The Cynical Fraud that Is SETI

The ongoing, deliberate cover-up and concealment of the Billy Meier UFO case keeps SETI in business

“If some day we receive an information-rich signal from another star, no one expects it to be written in English, Chinese, or Swahili. Instead, researchers engaged in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) often suggest that mutual comprehension will come through the language of math.”

Thus spoke SETI’s resident prophet, Douglas Vakoch, who in the most unscientific of terms confidently declared how an extraterrestrial race would make contact with us, while also leaving out German, the actual language in which the Billy Meier contacts have been conducted for the past 73 ½ years. Vakoch’s prognostication has also proved to be further incorrect because thousands of pages of the information have already been translated into English and other languages.

Why do clueless people like Vakoch presume to speak for extraterrestrials – who already made it clear that they chose not to communicate with him – or is that rhetorical?

Jill Tarter, Vakoch and Seth Shostak (who’s apparently very busy…at cocktail parties) are quite aware of the inconvenient reality of Billy Meier contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials. In order to avoid drawing any attention to it – which would put them out of business – they don’t even dare to publicly call the case a hoax. In their so-called “Search for Extra-Terrestrial” Intelligence they’re like the hierarchy at MUFON, who also avoid the Meier caseand collect their salaries for not finding what they say they’re looking for.

Jill Tarter even said, “I wish that TED would empower Earthlings everywhere to become active participants in the search for cosmic company.” So how can one not regard SETI as a fraud when they call for assistance from the public…and then refuse to look at, or acknowledge that they have, it?

It’s the Salaries Stupid

It’s nice to know that the salaries at SETI “…are competitive with comparable work environments in the Bay Area.” – considering how much money this organization tales in. But it doesn’t cost anything to look through the proverbial telescope. Maybe they forgot that not so very long ago they were students who were being taught to be scientists, to suspend prejudices and preconceptions, to test claims and evidence using the scientific method, logic and reason in pursuit of…the truth.

Did Shostak, Tarter, Vakoch, etc., simply keep the Meier case from the rest of SETI over all these many years? How do their fellow scientists feel about being part of this farce, the cover-up and concealment of the Meier case?

Granted, this may be an ego buster for those nice folks listed below* who, somehow, seem to have been kept out of the loop on the most important discovery in all of science and human history, one that their organization is supposedly dedicated to discovering…as millions of people worldwide already have.

Regarding Vakoch’s question, “What would you say to an extraterrestrial?”, the answer from anyone who’s studied the Meier material might be, “Thank you for coming here and caring enough to try to assist us to assure our own future survival, despite our belligerence, arrogance and suicidal stupidity.”

The odds that any of these people – including those at the equally pointless NExSS – will rise to the occasion is very low, simply because their first considerations appear to be their funding, tenure, so-called reputations, etc.

When know-nothing “scientists” (science fiction writers) decide just how an extraterrestrial race will contact us, it only shows that they’re deliberately ignorant of the Billy Meier contacts…and more interested in perpetuating their careers.

It also shows how people are easily fooled when they put their faith and trust in outside authorities and don’t do their thinking for themselves.

The Billy Meier UFO case is what the cover-up is really about. And SETI is complicit in that cover-up.

Asteroid Apophis

It is no different of course in regards to the danger posed by asteroid Apophis. As we pointed out before, despite the feel good fanfare and promotional fervor over movies and T-shirts having died down…Apophis is still coming.

Having failed to elicit even one response from any of those parties, scientists included, we are left to consider what Meier said, on May 27, 2015, about the likelihood scientists coming together to do something about this very real threat.

Let’s hope that real intellectual honesty, scientific curiosity and the search for truth can be revived at SETI, which otherwise seems to be a very badly misnamed enterprise, to say the very least.

(For more information from the Meier contacts on outer space related topics click here.)

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* SETI personnel…do they really not know about the Billy Meier Contacts? Feel free to ask them, that’s what they’re paid for:



201 Replies to “The Cynical Fraud that Is SETI”


    Search for ET life continues BUT
    I think the conspiracy continues.
    The fixation with ET radio signals is a key indicator.
    This form of communication is grossly outdated and reflects how backward and dimwitted earthlings are.
    Even if the scientists and astronomers concerned are not part of the cabal that is trying to surpress the truth about alien life or Billy why are they not questioning this stupid method of using radio signals to detect ET lifeforms throughout the universe as archaic and irrelevent.
    I mean even a child would question the level of sophistication of ETs to be using such a primitive method of communication to even bother making noise in this electromagnetic spectrum let alone sending any mathmatically coded signals earth bound.
    For goodness sake.
    Gosh can’t they just fixate their minds on sending another signal in the form of cold hard cash funds to the needy instead instead of wasting it on wasteful past time hobbies.
    Gosh once again.

    1. You make an good point that radio communication is unlikely to be an form used by an advanced extraterrestrial race so why? does SETI insist its surviellance is viable…i will tell you why an document titled “Studies in Intelligence” Number 28 the CIA’s published journal of activities mentions an attempt to intercept Soviet space craft radiating radio signals from deep space for nearly 16 years the CIA attempted to locate and intercept Soviet space craft radio transmissions but without much success until using SETI’s equipment namely an radio interference van capable of monitering some 64.000 radio frequency bands simultaneously the CIA managed to intercept an radio signal from two Soviet space craft orbiting Venus…i give an link to an film/docu which details this SETI involvement in an CIA led spying mission against an peacable Soviet planetry probe program…

  2. MICHAEL, Do you have a link to the the long BEAM Ship recording that has already ready been tested by electronic engineers. Since they have such a huge burning desire for sounds from space to test their engineering skills, along with wanting to give Dr. Hawkins math skills a run for his mental greatness. I personally would enjoy sharing this wonderful gift with that many people that claim they can find life outside this solar system.
    Billy Wilson

    1. MICHAEL, My back ground with radar signal processing exceeds Dyson’s by far. I want to ensure the rawest audio possible is provided, with other government equipment information that already should excite anyone needing a PH’d paper. Many items need to be considered for reevaluation with the complete weakness in using a parabolic array for any advanced signal , technically this is as bad as trying to use the human ear to do a MRI evaluation of a mouse.
      Billy Wilson

        1. MICHAEL, As everyone that has seen the videos and pictures that have been taken by Billy and many others more information was recovered after being processed and developed on to print or tape, ie.. certain images did not show up until down converter in the process produce the film or picture. With sound recording equipment the energy wave will also be impressed onto the magnet tape, any wave of energy in the area regardless of what the record heads are tuned to reproduce This..can still be impressed onto the media and can be found if someone understands side bands, even ultrasonic fields will have many others nodes that will be reproduced if someone is searching, and has the equipment that can handle variable speed and variable reference frequency up to the ultrasound level or higher to be down converted to known magnetic field bands. But the real fun would come seeing the energy fields that would be present even without the record heads similar to a video tape but more like a hologram.But getting Mister Hawkins an Paul Allen to do this and then give it away that would be far more complex. It is like me telling you, America is the land of a thousand volcanoes and Arizona is a really bad place to be. The best thing SETI could do do is set all the dishes to track the SUN place magnifying glasses at the focal point and melt salt for energy production.
          Best wishes to all.
          Billy Wilson

  3. Hello friends,

    Below, I’ve posted the brief email transcript I had with SETI’s Senior Director Seth Shostak back on June 15th. As you can read below, he immediately dismissed the Meier case as complete nonsense. Hopefully, this helps to show what a fraud SETI truly is.

    Hello team,

    I recently reviewed SETI Institute’s mission statement:

    Our mission is to explore, understand, and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe, and to apply the knowledge gained to inspire and guide present and future generations. We have a passion for discovery, and for sharing knowledge as scientific ambassadors to the public, the press, and the government.

    After reading this statement, I began thinking to myself for a few moments. The following thoughts were concluded…

    Why is it that SETI has never explored, or made an attempt to understand the case brought forth by Eduard Albert Meier? The one-armed, Swiss-German farmer that has produced a seemingly insurmountable pile of evidence, including: hundreds of UFO photos; numerous videos; irreproducible metal samples; prophecies and predictions, which many have already come true; lessons for daily life; and many, many other things. It will be an immense disappointment and failure, on behalf of humanity for the future, if we continues to ignore this case.

    At this time, SETI needs to begin an investigation into the Meier case, so that we can begin to answer some of our long asked questions about extraterrestrial intelligence. SETI would be an excellent organization to run an investigation into this case, due to the large number of highly qualified scientists associated with the Institute.

    For those that do the research, they typically recognize the Meier case to be an anomaly, amongst all other cases of terrestrial humans, claiming to have been contacted by extraterrestrial life.

    SETI, please take an honest look at all of the evidence in this case.

    Here are a few websites that you can visit for more information that will get us started:


    I ask, do you want to handle the truth?

    Thank you,
    Robert S. Muir

    Dear Robert,

    Thanks for the email. The SETI Institute doesn’t investigate UFO phenomena — it’s not our field of research. I might also note that the majority of people that I’ve talked to consider the Meier evidence to be faked. Certainly looks that way to me. And there’s an important point to be noted: We’ve learned nothing from it.

    Seth Shostak

    Dr. Seth Shostak
    Senior Astronomer and Director of the Center for SETI Research
    SETI Institute
    189 Bernardo Ave.
    Suite 100
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    Tel: 650-960-4530
    Fax: 650-961-7099

    1. Wo! Someone from SETI actually responded? I’ve been trying to get them to explain exactly how they define what they refer to as, “credible physical evidence”:

      From SETI’s FAQ:

      “Is someone hiding aliens?..despite the popularity of aliens in both movies and TV, and more than a half-century of UFO sightings, the lack of credible physical evidence has made it difficult for serious scientists to believe that UFOs have anything to do with extraterrestrial visitors.”

      No response yet. Robert, since you appear to be the only one who has managed to receive a response, would you be interested in trying to get Seth to answer this? I imagine they will continue to evade clarity on this matter by either avoiding it altogether or at the very least offering some unreasonable or confusing set of rules. I’d like to call them out on this specific piece of taurus turd if possible.

  4. I was about to suggest issuing an open challenge/invitation to debate and test Seth’s, “critical thinking” on the Meier case:

    But I guess he’ll just hide behind that, “not our field of research” business. Funny. The critical thinker relies on talking to other people to come to his conclusions about the very thing he’s researching. Research based on the opinion of, “the majority of people”. When did scientific analysis become a democratic process?

  5. The height of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and to expect different results.

    This is as true of a SETI engineer (what exactly do they get paid to do, anyways?) as it is of someone imploring them over and over again to ‘speak the truth’.

    Lets get real, that isn’t going to work. It hasn’t worked in the past, so what is different today which is going to change this?

    Yes. When the fire is burning around the man who denied its existence, he can no longer ignore the truth. But it is too late then.

    There have only ever been two answers – to either impress, clearly, and irrefutably, logic, or to perish in illogical choices.

    If you wish to speak to a Christian or Hindu or Muslim, you must speak his language, not only his tongue. If you speak to a Scientist, so the same I think.

    At any rate I’m waffling a bit and not helping much here. I will go shut up and maybe do useful things.

  6. Michael , I sent NASA and the folks that run How the Universe works on the sci fi channel , some of Edward’s teachings about space , let’s see if they bite ..

  7. So, I just sent the following message to everyone on the list, including their contact page for good measure. BTW, MH you missed one: 😉

    = = =

    SUBJECT: Is SETI a “cynical fraud”?

    According to extraterrestrial contactee, “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier’s U.S. representative, the answer is yes:

    In order to answer this question objectively it would be prudent to accurately define each individual element of this question, then apply specific examples which either support or refute Michael Horn’s answer: Yes, SETI is a cynical fraud.


    According to a Google search:


    1. believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.
    2. concerned only with one’s own interests and typically disregarding accepted or appropriate standards in order to achieve them.


    1. wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.


    The search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

    “SETI Institute”

    “Our mission is to explore, understand, and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe, and to apply the knowledge gained to inspire and guide present and future generations. We have a passion for discovery, and for sharing knowledge as scientific ambassadors to the public, the press, and the government.

    The SETI Institute is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research, education and public outreach.”


    1. able to be believed; convincing.


    In order to place the original claim into context with respect to extraterrestrial contacts, SETI’s official position on the UFO phenomenon must be taken into consideration:

    – – –

    “Is someone hiding aliens?

    We don’t think so. One-third of the American public (and a similar fraction of the citizenry in other countries) is convinced that extraterrestrials may be buzzing the countryside in their spacecraft, or occasionally alighting in the back yard to abduct a few humans for breeding experiments.

    This would be of enormous interest and importance, and (in our opinion) impossible to hide, particularly if it’s happening internationally. The presence of aliens on our planet is not something you would want to hide: it would be the biggest science story of all time, and tens of thousands of university researchers would be working away on it.

    However, despite the popularity of aliens in both movies and TV, and more than a half-century of UFO sightings, the lack of credible physical evidence has made it difficult for serious scientists to believe that UFOs have anything to do with extraterrestrial visitors. Note that witness testimony, which is much ballyhooed in the media, has little horsepower when it comes to moving scientists.”

    – – –

    Considering the fact that SETI is dedicated to the “search for extraterrestrial intelligence”, it is critical to outline, in no uncertain terms what exactly qualifies as “credible physical evidence”. Unless specific criteria or process is provided, “credible” is nothing more than a subjective term and leaves this area of scientific research open to bias and speculation. This is entirely UNscientific and inconsistent with SETI’s stated mission: A dedication to scientific research.

    I have personally attempted to clarify SETI’s definition of “credible” with respect to physical evidence supporting claims of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence:

    – – –

    “I’m hoping to be directed to the person most familiar with SETI’s protocols with respect to validating claims of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Specifically, I’m curious to know the exact process involved in SETI’s methods to determine what is or is not what SETI considers to be, ‘credible physical evidence’.”


    “Once again I’d like to ask what is the exact process involved in SETI’s methods to determine what is or is not what SETI considers to be, ‘credible physical evidence’. In short, how does SETI define, ‘credible’ with respect to the UFO phenomenon?”

    – – –

    For purposes of redundancy, both messages were sent via SETI’s contact page

    as well as

    Each message was sent using my full name. The contact page generated a verification both times. No non-delivery notifications were ever received(spam folder was checked). I believe I can be reasonably certain my request for this clarification has been ignored. The question then becomes WHY has it been ignored. It would appear to support Mr. Horn’s assertion of organizational cynicism.

    In addition, Mr. Horn specifically answered Dr. Jill Tarter’s call for the public, “to become active participants in the search for cosmic company” by sending her Mr. Meier’s evidence:

    My understanding is that no response was ever offered. This would appear to add support for the claim of organizational cynicism.

    When confronted with the Meier case, the senior director of Center for SETI Research similarly dismissed it:

    – – –

    “Dear Robert,

    Thanks for the email. The SETI Institute doesn’t investigate UFO phenomena — it’s not our field of research. I might also note that the majority of people that I’ve talked to consider the Meier evidence to be faked. Certainly looks that way to me. And there’s an important point to be noted: We’ve learned nothing from it.

    Seth Shostak

    Dr. Seth Shostak
    Senior Astronomer and Director of the Center for SETI Research
    SETI Institute
    189 Bernardo Ave.
    Suite 100
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    Tel: 650-960-4530
    Fax: 650-961-7099”

    – – –

    This communication reveals the following:

    1. SETI considers the UFO phenomena a, “field of research”. This supports my assertion that specific criteria or process is necessary in order to objectively isolate what is and is not credible physical evidence with respect to contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. One could easily argue that SETI has failed to do their job by leaving this area of research open to bias and speculation.

    2. Dr. Shostak has offered no such specific criteria or process but conversely bases his conclusions with respect to this, “field of research” on what other unspecified individuals have concluded using unspecified methods. This is once again entirely UNscientific and in conflict with SETI’s stated mission: A dedication to scientific research as well as having, “a passion for discovery”.

    3. The only personal observation Dr. Shostak offers is the “way” Mr. Meier’s evidence “looks”. Once again no method, process nor equipment is specified. However, Mr. Meier’s photographic evidence has been validated by meticulous photogrammetric analysis using a variety of state-of-the-art equipment, including but not limited to

    i) microscope
    ii) microdensitometer
    iii) scanning electron microscope

    This analysis was completed in the early eighties by individuals whose professional credibility has yet to be challenged and whose work has yet to be refuted. This fact would indicate only one of two possible conclusions: Dr. Shostak is either

    a) incompetent.
    b) dishonest.

    Either possibility supports Mr. Horn’s assertion of fraud.

    The photographic analysis however only scratches the surface of this uniquely extensive UFO case which also includes scientific analysis of sound recordings, metal-crystal samples and 8mm film recordings, none of which have ever been duplicated nor explained. This leaves, “the majority of people” that Dr. Shostak has talked to who, “consider the Meier evidence to be faked” in very real jeopardy of being grossly in error unless their analyses can be openly scrutinized and verified.

    In addition to the original investigators, a number of scientific experts have supported the authenticity of the Meier case:

    This number appears to be increasing rather than decreasing:

    I have yet to hear of anyone reversing their support for the case although at least one former skeptic has become a supporter:

    The backing from these members of the scientific community would appear to contradict SETI’s earlier statement:

    “…the lack of credible physical evidence has made it difficult for serious scientists to believe that UFOs have anything to do with extraterrestrial visitors.”

    Once again, this leads to one of two conclusions: This statement was either

    a) made in haste, suggesting incompetence.
    b) deliberately dismissive, suggesting dishonesty.

    Once again, either one supports the allegation of fraud.

    In conclusion, these specific examples support Mr. Horn’s claim: SETI is a cynical fraud. I have found no examples that refute this assertion, however, I would be more than happy to consider such examples IF they exist. You are welcome to post any such examples or any specific arguments for that matter at either of my YouTube pages:

    or, I believe I can speak for Mr. Horn by inviting you to join the discussion at his blog where this message will be posted momentarily:

    Hope to see all of you there.

    1. Super excellent and maybe they will have the integrity to respond. Please let us know if you do get any responses.

      Communications like these, sent by people other than me, are far more effective than when they just hear from (i.e. get harangued by) me.

        1. There must be a few good, honest people of integrity over there. Let’s see what happens since you make a very good case that should be addressed in a credible way.

          1. We’ll see. I’m not holding my breath. Even if they see my reasoning it will take courage to discuss it openly. I guess this officially makes you more optimistic than me 😉

    2. Bingo!

      – – –

      If you had taken the time to check out web site you would have noticed that Seti institute has 70 researchers working on a wide range of fields called astrobiology.
      Before stating that Seti institute is a fraud please check the large numbers of scientific publications, involving space missions, based on astronomical observations and lab tests that our researchers are conducting on a daily basis. Check also our education and public outreach program to get a better idea of our role in STEM.
      Your conversation with Seth Shostak is interesting but it does not involved any of our researchers. Feel free to continuing it on a private basis with Seth Shostak.


      Franck Marchis

      – – –

      Thank you for responding, Franck. However, an organization can simultaneously be involved in numerous, legitimate activities and still be a fraud if only one area of RELEVANT research is flatly ignored. A scientifically validated extraterrestrial contactee case IS relevant to the “search for extraterrestrial intelligence”, is it not? In any case, your response to me appears to have been in haste as you have not read my analysis very carefully: I have had no contact with Dr. Shostak. You are the very first member of SETI to have responded to any of my enquiries. FYI, this conversation will be posted to Michael Horn’s blog for reference.

      Taro Istok

      1. My optimism wasn’t completely unwarranted! Okay, so he’s a bit out-of-the-loop, unclear as to what SETI, through its name, proclaims itself to be all about.

        While they may be more focused on finding fuzzy little fungi from outer space, we think that…73 years of still ongoing contact with actual extraterrestrial human beings should warrant just a tad of interest if not outright amazement, etc.

        Carry on!!!

  8. An astronomer who does not know about the real extraterrestrial civilizations out there, e.g. the demonstratedly real Plejaren, is like a geographer who can name any country and its capital on a map but who knows nothing about its inhabitants. You ask him, “what is the capital of this country here?” And he says, “Iraq, and the capital is Baghdad, and that river there is the Tigris, etc, etc.” But then you ask him what the inhabitants are like, what kind of food they eat, what language they speak, what their religion is – and he can’t even name one fact.

    1. We should keep in mind that NO ONE at SETI actually expects to find ET life in their lifetime. Their game is that…THEY have determined that contact with ET life will be through complex mathematical formulas that of course will require their “best minds” to sweat over to decipher, etc. In other words, Seth goes to cocktail parties and people draw checks for NOT finding what they claim to be looking for…just like the dolts in the UFOCI:

      …and finding the mother lode:

      …would really put them out of business.

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