Go Forth and Multiply to Divide and Conquer

Once again the specific, prophetic warnings from Billy Meier unfold before our very eyes

A so-called top imam espouses interbreeding as part of the agenda to exploit asylum seekers as a means for radical Islam to conquer European and other countries.

The frighteningly short attention spans possessed by people these days compels us to point out that Billy Meier had long ago specifically warned of what is now unfolding before our very eyes.

From 1958:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

From 1981:

Italy and France will be shaken, due to Sansculottes*, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down. The inhabitants themselves are those, who lay Paris into rubble and ashes via murder, arson and revolution

From 1987:

175. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver.

176. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery.

177. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time.

178. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world.

From 1995:

Additionally, lengthy deliberations will increasingly take place regarding Islamic fundamentalism, which will mesmerize the entire globe. Uprisings, revolutions, wars and other diverse forms of unrest will escalate tremendously, with Islamic fundamentalism playing a very sad part in the scenario.

Also note the following from the Henoch Prophecies:

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

The people were warned but they got lost chasing lights-in-the-sky, imaginary “aliens”, endless entertainment, conspiracies, religious delusions and political charades, etc., and they just…didn’t listen.

For those who still can’t, don’t or won’t understand how and why all of these things seem to just “happen” – and how they can be foreseen, understood and dealt with hopefully prevented – it’s the immutable Law of Causality (cause and effect) at play.

I highly recommend studying the spiritual teaching, which is at the very core of the Meier case, the reason for it, inextricably bound to helping us assure our own very threatened future survival.

It should be, or soon will become, very apparent that now more than ever, learning the true meaning and moment-by-moment application of…neutrality will be absolutely essential to our survival.


*Revolutionaries, as is further specified and explained in the Henoch Prophecies:

“France will not only be invaded by the aggressors from the outside, but will also be conquered from within as a result of collaborative forces and other forces. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within.”

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Thanks to Bob Wiegand for the link to the article on the imam.

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  1. P.S. I just watched two more videos from Rubin Dari. I led the way he describes consciousness and positive thoughts. So much of Billy`s writings are in German not enough in English but these videos from Rubin Dari will help me to better understand what Billy and the P`s are trying to teach us primitive Earth humans by showing us with clarity even if these videos are somewhat cartoonish but these videos will help you to understand what the spiritual teachings are all about without all the technical babel besides most of Billy`s writings are in German which is a very difficult and time cosuming language to learn. It just makes Billy`s teachings easier to understand. Maby MH could also do the same here to help us understand Billy alittle better too.:-)))

  2. A little bit goes a long way in regards to “anything” we can do to rid this earth of the negative aspects . A bit off topic but in light of these obnoxious weeds growing into other countries
    by the thousands , We can also thwart the Pesticide and herbacide industry if we can get this out there/ There IS NO need for these chemicals and never have been !
    Annoy Monsanto and save some bees. Use this instead of Roundup and Neonicotinoids.
    1 gallon vinegar
    2 cups Epson Salt
    1/4 cup Dawn dish detergent…
    Spray on your weeds after the dew has gone in the morning ! It will Kill ALL so be careful of your nurtured ones in the garden !

    1. Thanks Wayne for that recipe. I have almost the same one. Yes let’s all do our part in annoying the hell out of Monsanto. I’ve never used Roundup but over the years I’ve sure noticed Roundups biggest fans have died of cancer.
      This year there were 3 or 4 different types of bees in my raspberries. They are fascinating to watch.

        1. Your wish is my command. Just sent this to Monsanto Canada:
          Over the years I’ve noticed that the biggest fans of Roundup are dying or have died of cancer. Co-incidence? What are you doing to absolve your responsibility in this?

  3. To all my fellow Human Beings of Earth. Just a little ditty to share how this came about, so as to hopefully inspire you all to live the FIGU ST’s as Ruben Dari has.

    It was not so long ago that I met Ruben in Toronto when I traveled there to participate in a talk hosted by FIGU Canada featuring Crhistian Frehner of FIGU Switzerland back in 2011. Since then I have enjoyed many conversations with Ruben and have watched him grow, evolve and become what we now see in his Teachings of Life channel, a student and teacher of the ST’s using the medium to which he was most familiar and attracted: namely media and entertainment~!

    Thanks to Ruben i have benefitted from his audio of the GOTT, which I lsten to almost every day whilst driving or whenever it suits, and more recently since he launched his channel the focus on the MOTT (Might Of The Thoughts). Please find here his you tube channel and if you are so inclined join it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnxTrpP7s2Xi_2l7ZDTMzg

    Taking this to heart, I share these you tube talks individually with people – over time – depending on the circumstance and find that I benefit each and every time.

    With that said, I bid you all a deep dive salutation.


    1. Hi Arie, I met those guys in Toronto for the first time on August 24th and 25th back in 2012. They were very humane I thought so I decided to visit with them and learn from their behaviours and listen to their words. It helped me to set an example and go from there in my thoughts, feelings and actions.

  4. oh, I missed to thank Michael Horn for keeping the FIGU flame alive in the USA in spite of so many attempts at establishing a FIGU USA platform – hopefully one day soon~!! Michael Horn, you are an inpiration and a reflection of Tencity and Perseverance. Hear the lio roar, for he is undaunted and in truth, a friend to all of us here~!!

    1. Hi Terry,

      We have an unofficial FIGU study group ongoing for over two years in Arizona. In time this may develop into a more formal FIGU group, depending on the commitment of people. Previous efforts to have an official US FIGU group have failed for various reasons, as Meier explains in the DVD, The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life.

  5. How about a FIGU UK too if that is feasible since the UK has Future of Mankind. We really should have a Global FIGU but then as you stated Billy said that might not work out eather. It`s just a thought,an idea.

  6. I have recently discovered BEAM and am amazed that there is finally someone who sees it as I have for so many years now. I am very poor financially, right now, but am knowledgeable in the world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I have an idea that can really help. Please contact me at the email used here if this is of any interest to you. I know how to raise all the money needed for translations and dissemination of this body of work.

    1. When bitcoin start I saw how groups of people on forums would come together and use the power of the group computers to send everything to one account that was run by a trust worthy person like Michael, who in turn did exactly what was agreed to with the funds. But my understanding is that those days are gone and the current rules about using computers for moving funds is off limits within the bylaws of SSSC. It would be great if money was not a problem for FIGU , but has been from day one. With the wealth of things they have seen, I would think they would very progressive with bringing in the good tools that technology has to give. But they have been given many reasons not to trust ones that they have not known for decades. And even that has not worked out without missuses. If you have away to do like SETI does with screen savers doing miner and are willing to turn over everything to someone else like Michael with no strings to send funds out to SSSC for projects. That would be a worthy cause.

  7. Did I miss something, did not the pope come to America and invite every Spanish catholic to immigrate to where he was standing the home of the free and brave…..They are never going to give up the drive for total control.

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