Hip-Hop magazine, Nation19, interviews Michael Horn on the Billy Meier UFO case

The Billy Meier UFO case is now spreading into the world of hip-hop via a classy, glossy, bossy magazine that caters to the tastier elements of music, arts, culture and …controversy.

Nation19 founders, Queen Muhammed Ali and Hakeem Khaaliq, spent several hours interviewing Michael Horn in the serene setting of Sedona, Arizona. They discussed all aspects of this singularly authentic case, from the UFOs, the prophecies and predictions and the spiritual teaching, to why they came here to meet with Meier for…the past 73 years.

In this special food issue Nation19 gives an appe-teaser of what’s to come.


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The magazine is available both online and in print.




65 comments on “He’s Not Too Hip to Hop

  • Nice spread. Too bad their website apparently promotes the Scientology-affiliated cult-leader Farrakhan.
    What were you doing in Sedona? Next time you are in the area I recommend going out to visit the Hopi Reservation a few hours northeast. They have been waiting for their “true white brother” Pahaana.

    • The owners of the magazine are very eclectic, open minded and interested in finding the truth. We met in Sedona, as it was reasonably close.

    • Hey The Judas-lineage Matthew,
      In no way form or fashion does Nation19 Magazine promote any religion let alone Scientology. WTF??? It’s a hip hop magazine/blog/clothing line. I read Nation19 Facebook and blog religiously…and I applaud them for bringing different things to the world of Hip Hop. You sound like a racist piece of trash starting trouble. Oh by the way I found out about BEAM by buying this issue of Nation19 Magazine. I would have never known about his photos and films.

      • Thanks Todd,

        I really liked and respected Queen and Hakeem, they certainly don’t promote any religion but are truth seeking and open minded.

        And I’m glad that they introduced you to the Meier case through that issue.

      • Farrakhan is promoted on their website, front page. Nation of Islam, a racist cult, adopted E-meters in 2012 and has been basically merging with Scientology ever since. Racist? Are you kidding? My own great-great-grandfather was a slave. That however does not mean that I agree with the massive self-pity-cult that Blacks are now buying into. Actually, Blacks are not the ones who suffered the most in this country’s history, although demagogues like e.g. Farrakhan like to say constantly that they are. The Indians, the NATIVE inhabitants of the USA, experienced the worst genocide of all time. And if you think the Hopi prophecy of a “true white brother” is racist, then take that up with them – it’s been their tradition for over a thousand years.

        • In posting these two comments from Matthew, I want to point out a couple of things – to be clear. Billy Meier and FIGU’s position has been made clear in articles such as:


          …and in the new DVD, The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life (http://theyfly.com/newproducts/newproducts.html), where Meier warns additionally about the coming increase in these problems by various groups (in the US and in other countries).

          Secondly, my experience with Queen and Hakeem is that they are themselves completely devoid of racism, as even my presence in their predominantly Black-oriented publication shows. My sense is also that in serving the interests of their community, they have also published and/or promoted information about which they may not have an in depth perspective, or awareness. This is very different than deliberately promoting racism, a cult, etc. Certainly if they delve into the matter further, they may see Farrakhan and Nation of Islam differently. We can encourage that without attacking them.

          Racism and genocide are not in need of competitive comparisons. The peoples and individuals that have suffered this aren’t honored by such things.

          We can all benefit in terms of upgrading our knowledge, awareness of the true nature of people, beliefs, etc.

        • Self-pity cult? I seriously doubt that. Also let’s not play Oppression Olympics. It’s not cute. MH I commend you for spesking to this publication. As a black woman I know that we can greatly benefit from this information. GREATLY. Christianity, and Islam has such a tight hold and it’s doing us no good.

          • Hi Marie,

            I’m glad to hear form you and to know that the article reached you and is hopefully reaching more people in the communities. I’m grateful to Hakeem and Queen that they took the step of doing and including the article. The rest of the actual interview will hopefully appear in a future version. It takes a bit of time for them to produce each issue.

            Please also feel free to let me now if you think of any other ideas for bringing the Meier material to these communities which, as you say, are mainly in the grip of Christianity and Islam.

  • It’s great that you are able to reach out to a different types of cultures. I’m just curious how the readers will respond to the article. As a listener to some hip hop music, the singer and rappers often praise god. And based off my assumption of of black american culture, Christianity is deeply rooted into their mindset, and is hard to tell them that their religion is false. Valiant outreach and effort none the less MH.

    • Yes and some rappers often say things that are quite offensive. But hopefully we are going to build some bridges.

      • It has been my experience that many rappers are thoughtful, creative, expressive types who speak offensively because they have been brutalized, marginalized, or left rudderless.
        Consider two good, twin plants. You put one in a well designed greenhouse, with good soil/water etc, and the other in a greenhouse with holes in it, with contaminated water or incorrect nutrients. The first plant thrives, while the other becomes twisted.
        The difference was not in the plants – it was in the environment.
        There are many excellent people in those communities, in my experience. I look forward to having more common ground.
        So, good decision, MH 🙂

    • Haven’t you heard of Mos Def/Yasin Bey and Talib Kweli? The message on their album “Black Star” is much in line with the mission of Billy – perhaps not perfectly, but certain songs are very close.

      • Because your last post upset me I decided to drop this since you mentioned Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def. A couple years ago Mos Def acknowledged his love for Nation19 Magazine and even did several concerts wearing APDTA (all people don’t think alike). You seem to love hi hop and thats good so lets support good stuff like what they are doing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFr7RiwvDmE

        • I don’t have a problem with Nation19 magazine. I just think they should be more selective about whom they promote with their articles. Billy Meier is good and real. Farrakhan is not just a cult-leader but also a sellout. Just look up Farrakhan Scientology.

          • Hopefully Yasiin Bey and others will find the true Islam in the Goblet of Truth and not get misled into the Judaism- and Christism-influenced cult of Allahism, nor the Scientology-infiltrated racist cult of Nation of Islam.

    • I was interested too george and thought the very same cognitions . Its good what hes is doing reaching out, and you know black people are even mentioned specifically in the contact reports , they’re arrival in spaceships at a specific time at a specific location where just like all the other races, then over many thousands of years moved to other areas of the world , forgot just like all the other different people , and today are brought up to the current time just as the same with all other different races , in the same way not knowing , and with the same sincerity as it is with all other people why should it be any different , why , and so Michael is doing a normal and valuable thing , by ignoring the historical injustice of the specific group that ended up in america , and as he said , bridges are being built and we all realise when we think in these larger time scales that we do get along , an we d do have things in common , and we do share the same ideals same values , and we can do this now in the modern time comfortably as all cultural differences are now observed . besides this information is for everyone , even if a small number of people can understand it means only that they strive to learn more .

      That is what I think , me , David , thank you

  • Sorry to be off top but this Jade helm think “could touch off WW3” Here goes: Last night between 2am and 3am for one hour on c2c Steve Quayle had more info on Jade Helm (but this may be an exaggeration?) Jade Helm is a multifaceted operation aimed at scr utinizing the American people but these efforts should actually be directed ouside of the criminal element of illegal immigrants released from prisons. Whats troubling to Steve Quayle about Jade Helm…is that it`s designed to be a cover for the positioning of troops throughout the country. Jade Helm is the military arm of the compete takeover through identification and eradication of the American citizens…We`ve become a lawless nation now, and a nation that becomes lawless is capable of incredible and dangerous slaughter of its inhabitants. “Further Quayle suggested that the New World Order/Global Elite are behind the recent cyber attacks and data breaches and this is part of their control scheme. Quayle also foresees a war between US<China and Russia and an economic crash that ties in with biblical prophecy. Steve Quale`s website is stevequayle.com Quayle stated that this was and is planned! Again I appoligize for this offd the topic subject but Quayle said this could start a civil war and lead to WW3. I don`t know if this is true but as I`v said before and I`ll say it again "WATCH YOUR BACK AND KEEP A WARY EYE OUT FOR ANYTHING ANDEVERYTHING FROM NOW ON!"

  • Although im guilty of falling off topic at times. There are many many websites that cater to the jade helm malarkey Terry. I don’t think this is the place

  • I agree dub but I heard on c2c last night that the civil was was and is planned and then Ww3 if these nefarious sinister Jade Helm SHILLS think they can get away with their sick ideas and plans.

  • I agree Dub , that’s an intense topic and its better to research it on your own , The Common Sense Show is a good start . But to this thread I would suggest Michael be aware of Steven Hawkins and his massive reward to look for alien life . If you could reach him it would be a perfect match. Although I feel that Hawkins is used as a prop to put words in his name all too easily. Either way , perfect platform . Imagine if Hawkins could be the platform to inform the entire world of Meiers. Now that would be cool.

    • Here’s where I suggest that you and anyone else interested reach out to him, provide him with some info links, get me contact info, etc. It’s actually more effective when people other than me are the first people of record.

      • I’m going to quote the alleged ET Florena in Contact Report 486:

        14. For the longest time, in the same way that evidence of the truth of our collective contacts has already been provided by many witnesses, as has the genuineness of your photos made ​of our beamships and various materials, which were given by Genesis III in the USA, to renowned scientific experts and institutions for scientific investigation and analysis and which proved that all the material corresponds to genuineness and that no counterfeits whatsoever are presented.
        15. Also, the investigations on the sites and locations where the photos, and so forth, were made showed that all your data correspond to the truth and that no deception whatsoever is present.
        16. This must finally be accepted. However, after all the evidence provided and after a time of more than 30 years, whoever – in regard to the presentation of evidence – still cannot accept this, is poor and paranoid in regard to intelligence and rationality.
        17. Therefore, neither you, nor other members or friends and acquaintances, ought to react to further discriminatory machinations and questions, rather declare that the evidence of the genuineness and truth in regard to the contacts and photos, as well as other materials is sufficiently provided, consequently it is nonsensical to still continue to talk about it.

        Well said.

    • If we think about it for a few minutes {David about your Steven Hawkin idea} and allow ourselves to credit our own intellectual-reasoning. If the material intellect with all its given limitations, is designated to the highest place in the individual {any individual} then the consequence is a tremendously slow development of the spirit and the consciousness.

      {The human-material intellect can only move in a vicious circle of possibilities.}

      So that being said, only beings living in something equal to poverty of consciousness demand proof for the existence of the spirit, for in their primitive thinking, they cannot recognize its existence from the spiritual acts and occurrences. Therefore it is completely wrong to restrict the field of view of life only to observable phenomena and to let the valuations of objective worth determine things.

      In conclusion, the material intellect accepts the testimony of the material senses and their resulting conclusions but rejects the deepest subjective intuitions.

  • Hey guys you got great ideas David and MH. Maby we can convince Stephen Hawking and the Russian Billionair that there are good kindhearted benevolent helplful ET`s who really want to help us and prevent a nuclear war/WW3. If we sent Stephen all the Billy Meier information including the CR we might just get our message across and the Spirituaal Teachuings too,we m ight just be able to make it here on Earth and survive without nary a scatch.:)))

    • No Terry, my Darling, please, you’ve misunderstood at a fundamental level what the situation actually is in fact and reality, and the stance which is being taken in fact and reality.

      Invert everything you said and retry the idea selection: so here’s everything inverted for your convenience

      They’re NOT trying to convince any scientists
      They’re NOT trying to convince any of the worlds wealthiest men or women
      The’re NOT trying to prevent world war 4
      They’re NOT trying to help anyone on any world that is category 0 in developmental evolutionary terms
      We’re NOT trying to proselytize people with non-material knowledge
      We WILL categorically survive here on Earth

      Okay my darling, I felt it was important that I did that, because you had everything the wrong way around, its ok, you’ll be alright, its because no one is telling you off that you got it wrong, rather than ‘your being told off’ because your not.

      • But yes they are apparently treading some of the ground that has traditionally been trodden by the religious factions as well as some additional ground that the traditional religious factions were too weak in they’re consciousness to tread at the time or any of the time since interestingly, also some ground that has never seen any tread in the current epoch history of mankind, which is particularly invigorating I have to say.

      • Hmmm As I have taken it ‘they’ are very much trying to prevent world war. We on the other hand, as a planet, could be called the they and then this might work.
        As well as, sending impulses to scientist to further our technology. In that, and in some regards, we could understand and contemplate this very day the things a great teacher named Billy Meier is saying. Lest we would most likely just be coming out of the 18th century.
        Seems the long line of ‘occurrences’ on a planetary level are meant to slowly bring us around to the truth, on our own. Not as much as what they or them are doing but what we, as individuals may do….. as much as it always seems to mean so little.

        • Well actually no, see the thing is Philip, there has never in any of our recorded history been any interaction between an Earth human and a human from another world on any sort of official basis, and the FIGU have been given the exact facts about any of the other occasions, which are small in number. The human-made laws of these intergalactic agreements that govern worlds and space for higher civilizations are very strict and exacting, and while they can under special circumstances do certain specific things, like have someone from another universe do something for example. They themselves are not permitted to undermine politics and other things openly, and look walking around in the other worldly spirit area is nothing as far as the Earth human is concerned because they are either religiously delusional or materialistic to the point of believing nothing exists. Also about the future Philip, your talking to me now, none of the others, they have already taken a very close look at most if not all the history for some time to come. So about this “As I have taken it ‘they’ are very much trying to prevent world war” no, its we, Earth people that are doing that, we are the ones working to prevent anything or do anything.

          We are basically talking about something like a clerical management position, but be careful, I have looked into other things and dont want to scare people, there are some other facts yes. It is all us Philip, both physically, mentally, officially, unofficially, spiritually, materially, – and then I suppose where do the degenerated extraterrestrials come into that, most of the entire worlds humans. So, whatever, you can go further Philip, get right in there, be honest with everything, and enjoy your northern hemisphere summer 🙂

          • Which contact report has “human-made laws of these intergalactic agreements that govern worlds and space for higher civilizations are very strict and exacting”?

          • hey duke, they are human, they are part of a higher civilization and they’re laws are specific, they would have to be strict by logic, im not a walking library, sure you can do a search yourself, its mentioned several times, look through the earlier contact reports, the introduction contacts

          • important to remember that none of it is a game {sure everyone knows that, just saying} on earth everythings a game, minimum wage example was never meant to be a benchmark was originally designed only to protect the most vulnerable. The plejaren take everything seriously that requires seriousness. You can probably find that worded by them much better in one of the contacts.

          • Again not sure about all this, but to each their own. I thought that our distant history is fraught with interactions of all sorts of peoples and planets, not always so pleasant on our world? Seems there has been more within this sphere than has been read into? Some here are probably originally from these distant worlds. So maybe this reference is to more recent history? We have only a small granular of our ‘history’ to work with, most of which is concealed or outright horse apples. And we know for sure that there has been at least 7? teachers within just the last couple thousand years, trying to bring us something more than lies and deceit. Though they could never get anything of the ground because of coercion, religion, illiteracy, stupidity. Seems we could speculate about many things on our world, whilst we slowly fall down the hole we have dug behind us. No one will save us and no one is truly in control of the things we do and don’t do but the self. It seems to only be the individual on that basis and within the information of Billy Meier(no matter what language one prefers) it seems to me that we are all interacting with higher beings within their words and wisdom. From there I guess it is up to us what we do with it….. like so many times in the past and without the proper language barriers crossed, the chances of twisting and contorting it are all the more prevalent. Yet, at least we are trying in some degree I hope and time will be on our side with what comes of it. As it may seem and for the future to tell, Billy is the last in this line to get such help in spreading the truth. From here it is going to be up to us in different regards….. the more we seem to go in the opposite direction.

          • Yea, well, I don’t recall any of that specifically worded in the manner chosen from the Contact Reports. Granted the Plejaren are ‘Human Beings’ so they’re more Being and a lot less like Spockish and have more powers than even the inventors of Star Trek had imagined. So, there is no Prime Directorate or any sort of that as far as I can tell where things MUST transpire in a certain direction.

            Now there is a thing call the “laws of Creation” I’ve heard time and time again from the Meier material so which doesn’t really ring a bell with what you have posted here. Also, it would go a long way to determine clarity if you are indeed referencing the Meier material to have an idea where it is at.

            After all, the alleged Plejaran are mind readers not us here on this planet.

          • Duke you are more than capable of using the search yourself of your own volition to get to the bottom of it anything. But yes to both you Duke and Phillip, it is complicated and I volunteer myself, I shouldnt simplify things as it takes objectivity and subjectivity out of any explanation.

            Natural laws:

            Laws of creation (as you said), naturally occuring laws, fundamental forces, gravity, electromagnetic spectrum, strong weak nuclear force, dark matter, creative-natural laws etc.

            “…things should be provided to you to help you, which impart to you extraordinary knowledge and ability in respect of the creational-spiritual matters and their laws and directives through which you may recognize the truth.”

            Etc, many more references, in fact most contacts reference them.

            Human-made laws:

            “…other extraterrestrials were stationed on the Earth – namely us and our confederates – who were prohibited, by the government of the home world, from helping the space travelers. Consequently we had to hold ourselves to our directives…”

            “…What gene it concerns, the terrestrial scientists and researchers have to find out themselves, for our directives prohibit direct explanatory interference in foreign cultures and civilizations, in terms of progress, etc.”

            “in order not to violate our directives, because the Earth people must investigate and discover the exact insights themselves.”

            “We generate contacts here and there with inhabitants of different worlds if our directives allow us, single out some of them, and provide them with explanations, but only if a race is developing towards a higher level and slowly starts thinking.”

            There are many more references too, many many. All the info is there.

            Also I meet a lot of people that have developed a fear of the German language layed up next to the english translation. Direktiven means directives, an official or authoritative instruction, and instruction, direction, command, order, charge, injunction, prescription, demand; rule, ruling, regulation, law, dictate, decree, dictum, edict, notice, ordinance, mandate, fiat, diktat.

            Dont ever be afraid of doing some more translation on the words, fleshing out the meaning, taking a look at what is meant by things, examining the prevalence of words, terms, uses of phases and take a careful look at the German language too. Also look at the latin term and ancient greek terms sometimes, as they occasionally transfer to the modern day and have been used specifically by the Plejaren for special situations, explanations. Use all the dictionaries, use google to find everything you need to get the information you need and demand it, do it, get to the answer. Be well, again, enjoy your northern hemisphere summer 🙂

          • Ok Daniel, so, then, how exactly does the Plejaran actually stick to their said directives that is “strict and exacting” (you said) which I didn’t find in your quotes, again, from the Meier material. After all, … the P’s appear to be quite involved with Meier, the folks around the Center, and apparently send tons of impulses to a ton of folks out there I’m not quite so sure you should read it so cut and dry (whether it is in English, German, Greek, Latin or some other language).

            Queztel says “Direktiven direkte” which is quite direct in being directly direct-able with other folks when they need some direction in setting some things straight. It does not suggest a lack of involvement or a slavish determination to do nothing. Also, Florena explained in CR 486 the proof of the contacts then you know they gave enough proof of extraterrestrial life.

          • as with anything human made it comes with an extensive selection of choice, the naturally occurring equality, you’ll have to read about the special agreements with the high council. At the end of the day they are not chatting to any official guy or whatever, they are talking with BEAM exclusively, so whatever it is you mean or want to explain to me about whatever it is, those are the facts that cannot be shifted around or fudged to suit the ideas or whatever. They are just human beings with all the knowledge we should theoretically have at this stage.

          • Duke if you know the correct answer to anything ever in your life do not ever hold it back, our lives are short and for thousands of years our evolution has been stunted by people who are smart who behave like they are dumb, dont ever waste any of your time, we be honest and we get it off our chests, then we move on, that is how we role, if we dont know the answer then we take the situation into our own hands, we never expect others to deliver that to us or anything like that.

    • Thanks Joe. As I just posted there:

      According to the response I received yesterday directly from Christian Frehner, the answer to all three questions is:


        • I understand about George Green but why Randy winters? I have been following and researching for about 3 years now and i don’t recall anything ( i haven’t read ) anything regarding randy winters. The reason i ask is, Randy winters is the reason i found billy and i was actually going to download the tapes for my father to listen to. What am i missing? Anyone? A CR report maybe… I Don’t mean to ask stupid questions but i obviously missed something. Thanks

          • Randy was a really excellent speaker but he started to take liberties with the material, inserting his own inaccurate ideas, changing things around, etc. It was his deviating from the facts that resulted in FIGU asking him to not represent the material anymore…and also what inspired me to start doing presentations myself.

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