MUFON, UFOCI Force Cancellation of Billy Meier UFO Case Event!

The truth is too much to bear for those who only seek to profit, mislead and disinform

You read that correctly. My upcoming presentation of “The Billy Meier UFO Case: What the UFO Cover-up Is Really All About”, in Kansas City, has been cancelled because of pressure put on the organizer and promoter, Margie Kay, by MUFON and other members of the UFOCI.

Margie also told me that these parties tried to convince her that they had “irrefutable evidence that some of the photos of the supposed alien beings are actually photos from a Dean Martin episode in the 1960’s”, which I was able to quickly refute with this information.

Margie had posted this note here:

“A great deal of controversy has been stirred up by this event. There are people on both sides of the fence about the case and Michael Horn. We invite the public to attend the event and make up your own mind about the validity of the case. Michael Horn will answer any and all questions after his presentation.”

But apparently the threat of having their complicity in the real UFO cover-up revealed – which as I’ve stated is now solely about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier – is now far too threatening to the various profit-oriented, disinformation promoting members of the UFOCI, as I expound on in this video. Fearing that people would, as she suggested, determine the truth for themselves they pressured Margie – a MUFON member herself! – to cancel the event.

It now seems that this information about MUFON, that “the U.S. State Dept. and the CIA basically control this activity”, can no longer be doubted.

New video!

P.S. We’re getting a lot of comments about this and I want to add something. I think the cancellation is also indicating that MUFON and all of what I call the UFOCI are finding it hard to avoid admitting to themselves that they are mainly involved in imaginary pursuits. They also are loathe to recognize that for all the chasing of lights-in-the-sky their own activities and participation are basically farcical, meant to make them feel important and give some meaning to their otherwise boring lives.

The work of the various intelligence agencies and other vested interests have succeeded in marginalizing the topic of extraterrestrial life, UFOs, etc., with enormous help from the wannabes in the various UFO groups who promote the utter nonsense uncritically. As an experiment in mind control, mass hysteria, suggestibility, etc., nothing rivals the imaginary “alien” abduction scenarios (which, whenever an actual abduction has taken place is the work of secret military groups) that has produced droves of “experiencers” who have their own nice little events, cozy coffee klatches, etc.

Throw in the preoccupation with techno-toys, the relentless pursuit of escapist entertainment and unreality, the degeneration of consciousness, rational thinking, etc., and we find ourselves in the midst of what Meier calls “phantasmagoria“.  Is it really any wonder that the members of this UFOCI, many of whom came from religious backgrounds, don’t want their little make believe bubble burst by the harsh truth, as they are already getting an inkling that at the core of the Meier material is that rather uncomfortable requirement for complete self-responsibility – and self-honesty – that has nothing to do with chasing lights-in-the-sky?

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  1. Yes Michael, I found the links and you are correct!
    The pyramids already existed and were brought into use after the future became known to them via a dream. Lyra seems to have some significance.
    Asket’s Explanations
    (Partial excerpt from Asket’s explanations from February 9th, 1953, during a second visit in the Cheops Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.)
    1. You wonder about the age of the pyramid.
    2. In truth its history is somewhat confused, because its origins lead back to very early times.
    3. Were I to tell them to you now, their meaning and the history of its origin would lead much too far.
    5. This, and also a few other pyramids on the Earth, was constructed when the constellation of Lyra (Lyre – Explanation of September 4th, 1975) was positioned in the sign of Cancer.
    6. That results in a time span of 2 x 36,650 years and therefore 73,300 years in total.
    “19. In order to keep from having the survival of terrestrial humanity put into question by this expected catastrophe, King Sahluk ordered that the already existing pyramids be prepared as protection stations and survival stations for the humans of the still distant future.”.

  2. l knew Mufon was a spook front the day l called them about the Meier case in 2001. It was like talking to a BorgHive representitive.. The Meier case? Ummm never heard of it.. “Let me confer with others and get back to you” l got a cold chill and new dead square, right there, that Mufon was a 100% bonafide spook store front for the CIA ..

  3. l have noticed MH laboring under the fraud that is Mufon with a great deal of patience.. Perhaps he has his reasons for playing along, such as to let Mufon expose itself with its own naked malevolence, rather that to call that org what it is, which would allow it to publicly attack him as a conspiracy freak an impediment and a protagonist ..

  4. MH, You have the presence of mind to maintain your composure and allow the opposition to reveal their true purposes. Mufons own tactics rip at the face of the false image it wishes to project,, it’s the snake eating itself in public with all to see and it begs the question.
    “Why is Mufon so eager to dismiss this case on the most tenuous grounds, to the point of bending over backwards? Their own tactics answer the question clearly.

    Mufon is an obvious black ops fraud, a facet of an oppressive entity which works to obscure, distract and entertain, while the alien group, which wishes to rob us of our spiritual potential, gradually locks in perimeters of consciousness and liberty.

    1. Steve,

      The alien group, i.e. the Bafath, is long gone though their effects still linger. But focusing of the study of the spiritual teaching, like the Might of the Thoughts, is a very good remedy for it.

      1. Yes,
        I was thinking of an Irish song a few days ago that won the eurovision song contest “Just another year”.. and I thought to myself.. geez …just another 800 years o_O.

        I have struggled with a good method in recent years to inspire change in peoples lives and I think a gift of the Might of the thoughts is what I have settled on.

        1. Yeah 800 years till we get to live in a real society… l was calculating how many potential lifetimes that would need… ln any case in the shadow of a million incarnations, 800 years is tomorrow

          1. Thats not quite right Steve. The world is carved up 196 times roughly. Again by language, again by evolution on ancient worlds. In the next 200 years we’re going to have little beamship type flying devices that are going to replace petrol cars, we’re going to have subatomic energy systems, we’re going to have combine harvesters that can package the food and dispatch it to drones which fly it to your door immediately.

            Let me give you some ideas, non religious eyes glazed ideas. Some of us have already been ready for 800 years, in another 800 many of us will be living on other worlds already. It literally comes down to these key factors with earth people

            A: Invention
            B: Distribution system
            C: Cheap enough for everyone to own a copy

            Go to the countryside steve, in 800 it will look absolutely no different whatsoever

            1. This appears to be off-topic.

              I really don’t have the time to remind people to stick to the blog topic, so I’ll soon just delete posts, good as they otherwise may be, that don’t address the topic of the blog.

      2. l cant find the contact note but was convinced it was a recent one where Ptaah mentioned a group still here who was attempting to rob us of our spirituality.When l look around that is the environment we have.. My question to anyone who can help:: “Is there an alien group influencing this one world government/elite bankers/zionist New World order crew?”

        1. Ptaah never spoke of any other group that here to rob us of our Spirituality, not that I have read and I stay up to date with translations.
          He spoke of the three groups who form a unity not meaning any harm to them or us, but despite their respect for all life, they are not yet sufficiently developed for the Plejaren to have contact with, although they did try in the past to engage them, their telepathic impulses were simply returned to them. Since then, the Plejaren received cognitions as to them not meaning us or the Plejaren any harm.
          The criminal factions of the Bafath and Sirius intelligences are all now removed and we are faced with the task of picking up the pieces of our broken civilisation and bringing forth a true people who are no longer in bondage and evolutionary slavery to despotic ETs who wished to keep the blanket of deceit around our planet.

        2. There is also a human group named mufon who has a vested interest in not allowing the information that the military industrial complex are the sickos who are really doing the animal mutilations and in turn allowing/helping them ramp up the secret weaponry. I’ve told this to every mufon retard who has crossed my path and they don’t know how to respond other than to delete my comments.

          1. True,
            and it is annoying to think that the system of deception is still in place that served the ETs manipulative purposes.
            We should strive now to do away with the system of fear and terror in regard to ETs and MUFON needs to wake up and do some honest researching into the Meier case.

  5. Paul l like your posts in general, The information suppression system we were brought up in perhaps was instituted by the Bafath and by the men in black, in any event earth humans in control of governments are perpetuating the model with their own megalomaniacal goals in mind, The WTC according to Billy allowed to occur by the US govt. The Plejaren have also stated that the Vatican is a place of evil so intense it may trigger the eruption of Vesuvius. The connection between those two states is Masonic occult. Therefore, it doesn’t seem likely that orgs like Mufon will wake up any time soon and do some honest researching..The trolls there are simple black soldier ants.

    1. Thanks Steve,
      I know it is accurate what you stated concerning the vatican and their masonic allies that branch around the world, and that is worrying to think that such predatorial mindset is still in place to demonise ETs, dumb down the people and maintain the religious mindprison system that only serves to keep people in bondage and in a state of mental and physical slavery.

      1. Yes Freemasons try and pretend that they don’t have to be a religious freak to join Freemasonry. If only women were allowed to join, they would get rid of their weird ass rituals and stop the practise of using their positions to benefit their own members instead of all of humanity. Would you believe some Freemasons actually encourage teenagers to wear make-up telling them how pretty they look? Instead of using the creational natural laws of telling them they are beautiful without it?

  6. Michael,
    Have a look at Goblet of the Truth chapter 28 verses 211-212. Then turn the pages to verses 289 & 290. Of particular advantage to you lies in the equalized application of these verses in such a wise that you capitalize on their actions and gain the advantage.
    They have actually done you a great service which you should capitalize on.

    Salome my friend,

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