The Law of Provision

Prosperity and abundance are, first and foremost, of an inner nature and are expressed in joy, love, peace, freedom and harmony

Forging Our Destiny

As Billy Meier said, “You are the smith of your own destiny”. And that destiny, like everything else in our lives, is directly connected with and determined by our thinking, through the might of our thoughts. He has made it clear that a thought is a might unto itself and that properly controlled, consciously formed, neutral-positive thoughts bring forward the desired results in time.

Since many factors and human beings are involved in life, we can’t always control all of the circumstances we may find ourselves in. But as Meier points out, we can control our own thoughts.

We think constantly but we are rarely consciously aware that we are doing so, or of the content of each and every thought. Nonetheless, these thoughts lead to and create our feelings; it’s not the other way around. And these feelings in turn lead to our actions, thereby creating our lives.

The Law of Provision

So it is also with the material life in terms of having that which one requires to live in the world. We often mistake our wants and desires for our true needs. And rarely do we realize that to have what we truly need means that we are…wealthy*.

Regarding the law of provision, Meier says:

It must be heeded that the law of provision only functions for those human beings who live according to it. It is clear that it can be doubted by this or that human being, yet only because there is no understanding of the principal (sic) which is based on the fact that prosperity and abundance are, first and foremost, of an inner nature and are expressed in joy, love, peace, freedom and harmony, and then only secondarily as material wealth, and so forth.

            Might of the Thoughts, page 326

Maybe You Can’t Bank on That Anymore

There is no shortage of information about the present and coming financial crisis. I reported on what Meier told me, in 2006, about how if things go a certain way, we in America may as well  “roll cigarettes with your paper money.

The photographs below were taken in New York City by Arie Levy-Cohen**, a student of the spiritual teaching. They show barricades being built around certain banks, to perhaps prevent direct attacks on them, and also NYPD barriers that can be moved for use in crowd control…should situations similar to what’s already happened in other countries ultimately happen here.

As I said before, we can’t always control all external circumstances but Meier has given us very clear guidelines as to how we can control our own destinies through the might of our thoughts.

It can be seen that the spiritual teaching is also a practical guide to daily living…as well as the key to our future survival.





*My friend Scott suggested that “affluence” is a better word but perhaps they both convey the idea.

**You can read more about Arie, formerly a wealth management specialist with Morgan Stanley, here and here.

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Please also see some of his advice in the Comments section here.




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  1. MH wrote: “”I haven’t read much of the report yet but I wonder (doubt) if he’s mentioned both religion and overpopulation as core elements in all of these problems.”” An interesting question, but the short answer is no. The very words “religion” or “overpopulation” are not mentioned even once in the entire document, so far as I can recall or see.

    1. Sheila as far as I can recall it was in the Q&A to BEAM section.
      It’s all in my head uncategorised and unclassified that often with the enormous amount of information talked about by Billy I find it dificult to keep track of and to find it when I need it.
      My synaptic nerves must create a gordion knot with Billy info somehow so I might try getting a box cutter or something.

      1. Hey, no worries Matt. I’m can never remember where I read it either. Chill out, go for a stroll, play with your little guy, tell your lady that you love her.

  2. I just wanted to thank all who participate here on a regular basis, none of you will ever truly know how much you help me, and maybe that is how it is supposed to be, I just feel compelled to let you all know how much I appreciate your contributions.

  3. I always liked this simple way to put it.

    Imagine if the emperor gave his check book to a friend , then borrowed money from him at interest. Its a silly scenario, but that’s what happened. in 1913, the US Gov’t gave its sovereign power to a banking cartel dominated by JP Morgan. This cartel has held the American check book ever since.

    1. Norm, The House of Morgan was really just a small bottom sucking carp in a sea of sharks. at that time.And as big Mr. Diamond may appear to us today is nothing in the big picture. And maybe by the time he goes his way, his estate will have to have a zero balance after 20 years.Can you image death means death what a wonder no more Vanderbilt, Rothschild or Morgans and so on controlling the world from a graveyard. At some point we may all be equal when we find away to give the death penalty to the dead.,

      1. Yes I was shocked to find out CNNs own Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilts son. Do you notice if he is biased in his reporting?

        1. Hi Sheila
          Give me this opportunity to be rude and crude by answering your rhetorical question with ‘does the bear s*** in the woods’
          The level of cronyism and nepotism is just unbelievable.
          Looking at Mika from MSNBC you would’ve thought gee another parrot with fake hairdye until you saw her surname come up.
          It’s becoming absolutely clear that to them it’s about us vs them
          As George Carlin use to say ‘you ain’t invited’

          1. Yeah good on him
            He served his country well in Vietnam.
            That’s probably why he has done a fantastic job of exposing the lies because he knrw the ins and outs of the game.
            Beyond the pale horse is a classic in my opinion and the protocols of the learned elders of zion is published at the back as well.
            I’ve read this a decade ago and is still fresh in my mind.

  4. Ignorance is not an excuse and complacency is not acceptable. Inspect what you expect. If you do nothing , expect nothing. The time is now to find a calm moment to meditate. The might of thoughts is your realization that you in fact matter and your hopes ,dreams and wishes can manifest for the good of all. You will have to fight for this peace of mind. The environment has been cloaked in resistance to your peace, your positive intent ,your will and your destiny. Its been skewed to take from you and you will have to fight hard to find a moment in time when you are still. In peace, viewing your utmost dream of the future for all.
    You may find your belly these days tight and wrenched with unjust feelings of the direct engagement of the truth. That is your first step into embracing your will and your fight in this time of need.Let the will of your heart out of your treasure chest of good intention.Together we join in this silent revolution of the truth.

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