Regarding Internet Anonymity

Human beings not even worthy of their own names  attack the character of others

Years ago, a friend of mine who was a theatrical director pointed out an interesting thing that is of an even greater magnitude of relevance and importance now. He noted that actors and other live performers run the risk of failure, shame, embarrassment and ridicule every time they do their work, something that most other people rarely experience, and certainly not as a de facto hazard of their daily jobs.

Of course I know these risks all too well as a lecturer and even more so since I’ve recently revived my other career as a singer-songwriter.

While it’s basically unknown to the digital generation, expressing one’s opinion in a letter to the editor, in a newspaper column, etc., also required that the person use…their real name. This is true throughout history.

While it’s also true that a small number of people may have used pseudonyms, it was generally regarded as not only bad form but as pure cowardice to hide behind any kind of anonymity while attacking real people whose names of course were known.

The internet today has helped to breed, allow and even extol cowardice to levels that would have been unimaginable in the past. Such adolescent behavior has fostered an epidemic of intellectual and moral, characterless impotence.

Those who give up their own names, willingly give up their own birthright; they are already bio-chipped, the actual mutilation and control will be a mere formality.

The Excuses

There is a variety of excuses offered, perhaps a couple of which have merit. If someone has a legitimate concern for their safety, which they think would be compromised by posting their real name, photo, etc., then certainly they shouldn’t participate and risk any harm. So long as that is their priority, which of course is reasonable, then at least as far as this blog is concerned they won’t be able to post here. Certainly they’re free to read and derive whatever value they can from it.

The lamest excuses have to do with wanting to be anonymous to the powers that be…who for a long time already have had plenty of access to people’s identities, information, etc., as Billy Meier revealed even before Edward Snowden. It isn’t any protection against government snooping, etc., and actually could be more dangerous if one conducts most of their life online anonymously, because if something happens to them in real life all of their online “friends” may have no way of knowing, helping, etc.

People who take the time and trouble to be real with each other will be way ahead…as the time fulfills.

The anonymous attackers who’ve chosen to not be true human beings, to not matter, to be insignificant casualties of their own careless causality, are cowards who try to hide from others what they can’t escape in themselves. They are sowing what they will reap as deliberate deniers and defamers of the truth.

Sometimes a person will attack the Meier case and use their real name, later probably wishing they hadn’t. Pseudo-scientist Stuart Robbins has been shown to be painfully inaccurate and dead wrong in all his attacks on Meier, having failed to debunk the Jupiter-Io information, as well as information about asteroid Apophis, which NASA is now effectively showing to be correct.

Verifiable Identities Here, Please

I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks with interviews and presentations in Canada and Northern California, etc., in addition to the other things that I do on a regular basis. As such I’ve been not so much moderating the forum as giving blank check approval to comments so as to keep the conversations available to the participants.

However, it has resulted in an unfortunate and excessive amount of disinformation and distraction that is intended to take the conversation away from the topics and, most importantly, from the Meier material and quite specifically the spiritual teaching.

This blog is going to change in as much that I will no longer allow anonymous posting, but only from people whose identities are verifiable. I recommend that you read this information from Dyson Devine, which will help to underscore the reason for and necessity of taking these steps, in case it isn’t clear already.

Obviously the content of those who do post using their true identity will be scrutinized as well. I’m not going to post submissions with all sorts of references to the occult, channeling, conspiracies, unsubstantiated claims about other UFO contact cases and material that isn’t relevant to the topic at hand.

I indulged our friend Astro-Tony for over a year to substantiate his claims about astrology and when that proved less than impressive we received abusive comments, death threats/wishes, etc., from him. There were others, usually with unverifiable identities, who popped up periodically with impotent attacks on the Meier case, as if it was just some sport to defame a person and their character.

It needs to be made clear that I won’t censor a comment just because it disagrees with me. But comments about Meier “hoaxing” his evidence, prophetic information, etc., aren’t going to be posted…unless they contain actual, verifiable substantiation.

This may take a little while to implement effectively so please bear with me.


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  1. Hi, although I appreciate the effort, I do not feel any ill will towards Piyali and never have. Considering that this all started when I dared ask her to look within herself for the “real” reason she wears make-up, but instead she looks to so called authority figures for the answer that she can only find within herself. Then keeps looking until she can find a response that agrees with what she already thinks, and this is NOT the way to the truth and no amount of smiley faces will make it so. It was also a real fight for her to come to terms with the fact that the truth is harsh and truthbringers speak harsh language which include swear words. So if you are still unclear of the translation of “hure” it means ‘’whore’’ just like Dyson originally said. Why was that so hard to figure out? To me, this is pretty basic stuff but again she fights against the most basic truths. Common sense isn’t that common judging by her rant on your blog. Therefore in light of the fact that we all evolve at our own pace, at this point in time I feel this conversation should remain a matter of public record.

    1. Okay, if there are any more comments between the parties concerned I hope that they will communicate them with each other. I would only post further public comments regarding this at “Discussions on the Meanings of the Texts”, which isn’t even the ideal place, if it appears that they are reflecting reaching mutual understanding, etc.

  2. Hello,

    Doesn’t Billy Meier claim to have lived a substantial portion of his life in the Middle East under the pseudonym “The Phantom”? Why? In order to protect his real identity and shield himself from some of the negative and unnatural/unfair

    NOTE: As interesting as this post could have been, the author seemed to be a bit unclear on the concept, i.e. we use our real names here. If that doesn’t work for you then this isn’t the place to submit your comments to.

  3. Duke said (quoting from a quote) “The Plajaren women also use makeup in their own way.”
    Duke: That doesn’t sound correct.

    Good call Duke, because it’s not correct. But don’t believe me, instead read this:
    I see. May I still ask you one more question or even two?
    43. Just ask.
    You are surely aware that our dear little ladies on Earth keep their age a secret, and that they smear their lips, face, finger- and toenails with powder and colors. What’s your opinion on this?
    44. Certainly.
    45. By their actions, they are deceiving themselves.
    46. From my view, I find make-up disgusting, as well as all forms of painting the body or the nails of fingers and toes.
    This is what I believe, too. Yet how is it with you people? Do you also live with such a delusion?
    47. Certainly not.

    1. Hi Duke, I meant to share with you what I found out with regard to: “The Plajaren women also use makeup in their own way.” which did not sound “correct” to you.

      I would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention Contact 54 as well, which has not been translated yet and is not available in “Future of Mankind” yet.

      My understanding is based on the rough translation by Jacob who shared an excerpt from Contact 54, on this very matter on makeup, at the English Figu Forum in 2013. I cannot share it here with you because it is his post. If you know him, please ask him for further clarification or someone who knows even more. Even better if you know German and can find this Contact Report, you can translate it for yourself. I should have known better than to write that line, without further clarification. I was however foolishly too busy responding to Sheila, trying to make a point, which was an useless activity on my part and one I should have known better not to engage in.

      It is my understanding from my limited knowledge, that the Plejaren women do not put on make up like women of our earth. But from the excerpt that Jacob had shared, and from my discussion with others, there seems to be a vague consensus that some Plejaren women perhaps color their eyes in their world. They certainly do not suffer any delusions and illusions about themselves which women of our earth are prone to suffer from perhaps, which again is not applicable to all women of our world, but perhaps to some. Given our collective level of evolution, it will take time to catch up to the the Plejaren level of evolution, including with regard to make-up. We also have to go deeper to understand their conversation, which reads more like a sharing of personal likes and dislikes, rather than a broad generalization, instead of just agreeing with it at the surface level, because it fits ones personal views. And while there is nothing wrong with that, it is wrong and thoughtless to criticize and judge others with it. And that is the point I was trying to make.

      This is the same with the blog Michael has shared here with us with regard to Internet anonymity. While I agree with most of what he wrote, one also has to respect the anonymity of another for they might have a very valid reason for hiding their names, etc. This may not be agreeable, but neither should it be judged, unless the person is using “anonymity” to criticize and judge another with malicious intent.

      Speaking of “common sense” which I have been accused of not having, among other things here, I think it is imperative to comprehend, that “common sense” means to have the ability to understand, that all is not as it appears to be. It is not about “right” or “wrong”, it is about having a whole and sound understanding about a subject matter and coming to an informed well thought out conclusion, primarily for yourself, because it is all for your benefit, for our own individual benefit respectively. And all of us will have different perspective on it depending on our own level of evolution respectively. This however does not translate into one being more superior, or more knowing or better than another, for the moment such thoughts enter into the mind, one should stop and really take heed and correct this erroneous way of thinking.

      Billy’s writings are vast with many deep layers. It is not “common sense” to pick up a line from here, a phrase from there, a paragraph from here or a word from there and then hash it up and use it to criticize and judge others. This is the core of the spiritual teaching, which is the heart of the Meier material. If you are studying that, and you are applying it, you will realize what it means to be empathetic, caring, compassionate and truly wise.

      So in conclusion, no, the Plejaren women do not use make up like we do here, but some perhaps color their eyes…in order to fully comprehend and know truly something about their culture, it is, in my opinion, wise to read and study all, because it is very interesting. Instead of jumping at someone and forcefully giving him/her a dose of your mind, unasked. This attitude is not a mark of someone with “common sense”.

      Thank you for reading. I won’t be returning here again. But I thank everyone for sharing their perspectives, I have enjoyed reading man of the insightful perspectives.

      Thank you Michael for all the hard work you do and share with us. This is the only time I engaged in your Blog and the only time I had a real private conversation with you, all of which has been most insightful and helpful too.

      Salome and take care everyone.

  4. Contact report 3 is straightforward and I posted the link so no one can accuse me of cherry picking. Read it all. Figure out why Jacob and others would knowingly lead you astray telling you wearing make-up is just fine when CR 3 claims otherwise. The only hidden meaning I could find, is this question: why one would choose to deceive themselves and the delusion associated with that? As simple as it is, I find it very liberating not to wear make-up or colour my graying hair and I embrace the natural progression of aging. I am 52 years old. I refuse to support the make-up corporations and hollyweird in their campaign against women and their natural beauty. I don’t buy their crap about looking good. I personally look for natural beauty and often find it in what you might consider as old/ugly people.
    But I am interested in how the Plejaren actually change their eye colour. Presently humans can only change their eye colour as a direct result of stress. Which may or may not be true. I asked an optometrist last year and that’s what he said and also did some research into it. Although he has been an optometrist for many years he admitted that he has never actually come across such a case.

    1. I am responding to you Sheila, because once again I read your post in my email first, which I wish I would not receive.

      I could choose not to respond, but I will, to correct one thing for you, because it is easy to see from your posts, how you yourself can seriously misunderstand what someone else writes:

      Jacob is not “knowingly” leading anyone “astray” in this case. He has a command of the German language. He merely TRANSLATED (very different from knowingly leading astray) the except from Contact 54, which is correct, as I have corroborated from those who actually knows, speaks and writes German very well. That is all he did.

      Contact 54 speaks about the Plejaren women coloring their eyes. I am not sure that that is the same as “changing” eye color…who knows. We know very little about that, but I would assume that this is their way of beautifying themselves, which to me is a very natural thing from a woman’s point of view, and I see nothing wrong with it. Whether you dislike makeup, or I like makeup, it is completely irrelevant as it is an individual choice and not something to gossip about and judge others upon.

      As for what you think and understand with regard to Contact 3, is upto your own personal interpretation, which might be “simple” to you, but to me for example has deeper layers to understand as well. You are entitled to your own understanding and opinion, as much as I am, or others are. Hence I personally will not share it here with you and try to contradict you. I do not see the point in that.

      As far as I am concerned, I see all human beings as unique and beautiful, and I find that beauty even in those who put on makeup, behind their makeup, in their eyes and in the tone of their voice and words, and mostly in their actions. No one is ugly, unless they go around harshly judging others for no rhyme or reason, other than to justify their own highly opinionated ways to feel superior or something. So what is “ugly” is also up for scrutiny. It all depends.

      1. Yes colouring their eyes. Otherwise wouldn’t it have translated into colouring their eyelids or colouring their eyebrows or colouring their eyelashes? It was colouring their eyes and since we currently only have lenses to colour our eyes with, how exactly does that translate into wearing make-up? Semjase was quite adamant that they did not use make-up. All I ever wanted Pyali was for you to look inside yourself to find out the real reason you wear make-up? Is that judgmental? I have this conversation with other women in my everyday life and I tell them the same thing, so don’t feel like you have been singled out. But you are certainly the only person I have had this conversation with that refuses to do so. At least they are somewhat honest with themselves. They claim they wear it to make better tips and because they like the attention. If you want to look deeper than that you would see many women unhappy with their looks and trying to cover their face. Or using it to “fit in” because all their friends wear make-up. Or use it to make themselves happy instead of looking for the real reason behind their unhappiness. A mask used to cover up of their true feelings. This may be what Semjase and Billy were trying to get at.

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