Neutrality doesn’t require people to not have opinions, to be indifferent, or to not be energetically involved in issues

This is a very good time to reflect on neutrality, what it is and isn’t and how to develop and apply it in our daily lives.  In our recent study group meeting we discussed this article and Anthony suggested that we open the discussion to blog members, a very good idea indeed.

We can consider also that the spiritual teaching and this element of it comes to us from Billy Meier, a man who lives in Switzerland, often referred to as the country of neutrality, although that has been eroded over the years, largely unnoticed by many Swiss.

Neutrality doesn’t require people to not have opinions, to be indifferent or to not be energetically involved in issues, etc. A good example is to watch Meier discuss some of the most intense issues and dangers of our time, as he does in The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life, and videos on my channel.

To see things as they actually are, unfiltered by political, religious or social beliefs, and influences, etc., we benefit from being in a neutral frame of mind. To decide what to do about things in the clearest, most effective way also requires that we maintain that neutrality. As you’ll see from the article there are many aspects to this.

Applying neutrality to analyzing ourselves is essential. That requires complete self-honesty as an integral part of the process. Semjase expressed it in the Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching:

97. Therefore a self analysis, in detail, is one of the most essential methods to human beings, in order to find the truth and to walk the path of the consciousness-related and spiritual evolution.

98. Therefore, it is necessary that the human being, without interruption, checks his/her thoughts and sees of what kind they really are.

A helpful tool for doing this is the Consciousness Awareness Workshop that Meier recommended that I teach after each live presentation, which unfortunately was rarely possible. This type of process helps one to stay focused as they progress in a stepwise matter through issues using neutral positive thinking, self-analysis, etc. I sometimes call it emotional T’ai Chi because the “opponent” is within us, not an external one. (For external opponents, things like this seminar are also very good tools, since the mindset is also one of relaxation, awareness, etc.)

An absolutely indispensable guide to this entire process of self-honesty and self-knowledge, using neutral positive thinking is to be found in the Seven Principles. Returning to what Semjase had to say:


For what is a human being?

He/She is only a figure and a name.

If one takes the name and the figure away, what is then left of him/her?

What remains is the fundamental essence, the existence – the spirit and the overall consciousness-block.

The human external nature though is full of limitations, because it is not himself/herself, but rather only his/her exterior, his/her material body, a limitation, a matter leading into delusion, the wellspring of tribulation and suffering, limited in cognition and will, in readiness to make sacrifices, in freedom, love and happiness.

However, the question is, how shall the human being identify himself/herself with everything, if he/she does not know the way of the spirit.

Generally he/she tends to identify himself/herself with his/her body.

(Also: 176. – 184.)

“I am a part of the Creation, which as a part-piece enlivens me as spirit.”

Truth never needs to be adapted to some other or new age, because it is permanent for all times.

I’ll also include the lyrics to a song of mine from 1970:

Brother River

We are man and woman seeking for the way to get along

with all the trees and seas and animals before our light is gone

we’ll stay here for our lifetime we’ll go the way we came

and the only thing we’ll leave this earth is our body and our name

Now there’re mountains of aluminum where forests used to stand

and the acres of used papers try to suffocate our land

we’ll stay here for our lifetime we’ll go the way we came

and the only thing we’ll leave this earth is our body and our name

I am one with brother river mother earth and sister air

I am spirit can you hear it my voice is everywhere

So father guide your little ones with strong but tender hands

that they may see the morning sun rise on the newborn land

they’ll stay here for their lifetime they’ll go the way they came

and the only thing they’ll leave this earth is their body and their name

I am one with brother river mother earth and sister air

I am spirit can you hear it my voice is everywhere

…and close out with an invitation for your comments to focus on this element of the spiritual teaching and your own experiences in developing neutrality in your life.









Eternally Youthful


78 Replies to “Neutrality”

  1. Anthony Alagna, To succeed today you must be in a constant state of adaptation with the changes attained from our studies. By moving from a emotionally reactive state of being to a more balanced human-being. For those who have found the spiritual teachings we will continually be unlearning old ‘rules’ and learning and relearning new ones for the rest of our days. That requires continually questioning assumptions about how things work, challenging old paradigms, and ‘relearning’ what is now relevant from what has been gained in our past lives, and our current life. After a accident, a person my find they can not walk for months and have to relearn how to walk down stairs. BEAM is giving to us a path back to walking as a human-beings again. Since I currently find myself in a land barren of knowing ones I have to use nature to help guide me to a neutrality and day full of smiles, and the area around my place of rest is becoming a zoo. The PJ’s have given us our true history of solar system which is indirect conflict with the opening paragraph of you comment. Human-beings through out time defined the meaning of the word godly for a knowledge level acquired from a lifetime of learning. New Spirit forms called into being from breeding like roaches my not find perfection for very long time, but on the other hand much older spirit forms here know precisely where the powers of the god word arise from when they are exposed to the Spiritual teachings again.

    1. “After a accident, a person my find they can not walk for months and have to relearn how to walk down stairs.”

      Yes you are right Billy Wilson in this context; and person would need or needs to “relearn.” You are right! Now what? Did you not see ANY value in my words? Or contexts?

      “The PJ’s have given us our true history of solar system which is indirect conflict with the opening paragraph of you comment.” WTF? “Solar system?” Where am I talking about any “history?” Show me, please, the “conflict” with a Figu source.

      From a spiritual standpoint, man does not “relearn.” He starts out as a retard and advances over millions of lifetimes. If you disagree, please SHOW me in an official Figu source.

      Looks like I have made a nice friend with you since you are so forgiving with me. Would you care someday to get an ice cream cone together on a hot day? Are you buying with a smile? Maybe we can find some common ground (neutrality) together?

      Btw …true perfection has to be imperfect… Nothing is perfect! Everything is reaching for a relative perfection.

      Peace… and bleep you (BB-8) too. To be balanced of course.

      1. Anthony Alagna, I am in know way a passive aggressive person, nor was any belief system in any form apart of my live. I have had to learn a lot about the major belief systems since finding my way to BEAM. To better prepare myself to introduce the new knowledge that I have gained from BEAM, in away that does no harm. I do not want to slay the dragon, I have to help heal it. But every human has to find their own way to the spiritual teaches. You would not even be here if you had not had many reincarnations behind you, just maybe your spirits path to perfection goes all the way back to the Old Lyran. that changed earth. And in trying to be as neutral as possible and seeing the positive nature of your words I know that you have been studying. And know very while how to use a search engine to quickly search every English word of Beams materiel. But you have not yet had the time to find, read, study, and verify everything yet. In which knowledge is gained through which making it apart of every moment gaining wisdom from all the work. As students we have both become truth-seekers not competitors. A better point than listing out a massive debate over learn or relearn you have a easier quote to get back to positive. Here you wrote “He starts out as a retard” just from the contact notes we know that when the spirit form enters the human everything is possible, it is what the responsible humans do to the new human-being that forces confusion into effect. If you want to explore this further respond under the Discussions on the Meanings of the Texts topic I follow.
        Billy Wilson

  2. “This law of contrariness, is why most symbols in Billy’s symbols book, have the positive, and negative, for each quality, virtue, etc.”

    Hey Corey,

    It is always a pleasure to get a response from you; there is no doubt that you are one of the more equalised members on this here blog.

    You nailed it: the law of contrariness is the foundation of neutrality. All things, including symbols, have contrary poles. So if a person thinks for example that he/she is smart, in reality he/she is both smart and stupid. A person may have a relative intelligence over a small population of peers, but from a universal standpoint be a complete dolt, for example. The neutral thing is to be just learning.

    I would say your “baby tree” is also a good example of reincarnation. After the dead tree had a “becoming and passing away,” it recycled into a new start.

    Keep up the nature walks; I too love to go on these. I hope that we can someday go on a nature walk looking for the Universal-natural laws and recommendations together.


  3. Anthony,

    Provided WWIV doesn’t break-out, and if everything goes according to plan, I will (hopefully) be moving to Arizona in a couple of years. Walks together looking for the Universal-creative-natural laws and recommendations of Creation, it can be.

    As far as the baby tree goes, it appears to be growing right out of the roots of the now stump, so I would say you hit the nail on the head that time.


  4. How now do the people of the catholic faith find neutrality. First they take a oath on a bible to their God to uphold the laws of the land and to do their duties, but then the Pope instructs them to be conscientious objectors thru the American Media on his way out of the country. That must be a hard choice which is the winning choice maybe this battle will finally wake so up.

  5. The penny has dropped (for me), finally!

    As I’m sure some of you have already noticed, I still have a problem with anger, which stems from my difficulty in being neutral as I honestly find it hard to find positives with the way my life is after 40yrs of nonsense and blatant lies from others controlling, suppressing and exploiting my thoughts, feelings and actions before I found Eduard’s teaching; which again makes it difficult for me to find positives now that I know what is in store for our planet, fauna, flora and ourselves.

    But here comes the but…

    It took yet another reading of the teaching of a certain concept to help start me thinking deeper about it.
    I can’t thank Corey Muske enough for this penny being pushed over the edge! 🙂
    “pages 142-143 of “Arahat Athersata”:
    All thoughts “return” to the sender in equal strength, in the sense that good returns = as good, and evil returns = as evil… This is explained as a “boomerang effect”…”
    more @
    See also, The Psyche. (and to be honest, if you go back and read the old comments here, I never did get around to a re-study of The Psyche fully, yet; lifelessness got in the way, hence this post.)

    It’s not the first time we have been offered this lesson:
    “They will have become cognisant that each blow that strikes the fellow-human being will hurt and injure him.”*
    And keep in mind:
    “Also many evil persons, liars and frauds will steal his words of truth and his teaching, alter and falsify them in their favour as never before a prophet had to endure.”*

    We can’t help but have negative thoughts, welcome to the Universe you find yourself in; it’s just that I seem to have a hell of a lot of them and have difficultly finding enough positives to neutralise them, although I just remember and comforted, to some degree, by: “In the entire universe a positive and a negative complement each other, whereby a positive can handle more than one negative,…” Law of the Love” (Gesetz der Liebe) p.52. I need more positives to handle the deluge of negatives.

    Would anyone like to share how and/or what they think about in the positive area of life so as to bring themselves into a neutral state of thought, feelings and actions?

    – The Silent Revolution of Truth –

    1. Hi Matthew – big hug. Make sure you find beauty in the world and laughter, every day. And as Jedadiah says, meditate.

    2. Hi Andrew,

      I think you can find lot of info and tips from `The Psyche` how to re-programm subconsciousness which keeps pushing forward all that garbage.
      During my daily activities i try to keep a gap between thoughts as much as possible which gives me enough time between thinking and acting(anger, outburst etc) but it is very hard to maintain that.So far have seen some success but need more patience and practice.

    3. Hi Andrew,
      Are you still around those negative people? Some people are really good at sucking the energy right out of you.
      Meditation is definitely a must to help find balance, but you can also take a walk through a park or by the beach, lake or river. I’ve always found waterways to be my greatest places of reflection and restoration. I used to go sit by the damn and listen to the water roll by to clear my thoughts. It’s simply powerful in ways I can’t explain. Another good thing is alone time. I absolutely have to have it or I’m out of whack. I know some people don’t understand it and think I’m strange, but for me, I have my most profound realizations when I’m alone. The more you can laugh and feel love emanating from your heart, the better you will feel. Baby steps though. Start thinking more about yourself and what will make you happy. Remember to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings. When we stop giving other people so much power over us, we find our inner balance and peace. I know that ultimately you will have to find what works best for you, but like the others have said, I think meditation is by far the best place to look.

      1. Wow, so many great suggestions for you Andrew.

        Thanks to Sheila, Melissa and Mait for pitching in. Of course you know I’d highly recommend meditation (clear sight especially), and there are other forms as well. Try to disassociate from negativity, consciously work to re-program your thoughts and feelings (easier said than done) to have a more positive outlook on life.

        Speak to yourself, watch what you’re in-taking with entertainment (games, movies, music etc.) and don’t only focus on the bad etc. Life is still beautiful and will always be worth living, no matter what the time or age and no matter what is happening. You must see the beauty of Creation and its interconnectedness that runs through everything; the fine-fluidal energy that breathes life, gives life and recycles life.

        You are not alone. You are loved – like the sunbeams of the sun; Creation can speak to you any and everywhere. Just look!

        Here’s a track for you bud –

        1. Thanks Jedi, Sheila, Mait and Melissa! 🙂

          I do attempt to meditate.
          I must re-study the Psyche, as soon as I have finished Goblet of the Truth.
          Big hug back for ya, Sheila! & all others too, of course. 🙂
          I do so love water so much.
          Nice track, Jedi.

          I live in Australia, and we are being hammered by the bankster cabal, have been for decades, we pay through the nose for everything every day. I am currently back living at my parents place, as I can afford it, being unemployed presently as I refuse to work for criminal materialists, which is the story of my working life, and I’m not business-owner minded nor wanting anything more than what I need.

          I could go on and write a small book, but I will spare you that. 😉
          I do see my own faults, now; I seem to have a lack of motivation and persistence. Case in point, I haven’t used MH’s Standing in Spirit for quite some time; looks like I know what to ask my Inner-Self for help with, not forgetting about the addressing of my anger.

          We are small in number, yet we will turn this place around.
          Thanks again!

          1. Persistence and Endurance. Do these two things and anything you put your mind to is an inevitability. You can have a good life and live the life you want. Trust me, I speak this from experience. I write this comment after reading Michael’s new post (which was very heavy) and I can tell you that all hardships exists only to make you stronger.

            You can best them all. Keep at it.

          2. Thanks again, Jedi. 🙂

            I forgot to mention, as it would have been part of that small book that I spared you from, that I am going to change my attitude toward these negative things of life in light of the Seventh Principle MH has linked in the blog above:
            7) The bigger the problems and difficulties are that are exposed to, the greater and more powerful you will be able to grow, because you are forced to elaborate (work out) all the solutions and the right and logical way of thinking, through the development of your own rising consciousness, and allow these solutions to dominantly prevail, powerfully and with determination.
            I am going to be thankful for the negative from here on out!
            And be Loving, Peaceful, Free and Harmonious. 🙂
            – The Silent Revolution of Truth –

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