Apophis: Let’s Try This Again

Because our future survival trumps political correctness

There is a new blog from the Asteroid Day promoters where the danger of incoming objects is being discussed.

I have posted a comment there pertaining to the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren regarding the real danger of asteroid Apophis.

The Red Meteor, aka Apophis, as told to Billy Meier…in 1981
The Red Meteor, aka Apophis, as told to Billy Meier…in 1981

I suggest that all people who share the concern and who see this as the best opportunity for scientifically minded people to bring forward the most important true story and information in human history also post there.

Let’s not just complain and moan, let’s be…proactive.

That being said, I suggest the posts are short, sweet and to the point, that they are clear, intelligent and respectful.

These people are in the position to bring attention to the Meier case and its relevance to our future survival, if they are sincere and not encumbered by political correctness or any other superficial considerations.

We should invite them to examine the information. Certainly I’ve expressed my own frustration in my first post. I wouldn’t go into “UFOs” and all that to begin with. That can be addressed if we can get the participants to indeed look through the proverbial telescope and get the  discussion going.


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23 Replies to “Apophis: Let’s Try This Again”

  1. While I am not very good at a “Reader’s Digest” version of conversation, I hope my attempt was worthy. Thank you again Michael.

      1. My reply was right after yours, Timothy was my original first name, but the doctor convinced my father to change my name from Timothy Allen to Allen Timothy, as he felt no male child born at 12 lbs. and 23″ should go through his early years called “Timmy”.

  2. My real name is Terry Ann Carch but I dropped the middle name Ann because it reminds me of Scarlet O Hara from the old 1939 movie Gone with the Wind. II found using my whole name to be too much of a burden so I shortened my name to just Terry Carch.

    1. Good day to Zaff, I am so humbled by your appearance on this board. Please see my grandfather Pang who worked at BMW in germany for 7 years he spent some time in his career trying to figure out how the beamship Engine works, your kindness is so thankful


    2. Hi Michael, I trust your well, and well done for all your doing ( we met in London ) Wow ! Zaf mailed… Zaf’ would you kindly pass on my admiration to Florena, and should you feel inclined I would love to open indirect corespondence …?

      1. Hi Gary,

        Nice to hear from you.

        Well, it looks like our friend Greg – aka Zaf – has had a little fun with us. Seems also like a good reason we should use our real names!

    3. Thanks for the link, Zaf. Since the page does not say what CR’s are covered, do you happen to know? All CR’s or just the English translated ones?

      1. Rob, that information about the 46 visitors from 10 planets is from the Future of Mankind Site, in a different section separate from the contact reports. From my experience, many contact reports are missing from the list, as if they have not been translated yet, or they contain information that is not yet supposed to be shared.
        This is the link I use to visit the Future of Mankind contact reports 1-427…

        1. Thanks. It was as suspected then. Nevertheless it is one less possible task for me to consider doing. 🙂

  3. “I wish I had a more exotic name like Semjase,Florena, Enjana,Asket, Nara,etc, etc,etc. It would be so lovely to have a really nice name that is so cosmic, univeversal and very very alien.”:)))

      1. “Legal Issues Rob!”:((( This government “WON`T” allow us to change our names unless we all go through the stupid hassels of signing legal papers that say we want to change our names! A friend of mine once told me years ago that if only young people could choose the name they wanted once they started to talk at one or two years old etc, the children would do so when they finally learn how to talk. “I always wanted to have an exotic name that nobody else has that would really make me unique instead of a name everybody else has such as Mary, Liza, Barbara,Jane etc. Terry is not exactly an unusual name.:((

        1. (bit off topic) Hi Terry. I think you’ve been mislead. You don’t have to go through any legalities as long as you aren’t changing your name in order to avoid detection while committing fraud and other crimes. Just ask those who know you to call you “….”.

          Our friend Julie became Dianna and then when the era passed, she shrank to Anna. No big deal. We grow. We change. Some FIGU folks do actually change the spellings of their given names for obscure reasons to do with (real) numerology, like our Swiss helper and friend Marianne, (the E is pronounced in German) who is universally known as Mariann.

          P.S. Are you the same Terry I used to enjoy corresponding with on the FIGU forum years ago? If so – I thought you were a bloke! 🙂

    1. This has been picked out of the catalogue by me, today, especially for you, Terry, to read at your leisure. Hopefully you’ll take the time to do that and in doing so get as far as to discover the origin of those names, and subsequently get as far as to then do some further reading into the ancient Minoans and Hellenes. Good reading, enjoy, peace.

      Contact Report 125
      From lines 181- 192

  4. i’m amazed that so many years later there are still passionate and malicious detractors,Mr. K’ s legacy lives on.

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