NASA Finally Takes Billy Meier’s Advice on Deflecting Asteroids

Publicly of course they won’t acknowledge the elephant in the room but perhaps now the focus will be on deflecting Apophis

While of course there’s no mention of it by NASA in the article, it appears that they are again taking Billy Meier’s advice regarding dealing with incoming objects like asteroid Apophis. You may recall that they changed their estimate of its size to within 25 meters of what Meier published years ago.

Retired astronaut Russell “Rusty” Schweickart’s pessimistic comments about the likelihood of a cooperative global effort – as specifically recommended by Billy Meier and the Plejaren decades ago – reflect what Meier reiterated in an interview on May 27 (in which he also again noted that a true international peace-combat force was the only way in which to stop the IS).

Our past efforts to bring the Meier case to the attention of scientists at NASA, SETI, etc., were usually met with derision and ridicule. Now we only get a kind of gather-the-wagons, stony silence, which, combined with recent announcements such this one on asteroid deflection from NASA, indicate a begrudging recognition of his authenticity. Publicly of course they won’t acknowledge the elephant in the room but perhaps now the focus will be on deflecting Apophis.

The new article also mentions the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor airburst over Russia, which I alluded to earlier this year as a potential wake-up call to take the Apophis threat seriously.

Recent support from people like NASA aerospace engineer, Matthew Wieczkiewicz, and Kenneth Smith, the Director of Operations at Orbital Launch System Group (Ret), who also endorse the singular authenticity of the Meier case, may have also contributed to their taking the case more seriously.

While various scientists and even world leaders may know about Meier, he was also told, in 2006, that his information is known and read by the Vatican. We can see that it’s being currently used to “inspire” very non-traditional comments by the current pope, which aren’t being welcomed in all circles.

While I linked to the additional information in a recent post on Apophis, I’ll list some relevant links regarding Meier’s Apophis warnings and the evolution of NASA’s changing position since we first started publishing the information:

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NOTE: The Tunguska event was not an asteroid, as explained to Billy Meier years ago. More information on it is also in this Contact Report.

Thanks to Bruce Lulla for the heads up!

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  1. Hi Terry,

    You have suggested this many times here at MH’s blog. It should be clear,
    joining the Plejaren Federation can’t happen at this time on Earth. As a planet, we display all the signs of a civilization that could only endanger other members of the federation. Our unbalanced thinking, dangerous emotions and our weakness in spiritual knowledge unleashed would poison other worlds. Thousands of years will be necessary to bring all of the Earths people into acceptance of each other and remove all the hatred and fears we display. At that time we will all resonate an energy that will say, “We are knowing and kind”. There’s lots more reasons we won’t be able to join, I’m sure you can think of a few.

  2. I totally agree with you Shawn. One very bad point is all the religious faith and the hatred that is now fueling this entire world. I recently read an article from a retired general of the army who served in Viet Nam who is an optimist. He stated that he doesn`t think there will be a WW3 because these governments such as Iran,North Korea, India and Pakistan will eventually find out that it`s not worth a nuclear blast just to save their necks because that would be the end of civilization on Earth etc. I think sooner than later the people on Earth will have to learn to find their own way and not fight one another all the better to do away with all this religiousness,faith,hate,politics coporerations, money,power struggles,militarisms and so on. The sooner we can do away with all these horrors the sooner we can all join the Plejaren Federation.

    1. Well let’s look at the evidence Moshe. Prior to 2013 NASA said there was only a 4% chance of it hitting the earth and now they are naming the exact date even though they have never been able to pinpoint a recently discovered asteroid that far in the future before. You don’t go from 4% to 100% without a little help. Only Billy Meier had that information so who do you think helped NASA?

      1. Sheila, as always, it’s nice to hear from you. But I don’t understand what your point is. Is it that NASA couldn’t know the date Apophis would hit earth because it hasn’t predicted that far in advance when an asteroid would pass the earth? How do you think Meier helped NASA?

        1. Look Moshe do your own damn homework mmmkay? Michael has posted links right below his commentary at the top of this page. Read it and come back with your summary. Unless of course you’re too damn lazy?

          1. Give Moshe a break lady. This is poorly written and does not even constitute an outline much less an article that gives some discussion for why you have certain conclusions. Bad writing and presumptuous.

          2. Jay, anyone whose read the Meier material knows exactly what I’m talking about. Do you feel out of the loop? There’s only one cure for that, get reading. Unless of course you’re just like Moshe and too lazy?

          3. Well said Sheila
            The problem with leggards like Moshe and Jay is that they have already made up their minds even before taking into consideration the other person’s point of view and don’t find it necessary to listen.
            Hence they always feel a certain self righteousness and above all the adament feeling that they are right and other people are wrong.
            I have met many of these airheads in my lifetime and the only thing that’ll get through their heads is air.
            Unless someone burst their bubble it looks like they’ll be stuck there forever.

    1. Moshe I was thinking of that poem written by Henry David Thoreau of Marching to a different drummer. I had the poster of that poem years ago and lost it way back then but yes these warmongering NASA guys just do their own thing come hell or high water,in other words”I DON`T TRUST NASA ANYMORE” They can glorify Billy all they want`t just as they glorify the existence of ETs then turn around to air-brush the existence of ETs and deny ANYTHING to do with ETs and including Billy and the Plejarens etc.

  3. Everyone thinks NASA is a warm and fuzzy component and sorry they are not . Next the space station is enduring two failed Russian rockets to supply food and they have already exploded. This week the space x rocket blew up. So CHHHKKKK space station …CHHHKKK funding for the project has failed to be funded ……………CHHHKK. ugh, sorry .
    Now we are going to ‘move’ a projectile ? probably not . If they do anything , they will explode it into hundreds of more devastating particules that will still find the face of earth . So sad .

  4. David,George Noory just mentioned about that Space X that exploded. Guess what? A drone nearly hit a plane at London`s Heathtrow Airport for the second time in London this year. “Talk about rocket explosions and drones hitting airplanes,what next”? YIKES!:(((

  5. Hi Micheal

    I heard someone said that Billy recently had a big surgery and not in good health…Do you have any more update to that?

    Thank you

  6. Like I said , NASA is a fake organization , just like our global governments and since six companies own 95% of the media , all the information we get is also fake . Its called propaganda . Just like the analogy of journalism , which is fake in this forum . The reporters (actors) get ‘talking points’ before press conferences or in other words , approved questions or ‘suggested’ questions that have been approved by the mob. Dare to go outside the lines and your car will probably accelerate , quickly , into a palm tree . Nasa scrubs all the info like photos or recent feeds with ufo’s and since Monsanto now owns the weather channel we know all the radars are scrubbed and modified to hide the H.A.R.P. manipulations that cause droughts in places like , oh I don’t know , maybe California . I guess they just want to run the Hoover Damn dry and influence the fourth largest economy in the world for , oh I don’t know , whatever reasons. No more jet stream . Notice that ? Since when does weather in the USA come directly up from the Gulf of Mexico ? Oh , Oh , Oh , me , me ( I have my hand up ) what would be the Gulf oil spill with the Most toxic chemical on the planet used to drop the oil to the bottom of the sea ? Maybe to disperse it ( that bad chemical ) upon the heartland with rain and floods and maybe we can agitate the Madrid faultline ? Lets not think of Fukishima radiation arriving daily via air or sea directly to the west coast . No , that’s not in our talking points . Oh , don’t even think that those three nuclear reactors are contained or have burned through their containment vessel , because they are buring into the ground now , its called the China Syndrome , you know , when it burns and burns until it gets to China . Yeah , that’s right , BUT the news wants to talk about the Vote on Gay Marriage or just two idiots that escaped a prison , but not talk about the 25 thousand criminals released from prisons that are Mexican from drug cartels and are killers and rapists . Nope 25 thousand in your homeland are not on the media talking points . Oh so warm and fuzzy this world is , no weather engineering , not global extinction events like Fukishima or the BP disaster still ongoing , nope . Just stuff like Gerry Brown from California mandating Vaccinations for all . Take our poison be it in your groundwater from toilet to tap (with your entire regions collective medications in your water ) or by mandated needle or in the food via GMO or the six major food suppliers or infant formulas every day . Breathe its ok , breathe , oh its in the air too , the skies good slave . We know about global overpopulation and we are doing our best to address it. Before you die , we are going to tax your carbon footprint . Don’t breathe to much now , good slave . Forget about the cars , its about the airplanes ! More fuel burned their than any global collective automobile scenario. Yeah , its just getting tougher every day . Yeah to deal with these criminals . Where is the prosecutors here . HELLO ? Treason needs to be brought to justice ! Let go of your ‘device’ , your phone or smart tool and wake up . Your inactivity is the acceptance of this activity . While you ponder the escaped duo from prison or the confederate flag or the gay rights fodder , actual real events that are important have taken place like the F-16 that was just ‘downed’ in Arizona , that poor Iranian pilot trained in the USA for five years to be a world peace keeper , but he was downed by the Soviet Scalar technologies that same afflicted an entire USA aircraft carrier causing the entire ship to beg for dismissal from the military , not unlike the USA submarine that was ridden same by soviet scalar technology to sink into the depths , into the depths they imploded , unable to have any power to call for help , just left to implode.Implode we all will , just sitting in the bleachers believing false truth and questioning nothing. News flash , not enough neutral positive thinking folks . Not enough individual intellect or backbone here . CHHKK , world we are sorry the needed response is unfounded at this point. Asteroid (1) Earth (0)

    1. David,

      I think these posts strayed from the topic and are also just playing into conspiranoia, with no demonstration of how to use the might of the thoughts in a positive direction.

  7. Billy talked about the overlord creators and it almost seems like we are a literal ant farm . With the asteroid we have several links to the destroyer comet , incoming other objects NASA suddenly claims will not happen , and a third Russian rocket disaster . The rocket disasters are linked to UFO activity . The first two were much earlier and tagged to an almost ufo war going on and now this latest one costing billions of tax dollars and these astronauts are heardling towards space canabalism before imminent death in space . While a most recent NASA feed was scrubbed while three alien orbs were filmed leaving after the job was done. Its not the third time, we have films of nuclear warheads being disarmed by craft clear as day , nuclear facilities with documented disarmament real time with ufo sightings attached . Decorated military reporting of such . Its no game and its high stakes . We just as simply send out an attempt to fracture an incoming projectile and we multilply the event. Arrigant behavior is unacceptable apparently . We even have massive mathematical crop circles depicting Niribu with elliptical orbit and impending return . Watch the skies tonight , you will see the convergance of what is the ‘star of Bethleham’ . So reach your tentacles out and research this stuff for yourself or as an analogy , if you were living in a remote forest completely detached from everything , what would it matter. You live every day like it mattered and if you go ‘poof’ without warning , wouldn’t that mean something in this analogy ? I personally think that would be for the better. Live free and detached from this total junk and if today is the day it ends , that so be it. Right ? That’s where we are at.

    1. It’s the Usurped overlord creators. They, the alleged over dorls, don’t run much of anything (and probably prefer to avoid being responsible at the same time). Neither the silly notion of immortality Earth Humanity longs for or the Lemon Flyers that dart the sky in increasing proportions to create a disco shows can be attributed to the gilded façade the UFO/Conspiracy subject catches Earth humanity’s eyes as it goes about blind into the future.

      Now I do look for certain things in UFO literature that express the very dangerous way Earth Humanity goes about with its rolling science lab equipment that’s more dangerous to terrestrial mankind than actually putting up a fight against a real ET threat. Example, in Unconventional Flying Objects (Hill) there is one story were a UFO goes head long into the water and basically doesn’t survive. Stuff like this generally misses the criticism pass as that must have been one colossal loss of material and manpower for such types of experiments.

      Also, I doubt the ultra secret black budget science lab equipment can divert asteroids considering we have problems with hovering these things which have a tendency of wobbling and appear to careen towards the ground. Not good!

      1. Duke,

        I’m not understanding what you are posting above. Could you simplify what you are discussing, or are you just ranting?

    2. David,

      It might be just me, but your post sounds very scattered and laced with a wild, negative influence. Can you reword what your point is with just a small statement, leaving out any analogy’s and such. What is it you’re trying to say? Thanks.

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