You can watch the Alien Cosmic Expo, broadcast from Canada, with Pay Per View

Watch my presentation, The  Spiritual Teaching: The Reason for the Billy Meier UFO Contacts, live at the Alien Expo Conference in Canada, on June 26.

Here is a link to an advertisement for the Alien Cosmic Expo and here is where you can sign up for Pay Per View.

It’s $65.00 for the entire weekend or $25.00 a day.


40 comments on “Watch My Presentation at ACE!

  • These posts to sow doubt about MH inability to comprehend conversations are so out of place, it can feel like hitting an unseen pothole while driving on a familiar road. Like, BLAMO! Wow, what was that? These folks don’t get the fact that MH fills these road hazards faster than a county road crew hopped on free donuts and a coffee waterfall.
    It’s been a steady stream of these mud dogs, diggin’ up old worthless bones and then presenting them as a fresh meal. It’s all about dirtying up MH’s blog.

    The, ” Throwing anything at the wall to see if it sticks crew”, has enough participants now they could start their own blog. They could name it, Blog Bog, where it’s all about getting stuck in their muck. I don’t want to give them to many ideas, as that requires thinking and I’m just not that cruel.

  • Thank you MH for your enduring struggle to bring Billy’s teachings to the people! His truth changed my life and attitude 180 degrees, I have nothing but love and admiration for Billy and his life struggle to bring truth and wisdom back to the planet earth, thank you MH and thank you most of all Billy!
    P.S keep up the good work MH!

    • Hi Nathaniel,

      I very much appreciate your letting me know about your joy in finding the Meier case and the spiritual teaching. It’s quite gratifying to see enthusiasm for the truth.

  • Awesome to finally meet you in person Michael. Both presentations were very informative. Thank you for coming to Canada eh!

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