Former NASA Engineer Presents Billy Meier UFO Case to MUFON

Aerospace expert Matthew Wieczkiewicz focused on inexplicable anomalies in Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos

On Friday evening, October 16, former NASA engineer Matthew Wieczkiewicz presented a two-hour examination into several UFO photographs taken by Billy Meier. These included photos taken in in 1975, 1979 and 1980.

While many people are familiar with the classic disk shaped UFOs that Meier photographed from as far back as 1964 – with all of the largely unrecognized, stunning implications of that evidence – Matthew focused particular attention on the highly controversial WCUFO and Energy Ship photos and the independent analyses done by Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock, which authenticated them as large, unknown objects and not models, or special effects of any kind.

Matthew’s own highly accomplished background in the aerospace industry lent weight to his professional assessment of Meier’s evidence. It was evident in the way he also explained pertinent facts about Meier’s camera and the methodology used by Zahi to establish the size of the WCUFO. He and Arizona MUFON State Section Director Becky Solon read some relevant dialogue, such as this pertaining to the WCUFO, which helped to bring to life the interactions between Meier and Semjase.

Matthew pounted out that the visit by the Nabulaner in their Energy Ships resulted in a rather displeasing report to the Plejaren, which shed more light on the enormous complexity of the contacts, Meier’s responsibilities and the real life conflicts that occasionally arouse between him and the Plejaren regarding the fulfillment of his duties and those of his group members.

But perhaps most interesting in the presentation on the Energy Ships were the many details contained in Zahi’s analysis of the photos that established their authenticity and showed the impossibility that these remarkable photos were hoaxed.


Energy Ship Photo
Energy Ship Photo

MUFON Asks about…MUFON

In light of what she has herself been learning about the Meier case, which was again increased by this presentation and her participation in it, MUFON representative Becky Solon asked me, “Why hasn’t Jan Harzen had MUFON officially investigate the Meier case?”

I explained to Becky that for MUFON to actually investigate and recognize the singular authenticity of the more than 73 year-long, still ongoing, contacts between Meier and the Plejaren would effectively…put them out of business.

After all, as I already pointed out here, it’s pretty clear (even from what another MUFON representative openly stated) that they don’t want to find what they pretend to be looking for.


 Since I just barely nudged out* nuclear physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman in our last debate, and because he has a long professional association with MUFON, I’ll be asking him about this too in our second debate, upcoming on November 11 on the zone, hosted by Rob McConnell.


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*Final results of listener poll:

Friedman:     224
Horn:       17,355

133 Replies to “Former NASA Engineer Presents Billy Meier UFO Case to MUFON”

  1. Hi Taro,

    Well, I”ll give it a go, but you know what Taro, I think Rob McConnell is shaking in his pantalinos. He doesn’t want to risk making a complete ass of himself in front of all his braindead followers.

    So, I’m sure Mr McConnell is well aware of the risks and will do everything he can to avoid extreme embarrassment. One of them being, run like scared dog, with tail between the legs.

    1. If you’re not feeling it don’t do it, of course. I just think that rather than just complain about what seems like a hopeless situation here at a safe place, it’s more productive to try to get others(Stuart Robbins as well as Rob McConnell’s listeners) to see the logic residing in the Meier case. Maybe one by one his advice will be taken more seriously. But understand, I don’t really expect Robbins to accept the offer for a debate. He has shown signs of the opposite, of course. However, holding individuals like this to a higher standard of research and analysis can still accomplish a few things: Best case scenario, he surprises us and accepts the offer(I had my doubts Friedman would agree to a 2nd debate but he did). And if he turns it down, Michael can write about how Stuart has (again) failed to meet a fair, honest and public challenge for rational debate. It’s a fail-safe plan.

        1. I wouldn’t really call that moving the goal post. More like scheduling a different game. I’ve tried to get someone from SETI, including Seth Shostak to clarify SETI’s definition of “credible physical evidence”. Only one response defending SETI’s activities with no mention of my original question. Nothing from Seth. Have you tried contacting any of them?

          1. If it was before Stanton agreed to the 2nd debate then yes. If it was after then no. The goal is to get them to participate in meaningful discussion. By, “contacting any of them”, I actually meant the people you brought up: “Shermer, magic Randy or Seth”.

          2. Not recently Taro
            As for Stanton yes as soon as Michael provided the link to his email.
            As for these other mob I think I’ve communicated with them years ago via different forums and I’ve provided the link to this website, figu and gaiaguys if my memory serves me correct so I don’t think they can claim ignorance of the Meier case although their ignorance does persist in an undeniably denial way.

  2. Your right M, I meant Stuart Robbins, not Rob McConnell, silly mistake…appologies to the wrongly accused, although, I really despise those christian, new age adverts on Robs Show.

      1. Why don’t you just do your own homework like everyone else had to. Haha do you see the humour in me telling a university educated man how to do his own investigation?

        1. Steve may not be around to respond. He took to sending me inappropriate personal emails and I don’t need to provide a forum for people who act that way when they get frustrated with their own inabilities to make their points, or to deal with ones that oppose them.

          1. Well I don’t blame you Michael you’ve had the utmost patience with him. Do you think now would be the time to PayPal him a quarter?

    1. Gee I mean stupid me
      All this time I have shoved this niggling sense of incongruency in the back of my mind that kept telling me Steve doesn’t come across as a genuine student of the teachings just for the benefit of doubt sake and whadda ya know.
      Anyway give it a read Steve and maybe you may start to become one by bothering to read your way into it.

  3. For as long as I have known about Billy and MH. Their efforts to tell the truth. The whole effect of the information is like a pinball game. It bounces and shoots all over the planet, people, etc. Only to come to rest, where it started. Then back out again. Im not sure how important it is to convince a few so called experts. After all there are billions of other folks here as well. After they start to kick in, the others will follow. Well maybe, I hope. Salomae, Robert.

    1. You’re right Rob, experts are too invested in their own crap and then they would have to admit their crap was wrong and their egos won’t let them do that. I agree it’s definitely happening on a weekly basis, if not on a daily basis how so much of Billy’s information reverberates. If I had not read it first in the material, I probably wouldn’t have known the source. But I do know the source and it is awesome!

    2. Unfortunately, this world revolves around the masses brainlessly accepting whatever “experts” tell them. Once you can convince someone with influence to discuss the Meier case, others who may not have noticed otherwise will start to listen. There may not be enough time to reach each of the billions one-at-a-time, particularly considering the continuous suppression the case has been subjected to.

  4. I think it would important to rember that none of the supposed experts, ever were or are so. As I rember they all achieved their expertise on a popular radio program. By simply being a guest. Hummmm seems to me there should more to it than that. I have heard them all talk and they sound empty. They got no heart. The info that Billy and his friends as well as MH bring us, is all about the heart and a few other things. With their actions and persistence it shows us all what it means to have a strong one. I am inspired by them, to help them with their work. I feel it is important to think on the information, but you also need to put your heart in as much. I try to get everyone to see and read the blog. I look for ways to get them to be interested. It is a life time of work, and I got to it late. So I better get to it. All of them are right when they say the spiritual teachings are the core of it. It took a while for me to completely grasp that, and I’m sure I really don’t understand what they are talking about. But I’m sure I may find out, if I just keep investing myself it what they have to say. Besides I have learned so much already, why stop now. If folks do not want to see or bleave in the information provided by Billy and friends, MH, as well as many others……………..well their just missing out…… bad for them. Salome, Robert

  5. Let me put it in a less inflammatory way. MH and Robbins would be talking past one another. Robbins would want to discuss whether someone else discussed specific scientific information before Meier, and MH would want to discuss whether Meier is in contact with aliens. So they wouldn’t even be having the same debate.

    1. Pure speculation. This new excuse is not very much different than the potential “Gish Gallop” you complained about on the previous page. Once again,

      “Michael has been in plenty of interviews and debates, I’m sure. Can you cite one specific example where this is happening?”

      Without a specific example, this type of excuse just reeks of angst.

        1. I have found nothing that constitutes evidence in the claims by Moshe which, because of its absence, didn’t get published. Soon, unless he can actually rise to the occasion, Chas will find that his comments may suffer a similar, tragic fate.

          1. I don’t think you’re as interested in searching for the truth as you are in delivering the Meier party line. That’s your job, and you earn money by selling the story, so I don’t blame you for it, but you shouldn’t claim that your only interest is the truth if you censor competing points of view.

            1. I didn’t notice any question yet from Taro about why your recycled, inept, inaccurate, unsubstantiated generalizations aren’t being posted.

          2. Why do you assume I need an explanation? You’ve complained about this before and I’ve already responded to it:

            “I’m sure MH has better things to do than to moderate every single half-baked hoax theory that would otherwise clutter his blog. I’m not a Meier representative. Just a shmoe with a YouTube page so you can post your thoughts freely there:


            I enjoy the debate I can’t lose. While you’re there, explain why no one has ever been able to duplicate his Pendulum Film.”


            If you REALLY need me to see your “examples”, the offer still stands. But then again, considering the fact you have yet to take me up on this offer I can only assume you’re not REALLY interested in debating the case with me but are rather just trying legitimize your complaints of censorship. Bottom line: I know exactly why I’m not seeing your examples. If your complaints are indeed legitimate, anyone here actually interested in your arguments can easily find them on my page.

    2. Moshe, in case you aren’t aware many scientific theories were not available to common civilians. Even today those elitist magazines are not found in libraries. It would have had to have been in a physical magazine for Billy to have read it as this was before the Internet age. There is no evidence that these magazines were ever in Billy’s local library.

      1. Right Sheila and Meier’s local library isn’t very local. The magazine would have also had to have been in German to even catch his attention. As often stated, these people simply don’t know how to…think.

            1. Does it really need to be pointed out that one must show access to specific information in order to try to indict someone for plagiarizing it? It would be redundant to again point out all of the logical fallacies, absence of evidence, etc.

              Did it also completely escape your notice that you’re making this comment on a blog that’s about an aerospace professional who’s studied and scrutinized the Meier case himself, over the past 35 years, and miraculously doesn’t engage in sophomoric discussions because he applied his reasoning to deduce the accuracy and authenticity of the case? Learn by example.

          1. You claim, I believe, that it’s more likely that Meier receives telepathic symbols from aliens than that Meier has access to the professional information in a more mundane way. I’m pointing out that he does have such access by his own admission.

            1. POLICY UPDATE:

              I will no longer post comments from wannabes, snipes and other dregs of humanity who think they can take cheap shots at Billy Meier with their baseless, idiotic, absurd attacks that have long since been shown to be utter garbage from demented minds possessed by those who, to a person, have never taken the time and trouble to personally go and investigate the case, the man, his character, his associates, etc., but have relied on the equally pathetic, envious skeptical wannabes who have preceded them for their despicable, defamatory attacks, which only reflect perfectly and accurately on their own characterless persons.

              I may periodically have to re-post this update but attaching it to Moshe’s idiotic comments seems like an appropriate place to start.

        1. Now Moshe it is up to you to prove that those articles Billy was supposed to have plagiarized were available at his not so local library and in German. Everything before 1996 as this was the year Billy got a computer. Get on that. Chop chop.

  6. Meier has not admitted to possessing specific information in scientific papers or publications relating to his writings called prophecies or predictions. If, Moshe, you think he did have such specific knowledge, please inform us what specific knowledge from what specific source in his possession he had access to. Otherwise you are just throwing around meaningless generalities that get nowhere.

    1. Exactly Chris. And that’s why idiotic comments such as Moshe works so hard to come up with won’t be appearing here any more. People like Moshe probably are more interested in seeing…something, anything that they said appear online than they are in the truth.

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