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  1. …it seems as if the intelligence agencies control the media and have orchestrated a disinformation campaign against Meier for years because they fear the real truth getting out to the public..after all the petty debunking videos on YouTube about the Meier case it’s no wonder why more people aren’t waking up to the truth..the agency’s deceitful tactics seem to be very effective against the average person considering all of the skeptical comments on some of the Meier video uploads..it’s a shame!

    1. Hi Eric, yes it is a shame. But causes do have effects. The reason behind the one sided bum tapping is because if you say anything in Billy’s defence, you will get banned. That’s why the comments look so one sided on YouTube videos from Phil Langdon etc. We all know how much Phil likes his bum tapped. But people are catching on to that ruse.

      1. I will point out that Langdon challenged me to a debate on the William Piper show…and tehn backed out of the debate.

        1. Banned from Phil Langdon’s webstie Moshe. But since only pigs post there, it’s not a big loss. He might have to add coward to his small list of accreditations Michael.

          1. Phil may want to put his garbage can lid to proper use now. With all the garbage he’s spewed it’s definitely time to put a lid on it.

  2. OOn another topic Coast to Coast AM with George Noory just had Craig Hulet on fro the first hour on Jade Helm. Craig said the Jade Helm is really an exercise in futility being run by Homeland Security along with the CIA,NSA, etc,etc,etc, because thecorporations and the military industrial complex are afraid of us especially if we disagree withem on any topic etc,etc, they will throw us into fusion centers beside not only that they think the US will end up like Greece but instead of a bailout this time it will be a bailin where you will lose all your life savings such as retirement funds cheking accouts and so on. As far as US presidents go it will only be corporate soncerd ether Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush. You will N EVER EVER see apresident of the people, by the people and for the people again! “If that is the case,count on my NOT voting AT AL!” Now if only I had enough money to move to Switzerland to the SSSC or some place neutral like Switzerland? “I`d love to ge out of the US before all this happens lets I end up in a fusion center!”

    1. Or you can decide that you will not live in fear, and choose to be in complete control of your thoughts, deeds, and actions, in line with the Creational Natural laws and recommendations.

      1. Thanks Greg. After all what is Planet Erra all about,the Plejaren Federation and all of the DERN and DAL Universes all about etc,etc,etc.:))) “It`s high time we all did the same and join the rest of those good kind friendly spiritual ET`s who believe and follow the “Laws, Commandments, and Directive of Creation!:)))

  3. Stephen Hawking looking for E.T. ; will he find her/him ? If he does , what is the Industrial millitary and the American secret services going to do with that ! Well if you have been telling people for years that E.T. doesn’t exist , you are going to have to convince them that E.T. does exist first ! Most of the population knows nothing about Billy Meier let alone E.T’s

  4. Did you see this in the news ?
    Maybe they can remove all doubts about the Meier case.


    Milner, whose wealth is estimated at $3.4 billion, according to the latest Forbes magazine rankings, has said that he will spend at least $10 million a year for a decade on Breakthrough Listen – a program that will look for and decode potential signs of alien life. He will also institute a $1 million prize for Breakthrough Message, a solution for how to best communicate with extra-terrestrials, though the message itself will be withheld for the moment, to make sure it does not spark alien aggression.

    1. It pnly costs a few weeks of one’s time and the price of sustenance to reveal the truth to oneself. When people start throwing huge sums of money around, accompanied by all of the public relations noise, well it really isn’t about finding the truth.

      How many people here needed $100 million to find the truth of the STILL ONGOING Meier case?

    2. Very good point Erik. We DON`T want those unfriendly degenerate ET`s turning us into slaves and eating us alive too! “Beware of what Stephen Hawking has said in the past an d watch your back!”

  5. I always remember what Semjase told Billy back in then about the good, bad and middle-inbetween ET`s are al about. Semjase said it`s a universal constant just like here on Earht too. There are good and bad everywhere and even in the middle -50-50 somewhere,you just have to be very careful and watch your back. Not all ET`s friendly and benevolent.

  6. Here is more information on Jade Helm even though this uis not in our blog but this Jade Helm thing could spark WW3. Here is the paragraph from last nightalk with Craig Hulet on c2c. Hulet said Jade Helm 15 is a month long multi-state military exercise that recently began in Texas. He views the operation as a test run for dealing with civil disturbances,which he predicts will happen in the US after an economic crash, similar to the one in Greece. There will be a kind of “bail-in” that will enrage the public with bamks closing for a few days,and then re-opening with peoples saving, and pension accounts reduced by10-2o%,he warned. His website is craighulet.com There will be more on Jade Helm tonight on c2c about Jade Helm which is very very dark and very very sinister and might start WW3. That is why I had to post this to warn everyone including Billy and the Plejaren Federatikon to to keep an eye on these Jade Helm events just in case something very bad and sinister might just touch off WW3. “We NEED to keep a wary eye on this Jade Helm thing!”

  7. You do have to go off the mainstream media propaganda to find truths regarding this over regulated endeavor. I suggest the Common Sense Show to find well written researched information on the Jade topic. What the entire military within America is positioning for is still open for debate , but the fact that such a large event is taking place and not addressed publically is quite shocking. Just watch the skies and local for military activity and question it. Aside from that Michaels presentations hopefully become more in demand and finds its place in many communities where people are open to listen and learn. I think many are open to this interaction and others like Dane Wiggington and Deborah Tavarese hopefully will seek to be a part of those same presentations putting the earth and humanity on a proper pedestal and people will realize they have an empowering brother and sister along side them to stand up with. Its happening I see it we have to realize how potent the internet is right now in terms of finding and framing the real truths that we need to help others find.

  8. I should point out that if one looks closely or not even so closely you can observe that WWIII has already begun some time ago. We are just used to war being fought with armies and mortars. Its psychological and electronic and chemical full on with all countries at the moment not to mention currencies and pure propaganda. So acknowledge it for what it is and continue to meditate and control your own mental state and push as much positive energy as you can. That even entails resisting as much pollution as you can.

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