Signs of the Coming Sectarian Dictatorships

Defiance of existing constitutions and laws by the religious right presage fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies

Pat Buchanan often has interesting, if not fully logical commentaries. In this one, he stupidly equates the moral legitimacy of the civil rights movement, which was based on ending discrimination against an entire race of people, with the rights of people to disobey the laws of the land and discriminate against others, based on their religious beliefs.

Buchanan, who’s a right-wing Christian, also thinks it’s religiously justified to discriminate against other people because of what they willingly do with each other, because the beliefs of Christians, based on what an imaginary god, savior, etc., supposedly commands, entitles them to do so.

In this particular case the controversy over the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision to order the removal of a monument of the 10 Commandments has provoked defiance and Buchanan’s foretelling that it’s all leading to civil disobedience and secession, led by the right and, presumably, by Christians. He somehow fails to note that no court has barred anyone from practicing the 10 Commandments, such as they are. (Here are the actual 12 Recommendations, with an additional excerpt here.)

Rosa Parks fought for her right to be treated like an equal human being, not to inflict her beliefs on others, as proponents of having religious monuments, laws, prayers, etc., do with righteous fervor.

Additionally, another right-wing commentator, Alan Keyes, writes about why he thinks direct democracy is such a threat to the nation. Of course the Swiss have held another opinion for about seven centuries, one that is also shared by the Plejaren.

For those who are paying attention, we are reminded of what the Henoch Prophecies foretold (emphasis added):

  1. Yet the misery on Earth will continue, as two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other.
  2. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian* fanatics will play a dictatorial role.

And the timing could possibly be related to what Ptaah told Billy Meier regarding 2020.

Could scenes like this, which are further indicators of France’s coming fall to radical Islam – also foretold in the Henoch Prophecies – be similarly enacted by equally fanatical right-wing Christians in the US?

Naw, it couldn’t happen here…right (no pun intended)?


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  1. Since the new Pope has been such an honest and open-minded gentlemen, why not say to the masses, “OK people, I have a little confession to make, The church regrettably so, have decided to come out with some inconvenient little facts.” This now, overlooking Vatican square, addressing 750 thousand devoted followers of the roman catholic church.

    ”Firstly, well, how can i say this nicely…mind you, please don’t take any offence over this. We can all work together as one.”

    What did he just say…huh?

    “We confess, since we have adopted a new policy of transparency, that the church is… lying. The church is LYING through its filthy little teeth and have been lying to you for almost 2 thousand years, can you believe it?” ( like a comedian cracking a bad joke). Blink, blink, dead silence, thousands of people standing in the square with deadpan expressions mouths open with shock and horror…Confusion now becoming apparent.

    ”Christ never died for our sins, (desperately trying to suppress the tremor in his voice) we kinda made that up. Shrug-shrug The whole immaculate conception business is also not really accurate, ok , that was also a lie. Right, almost forgot, we gave you the wrong name, how silly of us, Christ is a fictional character, as was his papa in heaven, they don’t really exist, its all pretty much tweaked and twisted to such an extent, that hardly anything worthwhile remains written in the bible. pheww!” wiping the sweat running down his shiny bald forehead. you can almost hear a pin drop.

    The massive crowd is now starting to stir, you can now clearly sense the confusion switching over from anger back to denial, then back to anger again. “ We are incredibly sorry for this little mishap guys, and we hope that this will all turn out peacefully and that you will forgive us for this little inconvenience. We did this manly to dupe you into giving us your hard earned money, in order to buy fancy clothes with a bit of a sparkle. We are incredibly sorry for all of this. Our greed just got to us in the end. We confess”

    Here and there some bystander are starting to shout profanities. Boo! Boo!, some people have decided to throw the only thing heavy enough to reach the podium. Some blackberries and iphones hit and miss the elaborately decorated podium, clink-clang, some shatter on impact.

    ”Oh, yea, I almost forgot, (ducking and diving, just missing a white Samsung galexys3 as it zooms past. “Oh yea, you remember that place called hell?” His voice increasingly becoming more inaudible. Big gasp for the crowd, even though everything is becoming rather chaotic. “Well, its a long story, but that is also not entirely accurate, well, ok I confess, we made it up as well. Hell is also fake, non-existent.” shoo! wow, that just lifted a lot of weight off my chest.

    But things don’t turn out according to schedule…

    You can almost hear the blades and pitchforks being sharpened amongst the collective mass outbreak of insanity, people running around screaming their heads off.

    And the pope hasn’t even gotten to the good part, as security personnel jump to the rescue and forcefully grabs the pope by the scruff of the neck and bails for the exit. In all of this panic and confusion, one of the bodyguards trip over one of the beautifully carved statues of baby jeebus, and they all tumble down and hit the floor like pile of bricks. The pope luckily seems to be ok, but just as he gets up, out of the blue comes a smart phone and would you believe it! Pot shot right in the nuts! (can I say nuts?) It must’ve had some kind of a tracking devise, because it was a complete bulls eye!

    ok , I got a bit carried away, probably off topic, but really, do we expect any transparency from the Vatican, when all that is going to achieve, it end up with their heads being handed back to them on a silver platter?

  2. I just heard the other night on c2c Robert Morningstar say that the ALL the militaries army,navy,airforce,Green Barrets, are ggoing to star these “JetWane” exercises ALL OVER the south and southwest especially in Texas starting on JUly 15 and ending on September 15 and telling ALL those people to put up or getout. Reason for theses military exercises is to control the US population in the coming civil wars and yous this as a mind control of human beings on planet earth! “Just how bad can things get on Planet Earth?” I also read a month ago that these military industrial complex machinations want to just “KILL ANYONE BEC– — — USE THESE SHILL JUST DON`T GIVE HELL WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL OF US,THE JUST WANT WAR TO CONTROL US AND OUR MINDS,ETC,ETC,ETC, THEY JUST DON`t CARE IF WE LIVE OR DIE!” Insidently this stupid Jedwane exercise is going to be just so very super secretive too!”

  3. Talking is better than keeping silence when one is aware of some truth about a wrong being perpetrated by the authorities.

    Better still is acting on one’s knowledge.

    Namely, one has to understand the difference in meanings of key words as they are spoken.

    NOTE: I’ve edited this because it contains a lot of the usual, essentially useless info about names and terms like “human”, “person”, etc., focusing on which at this point in time is an exercise in futility and utter pointlessness.

    It also has some essentially anti-Semitic comments so there’s no reason to post the rest.


  4. The obsession of certain politicians and others in the USA with immigration from Mexico seems to me to be little more than a brain-dead hypocrisy.
    On the one hand, Mexico is indeed plagued with dangerous criminal gangs, which however the USA does next to nothing to eliminate while they send troops to Ukraine, the Middle East, etc, not bothering however to help out their own next-door neighbours.
    On the other hand, Mexico has one of the highest populations of people of Red Indian descent in North America,
    so immigration into at least the southwestern USA in a sense represents the „completion of their migrations“ according to the traditional Puebloan view.
    Puebloans such as the Hopi speak languages related to those spoken by the Mexican peoples such as the Aztecs.
    Even if the Aztecs are seen as a wayward Indian tribe that succumbed to certain barbarisms, nonetheless every „clan“ has been admitted into Hopiland if they completed certain prerequisites proving that they would live a peaceful life.
    One may therefore speak of a certain right of at least Indian-descended Mexicans to migrate into the southwestern USA,
    which means it represents a kind of crime to bar them entry.
    The best solution would be to provide military aid to the elimination of dangerous elements along the Mexican border such as drug-gangs,
    and also to facilitate immigration so that immigrants are rid of disease, &c,
    before they enter the USA, as disease is one of the few genuine dangers posed by them.
    Otherwise it is total hypocritical non-sense to talk of fences or walls being built between the USA and Mexico, while immigrants from hostile countries are not only allowed into the USA as part of a „brain-drain“, but even terrorists are allowed to immigrate, and to preach their hate-sermons, etc,
    so long as these have something to contribute to the economy with their medical degrees or whatnot that somehow makes them more rightful to American land than poor Mexicans who are direct descendants of Native Indians.
    i.e. while rightful American Indians from Mexico are slandered as invading parasites by these people, greedy scum from all around the world are admitted without difficulty, even if these profess murderous hatred toward the USA. Anwar Al-Awlaki preached in San Diego! Yet Pedro the landscaper, a poor Red Indian farmer more closely related to the indigenous Hopi than any White or Black or other American, is seen as … dangerous and hostile and illegal?

    1. Good points some but illegal immigration is…illegal. And it destabilizes countries. We don’t justify illegal actions through relativism. Sure the hypocrisy, gangs, etc., are all valid points but that doesn’t invalidate hw insane it is to deliberately destabilize the country, bankrupt the educational and health care systems, etc.

      1. My problem is not that it is illegal (I think immigration from Mexico should be facilitated to mitigate the worst aspects of it, such as disease-spread), but that LEGAL immigration from much more dangerous places is permitted so long as the immigrants are well-educated and thus economically profitable (e.g. Anwar Al-Awlaki who earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering at Colorado State University, and went on to radicalize the 9/11 hijackers). My point is that legal immigration can be just as dangerous as illegal immigration, if not more dangerous, if the immigrants are more hostile to your home country. Mexicans generally are not hostile to the USA, and only a minority of them (mostly drug-gangsters) pose an actual threat. But the same cannot be said of well-educated Islamists that are let in legally as part of brain-drain economics. I think we must be rationally discriminatory, favouring Mexicans over Islamists even if they are not well-educated.

        1. There are Hopi-style pueblos in northern Mexico, i.e. the whole region was once a single country. We literally divided their country in half and now we are trying to prevent their own countrymen from “completing their migrations” northward as was prophesied by the ancient Hopi. It is all politics. The Hopi, Yaqui, etc, did not draw such borders, and they have been here since as long ago as the destruction of Malona. I think preferential treatment is called for. The USA needs to stop judging people by money alone. Culture, race and traditional rights are more important.

          1. The situation in this part of the country pertaining to the Hopi and the Navajo, etc., is despicable. The destructive, ongoing coal mining, the reservations, etc., it’s all a shameful mess.

        2. The gangs aren’t just from Mexico, they’re also from El Salvador, etc.

          The reality is that this country has long ago been sold out by vested interests and part of the agenda is to fill it with cheap labor, as well as to destroy the middle class, etc. We understand that the ills are rooted deeply and, unfortunately, people who are trying to be reasoning and reasonable don’t have a real voice in it.

          FIGU’s position on immigration/illegal immigration is strict as well but again, no one who could do something about all this is listening or cares.

          1. In my opinion, Americans are largely hopeless fools and it is only a matter of time before man of them perish. They do not know their enemies from their friends. They think that Israel is their “greatest ally” and put the Ayatollah in power in Iran, support the EU unilaterally against Russia, and then think that Mexicans, Mexicans! are their enemies. I think there is a good potential in this country but it will only begin to be cultivated when the rabble have destroyed themselves through their folly, which I would rather prevent, but they are not listening.

          1. I am well aware of Judy Wood, Tom Bearden, etc, and know that there was more at work during 9/11 then just a bunch of guys with boxcutters. I think it was a kind of bizarre collaboration of three opposed religious groups orchestrated fundamentally by negative collective mental forces. Frighteningly, maybe terrorists have access to these energy-weapons. However, I find that generally it is better to stick to the publically known facts than to delve into conspiracies, as there is no need to go beyond the publically known facts to address the fundamental issues, which as a rule are psychological, genetic and cultural, not conspiratorial or otherwise secret.

          2. Anyone searching the USS Liberty attack on June 8th, 1967 will find the “israeli” fingerprint all over it. Indeed! “israel” is not an ‘ally’ nor a ‘friend’ to anyone and has been benefiting from the theft of Palestine from her indigenous people ever since May, 1948. The Irgun Svai Leumi, Haganah & Stern Gangs all terrorist orgs murdered thousands of Palestinians and caused the the displacement of approximately 750,000 indigenous Palestinian people with no Right of Return to THEIR rightful Home Country to this very day. I would add “israel” had a direct hand in 9/11 as well along with the CIA. The ‘Official Story’ is lies.

          3. Bigcree, while that is true to a degree, don’t forget that the Palestinians are also being used as a weaponized group of disgruntled humans by the equally maniacal murderous Shiite regime in Iran.

  5. It’s even worse than what you think Matthew.
    Did any of these DEA go to jail over their crimes of trading guns for drugs? Consider Guzman as an example, did you think he had help from his American DEA “friends”?
    On a brighter note, we have Mexican firefighters helping put out our northern fires. Our provincial government has a standing agreement with Mexico and would sooner hire them than hire local oilfield firefighters because they aren’t trained in the same way. It’s raining here today so hopefully that too will help put out the fires.

    1. Hi Sheila, that lightning storm last night started in the west and when it was dark out at around midnight. I was outside then and I witnessed the biggest worlds record ball lightning that hit the ground miles away from me. It amazed me because it lit the entire sky up like it were daylight. It radiated so brightly and for many seconds that it was about a minute or more before it died. The extremely bright white light had an inner glow that changed it’s colors from greens to yellows. After it died it thundered so loudly it shook the buildings and startled me.

      1. Hi Darcy that sounds pretty cool, the power of storms is so incredible. But you must really get yourself inside, as the saying goes when it roars, go indoors. Lightening struck and started a grass fire a couple miles north of BV last night, I’m glad the fire dept was able to put it out. It’s been so dry. This rain seemed really spotty where one field had 3 inches of rain and the next field 3/8 of an inch. At least it wasn’t hail.

        1. That ball of lightning was only the beginning because when the storm approached my place the lightning was so fierce. It was also cloud to ground positive charged lightning. It struck plentiful in my yard and I was so worried of a direct contact strike that I took refuge under my stainless steel kitchen sink. The lightning lasted half hour over me then slowly moved east into the joining farm field only meters away and then it quit.

  6. The same jepatty patty jai ho jeopardy that has always been for all history. There is no dicktaetorship potatoship no billy mia cover up by the governmental cia, what government? People believe in spirit because the spirit is real, but that does not maen they belief in God, it main they percieve real, they are aware of the cycle of the life. All of you menschen give all possible answers to every individual that comes along every day never letting life flourish, evolution take root, cultures development, you wonder why the great people have not provided the Earthmun more informatien. This is bad if you see.

  7. Hi The Judas-lineage Matthew,

    You wrote, on July 18, 2015 at 5:33 am:

    “I am well aware of Judy Wood, Tom Bearden, etc, and know that there was more at work during 9/11 then just a bunch of guys with boxcutters. … Frighteningly, maybe terrorists have access to these energy-weapons. However, I find that generally it is better to stick to the publically known facts [surrounding “9/11”] than to delve into conspiracies [all the “publicly known facts” ARE conspiracies! “Arabs with their box-cutters” conspiring!] as there is no need to go beyond the publically known facts to address the fundamental issues, which as a rule are psychological, genetic and cultural, not conspiratorial or otherwise secret.”

    “there is no need to go beyond the publically known facts”

    Are you KIDDING me?

    The issues are not secret? Umm. UFOs? DEWs? (Directed Energy Weapons)

    To what planet are you referring please, Matthew?

    I’m somehow not convinced about your ideas to do with secrecy and criminal conspiracies since I was forced to keep secrets (of illegal UFO cover-up activity) in the USAF and I’m now forever forced to keep very similar secrets by new Noahide “post 9/11” Australian state laws.
    And your way is like the exact polar OPPOSITE of the Creational/natural laws and recommendations we’re supposed to be learning here. Are you familiar with them at that basic level, Matthew? If not, please don’t mislead people.

    Check this out: Please note the quotes in my comment.

    Besides, I think by now everybody in the world (except US Americans) knows which country was behind “9/11”. (Billy says, “George knew it was coming and did not act.”) Their stupidly audacious occult numerology strips it all naked to those with eyes to see, and – due to the quiet revolution of truth now well underway – everybody who will survive is starting to open their eyes and smell the coffee. And not a moment too soon.

    Let’s hypothetically re-employ your recommended approach in such a way that people here, looking for the truth about Billy for a change, may be able to better relate to it.

    “I find that generally it is better to stick to the publically known facts surrounding Billy Meier than to delve into conspiracies, as there is no need to go beyond the publically known facts, about Billy and his Plejaren Federation contacts, to address the fundamental issues [as to what actually IS fact/truth], which as a rule are psychological, genetic and cultural, not conspiratorial or otherwise secret.”

    “Billy, contact 441: “Then comes the second fact, which exists in the fact that angst, terror, hate and feelings of revenge is produced (by the ruling secret group Billy warns us about) in the Earth humans whereby then the weapons industry can be built up and indeed especially in regard to futuristic weapons, of which the normal Earth humans have no idea, and of which they do not ever dare to dream. The entirety is thereby a well-thought-out psychological network on which the progress of the entire weapons industry and the power of the military, of the federal leadership, the finance sharks and the industry businesses as well as the secret services can be built up ever further. To this end angst, terror, hysteria, hate and revenge is sown in regard to all foreigners from outer space.”


    1. Yes, the people in control of Israel and Iran are among the most dangerous in the world. But it would never have happened if the law had been stronger, such people as Bush had never been elected, and if a UN peacekeeping force dealt with them before a nuclear war breaks out between these “bad Hebrews”. The problems are only going to be solved by appealing to existing, public peacekeeping-organizations and not by scaring the shit out of the confused masses who don’t have the intelligence to figure out the deeper truth about these “subhumans”/Unmenschen and their machinations.

    2. And what Creational laws and/or recommendations are you referring to? All I see in Genesis and Dodekalog are recommendations about personal behaviour and certain universal truths about the cosmos. In Kelch der Wahrheit I see a brilliant proposal for an improved legal-system. But that cannot be done without cooperation on a societal level.

      1. Matthew, you ask, “And what Creational laws and/or recommendations are you referring to?” As I said, the ones at the most basic level. Like, we’re all here to struggle to find the hidden truth, NOT just glug down the corporate media’s poisoned kool-aid. And and finding “that generally it is better to stick to the publically known facts” seems to be pure belief, since the “facts” that the public “knows” about history and current events are demonstrably horribly wrong. You know this. And your subsequent talk of “bad Hebrews” – as if that (and not “bad Arabs”) was a “publicly know fact” among most USAmericans – is just silly.


    3. Oh, and what Billy is talking about there is the fact that Plan A of the Bafath was to turn Earth into a new “Beta Centaurus”, i.e. a giant army of hate-filled fanatics with which they could attack foreign solar-systems. Yet Plan B was even worse – destroy any competition with mutually annihilative wars. Since the Bafath are gone, Plan B is being executed like a weapon that does not stop firing until it is out of ammunition. I DO think that people should know about the existence of DEWs, in order that they comprehend the enormous danger of provoking Russia, which can use these on all the vulnerable natural-disaster-spots in the USA. I do not however think that 9/11 conspiracy-theories are necessary to exposing this huge danger – only the facts about the HAARP project, etc, and the facts about fault-lines and weather-patterns in the USA.

      1. If we defer to what Billy himself has done – just look, Dyson. He himself has personally written a long article about HAARP, published prophecies by Petale about “Feuerwalzen” rolling over the USA, and yet has shunned delving into 9/11 conspiracy-theories.

        1. As evil as these organized criminals are, most of their victims survive, and the human psyche is astoundingly resilient, as many studies have shown, albeit with some consequent psychopathic tendencies due to the hardening. In contrast, if the USA is attacked by Russia and has its food-sources wiped out, and people are burned alive in giant artificial hurricanes, drowned by artificial tsunamis, etc, there will be no possibility of survival or use of resilience. These nasty Unmenschen are certainly a driving force behind this danger, however, e.g. Vladimir Zhirinovsky/Edelstein. But if enough responsible, thinking politicians like Gorbachev and Obama wake up to the danger, they will stop listening to the seductions of these animals and make peace.

        2. Hi T.J-l.M.

          You wrote, “[Billy] has shunned delving into 9/11 conspiracy-theories”

          “Publicly”, you mean. But he did come out and say – with no ambiguity whatsoever, that George Bush knew it was coming and did nothing to prevent it – which – by my reckoning is THE counter-official-conspiracy conspiracy and evinces Billy’s delving. And of course in the 80’s Quetzal similarly contradicted the official ‘swamp-gas-type’ version of Sept. 11th events.

          “9/11”? You’re coming across as a covert enemy of the glaring truth here sometimes, brother.

          I thought you’d want to know.


      2. Matthew, in my experience, as a tech-head among arts grads, normal people are not capable of gaining sufficient understanding about these very complex hidden technologies to be able to understand that they even exist, and “9/11” proves it. Hands down. Where did those huge towers GO? (Whatever.) It also proves how impotent and/or soul-dead all the material scientists, structural engineers, architects, and other trained professionals are when faced with idiot peer pressure and the ubiquitous corporate phantasmagoria.

        I was stationed in Germany for three years (only) 23 years after the end of WWII, and I talked to a lot of the old natives about their dark days, and I think I got a pretty good feel for that Zeitgeist, and I recognise it rising rapidly around us again, on steroids, in spite of the fact that “NEVER AGAIN!” was drummed into my entire generation. Let’s hope and pray that younger people wake up and learn the truth before we have to have another Holocaust.

        1. Yes, 9/11 was a brazen demonstration of a DEW, for sure. I think in regard to engineers, scientists, etc, that it is partly a matter of ego – they want to be the “expert” so they have their own theory, like the pancake-theory, or some other conspiracy-theory. Maybe a lot of methods were used at once. 9/11 to me seems almost like an intentional distraction, though, something so obviously staged and bizarre that it is more intended as a way of testing gullibility or even inducing mass anxiety about the “secret rulers” to get the cowardly to obey. I am still not sure it is a good idea to talk too much about the conspiracies, as I find that all these are made possible by the existence of this schizophrenic kind of psychopath that also exists in the regular population, and a lot of what appears to be a literal conspiracy is in fact a kind of collective, contagious behaviour steered by “astral entities” in the collective subconscious that were programmed by the Bafath, as well as those which are created by collective belief or culture, etc. I agree that only the true truth should be told – and if provoked I tell it, and only it, but I will engage in “Verheimlichung” such as my earlier mention of 9/11 if I see it as useless to bring up a conspiracy-theory (resp. conspiracy-fact). “Spreche nie und nie die Unwahrheit.”

          1. Matthew, I’m surprised that nobody here has brought this up, but increasingly salting your English postings here with untranslated German (“Spreche nie und nie die Unwahrheit.”), on a place where people who cannot read German come to learn more about the Meier material in English, is misguided at best and would have to be pretty off-putting, if you are actually genuinely trying to communicate clearly. And that whole contribution sounds to me an awful lot like you’re actually talking about yourself – a fear-monger with a hidden agenda who clearly doesn’t always practice the spirit of what he preaches when he quotes that we must never ever tell untruths.

            Maybe you’d like to tell us more about yourself? Who are you really? You must have a real searchable name with an Internet footprint. I’d like to know your story, and I’m sure I’m not alone.


  8. RE: signs of a coming sectarian dictatorship, I think one has to be very careful about one’s definition of individual rights and what exactly “discrimination” means. Individual rights means your Natural Right to choose what you think is in your best interest. As long as you are not initiating force or fraud against another individual, you have the right to be discriminating in how you want to deal or not deal with other individuals. This goes along with private property rights. If you are running a business and want to exclude selling cupcakes to people with long noses or purple skin, that is your right to choose. I’m not saying that that would be very intelligent and you may well soon go out of business but we are discussing rights issues not business issues. In the public arena however, you do not have the right to discriminate against anybody since it is not your personal business. The only way by which one can live, survive, make decisions, and act is to think logically and group their concepts into objectively rational concepts. Those who try to claim that that is “profiling” or “discrimination” are correct but that is not a bad thing. It is a good thing and is a precondition of the logical thinking all individuals need in order to rationally guide their lives toward living rather than perishing. Note that I said at the outset that you have the right to discriminate — which everybody does in all sorts of ways — but you do not have the right to initiate force or fraud against others. You do have the right of self defense if others infringe upon your same Natural Rights. Thus, the government does not have the right to force various religious groups to finance or participate in what those religious groups consider immoral acts. If that activity was in the free market, the problem is automatically solved since govt intervention is removed. While no one has the right to tell Rosa Parks that she must sit at the rear of the bus if its public transportation, a private transportation firm should have the right to even refuse to give Rosa Parks a ride BECA– — — USE we are discussing the rights of the private individual running his/her own private transportation company. Personally, I do not agree with the decision of a private company refusing to give Rosa Parks a ride but we are discussing a “rights” issue here, not better business practices. So one must be careful in defining “rights” issues or you may end up claiming that it is OK for 3 billion Chinese to dash over the border through Mexico and bankrupt all the public social services in Arizona. Whose rights would be crushed in that scenario. I think one can easily discover that the Ayn Randian Objectivist perspective on moral philosophy answers most of these questions. And most discussions erroneouse misconstrue “entitlements” or “welfare” or “governmental intervention into other individual rights” as “rights to receive,” which of course is nonsense.

    My two-cents. Carry on, everybody. And when you get a chance, you may want to read and study Austrian Free Market Econ by von Mises. Most has been translated from Austrian (German) into English and you would gain many insights into what is really a free market and what is not, with much of it predicated upon philosophy such as Randian Objectivism.

    Thanks, guys…
    Harry Lear

    1. There are a number of problems with this approach, one that comes to mind right away is that it’s too easy for a religion to make or adopt various beliefs that can be used to treat another human being in a disrespectful, unequal way. (See:

      It’s probably far in the future that people will actually delve into the underlying fears, greed, etc., that are at the root of much so-called economics. We still over value amassing, possessing, having more than others, etc. If and when we make it to place such as the Plejaren appear (from what I’ve read) to have, where each individual can have whatever they need so long as they contribute to the overall welfare, then we’ll keep struggling with these issues. When needs and wants converge, when people recognize that having what one needs is true wealth, then all of these man made, advantage based systems will disappear. The inner lack is reflected in all of this outer lack stuff.

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