As the famous saying goes, “It’s déjà vu all over again”

As I commented here, Billy Meier and the Plejaren long ago warned us of the danger of incoming objects, specifically asteroid Apophis (the Red Meteor). Certainly it’s good news that finally there’s more interest in doing so, especially on the part of the major laggard, NASA.

Also in the “news” is this information about the dangers of megatsunamis from the sudden collapse of volcanoes. Okay, add to that the danger of a huge volcano first erupting and then dumping a trillion tons of mass suddenly into the ocean, as Meier warned – in 1975 – will happen with certainty if actions aren’t taken, regarding  the Cumbre Vieja Volcano on the Island of La Palma, as suggested by Ptaah:

“Besides, the entire thing can be prevented if the correct measures are taken which consist of a systematic, ‘quiet’ dismantling of the part of the volcano, which is at risk.

And if it is not dealt with in this manner then a catastrophe is unavoidable if it does not naturally occur that, by and by, only a small part of the side of the volcano, which is at risk slips away.”

Of course, in both cases, this information has been forwarded to scientists for years but the way things work on Planet Suicidally Stupid is that unless these “experts” can take credit for it themselves – and find a way to financially profit from it – the very last thing they will ever do is acknowledge Billy Meier’s abundant, specific, scientific information given to us to help assure our future survival.

Perhaps with nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman’s new interest in investigating the case we might yet awaken (pressure) these know-it-alls into putting the truth ahead of their own personal gain.


Thanks to Greg Dougall for the megatsunami update.

232 comments on “Echoes of The Future from Billy Meier’s Past

  • Michael, didn’t Billy say that the SF quaje would occur “after we have long since earned our angel wings”? If so, there is a bit of humor there as Billy knows there are no such thing as “angel wings”. The ” long since” if I have remembered correctly implies that the SF quake will be some time after the demise of you both. Any clarification you could give there would doubtless be appreciated.

    • Chris, yes, it was something like that. I’ll be glad to try to clarify. “Angel wings” indeed was used in that regard because, while he could have said “devil’s horns” and knows that neither the wings nor horns exist, it was a quaint and colorful way to refer to the “Big One”, i.e. the still coming, huge, statewide California quake and not the SF quake, which will apparently be like a…coming attraction of that even more catastrophic event.

      So of course all Californians – and, let’s face it, people everywhere who benefit from, have ever been to, plan on going, have done business with, get food from, etc., California – may want to generously contribute to the Michael Horn Wildlife Fund for the simple, practical reason that keeping me alive to enjoy my wild life is a good investment in their own future. And of course I hope that our remaining here on Earth during these troubling times is appreciated for the selfless act of love towards our fellow humans that it is, seeing as how touring heaven/hell for all eternity is such an otherwise appealing proposition.

      • Great suggestion Michael, thank you! Maybe some your posters will be willing to put their money where their mouth is…
        At least people who feel obligated to the mission will do so. I’m sure the others who don’t, won’t. You are in an interesting position to be able to determine the difference.

      • “” the still coming, huge, statewide California quake and not the SF quake, which will apparently be like a…coming attraction of that even more catastrophic event.””

        Michael, would yoo mind separating that statement out and clarifying a bit,for the less well meee !

        • Steve,

          From what I understand, the coming SF quake is separate from the big one that will happen later and supposedly plunge most of California into the sea. I don’t know anymore than that, other than you may want to consider buying beach front property in Phoenix.

          • OK & thanks,,, and to be clear, it was the SF quake that Billy was referring to that would occur after both your deaths ? Also is the Pacific North west sea quake separate to the California sinker? Just how many quakes are we looking at?

          • Perhaps more important to you is continued access to post comments here. So I suggest obtaining a lifetime membership (either of ours) to the Michael Horn Wildlife Fund.

      • Michael according to Oxford Dictionary the definition of angel wings is ‘A large white edible piddock (mollusc) which occurs in the Caribbean and on the east coast of North America’.
        And from free dictionary ‘a deformity of the scapulae seen with osteodystrophia fibrosa, particularly in kittens. The pull of the scapular muscles causes an outward bowing, hence the name.

        So could Billy be saying the SF will occur when we are older enjoying a bit of seafood for lunch when it’ll hit or at least not when we have passed on as a lot people are assuming the angel wings to mean?

        • Matt,

          It makes complete sense, now that you mention it. Doubly so because it’s a known fact that cats and kittens like seafood. Of course Billy could have meant that we’d be in the Caribbean gathering in our own mollusks to feed the kittens there. Now that I think of it, this is the most likely meaning. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

          • No problems
            I thought it was a good one at the time or so I thought.
            Or alternatively were you and Billy thinking of getting a tattoo of an angel wings on your backs.
            This may be another alternative theory behind Billy’s angel wings comment.

        • Matt,,,,Yoo should have known Billy was talking about eating a tasty seafood lunch with girls in papaya colored skirts in our laps..l knew that right away ..Do some research man !!

          • Well that sounds more like it Steve.
            Make sure these bunnys on our laps have angel wings cos I am taking them out to a costume party in SF dubbed ‘it’s coming’

          • Suddenly the truth becomes popular! Perhaps thats how we should play it, like the jihadi’s. “follow the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life and get more chicks!”

          • I doubt that line will work with women…unless we are going to be serving rabbit or chicken for dinner. Then we have to wonder what our food is doing in our laps?

  • I think MH could easily pass the age of 100 when you look at how well he handled the interview with Stan Friedman. I seems that Mr Horn is becoming more powerful in his abilities as the momentum starts to build.

  • I just find it rather distasteful, that these posters who talk about your demise or Billys demise, don’t seem to realize, or maybe have forgotten, that they themselves are also not immune to the inevitable force that death will exert when their own  time has expired… Instead, they crudely joke about the very serious laws of life and death, as if there is time for silly statements.

    Overall, it is rather pointless to ponder over something that is impossible to determine with our current low level of technical and spiritual developement.

    • Maby it’s not so much about not realizing but more about being comfortable with the process and necessity of death, as those conected with the truth would be, rather than fearing it. Taking a light hearted view of death can’t do any harm as those laws of life and death (are they very serious?) really couldn’t care less what one thinks. Billy has spoken about our need to lighten up a bit and stop worrying about such things. I’m quite looking forward to it, in a currious kind of way. It must be quite a ride having ones conscienceness separated from the course-material realm! 🙂

    • Yes MrKotse, Good catch,, l too found it deeeeply disturbing and as conflicts go, there is at the heart a single depraved and indecent person responsible .. A public flogging would be too good for such a person..Truly someone should pay for initiating such a disgusting, wretched, vile vommitose and dehumanizing form of discussion.. BTW what are yoo wearing?

  • Well well Mr Tillbrook…today’s your lucky day! I could help you flush out this vile, disgusting, degenerate troublemaker who calls himself  a human being.

    Just give me a name and number and I’ll get righ back to you.

    ps. don’t be such a pansy.

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