Racing Down the UFO Road to Nowhere

The real price of the cover-up of the Billy Meier case will be paid by humankind for a very long time to come, which bothers the shills and hucksters not one bit

In my presentations and interviews I’ve been emphasizing the very overlooked fact that the confirmed existence of extraterrestrial life forms would be the single most important discovery in all of human history…exceeded only by contact between them and a person on Earth.

Nonetheless, the UFO field is filled with one unsubstantiated claim after another from people popping out of the woodwork in an attempt to reap some kind of bounty from the delusional, distracting, disinformation rich circus.

To the Rescue

Yet another “UFO investigator” has popped up to proclaim how he’s gonna follow, find and reveal the truth no matter what – and also help anyone else who has real, verifiable evidence and information to get it out there too.

Right. Meet self-proclaimed “UFO Road Warrior”, Jeremy Corbell*, a nice fellow I’m sure who thinks he’s just discovered the equivalent of sliced bread. Worse yet is that it appears that some veterans of the UFOCI are encouraging him to take his kindergarten approach to UFOs very seriously.

George Knapp, a veteran TV reporter who’s done tons of pieces on UFOs – and who interviewed both Wendelle Stevens and me extensively so that he knows the Meier case is singularly authentic – seems to be a driving force behind Jeremy’s rather naïve but slick venture.

I emailed Jeremy to introduce the Meier case and myself to him but got no response, despite his gushy, “If you can prove or document compelling evidence in support of your story, I will amplify your case to the public, and help you expose the truth.”

I tried again a couple of days later, with a more in-your-face approach. Still nothing. So I don’t know if he’s sitting around in shocked silence now that he knows his whole approach is rather banal and irrelevant, or simply doesn’t care because he’s created a nifty persona that he wants to capitalize on.

You may wonder just why Knapp and some of the other people associated with this thing are out there pushing it. Familiar as I am with the cynical, deceptive, disinforming idiocy from the UFOCI, I find it even more troubling now that we’re so undeniably deep in exactly what Meier and the Plejaren have been warning about for decades. Whatever the perceived profit, the real price of the cover-up of the Meier case will be paid by humankind for a very long time to come, which bothers the shills and hucksters not one bit.

How It Works

Jacobus recently posted this on the blog, which helps to explain some of how this essentially suicidal process of manipulation works:

“The secretive GCHQ and JTRIG training manual which was leaked via Glenn Greenwald and Ed Snowden says:

‘Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.’

According to these latest documents, there are paid government agent/contractor persons on social media posing as someone they are not, whilst on the payroll of the government. Their job is to befriend members of the alternative media, embed themselves in the ebb and flow of day-to-day communications, and then to engage in elaborate subterfuge – by any means necessary. The training exercise uses terms like ‘befriend’, ‘infiltrate’, ‘mask/mimic’, ‘ruse’, ‘set-up’, ‘disrupt’, ‘create cognitive stress’, ‘use deception’, ‘ruin business relationships’, and ‘post negative information on appropriate forums’ – all of which is not only illegal and morally bankrupt, but also runs completely contrary to the very fundamental ‘values’ and indeed founding principles, of a modern free democratic society or constitutional republic.”

When Orphans Beg the Court for Mercy

If one wants to see a glaring example of en masse participation in such stuff, take a look here. You may notice that this thread started in 2009 with negative comments about the Meier case, me, etc., setting the tone. I started posting there a month ago to respond to a challenge by someone named John Razimus who’s been busy defaming the case, Meier and me for years. This particular coward kept up his attacks, claiming that he’d substantiate them and debate me anytime…while steadfastly running like a scared rat. (Radio host Dr. J just agreed to host that debate later in August…no word from Razimus yet.)

While the thread is filled with one anonymous loser and shill after another, it’s noteworthy to point out that “astroguy” is none other than the cowardly, long defeated, pseudo-scientist…Stuart Robbins. He apparently feels at home as a skeptic and debunker on the forum of Art Bell, who for the most part has been the champion of promoting all things paranormal, UFO, alien and pseudo-scientific. (Robbins is predictably not only cowardly in trying to attack from this blog, shunning any direct debate with me but he also exudes a seething jealousy that his go nowhere blog doesn’t get a fraction of the interest and participation as this one. Whose fault is that?)

In case you don’t have the interest or stomach for perusing page after page of attacks in this cesspool, another quaint aspect of the way it works – and I imagine it would be true on any thread there where anyone would present facts to counter the vicious attacks – is the way the snarling dogs take exception to being “insulted”, e.g. “You have time to insult but not enough time to answer questions.”, “All you seem to do is pout and insult us.”, “Lashing out with personal attacks, etc., etc.”

This reminds me of another joke. A man is being tried for killing his parents and in his own defense he pleads the court to spare his life because…he’s now an orphan.

Enter the Law of Causality

These particular orphans who shamelessly slash and stab, while paradoxically being so filled with shame they dare not mention their own names, who fancy themselves wizards, can only hide behind the curtain for so long before it’s pulled back by that dependable equalizer, the Law of Causality. Whether paid shills or simply empty, self-loathing, envious, misanthropic losers, they too are as Meier says, smiths of their own destiny. As Meier also points out, one cause can have many…effects. To say more would be superfluous.

Paying the Piper

The subject of UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc., has been deliberately and effectively marginalized into a tabloid topic through the efforts of the intelligence agencies and their willing paid and unpaid shills in the UFOCI, as well as the media. While the original purpose wast to hide any evidence of the existence of actual extraterrestrial life forms, the Meier case soon became the main reason for the UFO cover-up. There is nothing left of things like the crash at Roswell, which while authentic can’t any longer be proved, as is the case with other crashes.

The government can’t be forced to reveal what doesn’t exist, what it may not even know, etc. So of course the various “disclosure” events, hearings and other variations on the farce likewise serve the disinformation agenda. And the most willing disseminators of all of the disinformation and distraction are associated with the UFOCI, a fertile field for those looking for a safe haven with the least scientific standards for credible “research” of any subject imaginable. No doubt this too is deliberate, or at the very least a possibly unforeseen “benefit” of letting every lunatic and their claims have more than equal exposure than is accorded the only authentic, still ongoing UFO contact case.

As stated, the real cost of this is anything but insignificant and fictional. An ever-growing portion of the world’s population is being turned into techno toy toting dummies who can’t conduct a coherent conversation with another human being, who willingly give up their own identities as well as conscience and consciousness for momentary celebrity, while at the same time anonymously eviscerating anyone who reminds them of their own unbearable and empty worthlessness.

Through their willing complicity they have helped to assure the fulfillment of the long foretold prophecies, the specific, pointed, non-allegorical warnings of the man made environmental destruction, the wars, terrorism and devastation that could have largely been averted had not humanity willingly descended into greed motivated, religiously and politically fueled, degeneracy and denial.

How’s about all that, UFO Road Warrior, chaser of lights in the sky, imaginary aliens and a quick buck?


NOTE: My Canadian trip was a success. I ended up doing three presentations at ACE instead of one, because of audience demand (two were standing room only) and a presentation at the Lillian Smith Library in Toronto. I did four interviews as well and hopefully they’ll be posted soon, including the one in a car where I was partially asleep.


*It’s possible that circumstances prevented him from responding, so I gladly await correction of any inaccuracies, etc., should Jeremy care to clarify them.




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  1. David Icke continues to talk about the Ascended Masters in his book “Truth Vibrations, in which he further explains the messages he received:

    “Some of the communications came directly from the consciousness which has the awesome responsibility for easing in and guiding the new age of Aquarius. The Lord of Civilization and the Lord of the Seventh Ray, One of the energies we will soon be receiving at a much increased power…”

    David Icke continues with his (quoting Dyson Devine) “abundance of truthful and useful historical information”

    “The universe is governed and guided by a massive hierarchy, and the person or consciousnesses are selected purely by a soul stage of evolution. There are beings that Guide the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Planetary Systems, Planets, countries, and regions. Each of these systems is broken down into further levels of organization.
    At the head of our solar system is the Solar Logos, Working with the Lords of the Rays who control the energies that effect consciousness and spiritual development of life forms. These have become known as ascended masters, and they are supported by other ascended masters behind the scenes, as it were.”

    The supernatural being “Rakorski” also told David Icke, and I quote, that “The Solar Logos is the spirit of the sun who guides a solar system and sends certain energies to the planets and stars.” He also goes on to say that a solar logos, can reach an “immensely high level of understanding and that he/she can then evolve to be the Lord over several suns.”

    In David Ickes book, “Human race get off your knees”, he claims that the moon is an artificial spacecraft, that the reptilians had flown in to our solar system and once it came into orbit with the earth, it caused mayor catastrophes, but whats worse, is that it messed up the vibration so badly, that it took us from god-like beings that could levitate and only had to eat energy instead of animals, downed the people like we are today, controlled by greed, anger, etc.

    In the book Love Changes Everything, David says that ” Satan incarnated on the moon and helped to create fantastic negativity. The imbalance was such, that the Moon Spirit left, and Lucifer, now rejoined on the high levels by Satan, used all the power of the negative energies and those created at the moment the spirit left to direct the dying, spiritless planet towards another planet..”

    The horrendous nonsense continues…

    “The Light levels had known that Lucifer was planning on using the moon to create havoc, because his thought forms were passes directly to the Archangel Michael through the Devine information system and vice versa…”

    So, is David Icke really delivering “an abundance of truthful and historical information” as Dyson Devine makes so abundantly clear in his July commentary?

    Simple answer. No.

    Or would you agree with the comment Dyson had made on the 18th of July 2015, which states that “I think in his (David Ickes) own way, he’s sincere” ???

    Dyson Devine is NOT a whistle-blower.

    Can anyone blame me for calling Dyson Devine is a double-dealing, duplicitous sun of a b***h??

    Now thats calling a spade a spade.

    1. I don’t think it’s necessary to do anything more than point out what a lunatic Icke is. I didn’t know he was that insane. I think it’s just as possible that Dyson didn’t know either and when he gets the time perhaps he’ll comment.

      1. To be fair, that info is from Icke’s earlier books when he was more influenced by the New Age. In later books, he criticizes Alice Bailey and the New Age movement. Everyone makes mistakes along the way to the truth. Nonetheless, I still think Icke and other conspiracy-theorists unwittingly play into the now defunct plans of Ashtar Sheran.

          1. One must ask why if David Icke cares about the truth he does not mention Billy Meier once in his entire corpus. And basically he conceals the truth rather than revealing it with all his propaganda.

            1. No surprise there, such is the case with MUFON, SETI, and every other party I can think of. It’s all about the bucks and the…empty room. Start talking and telling the truth about the Meier case and the room empties of eople who otherwise would be targets for the disinformation.

  2. I meant “birch”. Like in birchwood hotel.

    But to be fair, I kinda agree that the last bit wasn’t really neccisary. All I can say is oops, I am only human… it just slipped out. Sorry if I had offended anybody. Maybe Dyson is just an ignorant sun of a….. there I go again… what is wrong with me Goddammit… I just sometimes have the uncontrollable urge to swear at people willy nilly. I am probably guitly for trampling on some peoples feelings (yes?), and I really do feel ashamed about it, sometimes…

    But enough faffing around with words, why not go straight to the juicy bits, now shall we?

    Maybe we should declair today, the 19th of August, the offical day for mocking David Icke and whoever qulifies to join the club.. .We can call it D.I.C.Ks Day, or short for“David Icke Causing Kak” Day. What do you say! Every year we should celebrate the phallicies of David Icke on DICKs day. Whose up for it? Yes?

    This crazy quote will qualify from Love Changes Everything, where “Jesus” actually talks to David Icke. (now would you believe it…) Proof people, we’ve got proof!

    Jesus: “I was so determined, David. So determined to ensure that the truth could not disappear because one man was nailed to some wood. And I knew the effect it would have on Lucifer Satan if the energies were powerful enough.”

    Now surely South Parks producers must’ve plagiarized this from David Icke.

    In Truth Vibrations David Icke once again flaunts his channeling skills :

    “My own feeling and what I have channeled and seen leads me to believe that (Jesus) survived (the crucifiction). I had a very strong vision of Jesus on the cross. During that vision I was with Jesus, experiencing what he felt. He experienced great pain in his hands and wrists and he was utterly exhausted. I then saw a pole being raised with a cloth which was offered to his mouth. From this he took a drink, soon after this he appeared to loose conciousness. When he awoke he was lying with people all around him attending to his wounds. They were all in white I remember. It was clear that Jesus was in a state of shock, he whispered “I live, I live” as though he had expected to leave the physical body. I had other visions and channeling which together gave me this overall picture of what actually happened two thousand years ago.”

    Now listen to his version of the crucifiction in his next book, Love Changes Everything:

    “When the channeling (crucifiction) had finished, one of the followers asked if Jesus could be taken down, and his request was granted. He was still alive at that point, but the swift movement of a sword removed him from the physical level. Only Jesus knew for certain he would die..”

    So, in this version, Jesus did die, which is a massive contradiction from the previous book.
    So yes, as you can see, we have a problem here.

    Dyson Devine is definitely not blowing the whistle on anyboby. (Comment edited: MH).

    1. Actually, Jacobus, Dyson and Vivienne indeed did a lot of whistle blowing for which they were not only imprisoned but also still face legal challenges.

      At this point though, let’s leave David Icke to his confusion and adhere closer to the topic(s).


  3. This quote will be more relevant to the discussion I think, because David Icke actually mentions the Pleiades in his book, The Truth Shall Set You Free.

    “Many psychics and esoteric scientists, are now agreed on the existence of a belt of highly charged energy centered on the Pleiades star system, an estimated 500 light years from the Earth. It is from here that much channeled information which feels right to me is purported to come from.”

    “I believe that the Pleiades (maybe in our future) is a base for the positive extraterrestrial support we are being given at this time, and quite possibly the home of extraterrestrials who have abused the Earth and humanity, too…”

    So, it seems to me, that David Icke is deliberately spreading false information, that will further estrange truth-seekers from the Meier material. Something that Dyson, since he is apparently so familiar with David Icke, should’ve known before he blurted out his undying support for the swindler.

    I think Dyson should at least confess that he was wrong about David Icke. That he made a massive mistake. Weather it was deliberate or not, is a matter of personal opinion.

    My personal opinion however, is that Dyson will not confess. It will be safer for his already fragile public image to just stay quiet for a while and let it all blow over. Dysons credibility is on the line. He is caught between a rock and a hard place, in a bit of a catch 22. He is damned if he carries on defending David Icke, and damned if he comes clean about his blunderings.

    That’s all I wanted to say.

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