Discussions on the Meanings of the Texts

This particular blog will be a place, or forum, for discussing meanings in the various texts in the Billy Meier case, including from the spiritual teaching, contact notes, etc.  People can interact here to offer their opinions, attempts to clarify, agree or disagree about the meanings.

This will allow a bit more digression from other specific topics, though it won’t be a place for personal attacks, occultism, conspiracies, etc. The comments should be in reference to the content of the Meier material.

Please submit any rejected posts hre that fall under this category.

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MiroslavStanko - Saalome84Blue

And the 2015 Nobel Prize in physics goes to…
“The discovery that neutrinos switch between different “flavours” has won the 2015 Nobel Prize in physics.”

…but Billy Meier said something about neutrinos:
Existentes Leben im Universum (1978, 1993, 2014)

“Thus would be the effect of the improper use of the *TELONIN particle (*NEUTRINO), because a chain reaction would be unavoidable, on the grounds that the telonin is a form of those fundamental building blocks of life of the entire universe, which penetrate, enliven and even create any and all matter.

They penetrate every atmosphere, the universe’s free space, and every material, **WHEREBY THEY THEMSELVES, HOWEVER, ARE OFTEN CHANGED (**wobei sie jedoch oft verändert sind in sich selbst.).”

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