He’s Not Too Hip to Hop

Hip-Hop magazine, Nation19, interviews Michael Horn on the Billy Meier UFO case

The Billy Meier UFO case is now spreading into the world of hip-hop via a classy, glossy, bossy magazine that caters to the tastier elements of music, arts, culture and …controversy.

Nation19 founders, Queen Muhammed Ali and Hakeem Khaaliq, spent several hours interviewing Michael Horn in the serene setting of Sedona, Arizona. They discussed all aspects of this singularly authentic case, from the UFOs, the prophecies and predictions and the spiritual teaching, to why they came here to meet with Meier for…the past 73 years.

In this special food issue Nation19 gives an appe-teaser of what’s to come.


Nation19 4Nation19 2

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The magazine is available both online and in print.




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  1. Michael,

    I tried contacting Joe Rogan several times via Twitter if he could interview you since he also has an interest in “UFOs” but unfortunately he never replied.

    1. Joe,

      Thanks for trying.

      This is not unusual of course. There are a number of reasons, such as there are people who filter communications for these celebrities. There may also be parties that make sure that certain things DON’T get seen, featured, promoted, etc. That’s also why I’m pleased that Nation19 did the feature…and they will later run more.

    1. jhagg,

      Technically you can post anything in the Questions and Answers thread if you just mention where the information may be related to BEAM in someway … consider … “religion.” 🙂

  2. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence is set to be “a truly global initiative” as it will be independent from governments and open to public, Russian internet billionaire Yuri Milner, investing in the international project backed by Stephen Hawking, told RT.

    “I think it’s an important project for the whole humanity. We now have the technology, we have the capability, we have the software and hardware to really try to get to the answer to this pretty fundamental question: are we alone in the universe? And I think in the next ten years we would be able to make a significant progress which is order of magnitude more significant than in the last 55 years,” Milner told RT on Thursday.


    Nation 19 magazine is featuring the Billy Meier Contacts with Michael Horn while the physicist and Russian billionaire play Keystone Cops. If Hawking and Milner are serious about questions regarding ET life in the universe, then they need to follow the lead of Nation 19 magazine.

  3. Hello there Michael.

    At first, earlier today, when I saw the magazine page with the smaller portrait of you on the bottom right side, I thought the picture of you have been altered somehow to make you look “alien” or something. The picture jumped to my eyes and that was my first thought. I even commented on UFOporphet about it. (please can ignore my comment) Now I feel perplex because it might just be the true photo of you it’s just that you looked different then normal and almost strange, perhaps because of the sun in your eyes, the position of the camera and the result of the contraction of the larger photo into a smaller size resulting in some sort of deformation. You do look young and good on the picture, although there was something troubling me about it. I hope nobody have altered it for any reason. Okay. That was my concern. eheh

    Also, I wanted to know if the magazine is showing more about your interview and the Meier case, photographs etc. on other pages in this issue of the Nation19?
    Thank you once again.

  4. Did they tell you how the came across the case Michael. I assuming you didnt reach out to nation 19 magazine. Did they say specifically who found the case.

    Thanks and well done.


  5. Hey Michael, How about putting that Nation 19 on You Tube Video too,then we could all see and hear your interview on You Tube. Keep up the great work you are doing to get the message out.

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