More evidence that we were warned but didn’t listen

As we’ve tried to point out many times over the years, the dramatic news stories making today’s headlines…aren’t really news to those of us who’ve read the prophetic writings of Billy Meier. Sad and troubling as these things are in themselves, they’re even more alarming for those who know we’ve been warned but failed to listen.

Some of us hoped that the original documents Meier wrote and published still existed, like the 1951 and 1958 Letters and the Henoch Prophecies. We figured that being able to provide incontrovertible proof of Meier’s foreknowledge of such things as the two US-Iraq Gulf Wars, AIDS, the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, even the internet, etc., would be so dramatic and compelling that humanity would have to stop its headlong plunge into oblivion and gratefully accept the freely offered advice and recommendations also contained within the spiritual teaching intended to help us assure our own future survival.

However, while the most dramatic events stand out for us, we neglect to recognize that the ongoing corroboration of the prophetic warnings – long after their verifiably earliest publication dates – serve this unfortunate purpose at least as well, if we but only notice. Of course had we noticed in the first place we might not be on planetary suicide watch today.

As the long foretold, and now inevitable, fall of France to radical Islam further unfolds, as a variety of tragedies ensue because of mass illegal immigration, we see that it’s yesterday’s news to those of us who’ve paid – and tried to draw attention – to the warnings.

Again, Meier’s prophetic information is so extensive and varied that its accuracy in terms of what initially seemed to be less dramatic events only adds to its cumulative significance. Whereas people may have failed to notice what he foretold pertaining to the taxing of prostitution, the meth epidemic, legalizing euthanasia, etc., when something unimaginably barbaric and degenerate pops up in the news pertaining to the hunting of children the first reaction is that it must be some bizarre modern myth, until we come upon numbers 94 and 98 here…and then read this pertaining to organ trafficking (if we can stomach it).

It would really be newsworthy, and unprecedented, if instead of trying to outsmart the prophecies we’d decide to rewrite our future history, as I suggested 11 years ago, and not continue to follow the script to destruction, as Bush did, setting in motion the destabilization of Iraq and ultimately leading to the growth of the IS that now threatens to become a worldwide danger, as Meier also foretold in…1958.

With all of this delightful news we may also revisit number 40 and perhaps watch the interview with Joe again for a connect-the-dots moment in hopes that enough people will indeed wake up before they fulfill yet another prophecy and willingly bend over and get the chip implanted in their brains.


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Thanks to Mumtaz Khan and Dubhaltagh O’ hEarcain for the information pertaining to France.














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  • The Meier materials mention cults in either prophesy or contact notes l don’t recall exactly,however, the reference was to them elevating themselves to the level of gods in respect to the average person and l believe it was in the context of either church or government or both.

    A link above in the blog body leads to information on the ninth circle cults activities regarding the hunting, rape, murder and sexual mutilation of children by European Royalty. in my view this has to be at the heart of the evil which dominates our world. It is a hideous outrage and l don’t see why it isn’t being focused upon discussed aired and exposed by They Fly and the FIGU.

    The connections between the ninth circle cult activities and events like 911 in terms of numerology and symbology is apparent and tangible. Is Billy and the FIGU not tackling this head on for reasons of direct retaliation as was the case with the exposure of the moon landing hoax of Appollo 9?

    • Rather Apollo 11 – and BTW, how many numerical coincidences does it take before we start admitting to a pattern? Let’s find a way to discuss it with a focus, as l can easily see such a discourse getting diluted to an ineffectual collection of observations. This cult and its disgusting rituals which are vile to point of nausea, have to be opened up like the machinations of a gangrene infection.

  • Multinational peace-fighting troops organized according to the Henoch [Enoch] system and deployed immediately to intervene in every country, to create peace and order when wars or revolutions loom or break out.

  • Yeah I vote for a multi-national-peacekeeping-troop as well, based on the Henoch fighting system. The only question that remains, is how much disaster is going to have to roll over the Earth, before we see one implemented? The biggest drawback I see, is that it is going to have to be up to the masses (the masses would have to demand it, and control it- a world wide direct democracy to vote for it’s use according to FIGU materials). I say, start it yesterday! 🙂

    • Corey,Taking a hard look at what is, would warrant focusing on what one can have the most logical effect on in the moment. And getting young people to learn how to live in the moment though Meditation would do more to raise human awareness than anything done to the old and confused. We have people like Congressman Tim Ryan that require as much help as one can offer. Mindfulness mediation is already growing in the school systems which would start changes in a generation if allowed to grow. With all I know all I can hope for is to ease the suffering were i can for what is to come. But a world full of tomorrows 30-50 year olds knowing how to mediated as children the children of today, can make massive changes.

  • Billy Wilson,

    Yes, young people learning how to meditate would be a positive thing, I have always wondered why there has never been a translation of Billy’s meditation book “Beginning Meditation”, so the world (and us sparse students) can more widely read about the attention-meditation (Satipatthana-meditation-method) that Billy teaches. Even Jmmanuel studied the Ur-Pali-Buddhism’s related attention-meditation methods (Billy confirmed this for me in the Q & A), which trace back to Nokodemion, and Henok. Today’s Buddhism is still considered an untruthly “irrational teaching” (Irrlehre) by Billy, it’s the Pali-Buddhism mentioned in the 355th contact I am referencing, that was taught by Buddha to 500 monks of the “oldest order”, that traces back to Nokodemtion, but was corrupted in present day times, not sure if there is a translation of it yet, I read it in the Nokodemion book.

    Matt Lee: good one! 🙂

    • Corey, I have copied all of your work on this subject you have done on the Figu. forum and thanks for doing that work. Meditation methods completely enhance the time anyone spends studying the spiritual teachings, but is the least discussed. The western world is at complete loss on even how to comprehend what meditation methods are about. With the Might of Thoughts and The Psyche being translated one can hope that this would be followed with the next step, Meditating. I have read that a lady had done this once before but I can not find a copy of that anywhere. Even so, what is being tried is welcome as long it gets people be in the moment.

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