The truth is too much to bear for those who only seek to profit, mislead and disinform

You read that correctly. My upcoming presentation of “The Billy Meier UFO Case: What the UFO Cover-up Is Really All About”, in Kansas City, has been cancelled because of pressure put on the organizer and promoter, Margie Kay, by MUFON and other members of the UFOCI.

Margie also told me that these parties tried to convince her that they had “irrefutable evidence that some of the photos of the supposed alien beings are actually photos from a Dean Martin episode in the 1960’s”, which I was able to quickly refute with this information.

Margie had posted this note here:

“A great deal of controversy has been stirred up by this event. There are people on both sides of the fence about the case and Michael Horn. We invite the public to attend the event and make up your own mind about the validity of the case. Michael Horn will answer any and all questions after his presentation.”

But apparently the threat of having their complicity in the real UFO cover-up revealed – which as I’ve stated is now solely about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier – is now far too threatening to the various profit-oriented, disinformation promoting members of the UFOCI, as I expound on in this video. Fearing that people would, as she suggested, determine the truth for themselves they pressured Margie – a MUFON member herself! – to cancel the event.

It now seems that this information about MUFON, that “the U.S. State Dept. and the CIA basically control this activity”, can no longer be doubted.

New video!

P.S. We’re getting a lot of comments about this and I want to add something. I think the cancellation is also indicating that MUFON and all of what I call the UFOCI are finding it hard to avoid admitting to themselves that they are mainly involved in imaginary pursuits. They also are loathe to recognize that for all the chasing of lights-in-the-sky their own activities and participation are basically farcical, meant to make them feel important and give some meaning to their otherwise boring lives.

The work of the various intelligence agencies and other vested interests have succeeded in marginalizing the topic of extraterrestrial life, UFOs, etc., with enormous help from the wannabes in the various UFO groups who promote the utter nonsense uncritically. As an experiment in mind control, mass hysteria, suggestibility, etc., nothing rivals the imaginary “alien” abduction scenarios (which, whenever an actual abduction has taken place is the work of secret military groups) that has produced droves of “experiencers” who have their own nice little events, cozy coffee klatches, etc.

Throw in the preoccupation with techno-toys, the relentless pursuit of escapist entertainment and unreality, the degeneration of consciousness, rational thinking, etc., and we find ourselves in the midst of what Meier calls “phantasmagoria“.  Is it really any wonder that the members of this UFOCI, many of whom came from religious backgrounds, don’t want their little make believe bubble burst by the harsh truth, as they are already getting an inkling that at the core of the Meier material is that rather uncomfortable requirement for complete self-responsibility – and self-honesty – that has nothing to do with chasing lights-in-the-sky?

163 comments on “MUFON, UFOCI Force Cancellation of Billy Meier UFO Case Event!

  • Maby there is a point to be aware of the fact as bad as all those creepy liers are at MUFON we ALL here on Earth are aware of the existence of good and bad and just pain enbetween ET`s. At least we ALL know by now that we are not alone in the cosmos. We too were also ET`s at onetime or another in our past. It`s just matter of being aware of our very own existence here on Earth. I personally think we were not just put here by some accident or other. It`s high time we put some meaning ad purpose to the ET existence though not the stupid lights in the sky nonsence(pie-in-the-sky thing) mind you. Personally I prefer to listen to Billy and the P`s for the REAL TRUTH but there comes a time that we better start thinking of other worlds and other beings. This is just a logical point of thought that sooner or later we will all have to face all theses harsh realities one way or another. After all didn`t all these other worlds like Erra had to start thinking ouside the box too?

  • For me personally living on a planet the still relies on rockest,fosil fuels,nuclear energy,GE/.GMOs in other words all the horrible dirty stuff of politics, religions, corporatism high rise buldings,big cities is just going to kill us all off sooner than later. The fact that we ALL KNOW by now that we are not alone in the vast cosmic universe(s) is enough to start finding alternatives if we want to avoid ANY nuclear war by joining the the good cosmic people like the P`s etc Why should we live in small little fishbowl of a palnet when it`s high time we learn to travel the stars and learn and explore who we really are. Let`s face it travel throughout the cosmos are face nuclear war and religious fanatisms,politics and all the other stupid antics of small narrow mind people who would rather brainwash us into oblivion with their stupid fearmongering beheaded thinking and money grubbing crap! “To me Billy Meier,The Plejaren Federation and the Star Trek Universe, and the Spiriual Teachings is life giving and life affirming.” Why should we have to put up with all this negative dark energy that is trying so hard to suck and drain the life out of this dark primitive world.We NEED to grow up learn and explore outside of this dirty dark fishbow of a planet called Earth.” These politiciuans,religions and corporations are just siphoning and feeding off of us with their greed,money,blood, and son on. It`s high time to leave the Earth and travel to the stars if we want to avoid a nuclear war as Billy and the P`s are predicting if we don`t grow up and get our act together NOW!”

  • Hi Michael

    I was wondering how come ASU banned you from presenting? It would be cool if you can head down here.

    • Hi Tommas,

      I think that they are just too afraid that their authority and control could be threatened by material like the Meier case…which they are unable to refute. I event tried their Center fo r Science and the Imagination and they refused my offer of a presentation with a former NASA aerospace engineer, and the former Director of Operations at Orbital Launch Systems, who both offered to join me in the presentation.

      It would require that being invited by some department, club, etc. I’d be glad to do it then.

  • Isn`t it funny how those in control glorify the ET exists then just air brush,whiteout/blackout what ever so those cabals can get control of humanity here on earth? Seems to me they want to take control of the entire human race righjt down to cloning and killing just so they think little grey men and MIBs can get control of us and do and deny us the right to speak out about the ONLY AUTHORISED REAL GOOD ET`s and their Spiritual Teachings etc. I think this is what these nefarious cabals and shills are afraid of. Seems to me they are afraid of other human beings in the vast cosmos so these shills use ugly scary monsters such as little Greys to get us to believe they can scare,force and control us with their nefarious stupid deeds such as UFO LIghts in the Sky stuff by using all kinds of trick in the trade such as stealth fighter planes, the Fake Blue lighbeam charade nonsense etc.

      • Gravity from the deepest parts of space have pull on objects in space, and Billy himself has spoken of the pull on Venus from the spiral arm of a black hole.
        Spacecraft need to be shielded from the pull of gravity from systems and bodies, and they need to generate a field of gravity of their own.

  • This has disappointed me immensely, and has also confirmed to me that MUFON are nothing but a bunch of blind, scared chickens. If one of them had a back bone to stand up and looked at the evidence, to stick two proverbial fingers up to the controlling elements i.e. the CIA, maybe they would have learned something. I say, let’s put this conference on ourselves and show the blind puppets that they are not in control and the truth WILL be told. Who’s with me.

    • “Me Gordon! High Fives to you I`m with you on this ticket! You are so on with these stupid MUFON jerks! Sooner than later they will HAVE to listen to the TRUTH or else face their own short comings!:-))) Hahaha.:-))) Time to stick to our phasers and tell like it is!”

    • Hello Gordon,

      So to be clear that I’m following and referencing the same real. Like a battery farm chicken? but KFChicken hit $87.82 a share up 0.24%, on the NYSE today and the USDA has chicken listed as more popular than beef and pork. A healthy spine is essential to keeping us upright, ask a chiropractitioner for the evidence. Uses the same time immemorial excuse, CIA was founded in 1947, we’ve all learned something today. Human-made crafts such as puppets are inherently blind inanimate objects, yeah, will the truth be told? I had to reverse polarize everything you said in order to understand it, so not with you at all, no.

      What I’m saying is if what your saying is wrong then how could it possibly be right?

      • What’s interesting is that if we use the correct vernacular to express ourself, what we seem to find is that we begin noticing that others around the world are battling against the same things we are already, by using the correct words with the correct values in honesty and sincerity we are uniting with the same principles. By using the wrong words and expressions, with the wrong emphasis’s we are creating a situation of many wrong things and problems.

  • Thank you for answering.

    I am planning to drive up to Flagstaff for your presentation next week (from phoenix metro). I was wondering if I am able to purchase Goblet of the Truth directly from you in order to save myself the shipping fee.

    *It would be great if you are going to have a presentation at Phoenix area in the near future.

    • Sure, you’re welcome. Yes, we can arrange for you to get the book at the presentation. Probably a good idea just to drop me an email on Tuesday to confirm.

  • It might got something to do with the Christian religion influence. Plenty of examples . When compass, dinosaur fossils etc were discovered in the Western world the church viewed them as something evil. The Church even tried to ban many of the New World foods ( potato,tomato,sweet corn …bla bla bla) simply because these dont exist in the Bible. But the Meier case must be the mother of all ‘evil’ because God was simply a mortal alien and his descendants were all deported from Earth for good.
    As a non Christian asian since i was born i had met many asian christian who will not accept anything beyond the ‘gospel truth’. So this problem is not unique to the Western world. The Baffath had done a terrific job in playing God that even the advance space traveller like the Bardans got fooled and almost destroyed themselves through religion. We stand no chance at all but luckily the Plejarens and Meier had done their part. But time is not with us

    • Peng, its because the church is a possibly, potentially legitimate position to take for any civilization. There are those civilizations that are scientific, those that are militaristic, those that are religio-belief based pack lead monarchy crowned, those that are incredibly spiritual (slight difference, usually very quiet relaxed folk for whole lives), then you have your knowledge based worlds, who usually soften too quickly, there are many different types of positions, legitimate positions to take. So the secret societies are dealing with real possibilities, but whether they hit the right notes and chords, whether the church hits the right notes and chords, where the civilizations is beautifully harmonically aligned with the real knowledge of the legitimate position is Dependant on a real evolutionary period of development.

      Evolution, its the study of evolution.

  • Sorry MH I hope I got the right blog. From Mirror “Peace-loving aliens tried to save America from nuclear war claims mission astronaut Edgar Mitchell. I try to send you the article when I first see or hear about it otherwise be the next day it`s old. You can read the article at your own leasure when if and when you want to. Sorry about that.

    • Yes Thomas,

      Except that Ptaah has spoke of the Farsight institute as being a money making racket and have no real abilities in this area.

          • Interesting about Psi Tech because l tuned into Coast to Coast recently and was amazed to hear “Ed Dames” still singing the same song after nearly 18 years of being wrong… The break came and the song “Head games” was played which really shocked me because that’s exactly what Dames has been doing ..

    • …also.. they have no real insights as to the real reason for the building of the pyramids, except to say that it was for burials but “may” of had another reason.
      According to the information, the pyramids were constructed so that the people could survive the passing of the destroyer.

      I would say that they should come back when they KNOW why the pyramids were built.

        • Well, in Asket’s explanations, Asket spoke of the pyramids being built after a perceptive individual received cognitions of the damage that was on the way from the destroyer.
          The Pyramids were built to withstand floods, and earthquakes. See revelation of the pyramids —>

          Advanced knowledge also seems to be encoded within the building of the pyramids. But I do agree, that there may indeed be some other meaning to the pyramids.

          • I think it was well after they were built that the son of a king had a dream, etc. It would be best if you’d search the Contact reports and post the links here.

    • That was a very interesting link you posted Thomas. I liked how they used civilian remote viewers. I did find the summary backwards though, it should have said the benevolent ETs originally built it. This was because they were under the impression that the androids were forced labourers, which I doubt was the case.

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