In 2011 lived in Brazil for almost six months, part of the time as the guest of my friend Ricardo Ralston. One evening, unexpectedly, he said that we had to go into Sao Paolo and leave at about 8:30 or 9:00. I wasn’t feeling quite ready for it as it felt like a cold was coming on and all I really wanted to do was try to sleep it off but I decided to challenge myself.

The ride from where we were in up in the mountains in Campos do Jordão was going to take more than two hours. I realized that by the time we arrived I could be down with a full-blown cold and feeling quite miserable. So as we plunged through the night in Ricardo’s Land Rover I made a decision to vanquish my cold by the time I arrived.

In order to do this I envisioned an unending stream of electrons flowing towards me, through the windshield of the car and at the same time that our forward motion plunged us into the vast, inexhaustible sea of universal electron energy. I maintained my focus on this while we conversed as well as when we were silent. I kept intensifying my visualizing this perpetual ocean of energy engulfing us in the car, taking it in breath by breath and increasing my intention and confidence in our arrival coinciding with, and culminating in, my being fully relieved of my cold.

When we arrived in Sao Paolo…that is exactly what occurred.

Red -Hot

Several days ago I decided to take a walk in the forest a few minutes from where I live. It was overcast and there was rain in the forecast but it didn’t look imminent. I didn’t take a jacket or protective gear; I had a thin cotton pullover with a skimpy athletic tank top underneath and a hat. I trudged about three-quarters of a mile up the mountain road and found a nice spot to do some breathing exercises, Chi Gong, etc.

In about 20 minutes I noticed that the temperature had dropped, the wind had picked up and the clouds were darkening. Taking my cue I immediately started my return, just as the first drops of rain were falling. The intensity and volume picked up quickly and I realized that I was going to get quite soaked.

I don’t particularly enjoy being cold and wet and it was at that moment that I remembered the process that I’d done in Brazil. Having no protection from the rain and wind I decided that what I would really be experiencing would be tremendous…heat. I visualized a raging, red-hot fire within and all around me. I redefined the sensation of completely soaked, cold cotton pants clinging to my legs as being one of walking in ever-increasingly warm water. I intensified my projection of this fiery element with every breath I took; each short, forceful exhale fanning the flames and enveloping me completely in their heat.

To keep me from faltering I even imagined that I was getting too hot from this peripatetic inferno. By the time I was almost at my car I noticed that I was actually enjoying the sensations of this redefined wet warmth and wondering why I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable instead.

When I returned home, still smoldering from my un-extinguishable fire, not in the least worse off than when I first ventured out, I changed into fresh dry clothing.

Reference points:

100% complete self-responsibility requires that we:

See things exactly as they are.

Observe and control every thought and feeling.

Remember that we are the smiths of our own destiny.


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  • You can say from Billy’s explanation of Earth Humanity’s lack of Might over their Thoughts that has partially attributed to us being in this mess.

    “Since ancient times, the human being asks himself: who ends the day and allows the Sun to set, and where do wind, rain, snow, hail, lightning, thunder, and all the storms, droughts, crop failures, accidents, diseases, and epidemics come from? Since time immemorial, he has felt the power of the elements and stares without understanding into the darkness, in which he hopes to find an answer to what he asks for. And the fact is, if one stares into the darkness long enough, then various things will appear – hoped for illusions, visions, and all kinds of other things.

    Thereby, all the elements that move the human being, which he tries to fathom, apparently reach explanations (become explained) that impose themselves upon him in the form of characters, figures, names, faces, and features, etc. In this way, there originated Re, the sun god of the Egyptians, Thoth, the god of the moon, Agni, the fire god of the Hindus, and Indra, the god of the rain, and so on. In addition, there arose people who passed themselves off as gods (divinities) and who charmed their believers with crazy teachings and led them astray. Thus, it happened gradually that the people of the world populated everything with gods and idols: the sky and the earth, the water and soil, the springs, brooks, rivers, streams, lakes and seas, as well as the forests, jungles, the mountains and deserts, the air, the wind, lightning and thunder, and everything conceivably possible. By these divinities and idols and by alleged spiritual beings, etc., the human being, since time immemorial, tried and tries to explain all of what exists, what happens, what is born, evolves, and disappears. Thus, God is, and the gods and idols are, the means to an end, to calm the fear-vexed and fear-tormented mind and, in complete unreasonableness, to find support and responsibility in even more unreasonable and more illogical religious false teachings. ”

    The truth is too hard for Earth Humanity it seems and would rather succumb rather than control the Might of their own Thoughts. This is time and again seen with the whole UFO movement and conspiracy movement (which makes it a point to exclude Meier and his works) that only takes advantage of the above religious devotion to a long standing error. In fact, such folks openly promote/elevate themselves as announcers of the TRUTH (on parity to prophets like Jmmanuel) and casually avoid the actual Hard Truth of the Meier material as it would remove any profitability or means for them to take advantage of their neighbor if they’re actually inclined to do something other than self promotion or selfishness.

    Too bad as this charade is going to end pretty soon (with UFOs being increasingly coming under criticism rather than awe) especially when we go to a cashless society. Then the whole of Earth humanity is exposed to the thousands of years long in the process degeneration and deprivation where nothing can be no longer bought or sold because all the thieves and pirates essentially looted whatever they can have access to without any remorse or regards to the long lasting effects such deceptive retardation causes. After all, the side effect of being always find able and available is that you’re ALWAYS under constant assault by internet thieves and hackers (which may or may not necessarily need human interaction since a computer can be on 24/7) and have the potential to having no means to mitigate economic consequences if the hack goes too far (which is par for the course with regards to the Henoch Prophecies).

  • Is there a thread for word definitions?

    This link wrongly defines faith as belief: (

    “blind faith” equates with “belief”…(Comment edited)

    NOTE: While SOME of this may be interesting it’s off topic essentially, as again the comment is filled with references to religious material, etc., and really isn’t addressing The Might of the Thoughts in Practice.

    Perhaps there’s an article that is much more closely associated with the submitted comments but this isn’t it.


    • Sorry folks, faith is faith. Weather or not it is blind is a red herring since any use of the word “faith” in any context usually belief based always. You should take what I say in good faith and that should settle the matter of definitions.

    • If I may Joern: The link you posted from FOM adequately defines the equivalent of blind faith to be exactly that – belief in regard to religions. As limited as english is in relating this concept from german in this translation it does it justice and is quite adequate. Maybe you should reread it with concentrated focus on conveyance of meaning Meier is bringing to light and not the disambiguation of terms which was not at all being said as you claim.

  • EDITED by MH


    Duke & Don Schneider, it is difficult to make a response that is often censored.

    Duke, even if the article is read a thousand times, I see the word “blind faith”/ belief in place of the word “faith”.

    The response above that was censored had very interesting content on the works of Ibn’Arabi that was labelled as “religious material” even though his works are flatly rejected by 99.9% of Islam. The other 0.01% flatly reject any organized religion.

    The response above that was censored stated among other things:

    “faith” comes only after rigorous testing of information over time to acquire experience that yields knowledge.

    Knowledge cannot be transferred from one man to another simply by speaking, writing, or reading but requires rigorous effort on the part of the one who is seeking an understanding of that knowledge gained by someone who also had to work to acquire that knowledge.

    Since knowledge knows no limit, one can spend forever attempting to acquire all knowledge. Once a certain degree of knowledge is acquired in a certain field, one employs “faith” based on experience one has acquired to gain whatever knowledge one has to determine the next logical vector for inquiry that yields measurable results so as to expand one’s knowledge in that particular field. Notice there is no room here for “blind faith” as that leads nowhere.

    “blind faith” does not equate to “faith”

    I know of no religion that recommends it followers to employ “faith” to acquire knowledge as it would rapidly lose it’s followers to discovery that all religions are a fraud.

    Logic itself is based on “faith” in the axioms that are accepted as fact based on repeated independent testing by anyone anywhere with factors held fixed that provide repeatable results.

    The act of practicing meditation is itself proof that one is using “faith” to expand ones “sensitivity” to that which is outside the realm of the physical senses. Anyone with out-of-body experience understands this implicitly.

    MH is stuck on broadcasting proof of Meier’s predictions. Much like 99.9% of the adherent’s and promoter’s of religions. Of what use is that?

    Meier is recommending common sense logic that should be followed with understanding and the utmost seriousness to avert catastrophe. That is the signature of the office of Prophets.

    The second coming in 800 years time is a function of “faith” to avert a destruction whose consequences could extend beyond our solar system. “They” have “experience” with such occurrence in the past to have “faith” that if man’s behavior remains unchanged then a catastrophe is given. Prophecies and predictions are a function of “faith”.

    There has been a gross error in the understanding of the word “faith” by those translating Meier’s work.

    • NOTE: I am allowing the second half of the post submitted – despite the fact that it’s filled with errors and is essentially OFF-TOPIC. We are not discussing the writings of another religious figure or philosopher (an attempted reposting in the now removed first half). We are discussing The Might of the Thoughts in Practice by Billy Meier and how we APPLY it our lives.

      The writer of the post doesn’t make a distinction between trust (which still often requires “but verify”) and faith. It’s as if enough damage hasn’t been done by the faith-promoting religions that someone needs to concoct semantic justifications for setting the process of thinking further back.

      As for Meier’s prophecies and predictions, their accuracy is emphasized so that people THINK about the law of causality, the might of the thoughts, how our thoughts made manifest often deliver the very things that destroy us and how we need to take self-responsibility – not have “faith” in anything – in order to assure our own future survival, among other things.

      And this blatantly incorrect, misleading, religiously tinged piece of nonsense is another example of how people corrupt the truth while pretending to understand it:

      “The second coming in 800 years time is a function of ‘faith’ to avert a destruction whose consequences could extend beyond our solar system.”

      No more of this crap please.

    • To Joern and Whom It May Concern:

      By now, it should be obvious that posting discussion unrelated to the subject of the thread can end up in unnecessary censorship — a waste of time for many. Try to post it in the general topic thread Questions and Answers and perhaps it will get the necessary response(s) here:

      Joern, I understand the way you draw distinction on the word “faith,” as I have used it myself without the “blind belief” component. It is an unpopular word on this blogsite so it should probably be left alone since it always seems to get lost in the “belief” (religion) discussion.

      However, I do beg to differ on your use of the word “knowledge.” Once again, this is a word that seems to conjure up some disagreement (not as much as “faith”). Since neither of these words have any direct relation to the topic of this thread, if you wish to continue discussing, please post it in the other thread.


  • I have knowledge, proof by my own observation that my thoughts have might to manifest what is needed in my life… I also see that by my thoughts used in a negative way, blocks to my success and well being. For me this is not hypothesis or theory, based upon a faith belief system. I have arrived at this every unfolding conclusion of what is by my own thinking process… Not by any faith in what Billy Meier’s wrote, but with my own internal work to test the spiritual teaching, as a scientist, as a young developing spirit in search for the truth.

  • When the question was asked to Billy along the lines of “does something come from nothing”, Billy basically said plainly using the full power and might of language to come across with the most obvious reply:

    “From nothing comes nothing.”

    And that is key, even if a bit sounding blunt but that is entirely CORRECT if you consider nothing means literally and totally “not a thing”. Thus, you cannot have a thing that is not a thing by full extension of the proper use of language since not a thing is supposed to entirely mean nothing … and nothing but nothing.

    Earth Humanity has a real knack for avoiding the obvious (or calling other people “Captain Obvious”) and delving into fantasy over words that should have a very clear cut meaning and communicable understanding. Seeing as not to seemly be belittled, Earth Humanity would rather avoid even this obvious observation and NOT be held by actual meanings or language as a barrier to their own consciousness, will THINK (or use their Might of Thoughts) to transcend beyond mere language and believe what.

    As simple as that response was, that was one of the most memorable things I took from the Meier material and apply to my everyday activities. After all, from nothing comes nothing when folks are stuck in the land of make-believe thinking if they believe it to be correctly that it will thus be correct. It is no WONDER why Earth Humanity has con artists, thieves, and all crooked types if individuals that litter the world to such a degree now such devious individuals BELIEVE what they’re doing is “good” or the “truth” because they’ve gotten enough folks to believe that way.

    The truth is the truth folks just like the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If a word means something then it means something but not what you want it to believe.

    • What is the ‘Absolute Nothing’?
      What is Allah? (Hint: Not Man/ Not IHWH/ Not Angel/ Not Jinn/ Not description/ Not not description,

      See fine matter perception:

      That fine matter ‘sense’ perception is atrophied as a result of man’s tendency toward the rational!

      Man cannot abandon the rational to survive in physical form. Hence, man must seek balance with the practice of meditation to quite thoughts and seek the ‘dream state’ that is independent of rational thinking or any thinking at all.

      See Creation.gif by Guido

      “And yet, even the Absolute Absolutum is dependent upon an external life energy, which it does not draw from a higher type of Creation, but directly from what human beings call Absolute Nothing. The Absolute Nothing does, however, contain the fundamental, finest energies from which the Absolute Absolutum self-created itself an unfathomably long time ago. ”

      Islam does have an esoteric component where meditation is stressed but only a very small percent (less than 1%) are aware of that ‘requirement’ and fewer still that actually practice meditation each and every day. The vast majority of Muslims will react violently if the esoteric component is even mentioned (religious brainwashing).

      Reading that link, I am not sure about the statement:

      “And the fact is: The fine-material – even though humans, out of ignorance, erroneously call it supernatural – is actually a product of the human brain, respectively, of its thoughts and the feelings resulting from them.”

      My experience in that state is one where I am not confined in my body. Travel very great distances (900,000 km would be nothing in comparison). Head hits the pillow after I have left. There were times when I was heading home in the evening, and I could feel my ‘self’ attempting to leave my body. I could see through my physical eyes as well as through my ‘self’ at the same time. Had to fight to stay in till I got into bed. The journey through Earth’s atmosphere is best described as frequent electric shocks in real-time where the sensation is dull but still disorienting compared to receiving an electric shock while one is in the body. In the latter case, the electric shock is sharp and over before one even realizes it. The electric shocks on the way up are a result of one’s spirit passing through the sheets of others’ spirits and energy columns in close proximity to the Earth extending some ways into space. Not sure why there are no electric shocks when returning back through the Earth’s atmosphere. Once one is out of the body, experiences just happen without any thinking. Each experience is unique (never repeating) except for the part of moving through the Earth’s atmosphere. There was one instance with witnesses present where I was standing, not breathing for a few minutes, and then all of a sudden my body was thrown a few feet as if something had entered the body. Attempts had been made to revive me while I was not breathing but all attempts failed.

      That is the part I don’t understand about the fine matter experience as described by Billy in FIGU Special Bulletin 38. There appears to be ‘something’ higher than thought…

      • A quick comment: Just to be clear, we don’t – we CAN’T – leave our body. Meier has explained that the consciousness sends out “feelers” that can perceive, gather the information, etc. If we leave the body, that really means the the spirit leaves the body and we die.

      • The absolute nothing is just pure, undifferentiated energy. It is meaningless without Creation, which is the only thing that orders that energy into laws and recommendations that guide life-forms along a path of evolution in a coherent wise. The Bafath tricked many people into worshipping the absolute nothing, i.e. the pure positive without the negative, which is equivalent to worshipping foolishness as it represents the unevolved potential before Creation spent æons developing the wisdom to create the present universe. ONLY Creation resp. the spirit deserves worship.

        • Well, it’s actually a little bit more simpler in the sense that Earth Humanity refuses to come to terms what the meaning of Human life is and what happens when you die. The fear of death is so great that even trying to have an over population debate usually devolves into killing people of or that like.

          Of course, the fastest path to slavery is giving up one’s life so that they may save it thinking they will live “forever”.

          Devilishly simple plan.

        • Have read references to a silver chord that remains attached to the body while one leaves the body but have not seen that myself. Everyone does leave their body (sorry send out feelers) while sleeping but most are oblivious to what is happening. From my observations, I was collected into a point of light rather than being a ‘sheet’ wafting in the golden wind to about the level of the clouds. As a point of light, one can spiral upwards actively trying not to pass through any of those sheets or the energy columns extend into the space around the Earth. Passing through either is unpleasant. Don’t remember seeing any ‘silver chord’.

          Since this is an energy form, it is possible that someone is steering the ‘dreams’. The only problem with that is the content of the dreams was not political or religious. Each experience is unique. I myself make no attempt at going to see a particular experience because it would be revisiting an experience that I’ve already had. That would be pointless. There is nothing up there that needs to get done so that one can do something at a later time sort of thing. The experiences there are completely unique and there seems to be no limit on the uniqueness of the experiences. Also, the experiences are in no way related to anything that goes on in one’s life while in the body. From my experience, it is like being relieved of all weight, chains, and obligations. One moves about freely and the experiences just come. There is no thought involved. Experiences just happen.

          The Nothing is a fluke. One can be right next to Nothing and not even notice it. In my case, I noticed it just before I was about to return. When I entered, the beauty and glory of all description paled in comparison and was literally insignificant next to the quietude of the Nothing. It is an experience that one cannot forget as if one has become part of the Nothing. Inside of the Nothing, there are no experiences because there is only Nothing. One cannot be bored there because the Nothing is completely independent. There is quietude where one is no longer even able to perceive oneself. Oneself merges into Nothing. Anyone who has had that experience will know what is being said.

          Don’t ask how I returned because I don’t know.

          • Absolute nothing is nothing more and nothing less than the absolute, pure continuum, without any division into discrete parts, which therefore is the only thing that is 100% independent and does not require any prior cause to exist. However, as pure nothing it is also infinitely foolish and has the potential to create ANYTHING, good or bad, and is unable to distinguish the value of what it enables through its infinite energy. The Creation had to evolve for trillions upon trillions of years in order to create a coherent system of laws and life that wisely distinguishes good from bad and positive from negative, which the absolute nothing by definition cannot do. It is the “pure fool” and, although the source of all things, is also not worthy of worship as Creation is, which draws its energy from the absolute nothing and provides us with this energy through our spirit-form and the universe.

  • Thanks to all the respondents on this thread to guiding me to the Truth. I thought I knew what “faith” was but I stand corrected. Thus is the Power of Thought in guiding one to the Truth!

    • Joern,

      You’ve recently submitted several more posts to the blog that are, again, off topic. Please understand that there are a few places for discussing the spiritual teaching,which can be expanded, like

      However, any thinnly or not so thinnly veiled attempts to promote will simply not be posted. We’ve made it abundantly clear that we’re not interested in any religion, faith, belief system – including Sufism. People are certainly free to look into those matters (I’ve just included the link) but you’ll find that the people who gravitate towards the spiritual teaching have already found those beleif systems to be insufficient, incorrect, inaccurate, etc. You don’t have to agree with that.

      Further, we stay away from any “masters”, as well as such things as expressed here:

      “if Sufism is also regarded as an education – for the relationship is that of master and pupil – then its school, although open to all men and women, only comprises those students who continually seek more (murīd), who agree to submit to the spiritual authority of their master, and to obey him, for it is a question of replicating a relationship that originated with the prophets, and the saints who teach by example.”

      “The miracle is to see that God is to be found in His totality at all the degrees, at all the stations where He manifests, in all the degrees of manifestation, from the most radiant to the most obscure. “And the earth shall shine with the light of its Lord… ”

      I also want to know why you have three different email addresses associated with your post, at least two of which are false.


      P.S. It now appears that ALL of your email address are fake…why?

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