The Cows Ain’t Driving, They’re only the Passengers

And it’s speeding down a dead-end road

There’s an interesting article titled The World’s Leading Driver of Climate Change: Animal Agriculture by our old friend Andy. As you’ll see, Andy puts the main blame for climate change on animal agriculture and the methane gas produced therefrom. Major contributor that it is, for some unknown reason he neglects to state that animal agriculture is actually only the passenger in that vehicle, which is really driven by overpopulation. Another element to this story is that virtually all of Andy’s footnotes pertain to articles dated well after 2000.

Considering that Andy is not only familiar with, but a relatively new opponent of, the Billy Meier case and its information there are some curiosities, and perhaps some playing it very safe as well. It’s long been known that Meier forewarned about climate change, global warming, etc., as far back as 1951, which only the most hardcore, irrational skeptics, such as Andy’s easily refuted mentor have denied*.

In fact, even a recent Pentagon report** unknowingly confirmed and corroborated Meier’s information. And while the concern about methane gas as a major contributor to atmospheric destruction is correct, the information from the Plejaren about the full extent of the danger, i.e. of a potential atmospheric collapse is unknown to most scientists…but not to Andy, who’s studied the Meier information, which also hammers away at overpopulation, logically, being the underlying cause for virtually all our woes.

In 2013, Andy authored this regarding Meier, “From the Huff Post article: ‘Yes a modern-day Galileo may be out there with paradigm-shifting ideas that will at some point overturn huge pieces of existing science.’ Indeed. Oh Teddy TED, why not be the ones to introduce this ‘modern-day Galileo’ to the world and have Michael Horn on your program to present the Billy Meier case???!!!”

He made dozens of comments openly recognizing and supporting the Meier case, as well as Rhal Zahi’s WCUFO photo analysis authenticating the craft, etc.

Real Life Is…Messy

Then in January 2015, Andy apparently became convinced that the skeptic had shown that Meier must have backdated information on some information and so he aligned himself with the skeptical views. Our exchanges became contentious as I hammered away at some very important considerations, such as that the overwhelming evidence favored Meier’s honesty, character, accuracy, etc. I also pointed out that the means, motive and opportunity, the real, known and proven circumstances spanning decades, must be considered and established if one was to accurately evaluate if Meier was a hoaxer, etc. And equally important was that in real life there are often messy real life errors, inconsistencies, etc.

In the Meier case it’s long been known that people stole, falsified and manipulated photos to try to discredit Meier. It’s also known that the transcription and translation process is itself a monumental task, beginning with Meier’s telepathically receiving the content of the German language conversations he had with the Plejaren – in symbols – that simultaneously transcribing and typing out (back into German) the content at speeds of up to 100 words per minute…with one hand.

Can we cut the guy a little slack if some errors are made in this super-human process?

In fact, there is a process of checking and corrections once Meier has transcribed the contact…but sometimes even these need to have further corrections because human beings are involved and wherever human beings are involved things can –and will­ – get screwed up.

But Andy decided to throw the baby out with the bath water because the skeptic knew better. The skeptic, who apparently has the luxury of living an error free life, applied not only skepticism but cynicism and blanketly determined not only that Meier’s evidence was hoaxed and that his information was “not reliable” but also that Meier was “untrustworthy”, a most preposterous, unsubstantiated defamation, easily and completely refuted by Meier’s open book of a life, spanning almost 80 years.

Andy didn’t question the character and motives of the skeptic, a rather secretive individual himself, who chose to hide his true feelings about the case while masquerading as a neutral proponent of “pro and con”. Since his work is so flawed and skewed against all established evidence, reason and real life considerations, was there another agenda at play? Was the skeptic seeking an opportunity to elevate himself, profit and become some kind of a minor celebrity? Did he have issues in his own life with perfectionism; was he burdened by…parents with overly high expectations and demands of him, etc.?

Whereas some of these questions wouldn’t be raised simply because someone was skeptical of the Meier case, they are appropriate because of the rather unusual, unforgiving and unrealistic demands of the skeptic – who’s chosen to attack not only the evidence but Meier’s character. Can the details of his own life withstand the kind of scrutiny and demands that he intends to impose on others? Is there even sufficient content and life experience to consider and evaluate about…him? These questions are also quite appropriate because we’ve previously seen similar behaviors from skeptic and proven liar, Kal Korff.

The Dilemma, Digital and Otherwise

While the internet can be great for gathering information, it doesn’t – and can’t – guarantee that the people that use it know how to…think. Nor does it guarantee that people will be able to weigh and determine the preponderance of evidence, make logical deductions, etc. And a consequence of both relying solely on informational searches, and flawed interpretations of them, is that such things can nudge an otherwise reasonable person away from the truth, if their own thinking abilities are not sufficiently matured.

The stakes are so high now that if someone who’s a student of science knows the truth and is then nudged off course, decides to play it safe, and therefore either rejects or hides accurate information that is already suppressed by scientists, etc., the actual losses to humanity are huge. I hope that Andy will be courageous enough to do his part to help avert the complete fulfillment of the prophecies, which we already know are of absolutely no concern to the profit-hungry scientists.

Maybe he can help turn the car off the dead-end road it’s speeding down.


*NOTE: Both the Preliminary and Supplementary Investigation Reports, with the very lengthy report on the photographing of the UFO, by four different people, using four different cameras and types of film, developed in four different laboratories are available here.

**Here is the comparison between the things Meier foretold pertaining to the environment and what the Pentagon considers “threat multipliers”:



There’s information about cultured meat at this site (more here as well), which Meier also elaborated on in Contact 251.




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  1. MH, you claim that you don’t want to talk anymore about Meier changing his predictions after the fact, and then you bring it up yet again.

    NOTE: Moshe tried to slip in more of his unsubstantiated claims here, hence they’ve been magically rendered invisible.


  2. It`s just as well because mostly these predictions to me personally are very frightening and very scary and very negative. I keep wondering where are all the good news as far as predictions go with Billy,MH, and the P`s. In other words where is the positive good news in the predictions?

    1. The positive good news is that we can change these things whilst knowing about them in the first place. Seems for all to many they could care less what is wrong with the world and for the small few that do, we have the unique chance to see and understand what needs to be change towards the good, better, best, truly if only within ourselves. If we are willing to understand and head the call that corresponds within personal responsibility to change towards that which is neutral positive, in the real world. If seen in the light of reality knowing what is wrong and neutralizing it personally, brings one ever closer to personal freedom, peace, love, harmony, joy, and hope…. to name but a few ‘positive’ things:)

      1. Nice job Michael… really positive… it may sound negative to some but that’s because we have listened to the so called scientists who are really charlatans and psychopaths in cows clothing… it’s a bit like a Gary Larson cartoon… your know the dinosaurs smoking and the caption reading… the REAL reason the dinosaurs became extinct… the way they answer these “important” problems… even Bill Maher… NOT to be in any way shape or form to be confused with Billy Meier… says Climate Change and big bucks are the most important while our truthful friend from Switzerland (Billy Meier) says all problems are secondary compared to Overpopulation and until our best minds… not the charlatans and psychopaths such as Hoof-arted- andy? and the rest… Michael tells it like it is… positive in so doing my friend… it would be negative to lead us down the primrose path… many thanks having us wake up to the real problem on this earth: OVERPOPULATION.

    2. The problem with too much good news about the future is that we preemptively rest on our laurels and wait for the good times to roll in, without making the effort to change for the better, thus potentially delaying the positive outcomes.
      If you can hold your breath, it is said that in about 800 years or so, the people on Earth will generally have begun to move onto the spirit-teachings.
      Hold bright hope in your heart so that your life-direction will carry it forward and outward into the world.

      1. That said. We as individuals don’t have to wait around 800 years for the mass of humanity. We can lead the way and live in peace now.

      2. Andrew just curious where in the heck are the positive news
        There ain’t enough of it in my opinion unless of course I am in denial

        1. You’re not in denial. We have a lot of trouble to deal with.
          But there is a lot of beauty and love in our world if that is what you carry with you. Actually, your inner cosmos of thoughts and feelings is what determines your outlook. So appreciate those little moments when you connect with a fellow human being who has a warm heart, where real love is compounded in your spirit, to radiate into your surroundings and bring light to it. Appreciate the pigeons on the footpath; appreciate the trees that lose their leaves in Winter to regrow them afresh in Spring.
          This is no denial, but a mentality, like choosing to wear nice, respectable clothing rather than walking around in old, dirty rags.

          1. I can’t help but mull over the proverbial “800” years. Makes me wonder whether we’re being visited by extra-terestrials from our distant future? What if. . . now this is entirely hypothetical. . . . they are coming and going from this future? Or conversely, what if they’re coming out of our distant past, say like 800 years ago. What if this time that we’re living in is either “the past” or “the future”? What if there are people incarnating on the earth at the present time who are literally visitors from another time? If what Billy tells us is “true”, and real travel in time is possible, then the only thing that would prevent someone from “taking shape” in a different time is their “real” existence elsewhere in that time. Which leads me to the following conclusion. It is impossible to incarnate into the past, because I might conflict with a previous past life. However it would be entirely possible for an E-T to incarnate into the future, not having lived that future as another person. The only problem I can see would be. . . . . one might skip over several thousand years of history doing this. . . . .What would the consequences be? Cannot even be imagined. . . . There are so many imponderables if you think rationally and logically about everything BEAM is telling us, that the real outcome (in time and space) cannot even be calculated.

          2. As far as I can see the real and very dangerous problem right now is the death of all (and it will be “all”) life in the Pacific Ocean due to the result of the explosion of three nuclear reactors at Fukishima. The reactors are not “melting down”. . . . they all “blew up” and the radiation went into the sky and the water. This cannot be “contained” by any method that we know of. I have been looking at videos on You Tube all summer and the state of affairs on the West Coast of America is extremely bleak. Almost all of the normal sea life that one would find in tide pools, etc. . . is missing. Whales, dolphins, sea mammals are all getting sick and dying. This is probably the worst catastrophe ever to have befallen the earth. We need to think about this problem now. . . . the radioactive contamination of the entire planet. It is truly a grim scenario. Even grimmer is the reality that the “earthquake” that caused this Tsunami may (and must have been) contrived by either earth people or evil extra-terrestrials. Let’s think about who would have the most to gain by making the world radioactive? Surely not the Americans! So who? And was the date 11-3-11 the date for a “natural disaster”? I highly doubt it.

          3. Yes nature is beautiful so are the stars that kindle within me the odd awe and wonder.
            But when I looked down again at the world the problems didn’t magically go away.

          4. l read in the contact notes that some UFO’s we see in our skies are actually from our own earth future and that these penetrations are a numerous. l believe the quote was, “craft from earths own future often visit this epoch”

            l also know that in Billies information the Plejaren have spoken of space travelers becoming lost in time. The Plejaren also helped some stranded space travelers execute a time leap in their energy craft and return to their home world. Those craft were photographed outside the FIGU compound in Switzerland and showed up as white light in cubical form.

            So it would seem that any one of us, could be deposited into our past and live their lives out their. How that plays out is too much for my mind to contemplate given the little l understand about the physics of all that.

            1. I don’t the stranded travelers were is energy ships, you may be confusing that with the visitors form the Andromeda galaxy. Since we are nowhere near having time travel technology the danger to “any one of us” is nil.

          5. Hi Steve in the contact notes it says that 98% of UFO sightings are manmade craft. So think of the fraction of a percentage of what future time travellers there are. Basically nil.

    3. Hi Terry,

      Please read Might of the Thoughts and The Psyche how to overcome fear. These books are priceless. But i am sure you already know that:)

  3. Oh boy the great American lawyer in the making goes of the mark, in search of that shiny degree, money, and acceptance among st the heard. Whilst ones again hiding the gold of the truth behind the turd of distractions. In as much as blaming our problems on anything other than ourselves and our outrageous overpopulation problem.
    Makes me happy everyday knowing I took the extreme step of having a vasectomy. Not in as much as not adding to the problem as much as bringing anymore children into this mess we have created, unabated, stupidly, against all logic.
    It must be the animals fault that we overindulge within their life giving energy and as much as cultured meats would most likely help, obviously. It ones again does nothing to stem the main issue at hand.
    ‘Human’ overpopulation.
    One would think someone supposedly as outspoken as Andy within Billy’s ‘case’ would comprehend the real meaning and issue at hand. Shows ones again how far some really have gone in understanding the things they have such strong words in trying and failing to prove wrong. If it even means throwing logic out the window and at least not seeing the issues at hand in the real world… no matter whom is speaking about them, and what pictures, videos, and prophecies and predictions they may have.
    Yet how is that going to help Andy as a potential lawyer within greenhouse gas and factory farm regulation. S*** one would think at this point he could pioneer the real issue…his fellow humans reproductive consequences within these spheres!

    1. Well said Philip but I’d have to second that cos I’ve never had any faith in lawyers in the first place.
      FYI these scums make up the majority of the cesspool we call politics
      And we wonder why.

    2. Well that’s lawyer think for you. Look at your politicians and notice how many are lawyers.
      Yes he failed to include that overpopulation is the real reason for the demand of beef cattle. He also failed to include the fact that beef prices have more than doubled in the last year and cattle buyers are now pre-ordering them before they are even born. What’s his solution for that? Yeah typical lawyer who wouldn’t know what a methane laden pile of poop is, unless he stepped in it.

  4. I met a buddy of mine last night and he told everyone who were listening that he was Catholic and he believed he was going to purgatory. I did my research later that night to try and see what his bottom line was. It turns out that he is with the cows too and somebody else is driving. He is being irresponsible and stupid because he totally neglects his and our true survival when he believes he will die and all his sinning will be erased from the chalk board of life and that he will be inserted into heaven where he can have joy?

    1. What a nut hey? Well my former friend whose son committed suicide and was catholic had to pay the church to get him out of purgatory. They paid and paid until the church decided it was enough to get him out. I could never figure out how an educated women who used to be the CAO of a local village would fall for such crap. I chalked it up to the guilt and her doing whatever she could to absolve it.

      1. Yes and this nutty buddy also talks likewise about losing it and they commit suicide or murder. Sheila here is a news bulletin about Hally Dubois whom I graduated high school with in the same grade, she turned 50 in March. Also turned 50 was my nutty buddy who turned 50 in January, I turn 50 in November, we are all from the same peer group. Poor Hally is in an early grave now because of these losers who can’t use their own thoughts to expand their own consciousness.

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