Formerly Skeptical Author Confirms Billy Meier’s Dire Warning

Breakdown of ocean conveyor belt could extinguish life on Earth  

Science writer Chris Mooney, the author of the new article in The Washington Post regarding the degradation of the oceans due to climate change, says that he…” was formerly somewhat skeptical about the notion that the ocean ‘conveyor belt’ circulation pattern could weaken abruptly in response to global warming. Yet this now appears to be underway…”

This is critical because of the very real – but as yet unrecognized – potentially fatal danger to all life on Earth should this progress to a complete break down of the conveyor belt:

Official Contact Report 544, Saturday, September 1, 2012

Billy: But the over-population causes damage, and indeed increasingly, because it is growing ceaselessly and through that, with all the trappings of terrible things, which are created from it, ever more natural disasters appear. In this regard, you told me privately recently that, by means of the climate change caused by humanity, the world’s oceans heat up quite enormously and thereby the so-called global conveyor belt, which drives the water through all the world’s oceans, could break down.

Ptaah: That is right, because if the global conveyor belt – which, as the enormous current, runs through the oceans and constantly mixes their water – breaks down, then the movement of the oceans will cease, which then means that the majority of all life on Earth will be extinguished. At the present time it is already very bad, because the oceans have warmed to an alarming degree, and indeed in the last 17.9 years, with a thermal energy, which must be computed as the equivalent of two (2) billion Hiroshima atom bombs. Through the fault of the Earth humanity, the Earth is now already in the midst of this destructive process, whereby the oceans, and the global conveyor belt, increasingly heat up increasingly dangerously.

In 2008, Meier bluntly pointed out that “…the first eight years of the 21st Century have now passed, during which the prophecies and predictions of the 1950s, as well as of the 1960s, have been fulfilled as they have in all the decades since, and indeed, up to the current time.” Clearly, this trend has not at all improved.

Certainly the suppression of the Meier case and its contents by various members of the UFOCI, like MUFON, etc., and equally suppressive, profit-oriented pseudo-scientific groups like SETI, have actually contributed to causing great harm to humanity and all life on the planet.

As previously mentioned, all parties interested in our future survival need to stop relying on any so-called “experts” regarding the authenticity of the Billy Meier contacts and his information and conduct their own research.

While the realization of the inescapable authenticity and accuracy of the prophetic information can cause some people to become paralyzed with fear, or feel powerless to do anything about the now seemingly overwhelming magnitude of the situation, inactivity won’t help in the least.

All of this is the result of humanity’s very incorrect, irresponsible and greedy thinking, over a long period of time. It is only through a radical correction in thinking, feeling and acting that we will be able to correct and reverse the damage that we’ve done or allowed to be done.

While there are no quick fixes, the only long lasting remedies will of necessity originate and arise from proper thinking and actions by each individual. This is precisely what the spiritual teaching is all about. “Unfortunately, the term itself often triggers inaccurate associations with religions, belief systems, New Age nonsense, etc., in some people’s minds.)

The spiritual teaching, however, is a non-religious, belief-free teaching, a study and practice for correcting the inaccurate, illogical, irresponsible and delusional “thinking”, if one can even call it that, of the aforementioned associated terms and systems.

I suggest that even the most timid person who recognizes the truths and dangers should not only delve into the spiritual teaching (much of which is freely available) but also begin to…take action by forwarding information such as this to any and all scientists, forums, blogs, media, journalists, etc.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to help bring awareness to others, to contribute to the rest of the world now that we know what’s really at stake.

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Thanks to Nicholas Majchrzak for the new information.

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Jacobus Kotze

Oh, of course, there is only one melon head and that is Moshe.

Jacobus Kotze

But don’t get me wrong, I love melons.

Jacobus Kotze

Interesting, now that you are talking about alcohol abuse Matt. What is Billys take on alcohol consumption or drinking in general again? The way I remember it, is that they hardly drink at the Figu center (if at all).

matt lee

Hey so like Michael said you are the one who is the melon Jacobus.
No I am not under the influence but might as well be after reading your latest post.
Was that your brand of humour or did you not get what I was getting at.

David Scott

Hey , don’t forget my story about Matt Drudge. He was a person just like us who disapproved of the coverage of events through the mainstream media. He forwarded links to his friends over e mail to raise awareness. As he began to make progress his friends told a friend and so on and so on and now he has a billion visits a year on his site that links to valid news articles reporting without special interest influence. And now the largest media website in the world. One can make a difference. Throw in my highly held viewpoint of Nikola Tesla. One person can change the world with high level concern and heartfelt caring for our planet and fellow human. I’m simply fighting myself to get out the things that are here and now and withheld by bad intentions. These massive collections of brilliance including solutions to all our problems are so repressed its hard to wrap your mind around. Just the example of microbes for soil to change the planet is something so simple and earth nourishing its mind blowing. The list goes on , as a good email can reach the world one eye opening mind at a time.

Jacobus Kotze


steve Tillbrook

WoW yoo wrote “yawn” thats so amazing to see someone stand up and do that here..What else can yoo dooo?

steve Tillbrook

Seriously, does Billy give any indication of when this conveyor belt thingy is going to stop? lt’s kind of important for me to know.. Do l have time to get a prayer rug? l want to be covered in any eventuality..

Really, we are Soooooooooooooooo F$#*%nF%#@D

steve Tillbrook

We are a family here and sometimes famililies fight and sometimes we put used balled up band-aids in the other ones hamburger and have them be charged with fraud when they complain.. but that’s not what l want to say.. The point is don’t go to the bathroom and leave your food with me, after you left your money at home and told me l should remember the hotdog yoo bought me in 1985.

Sorry if this is a whisker off topic but somethings need to be said !!

Sheila Clark

You’ve certainly got some serious issues. What kind of moron puts a used bandaid in someone else’s food?

steve Tillbrook

There are so many calamities primed to occur, at least in time lines possibly more expansive than our own individual lifetimes. The earths rotation wabbling around a sun on the blink and down on energy output.. Mini ice age very likely..The ozone layer said to FAIL by Semjase 60 years out from 1976, (which is 2036, 21 years out)..a failure described as wandering holes with spots of ocean boiling underneath.

For those of us who are somewhat awake in this world, its easy to admit to absolute panic on a suppressed interior plain.. l for one (and friends) will be using the next 12 months to get off the grid and stock up on enough supplies to wheather the economic collapse which Billy says is likely and looking more and more so.

This isn’t crazy talk, Billy himself has advised us to organize ourselves into Bio cells to survive this..Bio cells -> small self sustaining groups.. All the signs flashing red red red on this ..