“Paris will be destroyed from within”: Billy Meier, 1981

The answer is, and can only be found in, the spiritual teaching.

As we reported almost exactly 10 years ago, and again five years ago, regarding the first signs of the fulfillment of the prophecies regarding France being destroyed by Islam, which were published by Billy Meier in 1981, so we must report it again today in light of the recent horrors in Paris.

Almost exactly one year ago, we published Meier’s information calling for a true, international military coalition to stop the IS before it literally sends the world back to the Dark Ages. Days before we had published another related article that included the reminder that Meier had actually warned of this worldwide danger in…1958:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

We can hear Meier reiterate the dangers of these unheeded warnings himself.

Meier was told about the dangers of asylum seekers  – in 1948 – that would occur because of Angela Merkel and he also warned of the dangers from asylum seekers in 1951:

30. Through mass tourism from the industrialized countries, along with economic refugees from the entire world the industrialised countries will become inundated, as will a monstrous problem with asylum seekers become insoluble.

Then again in 1958:

53.) An unimagined impending asylum seeker problem will break over the industrialized countries before the turn of the millennium and evoke asylum seeker tourism through which a great many asocial elements emigrate who release a crime wave, whereby the worldly possessions of many people will no longer be safe, nor will life and limb.

And again in 1964:

Also asylum seeker, neo-nazi and extremist entities, ethnic migration, worldwide terrorism and new wars will spread out and create dissent, need and misery and other new, big problems.

So for those who still ask, “Why doesn’t Meier predict something ‘new’ so we can see it happen?”, if it isn’t enough perhaps revisit the Henoch Prophecies and see what else was already accurately foretold…and what is still warned of. Then read the predictions of Jeremia and Elia.

Will we be wise enough to learn from the past and change the long foretold future, as it’s now fulfilling in the present?

The answer is, and can only be found in, the spiritual teaching.

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82 Replies to ““Paris will be destroyed from within”: Billy Meier, 1981”

  1. P.S. I wonder if the people of Earth are still making the same stupid mistakes all over again that is are we now in the beginning of WW4? What, where and how did we go wrong?

  2. Sent an email to the PMO (prime minister’s Office) this morning to voice my opinion about Trudeau bringing in 25,000 refugees. I thought it was insane when I heard this after he got elected but to even consider it after what happened in Paris is beyond insane. How are you going to vet these people before bringing them over, it will take forever. What’s that saying I have….Oh yeah, we live in the AGE OF STUPID!!!!!!! Does anyone have any butter for my Popcorn, I’ve run out!!!

  3. We have been debating these terrible circumstances at work and of course as always, Canadians are lets help those poor refugees, but of course I come from a very unpopular angle, now this is only my opinion of course but in times like these we must use extreme measures. If we truly want to remove this disease from our society then this it what I would propose if I was a world leader. All Muslim unless born in the country they currently live in MUST go back to their country of birth. Those native to the country they currently live in that is not a Muslim nation will be scrutinized to clear all and any affiliation to terrorist groups. It’s extreme but as Billy wrote in the Talmud of Jmmanuel, it will be a woman that will get us back on track and she will rule with an iron fist. We need that mentality today.

  4. Not to be negative-nancy, but i feel more and more then henoch prophecies will fulfill themselves because as have recorded throughout historical text, we humans tend to repeat mistakes.

    Isn’t it ironic that the majority of the world that believes religion which formed from falsified prophecies, choose not to believe the prophecies and predictions that are fulfilling before their own eyes?

    Isn’t it ironic that majority of the world who believe in religion and tout equality and love for all, are the ones responsible for the wars and hate going on?

      1. Yup. I guess he wants to help fulfill what Meier warned about in regards to provoking Russia…as well as letting a small army into Canada to begin to destroy there too.

    1. I live with it everyday, I’m married to it…you show them the prophecy and their seeing it on the TV and you still won’t open your eyes. My wife is starting to show cracks but my in-laws…incredible!!!!!!!!
      “Age of Stupid”

  5. Immigration is ok in extreme cases, if this is not an extreme case what is? Allow refugees with them knowing they are going back when the war is over.

    1. At this point it would be suicidal for the US. Besides, there are all sorts of countries in the Middle East that I’m sure would want to assist their neighbors.

      Harsh as it may sound, people have to learn the lessons of things like overpopulation, deranged, delusional religions and…the consequences of decades of horrible US policies that have caused many of these problems in the first place.

      There is enough coming back on many countries, including ours, that we don’t need to accelerate the process of our own demise by ill thought out, falsely humane, politically correct and hugely unmanageable policies.

  6. Micheal,
    I admire your resolute support and defense and sustained propagation of Billy’s truths, however, I would recommend that when you are referring to individuals like the Canadian first minister and others, you refrain from using derogatory names to identify them. They are entitled to their positions and point of views and fears however wrong they might be. Name calling only diminishes the power of your true statements. In peace.

    1. Jorge,

      I think that Trudeau freely admits to using pot, he’s relatively young and, as the old saying goes, “There’s a reason they call it…dope.” I’ve used the milder term and if Canada’s policies regarding Russia, Syrian immigration, etc., are any indication, I’d say that they are pretty dopey.

      As you may know, the Meier material recommends that we see things as they are and call them as well see them. Maybe if that term offends anyone, they should suggest to Trudeau that he…sober up.

      1. No mike, he has never said he smoked pot now but that he has in the past. Also there are many successful potheads in the world. Some of the best minds we have are dope smokers. As I recall people are free to live their lives however they see fit. It’s a learning curve. We ain’t gonna get it right in one life. With that being said I have to agree with Jorge. Even in your response to Jorge you made a false presumption and kinda judged Trudeau on something you didn’t know was even true. And reading those things absolutely diminishes the message. You are not judge and jury. Your entitled to your opinion like anyone else but don’t make things up or judge others or even belittle them Because you ‘think’. It kinda makes you look like a self righteous know it all .

        1. Hi Travis,

          Who are among the “the best minds” who are dope smokers?

          People are indeed free to live their lives BUT…dope smokers are also responsible for increased traffic accidents:

          https://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/legalized-marijuana-linked-sharp-rise-car-crashes-n921511 (one of a number of articles documenting that problem).

          In the “I think” category, it seems that Trudeau is for legalizing marijuana. It’s difficult in terms of having people thrown in jail for smoking it but the fact is that it’s a drug, it distorts perceptions, judgment, etc., and of course people think it’s innocuous, that they can stop any time they want…but few ever do.

          In terms of our personal evolution, it also has negative effects that include retarding emotional development.

          My question is not only WHY you’re so focused and ticked about this subject but WHY it took you…five years to get around to commenting, dude?

          1. I know a few off the top of my head. But I googled it and many came up but these guys/ girls seemed to have done lots . https://hightimes.com/culture/smartest-pot-smokers-walked-planet/
            But regardless of the pot smoking. Insulting people was what I was really trying to get at . Insulting based on assumption or here say. I am Canadian myself and I can’t stand Trudeau as a leader . So if your gonna call him dopey for his policies then your being honest and accurate but taking jabs cause he smoked the devils lettuce growing up is unnecessary. Just my opinion though. Your the guy spreading the info.

            1. It’s fair enough to say that some smart people smoked pot. But it’s incorrect to conclude that people are smart/smarter BECAUSE they smoked it.

              As for insulting people, maybe smoking pot makes some people a tad oversensitive? Since when was criticizing the policies of a country and/or its leader(s) a big offense?

              Along with Trudeau’s policies, there are also the ones of my country and its “leaders” that are stupid, destructive, barbaric, etc.

              You seem to be especially focused on the pot issue in ways that are consistent with other potheads, er,I mean smokers. I guess that being someone who’s been subject to a lot of insults, threats, personal attacks, etc., I’m not particularly concerned with throwing a few barbs here and there.

              I long ago realized that I could only take something as an insult if I RESPECTED the insulter. And if an “insult” was actually a correct assessment or characterization of something I said or did, then I not only couldn’t take it as an insult but I would want to promptly attend to correcting my error.

              So, maybe you could…clear your head and reflect on these points.

              1. I’m not butting in here because Travis is a ‘fellow Canadian’ … I’m butting in because of the discussion on ‘dope’, or can we use the term ‘drugs’ in general? One factor I bring up, is that apparently Meier smoked ciggies for a time. Is this true?

              2. Hey mike, no I wasn’t focused on the pot nor did I ever say that pot makes people smarter. Not one time. I was simply pointing out that not all are as dopey as you may think. And if someone deserves an insult then go for it. I was simply saying you made an assumption about a person and made an a remark/ insult that was not needed. I just read something from billy regarding being kind and non judgemental yet you call people morons pretty often. And Trudeau didn’t make stupid political decisions because he smoked pot in high school or college. That’s ridiculous to be honest. He can be an idiot for sure but there are many if not most leaders that make even worse decisions. Sober. Lol anyways You are free to think What u like in regards to my comment or my intentions. Even though you are incorrect. I’m not here to change anyone I am just saying there is no need for it. Nobody is perfect. Also I agree with your last paragraph 100%. The only problem with it is that you did not make a proper characterization. Therefore the insult wasn’t necessary.

              3. Hi Travis,

                In the FWIW file, Meier and also the Plejaren occasionally insult most of humankind, with such terms as stupid and the ever popular Triple Brain Amputees, etc.

                Certainly gratuitous insults aren’t necessary. And while I’ve probably made them, I’m still behind on personally insulting the literally hundreds of people I’ve politely sent info to over the past couple of decades without any response, let alone the very…stupid responses I’ve also gotten.

                Nonetheless, I’m glad that you’re interested enough to offer your comments here.

              4. I left a reply to this. So comments need to be approved here? Is that why I can not see it? I’m just asking because I’m not a fan of typing out my thoughts for them to disappear. Lol . Just let me know please so I don’t need to ask again. Thanks

            2. Let it be clear to those who contribute here .. we all exhibit variations of ‘spiritual understanding’ when it comes to the myriad of topics that arise on this blog and beyond. I would ‘think’ it relevant to say that Meier’s life represents a personal journey embodying progressive stages of a higher development in understanding his relationship with the information provided by ‘advanced humans’ and the totality of documented knowledge. Then, we obviously may agree that humans, appearing on this blog or elsewhere, who have become aware of the Meier material, develop an understanding at their own speed, whether it be progressive or not. So, with the above stated, [I’m already long-winded] I find the subject that Travis and Michael exchange on to be worthy to add to, in the hopes of bringing ‘an understanding’ of drug use of any sort to a conclusion, if possible. I’m not one to nit pick, but it has interested me that Meier, who represents a life time metamorphosis in wisdom, experienced tobacco use, experienced tattoos, and possibly other things which now seem something contrary to what one should include into one’s own spiritual understanding. So my point is, why would a spiritually-directed Meier allow himself to partake of such things? In the case of nicotine, it’s a highly addictive stimulant alkaloid as well as harmala alkaloids. In the case of cannabis, Michael states, “it’s a drug, it distorts perceptions, judgment, etc., and of course people think it’s innocuous, that they can stop any time they want…but few ever do. I will end with, good for Meier to eventually take himself off of addictive nicotine.

              1. I would say that many of US, in addition to having tried various substances, haven’t decided to endorse their use, nor promote them or various users of them as examples of the benefit of using the substances.

                Meier and the Plejaren have also partaken of pear wine, and perhaps other alcoholic beverages. While I’m not a drinker, perhaps it could be said that tasing a wine, brandy, etc., also in what may be characteristically small serving amounts when enjoyed for its taste, is far less intoxicating, addictive, etc., than marijuana, which is taken mainly for its intoxicating effects.

        2. I seriously doubt that some of the best minds are pot smokers. Pot fries your brain and causes the memory to increasingly diminish. They may have been intelligent before the pot smoking, but they won’t stay that way after long-term use. Your definition of a great mind may also be flawed because most of our great minds are folks who aren’t known widely to the public. Intelligence is one thing, but it’s the wisdom that makes great men and women.

    2. Hi Jorge if Justin Trudeau’s father is any indication of the direction we are heading please keep in mind what his father did during WW2 in which the Nazis did need to be stopped. Pierre Trudeau spent WW2 riding around Quebec on his motorcycle wearing a German army helmet. A slap in the face of those who served their country.

    1. Nostradamus’ words can mean many things and cannot be pinned down to one event. One quatrain can describe several different historic events. Nostradamus has not even come close to describing the same accurate predictions and prophesies that Billy Meier has. There is no comparison.

  7. Interesting to say the least, but what gives me pause is this, 83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.”

    The Crusades were the reaction to 600 years of invasion and kidnaping of Europe. This sounds more like Marxist indoctrination mixed with pseudo spirituality. According to this mentality, the Crusades WERE the revenge.

    1. The Meier material posits that Islam came about in order to stem the spread and power of the Catholic Church…which preceded it.

      Please also use your first and last name when commenting.


  8. Greetings.

    Yes, the Meier material tells me that Islam’s purpose was to correct the illogical belief of a 3 in 1 god.

    Islam’s Message was ‘There is only Allah, and Mohammed is his Prophet, which is an improvement from the confusions of Christianity, and the many pray-as-you-go delusions to saints and the Sky Daddy’s
    ‘X-tended family.’

    In the new times, which begin in 2028, the start of the Aquarian age, the understanding will be ‘There is only the Creation, and it’s Truth is taught by the Prophets’ – Maybe someone can tweak this ‘slogan’ !

    Semjase to Billy in Contact Report 9
    164. Further necessary knowledge regards a cosmic change, of which I have already spoken once.

    165. It treats of the “Age of Aquarius”, also called the “Golden Age”.

    166. in this respect I must first explain the religious interpretations concerning this epoch are wrong.

    167. A certain irresponsible fanaticism treats this as the religiously proclaimed “final days”.

    168. By no means is this new time a final time, because in truth it brings real life.

    169. This epoch enables everything to develop to highest potential, including spirit, according to providence.

    170. But it will take many centuries after entering that period to reach such advanced levels.

    171. At first, as usual, the irreligious scientists will profit from the new advances while the common people will be restrained by their religions.

    172. Caused by the change of epoch, religious people will fall into fanatical religious delusion.

    173. Especially the 184 years of the time of change, religious beliefs of all sorts will shoot up like mushrooms and bring many humans under their control.

    174. Murder, suicide, and exploitation of all kind, as well as religious slavery to false beliefs will be the daily lot, by which the whole world will be shaken.

    175. False prophets will offer salvation publicly in a fanatic search for victims and new followers.

    176. This is the initial phase of the “Golden Age”, the transition phase of 184 years.

    177. The culmination of this period will come in 2028 (our years).

    178. The revolutionary force of this new epoch has begun in 1844, and since then the extensive alterations on Earth rush irresistibly forward.

    179. The New Time already demands its tribute, religious delusion, rapidly developing sciences, rampant crime, and wars of extirpation, characteristics of this time which can not be ignored.

    180. The first half of the transition period lasted 92 years, until 1936, while the Earth felt the last of the “Age of Pisces” (as it was called).

    181. Since that time, rapidly evolving events, discoveries, inventions, etc., were characteristic as for no other time.

    182. This whole sun-system with all its innumerable creatures is under the control of the new time.

    183. Each and everything is influenced by it, because this is a cosmic law.

    184. It is to this law, to which are subject all movements of planets and all forms of life in the Universe, that the earth proceeds in the run of cosmic events since 1844, which according to evolution replaces all hitherto existing regulations not of the Creational character.

    185. (This line is missing)

    186. The origin of this epochal change is in the radiation effect of the huge central sun around which your system circles once in 25,860 years and passes through 12 epochs within the meaning of your astrologer’s Zodiacs.

    187. The Earth has already touched the outer borders of the “Golden Radiation” of the central sun, which are of the strongest and most revolutionary radiation.


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