Discussions on the Meanings of the Texts

This particular blog will be a place, or forum, for discussing meanings in the various texts in the Billy Meier case, including from the spiritual teaching, contact notes, etc.  People can interact here to offer their opinions, attempts to clarify, agree or disagree about the meanings.

This will allow a bit more digression from other specific topics, though it won’t be a place for personal attacks, occultism, conspiracies, etc. The comments should be in reference to the content of the Meier material.

Please submit any rejected posts hre that fall under this category.

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  1. Yes, I see, there is one “are” too many.

    I am looking forward to the day when the mothers of the millenium will awaken from their slumber and reclaim their rightful position as decisive leaders on equal footing with the men. Because what we have today is the unfortunate lack of knowledge regarding what the spirit is, and why the two sexes shouldn’t need to compete against one another.

    Contact 251 (close to the end)

    “The predictions also provide important insight into women’s future role alongside men. In the more distant future, women will fully regain their former original equal status and rights in the men’s world with regard to their complete duties, assignments and tasks. A joint female-male relationship will come to exist, as it did in earliest times when men and women stood shoulder-to-shoulder, with total equality of rights as they functioned and worked together. As it was in early times, so will it be again in the distant future, i.e., women with children shall first and foremost dedicate themselves to their offspring by grooming and educating them, among other things, and will maintain the household. Just as they have done from ancient times, men will attend to and exert themselves for those matters and concerns which were designated to them throughout antiquity due to their male physique, etc. Therefore, the modern proliferation by the women’s liberation movements and the single-handed push by women into upper management and responsible positions for their sole supremacy, to mention a few things, will be eliminated once and for all, in order to make room for equality and equal rights that will hold true for both men and women. As a result, men and women will work together jointly on all tasks and will deal with them equally. Neither one man nor one women will elevate him- or herself above the other in rank or power regarding business, administration, government, power and other situations, as is the case today. “

  2. Do any of Meier’s (or anyone else’s) works go into complete detail about the earths history and how we got here since being genetically manipulated by our creator overlords? I have gathered bits and pieces from the contact notes and from Randy Winter’s audiotapes but they both are pretty confusing and raise more questions that answers. By the way I was always wondering if the info from Randy Winters is even reliable? I remember reading that he turned away from the teachings to use Billy’s work for his own personal gain. Please let me know if anyone has any information regarding these questions.


    1. Yes Seth, save yourself the confusion and go with the authorised translations of the material at theyfly.com or futureofmankind.co.uk.

  3. The following quote taken from OM Kanon 49 requires exposition:

    “74. Only that which is one, and held in common, can be, impartially and all-inclusively, within a self-identical existence.”

    1. It’s one of the many proofs that Billy is a better philosopher than any of the hacks working in our universities.
      The meaning is that everything shares a common factor and that common factor is indivisible and defines their co-existence in love. By analogy, think of the number 1 in arithmetic. It is a factor of every number but the product of none, so it is the binding law and source of all.
      Therefore, this common factor of universal love does not belong to any one person, but is the common property of all and flows among them like the air we breathe (see above line in Kanon 49).

      1. Oh my, thank you Matthew. You see, this is what does my head in. Why the individualizedness, then the we-form, and then presumably the all-one-ness-ness? Please point me to text that will kick start my perception let alone the required recognition, cognizance, cognition, certainty, knowledge, practical experience, living experience and the ziel of wisdom.
        Would I be answering my own question if I said: The Spirit Lessons?

        1. I guess this is above, all bar one’s, pay grade.
          I guess I have but time.
          I just hope my self will not fade.
          It seems my ziel is to be sublime.

  4. MH,the guy who interviews you on that radio station latenight in the midlands… I dont get him. He blows hot air up your butt saying how he agrees with you while you’re on the air with him, then as soon as you hang up he says he doesn’t agree with everything you say. If he seriously investigated this material, and was as down to earth as he says he is, I would imagine he would be convinced. Seems he’s playing to the nay sayers in order to not lose out on any of his audience. Money seems to be his agenda… Not the truth .As yoda would say- “Weird these people are!” He should ask you tougher questions instead of letting you speak your mind (as much as I like to hear that) in order for you to debunk the debunkers as you so eloquently do when confronted with the tough issues of the Meier case. I think he’s really bad at what he does and seems to be very unprepared with this case. Not that the interview was a waste of time but you’ve said what you said many times before on other interviews… Seems to me he really missed out on a great opportunity to really dig deep and get more into the challenging parts of the Meier case that some critics have against the case. I could be wrong… I don’t know I just felt he missed out on a good chance at making some counter arguments so you can go in depth and really explain the case. He didn’t really control the interview much… But it was nice to hear from you again for and hour or so. Keep up the great work sir!

    1. Adrian,

      You have to realize that probably 98% (or more) of what these shows deal with is pure nonsense, diversion, disinformation and a strange form of entertainment.

      As is true of all aspects of the UFOCI, for them to do enough research themselves to realize that ht Meier case is singularly, historically authentic would mean that they would have to do something else in their spare time and abandon trying to be important media fugues oohing and aahing about all of the paranormal/UFO nonsense.

      I indeed listened to the portion after my interview and just, well, shook my head as well.

      Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, Hinterschmidrüti
      2nd June 2005, 19:10

      “Very many human beings try only to save face. To this end, they attempt going on many kinds of paths, but the undertaking is, as a rule, doomed to failure. But how important this is for all these many human beings who live in this delusion to have to save face. To save face, however, is not easy, and all the many who attempt this forget it again and again…
      Good thoughts create good feelings, and good feelings should and must, in fact, be shown to the neighbor, who is, in fact, any fellow human being regardless of skin color, race, social class or whichever religion he belongs to. And as a matter of fact, occupation and title also play no role in this because in regard to the association from human being to human being, these are hollow words (sound and smoke). To understand and live this needs only clear thoughts and feelings…”

      Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, Hinterschmidrüti
      2. Juni 2005, 19.10 Uhr

      “Sehr viele Menschen bemühen sich nur darum, ihr Gesicht zu wahren. Dazu versuchen sie vielerlei Wege zu gehen, wobei das Unterfangen in der Regel jedoch zum Scheitern verurteilt ist. Doch wie wichtig ist das doch für all diese vielen Menschen, die in diesem Wahn leben, ihr Gesicht wahren zu müssen. Das Gesicht zu wahren ist aber nicht leicht, und all die vielen, die das versuchen, vergessen es immer wieder…
      Gute Gedanken erzeugen gute Gefühle, und gute Gefühle sollen und müssen auch dem Nächsten entgegengebracht werden, wobei der Nächste auch jeder Mitmensch ist, und zwar ganz gleich, welcher Hautfarbe, Rasse, Gesellschaftsschicht oder welcher Religion er angehört. Und tatsächlich spielen dabei auch Beruf und Titel keine Rolle, denn in bezug auf den Umgang von Mensch zu Mensch sind diese Schall und Rauch. Das zu verstehen und zu leben bedarf nur klarer Gedanken und Gefühle…”


  5. Terry Carch, Form a small chat under the topic The Spiritual Teaching Film Packages you shared just how hard you have worked to develop a creative mind. Plus your computer traces show that the The Federation Charity Organization and the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center means a great deal to you. When combined with the concerns expressed in you comments, and you having studied BEAM since 1997, gives you insights that should be very creative. You and I both just started acupuncture hopefully you are finding it as helpful, as I. Are you applying BEAM’s materiel like “The Psyche” and maybe the Aura paper useful when you having your sessions? “http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Aura”

    1. Hi Billy, why exactly are you using “computer traces” to find out what people are looking at? Why are you spying on members of this community?

      1. Thank you, Sheila. As usual, it’s like you and I share one mind.

        People on this site have been doing searches on me and have come back here fishing to see if I’m whomever they found in their searches.

        Our identities outside of this site aren’t anyone’s business but our own, right? If what we’re saying is true, who we are is irrelevant.

        Siblings from a different mama, you and me.

        1. Haha Moshe, my brother from another mother. I can’t agree with you about that because I am the same person here as I am outside this forum. It’s not good trying to be two different people. It doesn’t make you genuine and isn’t that what you’re striving to be?

  6. Sheila Clark, Hi, you reworded that a bit, Doing a Google search ” Terry Carch museum pieces” what was listed was what google traced out. Which just happen be of a very positive person with a very strong creative and caring personalty. Which I am trying to learn how to interchange knowledge with of great importance with that needs to be shared even in the virtual world, Feel free to do like wise to me, I have given my address to everyone here., But be forewarned I did not have anything to do with Alcoholics Anonymous. And since we last were typing about a shared art background the word trace has a little different meaning it is a starting point.

    1. I have had nothing to do with alcoholics anonymous either. I only have a plaque with a saying on it which starts out with Sheila’s Kitchen. Someone informed me somewhere along the line that it was one of the 12 steps of recovery. That’s all I know, so don’t try and make me out to be an alcoholic because I’m not.
      Nice try with the deflection though. Go back and read what you said. In art, the word trace has nothing to do with the computer trace so don’t try and pretend it does.

      1. The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous was a man with the same name as I. Since you are forcing your way into an honest attempt of someone wanting to discuss how another is dealing with a acupuncture and using BEAM’s teachings. I can find no reason allow this to keep going as negative as possible. Since this is a virtual world it is impossible to follow Billy’s instructions on what not to do to others in public. So I shall dust off my soles and pass on my way, I am not welcome in your city.

        1. My apologies Billy as I didn’t know your name was the same as the founder of AA.
          What concerns me is your ability to know what members here have been looking at. Not that I would care if you did that to me but the fact that you’ve posted the websites Terry’s “computer traces” left behind is a bit disturbing. Care to share with us how you did that?

  7. And the 2015 Nobel Prize in physics goes to…
    “The discovery that neutrinos switch between different “flavours” has won the 2015 Nobel Prize in physics.”

    …but Billy Meier said something about neutrinos:
    Existentes Leben im Universum (1978, 1993, 2014)

    “Thus would be the effect of the improper use of the *TELONIN particle (*NEUTRINO), because a chain reaction would be unavoidable, on the grounds that the telonin is a form of those fundamental building blocks of life of the entire universe, which penetrate, enliven and even create any and all matter.

    They penetrate every atmosphere, the universe’s free space, and every material, **WHEREBY THEY THEMSELVES, HOWEVER, ARE OFTEN CHANGED (**wobei sie jedoch oft verändert sind in sich selbst.).”

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