The ongoing, deliberate cover-up and concealment of the Billy Meier UFO case keeps SETI in business

“If some day we receive an information-rich signal
from another star, no one expects it to be written in English,
Chinese, or Swahili. Instead, researchers engaged in the Search
for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) often suggest that mutual
comprehension will come through the language of math.”

Thus spoke SETI’s resident prophet, Douglas Vakoch, who in the most unscientific of terms confidently declared how an extraterrestrial race would make contact with us, while also leaving out German, the actual language in which the Billy Meier contacts have been conducted for the past 73 ½ years. Vakoch’s prognostication has also proved to be further incorrect because thousands of pages of the information have already been translated into English and other languages.

Why do clueless people like Vakoch presume to speak for extraterrestrials – who already made it clear that they chose not to communicate with him – or is that rhetorical?

Jill Tarter, Vakoch and Seth Shostak (who’s apparently very busy…at cocktail parties) are quite aware of the inconvenient reality of Billy Meier contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials. In order to avoid drawing any attention to it – which would put them out of business – they don’t even dare to publicly call the case a hoax. In their so-called “Search for Extra-Terrestrial” Intelligence they’re like the hierarchy at MUFON, who also avoid the Meier caseand collect their salaries for not finding what they say they’re looking for.

Jill Tarter even said, “I wish that TED would empower Earthlings everywhere to become active participants in the search for cosmic company.” So how can one not regard SETI as a fraud when they call for assistance from the public…and then refuse to look at, or acknowledge that they have, it?

It’s the Salaries Stupid

It’s nice to know that the salaries at SETI “…are competitive with comparable work environments in the Bay Area.” But it doesn’t cost anything to look through the proverbial telescope. Maybe they forgot that not so very long ago they were students who were being taught to be scientists, to suspend prejudices and preconceptions, to test claims and evidence using the scientific method, logic and reason in pursuit of…the truth.

Did Shostak, Tarter, Vakoch, etc., simply keep the Meier case from the rest of SETI over all these many years? How do their fellow scientists feel about being part of this farce, the cover-up and concealment of the Meier case?

Granted, this may be an ego buster for those nice folks listed below* who, somehow, seem to have been kept out of the loop on the most important discovery in all of science and human history, one that their organization is supposedly dedicated to discovering…as millions of people worldwide already have.

Regarding Vakoch’s question, “What would you say to an extraterrestrial?”, the answer from anyone who’s studied the Meier material might be, “Thank you for coming here and caring enough to try to assist us to assure our own future survival, despite our belligerence, arrogance and suicidal stupidity.”

The odds that any of these people – including those at the equally pointless NExSS – will rise to the occasion is very low, simply because their first considerations appear to be their funding, tenure, so-called reputations, etc.

When know-nothing “scientists” (science fiction writers) decide just how an extraterrestrial race will contact us, it only shows that they’re deliberately ignorant of the Billy Meier contacts…and more interested in perpetuating their careers.

It also shows how people are easily fooled when they put their faith and trust in outside authorities and don’t do their thinking for themselves.

The Billy Meier UFO case is what the cover-up is really about. And SETI is complicit in that cover-up.

Asteroid Apophis

It is no different of course in regards to the danger posed by asteroid Apophis. As we pointed out before, despite the feel good fanfare and promotional fervor over movies and T-shirts having died down…Apophis is still coming.

Having failed to elicit even one response from any of those parties, scientists included, we are left to consider what Meier said, on May 27, 2015, about the likelihood scientists coming together to do something about this very real threat.

Let’s hope that real intellectual honesty, scientific curiosity and the search for truth can be revived at SETI, which otherwise seems to be a very badly misnamed enterprise, to say the very least.

(For more information from the Meier contacts on outer space related topics click here.)

Please see today’s video here!

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* SETI personnel…do they really not know about the Billy Meier Contacts? Feel free to ask them, that’s what they’re paid for:



200 comments on “The Cynical Fraud that Is SETI

  • Couldn`t agree more with you Dave. Seems to me humanity on Earth is getting stupider, dumber and sicker than ever. What ever else is new? This explains why the P`s are willing to wait 800 LONG years for Earth humanity to wake up IF EVER!::_(((

    • Be careful there my darling Terry, what you just said is tantamount (equal to) terrorism, and that is precisely why the Plejaren never framed the specifics in the way you just did, its why they used very particular carefully selected words to describe the very specific details of the situation. Careful.

    • Terry there is nothing wrong with the world and everything is how it ought to be
      People are smart and they know what they are doing
      There is no reason to change anything because everything is sweet and fine.
      People will live happily ever after

      • Matt, What I`m getting at is the most people are NOT heading the warnings that BillyMeier is talking about such as the asteroid Apothis, WW3, etc. However as I`ve stated ,yes you are right most people are still learning and evolving.It`s the news which is most of the time very negative while the celebrity culture seems to be more entertaining,less negative. Most people can`t afford a good academic college education even if they could, they would wind paying in debt for the reat of their entire life which could lead to the dumbing down of the human race(de-evolving). Knowledge is power. Thanks to the internet we are learning and finding more information but NOT through chat rooms mind you. For example you can now learn a language such as German on the internet instead of paying thousands of dollars in college to take a course in German as an example. However I personally prefer to think positive thoughts. However are we going to find solutions to such issues at the astoroid Apothis,WW3, etc, for example.How are we going to live and survive if we keep thinking negative thoughts instead of potive thoughts. If we keep on thinking negatively then surely WW3 will hap[pen. If we think and take positive action action then we can with hope not fear take the necessary steps to avoid WW3 as an example and learn and evolve from our mistakes by way of educating ourselves NOT though guns but though diplomatic talk,talk talk and education-learning.

        • Terry I’ve come full circles on this and have arrived back to the same position I’ve started from and frankly I have learnt to let go of the things I cannot change immediately
          You need to wait for others to catch up and go through the turnstil.
          Nobody I’ve met in the real world have even heard about the words peace love harmony and freedom in this one full combinations let alone the name billy meier.

          • I agree with you Matt. But I remember Billy saying that even when we go into space and beyond planting a flag etc in the name of peace is just a bunch of words. “Peace alone is NOT going to solve the problem unless we REALLY clean up our act and RALLY take the necessary steps to REALLY go into the cosmic universe not just in peace but to go into the cosmic universe by NOT fighting but by co-operation and getting along with other cultures and customs etc. As I stated in my last post from the Star Trek TNG,Captin PIcard was a diplomat before he was captin of the USS Enterpise and Patric Stewart dsated in his You Tube video “Keep talking and talking and talking and talking instead of putting a gun to somedody`s head.” Bringing peace to the universe while still fighting wars on Earth just goes to mean you are not really being serious and not telling the truth! As I`ve said and I`ll say it again,Billy is right just saying peace is NOT enough when going to moon,Mars and beyond our solar system. Same goes for love,joy, and so on.

        • Terry, you honour BEAM and that deserves honour. But lets be clear, for most people any sort of hypothetical future anything is less of any possible concern than the more important things, local things that actually matter, like local economic changes, political changes, injustices, diseases, eating some faeces from they’re dog cat mixed into the food getting sick with cholera, bubo, a local tsunami, a local fire, a local toxic cloud, local alien invasion, local weather tornado, local damage to the electrical substation, local damage to the mobile phone antenna, local family level problems, organ failure (especially if your job is to play the organ for weddings etc).

          Look even the plejaren dont care so much about there neighbour to the extent where they might try and live someone else’s life, because they know that is a creative-natural-law impossibility, that we can only ever live our own lives. The television broadcasters tried education for many many years and many went bankrupt, politicians tried education for many many years and they were hounded persecuted, not voted, and corporations like mcdonalds coca cola etc, wanted desperately to do the right thing before they invented those companies but ended up with what the market wants, and therefore what people want, and do

  • Sorry to get off topic. George Noory just stated on c2c that there is a Russian military buildup against NATO in Europe. Noory just said we need to get a second START treaty sighned NOW or else we`ll have another war.

  • MH, I am just beginning to see the problems you face just trying to tell the truth. I am grateful for your dedication on educating as many as possible about Billy Meier, the Seven Principles teachings,the evils of overpopulation and Apophis. The sheer quantity of information should be enough to convince..everyone.
    Keep up the good work. You are not alone as I try to inform as many around me as will listen about Billy and his messages.

  • Sorry to skip off topic. Can anyone point to any good articles from Billy or others on over-population.



      • I agree with everything you’ve said except what you’ve said here Matt, Overpopulation is the single cause of all the damages, the damage to the evolution itself, we cannot any longer just ignore people and live in absolute happiness as you say, and as we have done traditionally, if it was not for very special factors, such as BEAM for example, people such as myself would destroy every last possible thing under overpopulated conditions through the course of time, because there is no point in doing anything, ever, under overpopulated conditions, no point starting a family, no point working, accumulating assets, land, no point developing any new technologies, no possibility for being peaceful, being left alone, you be careful to check that one Matt. I did agree with you about taking the notch down on the severity of other things 🙂 – the other worldly area is in absolute chaos apparently, families breaking up, civilization itself breaking down

          • The truth is no place for an individual that is being dishonest, you know better than this Michael

          • Again, as I see the series of comments, they appear to simply be sarcastic commentaries intended to show how ridiculous the points of that they pretend to espouse are.

            I’m sure Matt will respond in a time zone appropriate manner.

          • Distorting the truth {facts, popular agreements, things that make rational sense to a thinking person}, that is ok as you say, I mean I enjoy comedy and satire myself, but I mean its like a doctor saying your kidney is fine, believe it is or what they say it is and that is that, not even a good luck or any notification of a joke being expressed, serious face and all. I mean theres a fine line there, no? Imagine if BEAM suddenly came out and said, it was all a big joke guys, there is no issue, without even indicating that he was saying that to give us time to reflect.

          • A series of sarcastic comments mustn’t be taken as supporting those views, especially since there is a series of them, etc. I don’t think it’s worth any more energy; let Matt take the time to address this ripple that he’s created…which otherwise probably owuldn’t have garnered much attention save for them being taken too seriously.

          • Gee Michael just when I thought I was just starting to warm up to the party and rev it up a notch……hehe
            Oh well I’ll just stir the pot of speghetti sauce instead.

        • Be happy Daniel cos it is the refuge of the wise who are patient enough for the change that they have worked to bring about that’ll come about eventualky knowing it’ll never happen in our lifetime

          • Thanks matt, I’ll keep everything incredibly geographically and time localised, and ignore most of the injustices that take place on a minute by minute basis worldwide at every possible level, and just focus on the invigorating feinstoffsinnlich, while setting a level of greed that allows me to never have to succumb to any of those injustices, aka normal

    • Daniel I get it
      I get where you are coming from.
      I am not blinded to all those things you’ve mentioned.
      Speaking for myself I’ve gotten to a stage in life now where I need to shut up and actually do more of what I’ve spoken about over many years.
      My track record is embarrassing and hypocritically just theoretical.
      Every time we air our grievances and the proverbial preaching to the choir we empower the problems instead of solving them.
      Remember what Billy said?
      We can’t force change on other people.
      We can only help them to the info.
      They and they alone can change themselves for better or for the worse according to their own volition.
      As much as we would like a better world for everyone this aint gonna happen for a very long time because of the free will thing.
      You are well intentioned and good on ya but look out there in the real world.
      The most common response from people I get when I try to raise important issues are “look I don’t give a f***, I only want to focus on my own life and immediate concerns as I can’t do anything about it anyway, end of discussion”
      Can you see what I am getting at?
      It’s a long wait

      • Wondered where you had gone Matt? Been awhile since you have written here at MH’s blog.
        “Speaking for myself I’ve gotten to a stage in life now where I need to shut up and actually do more of what I’ve spoken about over many years.
        My track record is embarrassing and hypocritically just theoretical.
        Every time we air our grievances and the proverbial preaching to the choir we empower the problems instead of solving them.”
        Could not agree more with this in a few personal ways! Time to put up or shut up for many! Better for the self than to think anyone else needs a history lesson. How much many are hiding and afraid to do more than air their concerns rather than live them through change, let alone actually live them within personal self responsibility to change for oneself, for the good, better, best in the real world.

        • Hi Phil long time no see
          I hope you’ve been well.
          I am not the only one but raising a baby is not as easy as I would’ve imagined.
          Good to see everyone kicking with gusto as usual.

          • I hope the same for you Matt! It seems in the end your child will be lucky to have such a dad, as yourself. Good to read your words ones again, non the less.
            We have been conversing in some of the same areas on and off for A LOT of years:)
            From almost the beginning of it all for me…..

            Though this is a conversation obviously for a different place.

            Anyone hear back from SETI? Got nothing after emailing almost all of them! Going to try again later today with a little more push!

          • I highly suggest that anyone who thinks that they are entitled to answers from an organization that claims to be all about discovering extraterrestrial life, hold SETI’s feet to the fire. If you feel that it’s unacceptable to not receive the courtesy of a response, to not demonstrate accountability, integrity, honesty, etc., then I suggest politely reminding SETI of it.

          • Can I offer a different perspective? I’m not sure everyone is entitled to a reply from the SETI institute, which is a private organization. After all, if every scientist had to research the claims of every person who claimed a telepathic connection to aliens, they wouldn’t have time to do the specific work they were hired to do.

            On your other request, MH, I’ll respond to it soon.

          • They PUBLICIZE their “work”, etc., and if they actually had professional integrity they’d respond. Certainly since they claim to be looking for evidence they would be compelled to comment on what has already been made available to them…if they had professional integrity, ethics and weren’t really assuming that they WON’T find, or be sent, evidence of what they claim to be looking for.

            If people really roll over for such an obviously cynical fraud they are even dumber than I feared.

          • Hi Matt, your a busy guy. Personally I have a hard time with the overpopulation problem because I too have contributed to it and I feel like such a hypocrite. But we still have to be vocal about it, it’s the only way. One of the signs of atmospheric collapse was the clouds are getting lower. I sure notice that around here.
            Not an email back from SETI, Philip, not one…

          • Good on ya Philip
            Iam sure your son is doing just fine under the care of such a dad as yourself.
            Yes we have started this journey around about the same time
            This means we could share nostalgic memories of our freshman years hopefully over a beer some day.

        • Moshe, if you are the one from Lakewood – come on. You are being “skeptical” about Billy Meier, the reincarnation of the actual prophets Jeremiah, Elijah, etc, and yet you live in “Orthodox” central and thus presumably believe in every silly fable of the medieval rabbis.

          • Moshe already twisting the truth there? He says… every person who has a telepathic connection. Yup.. that’s Billy? It’s all in the mind Moshe implies.. just as Carl Sagan said that any body who sees a ufo is hallucinating. All alternative sites have plants who eventually give it away when agitated It’s better to ignore them.. they’ll just keep repeating the same hogwash ie WCU is a dustbin lid.

          • Just say no to overpopulation
            Howdy Sheila
            Totally unplanned pregnancy puts you in between a rock and a hard place.
            You either have to murder or you have to add to it.
            I am glad I chose the latter.
            Well taking cues from Billy I feel less guilty for breaking my vows never to have children knowing I’ve got two less birth children than he.
            What’s with the low clouds are you under the clouds.
            Sorry oops
            Anyway if I have a suggestion try to punch a hole through the clouds with your mind
            Last time I tried I created a storm.
            BTW no joke.

          • Thomas, my point is that many people think they’re in contact with aliens. SETI employees have specific roles, and they can’t devote time to responding to all those people and still have time to do their jobs.

          • So Moshe declined to contact SETI and ask a few basic questions, as many other people have already done. But he has now decided that he’s their…official spokesperson and has changed what Dr. Jill Harter specifically asked for, i.e. assistance from the public with the basic acknowledgement of receipt that would be expected, to now inform us that they’re really too busy for that.

            It’s been politely suggested that Moshe is just a time-wasting troll. I don’t know about that but I do know that he continually provides great examples of how a human being effectively…bets against their own survival by trivializing the Meier case, its authenticity and content.

            It is heartening though to notice how few people actually come here now to do that. In the past the naysayers, armchair experts and other assorted fools were far more numerous and vocal. Since we’re not looking for a bunch of uncritical, mindless followers, it’s good to see what the so far “best” of the skeptics, distractors and detractors can muster.

  • Here is an article from the c2c News for 8/13/15 from Mirror tittled “Peace-loving aliens tried to save America from nuclear war claims mission astronaut Mitchell I don`t know how much truth there is in this article but if this were REALLY true then maby billy would have told us so?

    • Sir firslty thanks you for spreading the billy Meier case

      Too much informations
      A very pirate tresory-

      I already read the talmud of jmmanuel

      But it seem like it wasn’t finish

      Billy was promised to receive the remaining part from ” The Arahat Athersata plane (Arahat Athersata (Sanskrit) ”

      You know, the part where Jmmanuel go to teach in india and others countries

      Thank you infinitly sir if you can provide mee the version who contain All theses part

      My spirit need to Eat.

  • I’m only sorry you don’t get it Moshe. You claim to stand somewhere between there being; “…much more likely explanations for Meier than that he’s talking to aliens”, and, “I can’t demonstrate that Meier is a fraud”? Where exactly is that stand then Moshe as it sounds to me like you’re dancing. At least, when questioning, which is healthy, present your own theories. Do you even consider that effective cover-ups can and do happen? If yes, then you have to consider that all the evidence that Mahesh has provided gives weight to the serious effort that was put in to discredit Meier, exactly as Meier explained. Think about it: Only a powerful group could have coordinated all this fakery associated with Billy’s trip into space. This group would have to be connected to high positions within Hollywood and Russian media & NASA, etc., to get all the source materials for the fakes. They would also have to have some superquick transportation systems and databanks to access images & get them to Meier in time so that he & the Plejaren would not notice. The fact that Hollywood made a mockery out of the ‘Men In Black’, years after Meier published that they were responsible for the fakes, again, hints as the size of this cover-up as do many peoples’ personal experiences in this case. For me, Mahesh has proven that there was no practical way possible that Meier could have carried out the fakes by himself, even with the help of those immediately around him. One can only conclude that the extent of this cover-up is massive & far reaching. You’re dancing to the tune of those that will lead humanity to destruction and think it’s all a joke. You may want to stop dancing, give us one original thought of your own or, change your tune (again) before it’s too late.

    • The alternative to Meier’s account of events related to his trip through time and space doesn’t require a vast conspiracy. I’m too exhausted to describe an alternative scenario now but I will in a couple of days. Matt, just tell me where to post it.

      • You’re right – it doesn’t require a vast conspiracy. It just requires a majority of vastly thick-headed people on the planet Earth.

      • The plejaren used your name Michael in a contact report about how not to entertain conspiracy on top of wider conspiracies, creating alternative realities to the meier case and alternate realities to realities, deluding people, not to do that. We’ve given moshe every possible answer now, I recommend that he has deluded himself or has a mental health (brain cognitive) condition, where he will voluntarily delude his own psyche’s developed understanding of reality. Moshe is probably from the entertainment networks, where they invent new ideas to sell to the conspiracy community.

        • You know about religion Michael?, Well if say for example in real life the Brahmana means the one who has realized the Ultimate Reality, from the vedas, about 5000 years old. Then Moshe Levy is a modern day american the exact opposite (polar opposite binary opposition) to that, in terms of his ideological religiosity.

      • Whilst you await inspiration to respond, you should be able to show the following in your response:

        That in the pre-internet and pre-mobile phone days, the videos, photos and drawings that were used as source material for the fake space photos were practically available to Meier in Switzerland at that time, according to what we know and can prove he had access to in terms of funds, travel receipts, witness accounts at the time, distribution of these source materials, library & shop stock available at the time, etc.

        The “reason” why Billy would go to the huge expense and trouble to take photos of a fully-sized “WCUFO” and Semjase’s beamship, etc., in broad daylight and on the ground, (that convinced the very best experts and scientists, both, at the time and ’til today), but, then used easily-discoverable copies for the space pictures, despite already having access to huge models for land-based photos?
        and related…
        What happened to Billy’s supposed master model-making skills that skeptics afforded to him for the WCUFO land-based photos when it came to making the known-to-be-fake space pictures?
        What would the costs, time, work and risks be for creating special effects with models to look like they are in space with its vast expanses of black and lack of identifiable objects for scale – compared to the costs, efforts, risks of doing this on the ground in broad daylight with known and measurable buildings and landscapes, etc? Why choose to carry out the latter and produce poor evidence for the former?

        If Billy has access to information and funds way beyond his reach and skills, how he can he be being aided by anything other than ETs when all powerful Earth-based groups would have vested interests and investments in one of a thousand industries that he openly and regularly criticises, e.g., Military, Religious, Political, Financial, Media, Science, Oil, Cars, Chemicals, Mining, Sports, NASA, UFO communities, etc.? Name the terrestrial power groups that have not made money from these types of industries and explain why they would want to lose money?

        Why the sources for the faked space images being available to Meier, somewhere in the world, is any better evidence that he faked his pictures than every murderer being alive at the time of a homicide being guilty of the crime? Describe how a detective might work to narrow the field of investigation a little?

        • A very nice demonstration of understanding the problems of trying to show means, motive and opportunity…which EVERY one fo the skeptics have studiously avoided addressing while posing their idiotic conspiratorial theories.

          • You know those british David attenborough BBC Nature documentaries, that basically just film animals, insects, weather, rivers, plants etc, Even those have studious skeptics with their idiotic conspiratorial theories, who bombast, they have a whole call centre in new delhi dedicated to it.

        • Matt, you wrote a lot! To respond to your first point:

          I think your argument is that I can’t demonstrate that Meier had access to the paintings in those pictures and that therefore the photos were in fact originally taken by Meier but not until after the aliens sent a telepathic signal to the artist who painted it before Billy’s trip. (I’m using one picture here. Meier’s explanation for other pictures varies.)

          So, my argument is this: A reasonable person will think it more likely that Meier found the painting and took a photo of it than that aliens sent images to a painter, the painter painted a painting, and then Meier was taken aboard a spaceship where he took a photo of the same phenomenon that was sent to the painter.

          This piece of evidence fails miserably when you look at the reasonableness of the two alternatives. Billions of people have gotten access to paintings that I can’t prove they had access to, but by Meier’s own account, at most ONE person in history may have gone on an alien adventure.

          To anticipate MH’s reply, I’m only looking at the specific evidence for space photos. Address that. Not every other equally tenuous piece of evidence you have. We can dissect them one by one afterwards if you’d like.

          • By their own description, the skeptics pointed out that there are differences in PARTS of the comparison of the painting and Meier’s photo. It’s basically impossible. Further, it isn’t worth speaking about since the best photo evidence is the UFO photos.

            If you want to address the UFO photos, such as the WCUFO with SUBSTANTIATED evidence to the contrary of what Rhal Zahi posted (and which anyone can now duplicate using the protocols he specified) then proceed. I won’t even bother to post nonsense about the space photos, universal barrier, etc. The case doesn’t rest on them in the slightest.

          • I don’t blame you! It’s a lost cause. Time to retreat. And diversion to another topic.

            I was just responding to Matt’s first paragraph. It was about the photos of the paintings.

          • Okay, so that’s done with and, obviously, you have nothing to add regarding the WCUFO. So play nice with the other kids.

          • You think wrong Moshe… about alot of things. Try reading my first paragraph again. I was addressing all the material that Mahesh has been looking at which represents different source materials. I’m keeping it short as it looks like you struggle with words.

          • Oh and to help you along… many of those words grouped together in blocks are called paragraphs and attached to them are question marks. When you get a moment, maybe address one, even, two of them. There are no more answers comin’ from me because sometimes we should just use questions as opportunities to think instead of responding vacuously.

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