You Need to Know…Joe

A first hand report on what it’s like to actually work in the belly of the beast…and tell the truth about “alien abductions”

This is a very different video than any I’ve posted before and I think that you’ll want to reflect on many things in it and in the Billy Meier UFO case after you watch it, including:

“The CIA’s SOG team is a secret army that is equipped with every imaginable weapon, and indeed also with ones that even the US Army can only dream about.”

Billy Meier, January 15, 2007

Click here for the video!

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  1. Maybe Joe got to know Michael Horn way before Michael Horn got to know Joe?

    Are soldiers like Joe carrying out special missions to check Meier supporters’ reactions to disclosure to see what followers of the Meier case are most interested in? The junk-pile of UFO history, once/ if disclosed, will not diminish Meier’s information, but, corroborate it, but, maybe some military elite groups are checking to see if & what will?

    The New Orlean’s Levees story is inconclusive as there could be other reasons for why the pumping stations did not work. Public utilities failing is not a freak of nature. Are our levels of susceptibility to conspiracy theories, being measured along with the part-disclosure perhaps? Hmmmmmph… What conspiracies could be associated with Meier and technologically advanced craft once disclosure starts, I wonder? Please prepare your arguments & look out for those fake, made to look like, Plejaren, military vehicles for Plan B when Billy’s no longer around to point the finger. Discern the message & check it for accuracy & ignore the bottle that it came in.

    Meier stated that military advanced craft are limited to near-Earth activity, e.g., in this solar system. It is possible that power groups need to disclose tech to bring the next generation of thinkers along to solve the problem of faster than light speed travel? Military environments are not the most fertile beds for creative thinking so maybe they made us too stupid for their purposes & need to readjust/disclose a little bit more, but, only old tech like TR-3s & black hawk helicopters just as Joe mentions? However, we could be given a load of distracting crap in the process. For example…

    ‘We’re all one race and we need to come together’.

    This is a dubious mix of words pretending to be a call for humanity. Watch out for misleading messages like this. Military groups will be checking our reactions to new agey misinfo crap along with the little truth they give us about the UFOs… all to be included in the planned “new era” after/if disclosure comes about? I don’t buy it. We are not all one race. We’re all human beings. Multiculturalism on a large scale destabilises nations and weakens personal identity. We are forced to “come together” mainly under negative circumstances; overpopulation, economics, war, greed and need, etc. We have our cultural and physical distinctions which are being erroded. According to Meier, the possibility exists that different races came from different ET ancestors so let’s try to be recognisable, racially-speaking, to them when/if we meet them in the future. Similarities & differences should be celebrated, preserved & protected if no-one dies as a result. “All is one” does not mean “All be uniform” & uniformity nevers precedes creativity.

    1. Michael – please delete my impetuous previous post, thanks. I’m thinking it won’t help overall. Sorry for the hassle.

  2. Michael,

    Sorry for being a nuisance but could you please ask Joe again to send you the link so that we can listen to the podcast? There is also still no link to your October 14th Revolution Radio interview. If you can please post a link to that one also. Thank you.

    1. Joseph, I’ve asked and I’m still waiting on him. I’m not sure if/when we’ll get it.

      I’ll check with the Revolution Radio guy.

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