More about the Coming NW Quake and Tsunami

The people were warned…and did they listen?

Thanks to Jack Gerlach, the director/producer of The Silent Revolution of Truth, for sending this update in the New Yorker magazine regarding the coming, huge, devastating, NW earthquake and tsunami.

As many already know, Billy Meier published Ptaah’s advance warning about it three years before OSU’s “official” announcement containing some but not all of the same information.

And of course there’s still the coming eruption of the Cumbre Viela volcano at La Palma in the Canary Islands.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

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  1. It is not just people on “that castline” that will be in danger from the resulting tsunami. It will race across to Japan too, recreating their Orphan Tsunami of January 1700, probably devastating most of Japan’s Pacific coastline. I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t destroy Osaka where I currently live (on the highest land in the city). I did see in a visionary experience what little remains of Osaka after a tsunami hits it. The tsunami will also obviously make its way down to the East coast of Australia necessitating a few waterwings for all the millionaires living at sealevel on the Goldcoast, Surfers Paradise and elsewhere, including Sydney. It will obviously be a major global event.

  2. It seems warnings have been made to read ‘any day’ in regards to the San Andreas faultline in addition to the now Northern subduction fault line . Its interesting to note that the subduction fault line threatening the Washington,Oregon and northen California area is taking a back seat to the San Andreas Faultline . Yes the subduction zone is high alert as Stan Deo has pointed out that the area is experiencing thousands of small quakes daily for several months . In addition to southern California experiencing the same . Fact is like I spoke of a long time ago when the drought was obvious in California the earth is shedding massive weight with the water being displaced . Here , just like the polar caps lose weight from melting that look like a sponge . Press down on a sponge with force and it compresses , release and the compression is released . With all of the weight released by the drought and the influx of immigration in the southern areas of California you have a focus . Weight near southern California and massive weight release in the northern California , Oregon and Washington area . Its only obvious that the subduction zone in Portland West is the lightest effected area . Don’t have to be a NASA Jet Propulsion dork to see or observe it . That’s what fuels their propaganda. Stands to reason the weight on the southern San Andreas Plate fueled by the super light northern side of it is poised to slingshot into the northwest. AND effect the subduction zone off the coast of Portland . They are warning for the super incident times ten. The whole Jade Helm area is effectively showing the ‘Migration’ zone after the event. Total chaos . The California economy is the fourth largest in the world . This event will collapse everything. Zombie , droning walk to the east is what is clearly painted here . Look at the map . North west gone , the remaining populous drones towards the east to find salvation from nothingness. Its an arid tinderbox that will be aflame in rolling firestorms , no water , food , relief , just recovery camps to the east . The remaining states are influxed with disaster ridden refugees like Billy told of . As the global money collapses . Gold will be worth nothing , silver nothing only tangibles will have worth. Food , water , medicines and its a zombie droning mess . You may even have impact with the Yosemite area or any other ring of fire and New Madrid areas because the tectonic plates are tweaked that much . This is Mr. Obvious stuff in this area . Its a snap shot of other things in as dire concern . But this mainstream media stuff is so silly anymore , anything goes it seems . Just remember Billy talked of the ‘weight’ of cities and damns on the tectonic plates and its implications , do we not have the most ridiculous example here ? Just an observation from a lil’ guy looking at the obvious .

  3. Ok so, If this happens, what recommendations can people living in the East Coast of USA and Caribbean Islands get??? I just relocated from Puerto Rico to Florida and this concerns me very much. All my family lives in Puerto Rico and I suppose the mega tsunami will reach the Caribbean as well. What can we do?? Move out of the country or the State (in my case Florida)?? Is there some high place we can take refuge? If someone knows it will be of great help.

    PS. Big thanks to Billy and everyone involved in the mission!

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