The Spiritual Teaching Film Packages

Including a step-by-step guide to practicing and applying the neutral-positive, self-awareness aspects of the spiritual teaching

In light of what is now an inescapable reality ,Meier’s warnings about illegal immigration and asylum seekers stand out even more so now than when I mentioned them in The Silent Revolution of Truth (at 1:23), which we filmed about 9 years ago.

There is also quite a bit of information in films like The Meier Contacts, as the time fulfills and And Did They Listen? that has been corroborated since these films were released. In fact many of the warnings contained in The Meier Contacts – from 2004 – have now also been fulfilled because they too were ignored.

In case you don’t know, I’ve made all of these films available, along with the Standing in Spirit Workshop, in two different Spiritual Teaching Film Packages that you can download and thereby save over $100 on the price of DVDs.

These film packages contain information on all aspects of the Meier case, including the UFOs, prophecies, predictions, the spiritual teaching and they give you a practical, step-by-step guide to practicing and applying the neutral-positive, self-awareness aspects of the spiritual teaching in the Standing in Spirit Workshop.

As we focus our discussion more and more on the spiritual teaching, you may find it helpful to have this interactive workshop to use in your own process.

Standing in Spirit

Michael was invited to teach Standing in Spirit to corporate and government leaders in Europe by Richard Greene, a consultant to Princess Diana because of its stress-relieving and clarity-enhancing benefits:

“I am privileged to be asked by governments, corporations and institutions in 16 countries to conduct seminars and workshops on the general theme of communication with specific coverage of conflict resolution…I brought someone along with me who tremendously augmented my services and allowed me to go deeper and accomplish significantly more in a very short time. His name is Michael Horn. After several years of very diligent practice and integration, Michael is stress management.”

Richard Greene, Author, international consultant

“I found “Standing in Spirit” to be a remarkably easy and painless process for resolving personal issues on the spiritual and emotional level.

Arielle Ford, publicist for Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, etc.

“‘Standing in Spirit” is a powerful and unique experience that truly unifies mind and body for creative change.”

– Bob Kessel, DSW, LCSW, BCD

“The work I’ve done as a therapist and a client seems one-dimensional and limited compared to the experience I’ve had with Standing in Spirit. I believe it is a leap forward from traditional insight oriented psychotherapy in that it recognizes, supports and utilizes the mind, body and spirit in the goal of growth and healing.”

Louise Sevilla-Barr, MSW

Standing in Spirit is a practical and effective means to consciously access, perceive, release and transform the subconsciously held patterns, influences, behaviors and beliefs which, as Prof. Bruce Lipton has said, control 95% of our lives. Michael spontaneously discovered and refined this process more than 15 years before Prof. Lipton published his findings in “The Biology of Belief”. Standing in Spirit also has a built in, self-testing component by which the practitioner can objectively and honestly evaluate their own progress.

“I just got done watching your standing in spirit video! I must say that it is truly brilliant! I’m not just saying this to work you over; I truly mean it. I have been doing the same thing on my own for quite some time. Strange that you created this in the exact same manner as I was practicing. The only difference is that you truly defined it wonderfully. I am blown away! Whoever doesn’t embrace this is truly missing out as I have been coming a long way with it. Thank you very much for what you do keep it up! You are truly rare indeed.

Take care friend no need to even email me back just wanted to give you praise.”

Paul Salazar




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  1. Thanks Michael, I practice a form/system of Wuji Qigong as a health modality now. It’s a natural progression to get your Standing in Spirit video. Looking forward to it.

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