The Party’s Over…but Apophis Is still Coming Anyway

Now that mass extinction is becoming a trendy topic, perhaps the promoters would do something really significant and publicize Billy Meier’s warnings about Apophis

While we supported the recent Asteroid Day event, etc., etc., none of our many efforts to reach the promoters resulted in any responses. Now that mass extinction is becoming a trendy topic, perhaps the promoters would do something really significant and publicize Billy Meier’s warnings about asteroid Apophis, aka the Red Meteor, from 1981  and 2008.

The party may be over but Apophis is still coming.

Since Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race – now spanning more than 73 years – also happen to be the most important true story in all of science and human history, it should at least be noteworthy for any real scientists involved.

Adding to the urgency is the fact that there’s a new global map of where asteroids are most likely to hit the Earth and, wouldn’t you know it, the major line goes from Spain to Scandinavia…including through the North Sea, in the area where the Plejaren said that Apophis will hit, with certainty, if a serious international scientific effort to deflect it with a nuclear charge – as NASA seems to have suddenly have “discovered” – isn’t immediately implemented.

So, if Asteroid Day was more than just a trendy, profit-oriented exercise in marketing a film and T-shirts – and I hope I’m not being either unfair or rhetorical – perhaps Greg, Bryan and all the various sirs and stars, etc., will stop patting themselves on the back, wake up and get on with it!

They’ve come right up to the brink of doing something of unique historical significance, if they have the wit and the will to do so.

Heck, let them be the ones to “discover” the Meier case – most of the people probably live within a few hours of where Meier lives and has his contacts – even if their only goal is more fame, etc. (We’ll gladly provide evidence and answers to any and all questions, challenges, etc.)

The most important incentive may be that they also live not too far from where Apophis will crash down…and alter the face of the Earth and all life on it. And that won’t be anything to party about.

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The Answer

Thanks to Nicolas Weis for the map.

25 Replies to “The Party’s Over…but Apophis Is still Coming Anyway”

  1. Michael, I have used the JPL tracking program for Apophis and I am concerned about the proximity of Apophis to the planet Venus in mid April, 2016. Could this close approach into the gravitational pull of another planet be the ‘nudge’ that changes Apophis to a certain impact for Earth? Here is the link that I used…..

    Thank you for your efforts to alert the world about this danger. I feel that tracking measurements that are currently being used are not including the gravitational pull of Venus during the two orbit crossings that will happen in 2016.

    John Bryant

      1. Yes, the party is over. NASA says Apophis was discovered June 19, 2004 by R. A. Tucker, D. J. Tholen and F. Bernardi at Kitt Peak. They say, “As a result of its passage within 40~000 km of the earth on Apr. 13, 2029, this minor planet will move from the Aten to the Apollo class.”

        this info last updated: July 21st, 2005.

        So they are displaying data 10 years out of date and up to 40,000 km off, with no mention of 2036.

        1. A general search yields this information from January 10, 2013:
          “The April 13, 2029, flyby of asteroid Apophis will be one for the record books. On that date, Apophis will become the closest flyby of an asteroid of its size when it comes no closer than 19, 400 miles (31,300 kilometers) above Earth’s surface.Jan 10, 2013”

          So every few years, their estimated flyby number shrinks by thousands of kilometers…

    1. This is a keen observation and not insignificant either astronomically or astrologically. The Aztec calendar payed close attention to the Venus-cycle and the related (Uto-Aztecan-speaking) Hopi prophesied that the final “sign of the end of the fourth world” was the coming of a large meteor. The “Blue Star Katsina” has already “taken off his mask before uninitiated children”, so this is now a certain prediction and not just a prophecy (in the sense defined by Billy).

    1. Anthony,

      You cna also use the search feature on the site to see if there are blogs more related to a specific topic, etc.

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