UFOs, SETI and World War 4

 A call to action that would help bring attention  to solutions for many of humanity’s problems

A new video seems the best way to follow up on my previous blog about SETI.

It’s a call to action that would be immensely helpful in bringing attention to solutions to many of humanity’s problems, which I explain further in the video.

In addition to again encouraging you to emailing the personnel* I am including SETI’s phone number for those who would like to directly – and politely – express their concerns: 650.961.6633.

For any SETI personnel who read this blog, be assured that we do not encourage any rudeness, etc.

 Click here for new video!

* SETI personnel…do they really not know about the Billy Meier UFO Contacts? Feel free to ask them, that’s what they’re paid for:














































































138 Replies to “UFOs, SETI and World War 4”

  1. We live in America what is the first thing that happens when something that can cause problems with the social order an structure or that does uncover techno toys governments want to stay hidden take a quick look here and think about it http://www.seti.org/supportus.
    Next what has changed, professional Websites, well rehearsed an flawlessly produced videos of all lead personnel, Since now Mr. Hawkins wants in why, he knows all the secrets already, and has been vocal about not getting in contact with other worlds.Could It be the new uses of the SETI@home software and the linked computing power may get him out of that wheelchair. The following link is a small list of programs that are using or have used SETI’s patented software https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_distributed_computing_projects .At this point even if every person playing with Tesla coils sent out the same midi file at the same time SETI’s software would filter it out. It is strange how powerful the worship of a 3 by 6 inch piece of paper has gotten.
    Peace to all
    Billy Wilson

    1. Most of the nature has been heavily sheared and properly reduced in its ability to progress normally any further in a healthy way. Is that what you mean by techno toys? Combine harvesters, diggers, heavy machinery etc, if not I have absolutely no idea what you could possibly mean. Laptops connected worldwide have been among the best inventions in all history. Could you please explain what you mean, if you meant anything, or was you just talking crp again?

      1. What gives? Nothing for me? I answered your question. Will you leave mine unanswered?

        –> I’ll also assume when you ask, “What does it mean…” that you are implying that general rejection automatically invalidates the Meier case. Is this correct? <–

        “What does it mean that few to no people care whatsoever at all for any of this information?” ~Daniel Zumon

        1. Absolutely stup…

          NOTE: I’m not finding this “conversation” to be productive or pertinent to the topic, so I won’t post more from either party.

          Also, Moshe, please post your song critique in the blog about the texts, or another one that’s more appropriate, as previously requested.


      2. Daniel Zumon, This is the one and only answer I shall ever have for you, The might of a thought you summed up in you last 5 words. Here enjoy your learning on government techno toys http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-bool.html&r=0&f=S&l=50&TERM1=army&FIELD1=&co1=AND&TERM2=&FIELD2=&d=PTXT . I have never insulted you or any member on Michael’s blog. My you find peace and real workable solutions in the days you have ahead to learn in..

  2. Moshe, why can’t you behave more like Daniel Zooman? (or whoever has swapped seats with him) I am sure you must be itching to properly lash out at MH and tell him what you really think.
    Be more open with your disagreements. You are always so pretentiously pompous, like there is a carrot stuck up your a**.

  3. No, sorry Mr Moshe, you took it the wrong way. It is not that I actually really care about your opinion. No offense, it is just that I appreciate honesty, like what was written by Daniel Zumon on the 24th of August, when he says:

    “Michaels silly little money generation scheme, he’d be smart to take the information and use it to gain a real bounty of money, only he does not, and very poor stuff about ufo’s seti, conspiracies on dodgy radio shows and all this shady behavior over many years. Very shady people this bunch, they all hide up frigged and the plejaren wander around like a bunch of gangsters pretending they’re behaving by the rules, with all these stupid little agreements in the otherworldly area, they really are a bunch of c**s playing a delusional little game, they even manipulate the spirits in the otherworldly area too, its not just the living they delude”

    I just think thats f%$%ing hilarious! Well done Daniel! Now thats properly going apes#&t! And Moshe, why not be more exemplary (to all the mini-Moshes out there), reconnect with your inner ape, and share with the world what you really want to say?

    You would feel a lot better, I promise. But first, dislodge that unholy carrot from your backside.

    1. Ok, it’s settled, then. Neither Taro nor Jacobus cares what my opinion is about Meier being a hoaxer, and MH wouldn’t publish my opinion is anyway, so they won’t ask me anymore.

    2. This is quite interesting and true that these people play these silly games.
      I guess for some reason within me there is some clarification to be had with Mr Zuman… AKA Daniel Leech for those who have read some of his many comments at the future of mankind site.
      It seems Daniel has a rather interesting perspective on the Plejaren and their telemeter disc’s. As it seems that they interfere with his ability to live a happy and peaceful life selling t-shirts online, etc? It seems with his recent comments here it was easy to put together his motive within his double talk over at that site also. As per him going back and fourth with his other ‘personality’ concerning them pesky discs, and his failed attempts to get clarification from Switzerland with his alter ego in the fore. It seems Christian F. basically told him he was being delusional. Now it seems he has let the chicken out of the gunny sack, so to speak, with the connection between his ‘peoples’?
      Rather far of topic but it is interesting to say the least how peoples true intentions and thoughts come out in the end…. and at least some have the courage to just come right out with it. No wonder we are so far gone within delusions, and the future we are heading, head long into. Seems most if not all of us have some sort of baggage that must be dealt with and at least some are more willing than others to let it out, if willing.
      Again Moshe for the sake of continuing to clog up MH’s blog, what is your religious preference? As one should also know, this is all more about us than our friends from the cosmos.

      1. Daniel’s disruptive, delusional disinformation will no longer be posted here. Anyone who wishes to contact him directly can ask me for his email.


      2. My assumptions seem correct then, ones again the true colors have come out. Crazy how cause and effect can catch up to one, the self, with a little time.
        For some reason there has been an inkling to understand this matter, for I often visit future of mankind, yet seldom post. Seems there was the beginning, with MH’s blog being the end of the ride dear Daniel has had within himself. At Billy Meier’s and now MH’s expense.
        Some deep self observation is definitely in need, and I hope it is for the best, as I for one was happy to finally interact with Daniel here, that was so sparsely joined in conversation at the FOMK site.
        Daniel if you want to talk a little more about this shoot me an email philbrandel@hotmail.com

  4. Ahhh, come on Moshe! Don’t be such a poor baby! It is just a bit of good natured ribbing… Nothing wrong with that? Where is your sense of humor?

    1. “Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner…is offering a $1m prize for the best idea for a message to broadcast to whoever is out there.”

      Tell him to write his message on a notepad. Maybe Billy will pass it on during his next contact 😉

          1. Please do. The more proactive people who take the INITIATIVE to do such things the better.

            As I said before, it most of the stuff comes from me, or just a couple of people, it’s easy to disregard.

            Taro’s efforts regarding SETI are very good. These people have basically sat around playing with themselves and drawing big checks, staying a bit out of the real spotlight, lest it be pointed out that they’re conducting a fraudulent operation. Their inability and unwillingness to account for themselves, to simply take on the Meier case point by point and try to “debunk” it – which would be their first step rather than learn from it – reveals the lie as well.

          2. P.S. It’s far better to politely but firmly point this stuff out to them, publicly, openly, than it is for us to…”complain” amongst ourselves. Nothing is accomplished that way but bringing it to them may help awaken them to their moral, ethical, professional responsibilities and get them to act with integrity.

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