboring an ulterior motive and a hindrance to exactly what Mr Meier is fundamentally all about. You and others do little for his cause and the cause of humanity without this realization. I am sure you mean well, but I am not the one you need to consider. It is those that read your words that should be of importance to you.

        I allowed the door hit me on the way out and it has now sent me back in the right direction……..so thank you for your concern.

        1. Oh good, you’re right back where you belong in the mufon fold, as if anyone believes you left it in the first place. What are you the guardian of? Mufon treasures? There’s no value in that. Don’t give me your snotty I only asked a question BS. You were the one claiming to be a guardian and obviously have never encountered disrespect before which tells me you think you are an authority on something. Something that no one asks you hard questions about that’s for sure. You have no clue what Meier stands for, I can see that in your posts. What Meier material have you read so far? Do you care to answer this question? No answer can also be an answer.
          As far as your question goes even if Semjase’s hair sample had a root, I would never ask Billy or FIGU to have it DNA tested. The metal samples were already stolen and I honestly think Semjase’s DNA would be stolen too. And you know as well as I do the DNA from Semjase would be used for nefarious purposes probably for cloning purposes or to ramp up the super soldiers. Do you want that to happen? I certainly don’t. There are enough freaks out there claiming to be human/alien hybrids, why don’t you DNA test them?

          1. Sheila you can proffer a medical examination from an expert to see if he has an issue or you could offer him a tissue. When it comes to DNA comparisons he needs a comparison DNA tissue to compare it with. Maybe he meant DUH?

        2. Gerard, bro, we’re not here to answer your inquiries about evidence. We are here to discuss the posts that MH puts up and if there are any questions regarding the spiritual teaching. When you come to this blog still questioning the evidence that’s already been provided with a nonchalant arrogant question like, and I’m paraphrasing, “if they could see into the future and past they would know DNA would help legitimize the case”, I see it as another skeptic trying to do what skeptics do. For questions like this, you can email MH direct or go to FIGU discussion form and ask away. Again, we are not the Jehova witnesses going door to door pressuring anyone to “believe”. Either you accept this case as truth or not. If people are relying on others to answer questions to convince someone that this case is real then you’ve completely missed one of the main points of the case of self responsibility. There is no convincing. We have, collectively as individuals, studied the case on our own, processed all the evidence on our own, and made a decision if this case is true on our own. What’s on the table now for evidence is it. No more will be provided. If with all the evidence, spiritual teaching, prophetically accurate information, you still question the case then I would think you’d be smart enough to come to the obvious conclusion that you’re not in aggreance with the validity of this case. And that’s fine. Good luck with whatever you’re doing. If you are not appreciating the responses then push on. You’re acting like we’re a group of Meier followers. We’re not. We’ve discovered the case and spiritual teaching that Meier has provided us and have accepted it as truth and are now working on ourselves to further evolve our conscience. Billy is just the messenger. Of course his story is off the wall amazing. But that’s it. He’s got an awesome story. But so do all of us. Maybe not as amazing or crazy as his. But there is no worshipping any one or thing. Of course we are all in aggreance that this case is the truth but that’s it. We all have to do it on our own… And so do you sir.

    2. Gerard, the only way to answer your original question is to contact FIGU and ask them if the hair sample is still in the display cabinet. I doubt there’s a laboratory on Earth that would put their name to any ‘official’ testing of it.

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