University Chooses Looney Tunes over UFO Case Proof

ASU sees 1950s cartoons, vampire TV shows and zombie tax laws as real keys to higher education

In keeping with their tradition of offering the most scientifically significant and thought provoking information, such as “burning questions” about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Daffy Duck cartoons and tax laws regarding zombies, the so-called Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University is presenting a program on Looney Tunes in Space.

In what must have been a gut-wrenchingly difficult choice, ASU CSI once again bypassed the long-standing offer* to have a multi-media presentation on the Billy Meier UFO case by American media representative Michael Horn, former NASA aerospace engineer Matthew Wieczkiewicz, and Kenneth Smith, the Director of Operations at Orbital Launch System Group (Ret), both aerospace professionals who have decades of experience working in the US space program.

ASU previously made it clear that Horn’s award-winning film, And Did They Listen?, would not be shown at the university, without as much as one word of specific criticism regarding the film’s content, factual accuracy, etc.

It must be heartening for students, parents and supporters alike for ASU to boldly go where no man has gone before, to find the most relevant, cutting edge, scientific information to prepare its students for life in the…real world.

The Monster that Money Creates
In case anyone’s unclear about the monetary motive for places like ASU to cheerfully dumb down their students with cute, trendy and utterly irrelevant mind rot, perhaps this additional information  on how the university profits will clarify it. Yes, you read that correctly, this time it’s about…Frankenstein.
A couple of quotes:
“Researchers at Arizona State University have received a four-year, $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF)” 
“’From ‘Star Trek’ to the ever-expanding Lego universe, we’ve come to expect our most exciting stories to unfold across novels, video games, the silver screen and a host of other media. This project asks if we can use that phenomenon — which we call ‘transmedia storytelling’ — to deepen public engagement on crucial questions at the intersection of science and society,’ says Ed Finn, director of the Center for Science and the Imagination (CSI) and the lead investigator on the project.”


The irony of the “celebration” being held in…Switzerland will not be lost on most of us here.

Be afraid, be very afraid…



*Responses to offers to ASU CSI:

February 2, 2015
Hi Michael,
Thank you for your interest in the Center for Science and the Imagination, and sorry that I was out of the office when you called last week.
We have already scheduled all of our programming for the semester but will contact you if there is an opening at a later date.
Ruth Wylie, PhD
February 18, 2015
Dear Michael,
Thank you again for your interest in the Center for Science and the Imagination. At this point, we are unable to extend an invitation to your group. While I believe this closes the matter, please direct any future inquiries to me, not other members of the Center for Science and the Imagination team.
Ruth Wylie, PhD


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57 Replies to “University Chooses Looney Tunes over UFO Case Proof”

  1. Let me take those one at a time..

    1) The definition of invective, cannot be literally shown to apply to anything l have stated, which completely demolishes your assertion that l have admitted to engaging in that kind of rhetoric, since no such language exists. So if ‘admitting’ l have engaged in it is evidence that l have, then you have a serious problem with the truth and with integrity.

    2) l didn’t say dementia had anything to do with chemtrails. Try and be clearer in your mind when you reply next.

    3) “So you defy logic and worship the chemtrail gurus, while blaming the Plejaren and Meier for trying to teach us to think” ~MH,
    This is an example of what l called a personal aside. l did not accuse you of using invectives as you claim. However it is definately a demeaning form of language and something l would not expect from Billys U.S. representitive .

    l asked you to explain how l had “blamed the plejaren” an explanation l don’t expect exists in the realm of reason and therefore will not be forthcoming. Are the relevant contact notes replete with put downs of conspiracy theorists? Yes they are and l point out the similarity in language between plejarens and main stream media outlets on this subject.

    My position is that it is simply within the realm of reason that the Plejaren are goading a response of outrage.. Nothing more and l have attempted to outline that in a relevant manner. lf you wish to counter that here then l would like to hear what you have to say.

    Please dont take me out of context in a cut and paste rendering of my position.

  2. l see you having success with Friedman as the momentum is with you.. l consider you do a good job and the results show that.. So l will let you sharpen your knife for other meat..

  3. On further examination of the Meier materials l have arrived at the inescapable conclusion that fitted sheets don’t fit. they never have and they never will… they ride up at night and rip when l kick at them, they burn to easily when l pour gas on them and are useless afterwoods..

    l defy any man here to tell me different you know in yoor hearts lam right.

    1. Steve, you’re challenging someone to prove your metaphors to be incorrect or inaccurate? The Meier material teaches logic and reasoned thinking. Be specific if you want someone to challenge your conclusions.

      1. Taro, the WCUFO is an excellent example of a possible form of baiting. When l look at it myself, l think hey it’s so fake looking, why isn’t there a foreground reference ? This was an opportunity to take an upclose shot of an ET craft with inter universal and time travel capability, parked outside the front door and its photographed in a way that makes it look like a silver painted hub cap, with dingaling balls ..

        But low and behold the controversy ended with that shot being displayed in Time F%$#ing Square.. Was the shot was done that way with an outcome in mind?

        So now, ls it likely other evidences such as plejaren positions regarding secret govt activities, are crafted and presented in a manner and form which provokes a public reaction?.. A lot of us here accept this case as real because we are willing to think outside the box… Well we are dealing with a space travelling extra terrestrial race, whose forefathers laid the foundations of our ‘box’ and have been on the outside looking in, for a long, long,, long A$$ time.

        1. Why hasn’t it occurred to you that not everything revolves around…us? Instead of trying to see things as they are, you interpret it as an extraterrestrial race “baiting” us, having the Times Square 15-second display as their “outcome in mind”, as if their sole purpose in their lives is playing games with us…in the way you appear to be playing games with your mind.

          1. l thought you didnt have time for this?>

            The ET have intentionally presented floating craft to Billy to provoke controversy if l recall correctly.. My statements are a logical extrapolation directly relevant to that.

            You do realize that Billies mission is about us and the welfare of the planet because of past wrongs..l don’t see any race baiting l see a strategy employed to yield a positive result.

            The Time Square result wasn’t all that occurred. that shot was proven authentic.. All l’m asking for is a reasonable consideration be afforded to the possibility l have tabled.

            If you wish to counter it in direct context please do.

  4. MH, l’m asking you politely, to think carefully before you post and refrain from quoting me out of context. When l referred to the WCUFO shots format as a “possible form of baiting” it was directed at the professional skeptic contingent. Somehow you saw it as a negative characterization of plejaren interaction with us in the overall. l did not mean to imply that the ET’s sole purpose here is to play games with us.

    You seem intent on characterizing my posts as negative in nature to the extent of blatant distortion. l’ve exampled these for you in my defense and truly am finding it tiresome and unproductive.

    1. Hey Steve,

      You’re under no obligation to submit comments here. Nor am I obligated to post them. If you don’t like my responses, don’t bother to to submit comments. Further, your comments on this blog are way off-topic. So please make them on-topic if you plan on submitting any further ones.

  5. Arrogance is unapologetic, it does not reflect on itself, it is the antithesis of humility.
    You are correct. As you stated, l can choose not to post here, if l find your naked distortions and misrepresentations offensive. The next card dealt from you will be my ban, because l predict your ego will not weather me long and will find me guilty of an appropriate offence in due time.

    This material deserves better. Now you have the pretext of my ‘disrespect’ in hand, so play it and define yourself for all to see,

    1. Your unapologetic arrogance displays itself in your contempt for my request to post on-topic. So I’ll state it clearly, no more off-topic comments will be approved. Happy now, feel appropriately martyred, misunderstood and…off-topic?

  6. Why am I not surprised that Steve Tillbrook is a chemtrail belieber? Funny thing that Steve should be talking about bating tactics when he seems to be the expert at it…

  7. Now that Steve has had his little rant, why not highlight the fact that it was all rather ineffective.

    Scoring out of 10, in the category of pissing off Michael Horn, I’ll give it a generous 5.

  8. What is love?
    Creation loves us all.
    When all of us……. love Creation, ?
    Start with you.
    Time does not stand still…….

  9. Hi Michael. U should give the university of Wisconsin Milwaukee or University of Wisconsin Madison a shot. Kindest regards to you and Billy.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Of course I’d be most interested in doing a presentation. If you can refer me to any department, professor, campus club, etc., it would be very helpful.

      Also, we ask that people use both their names when posting. If you prefer to send me the info to me by email that’s fine too.

      I appreciate the suggestion very much.

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