Go Forth and Multiply to Divide and Conquer

Once again the specific, prophetic warnings from Billy Meier unfold before our very eyes

A so-called top imam espouses interbreeding as part of the agenda to exploit asylum seekers as a means for radical Islam to conquer European and other countries.

The frighteningly short attention spans possessed by people these days compels us to point out that Billy Meier had long ago specifically warned of what is now unfolding before our very eyes.

From 1958:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

From 1981:

Italy and France will be shaken, due to Sansculottes*, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down. The inhabitants themselves are those, who lay Paris into rubble and ashes via murder, arson and revolution

From 1987:

175. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver.

176. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery.

177. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time.

178. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world.

From 1995:

Additionally, lengthy deliberations will increasingly take place regarding Islamic fundamentalism, which will mesmerize the entire globe. Uprisings, revolutions, wars and other diverse forms of unrest will escalate tremendously, with Islamic fundamentalism playing a very sad part in the scenario.

Also note the following from the Henoch Prophecies:

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

The people were warned but they got lost chasing lights-in-the-sky, imaginary “aliens”, endless entertainment, conspiracies, religious delusions and political charades, etc., and they just…didn’t listen.

For those who still can’t, don’t or won’t understand how and why all of these things seem to just “happen” – and how they can be foreseen, understood and dealt with hopefully prevented – it’s the immutable Law of Causality (cause and effect) at play.

I highly recommend studying the spiritual teaching, which is at the very core of the Meier case, the reason for it, inextricably bound to helping us assure our own very threatened future survival.

It should be, or soon will become, very apparent that now more than ever, learning the true meaning and moment-by-moment application of…neutrality will be absolutely essential to our survival.


*Revolutionaries, as is further specified and explained in the Henoch Prophecies:

“France will not only be invaded by the aggressors from the outside, but will also be conquered from within as a result of collaborative forces and other forces. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within.”

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Thanks to Bob Wiegand for the link to the article on the imam.

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  1. Did I miss something, did not the pope come to America and invite every Spanish catholic to immigrate to where he was standing the home of the free and brave…..They are never going to give up the drive for total control.

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